Greece Deputy PM Warns Of Tanks In The Streets, Mass Suicides, If Second Bailout Voted Down By Greek Parliament

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With just days left until the crucial vote on passing the Greek mid-term austerity package, the assured destruction rhetoric used by the Greek status quo has hit fever pitch. Just to make sure the message is not lost on the broader population that Europe's banks will not admit defeat in a vote that could end the kleptocratic cartel's hegemony for ever, Greece's Deputy Prime Minister Theodoros Pangalos has blasted suggestions that it would be better for his country to abandon the euro and return to the drachma as an "immense stupidity". He didn't stop there. For dramatic impact, the Greek vice PM also said that the country would devolve into complete anarchy, with tanks roaming the streets, a population on the verge of civil war, with mass suicides, just for dramatic impact, should bankers not get their way. More or less in line with the Hank Paulson script that is regurgitated every few years when the Ponzi system is on the verge of imploding yet again.

From AFP:

"Those who say this are extremely stupid. While they may be analysts, university professors or economists, saying that is an immense stupidity," Pangalos told daily Spanish newspaper El Mundo in an interview published Sunday.

Debt-wracked Greece has been told by European peers that it cannot hope to continue receiving aid from a 110-billion-euro rescue package agreed with the EU and the IMF last year without biting budget reforms and privatisations.

The Greek parliament will vote on an austerity package this week but some economists have argued that Athens needs to restructure its debt and leave the euro to become economically competitive again.

"Returning to the drachma would mean that on the following day banks would be surrounded by terrified people trying to withdraw their money, the army would have to protect them with tanks because there would not be enough police," said Pangalos.

"There would be riots everywhere, shops would be empty, some people would throw themselves out the window ... And it would also be a disaster for the entire European economy."

And since we continue to live in bizarro world, the inverse truth is that this is likely a far more accurate description of reality should the mid-term package be voted through in just a few day, although with the country on a general 2 day strike beginning Tuesday, everyone will be able to celebrate with the bankers right in front of the Athens parliament once again.

As for austerity, something tells us Pangalos will be the first casualty should Greece finally truly implement some "leaner" policy measures.

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Goldtoothchimp09's picture

One word -- ICELAND

seems they are doing just fine, thank you

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Sounds like the PM will be next to be removed from office.


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Yeah but luckily the world's leaders have come together to release 'QE Black', an alternative form of economic stimulus that will save the world.

Crisis averted.

(Sarc off)

mophead's picture

It's for profit, not QE. They will not push oil prices down. Oil prices will trend higher because that's what creates "inflation", more so than money printing itself.

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"Catch a fire"  by D. Marley - -


Today they say that we are free

Only to be chained in poverty

Good god I think it's illiteracy

Only a machine that makes..

right now the city can,t get no absurder
after 400 years and whole heap ah brown sugar
we ambush we brother
and go on like never
used to plan slavery revolt
inna di bush dem together
we change just like di weather

A YO!!
We want know bout ah
Every red cent out ah
Poor people money dem spent
And then
We want know down who
Pay di bills when the prime minister card dent
And then
We want know when dem ah come reposes
All these guns and drugs they,ve

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Yes, if Greece dares default, there will be tanks on the streets. German Panzerdivision tanks taking over Athens.

max2205's picture

I'd like to see that fat fucking politician thrown out a window and hit the pavement but the widows are not that big. Jmo :)

AUD's picture

Yeah, why would anybody listen to that fat prick?

Can he even get up out of his seat?

Andy Lewis's picture

Stick an apple in his mouth and have a global pork roast.  It would solve world hunger.

equity_momo's picture

Pangalos is just big boned.

And the Greek economy is just in a transitory soft patch.

nmewn's picture

"As for austerity, something tells us Pangalos will be the first casualty should Greece finally truly implement some "leaner" policy measures."

LOL! the appearance of that belly, an austerity salad or two is in order.

Surely, they have food SWAT teams there as well ;-)

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Word has it the only way he can wipe his ass is with a rag on a stick.

Inibo E. Exibo's picture

The quintessential Dogbertian "Wool-coated glob of fat."

LongBalls's picture

It's time to get this party started. Default, get involved, and replace the system. It's headed to default anyway.

NewThor's picture

The global economy will soon be a land of ICE, or credit FREEZING.

They'll pass this shit if they have to drink a million gallons of 

fresh baby blood to do it. I don't know man, right now, as crazy as

it seems, i think the governments of the world are prepping for 

2012, or Elenin, or Nibiru, or Earth entering sometime of asteroid

belt where the comets come fast and furious.

I know it sounds goofy, but the alignments with the sun and Earth

cause some massive Earthquakes, there are 33 active volcanos at

the moment, and the M-i-ss-i-ss-i-ppi is rising like Charlie Sheen

at a national high school cheerleading competition.

Oh, and add in there, we all know that the real problem isn't Greece

defaulting and falling off the planet, or even the banks exposure to

their toxic crap, but all the Credit Default Swaps that are ticking 

like time bombs. I'm going to piss on some dominos and pick a number,

oh joy, FIVE TRILLION if/when Greece defaults.

Who insures this shit? The little people ain't allowed to know.

And, the dickhead Republicans don't want us ever to know,

and the pussy democrats are too busy buttfucking each other

to care. 

I don't give a shit if you're athiest, christian, buddhist, catholic, hindu, 

jedi or Norse.

We're smack dab in the middle of Armaggedon/Ragnorak/Birth Pangs of a New Age

The BLACK MONOLITH showed up as Kubrick predicted,

and humanity used it to create CDOs, CDS, and a bevy of bogus

bullshit financial instruments.

Jesus Christ went all KUNG-FU ass kicking on the bankers, currency

demons in the markets back in the day, now we've got our Capitalist

American christians saying "Who can fight the Beast? BUY NETFLIX!"

Times, they've changed.

Get ready, cuz this ain't funny, my name is THOR and I'm about

to kill fake money.

God Bless Everyone

WestVillageIdiot's picture

Whew.  I should be okay.  I am a Catholic, not a Christian, so I shouldn't have to worry.

I was at Target earlier today.  I saw a lot of fellow Americans that are fat enough to qualify for Deputy Prime Minister of Greece.

Did anybody else get an ad at the top for dating Greeks?  Will we be seeing mail order brides from Greece coming to the U.S., en masse, like the Russian brides circa 1994?

topcallingtroll's picture

The first girl I met on Adult Friend Finder was Greek.  She was hot and crazy in bed.


At the risk of generalizing it is erie how similar the Southern Europeans are.

BKbroiler's picture

I was waiting for a testimonial before joining... thanks.

Orly's picture

"The BLACK MONOLITH showed up as Kubrick predicted..."

And don't forget Arthur C. Clarke...but I catch your drift.  Remember in the sequel 2010, penned by Clarke, the monolith took over Jupiter, introduced water and air to the Jovian moons and lit Jupiter into our solar system's second star.

Interesting parallel in that the banksters are attempting to light their own Jupiter, with their own air, money, etc., right here amongst us.  Also, as a very strange parallel to our times, the banksters...

"... regard the star Lucifer (formerly the planet Jupiter) as their primary Sun, referring to ours as "The Cold Sun". Though their settlements are concentrated primarily in the hemisphere of Europa which is constantly bathed in Lucifer's rays, some Europans have begun in recent generations to explore the Farside, the hemisphere facing away from Lucifer, which is still covered in ice. There they may witness the spectacle of night, unknown on the other side of Europa, when the Cold Sun sets."

-from Wiki.

And remember also the dire warning in the end of the film...


Kinda gives you the creeps, eh?

margaris's picture

LOL, The moon europa! Thanks for making me remember this great movie. I always liked the second part of the monolith-saga the most.

Sound effects and still shots of this movie give me the creeps every time I think about it.


Wow, the ending of this movie makes a lot of sense now. I always giggled about the idea of naming a moon after a continent... who decided that???


Did you know that Arthur C.Clarke also wrote a third part? 3001- The last odyssey? Maybe this has all the answers we need...

Things that go bump's picture

Europa was a Phoenician princess in Greek mythology, whom Zeus fell in love with and, in the form of a bull, he stole her away and carried her to Crete.  He assumed human form and took her as a lover.  Galileo named the four moons of Jupiter that he could see after four of Zeus's lovers.  Jupiter was the Roman name for the king of the gods, the Greeks called him Zeus.  

margaris's picture

Ok, makes sense.

But since when did they start calling this continent "europe"?

And what was it called before?

Did/does europe have other names?

Things that go bump's picture

Google it if you're really interested.

Orly's picture

A neat aspect of Clarke's four books, 2001, 2010, 2061 and 3001 was that some of the plotlines did not follow through in all of the novels.  Clarke explained that this was because all the novels occur in separate but parallel universes.

Goldtoothchimp09's picture

it's as though TPTB knew nothing would matter post 2012 -- so just stitch it together until ...

i-dog's picture


Exactly what I have been saying here since last year.

Something else also came to mind yesterday, while listening to some political news:

The current [minority] government in Australia seems hell-bent on losing the next election (due by mid-2013 at the latest) -- firstly, by implementing a very expensive, government owned, taxpayer funded, fibre-to-the-door, "national broadband network" to replace the perfectly good existing privately owned wireless, cable and copper network. They've apparently even signed a deal with the current major broadband provider to hand over their fibre and copper infrastructure to the government and cease to provide any wireless broadband after the handover!! How's that for a perfect setup for government controlled information distribution to hardwired IP addresses?!

On top of that, this minority government (supported to a majority only by the Greens) is also looking to ram through a very unpopular 'carbon tax' against strong opposition from the electorate. And they won't be taxing the coal miners either -- because that would cause coal buyers in China to have to pay the costs! Nooooo! They have a much better idea ... tax the electricity producers so that they can pass the costs onto the Australian consumer! Of course, the government says they'll "compensate" those affected, by reimbursing from the tax collected, but we all know how long that would last!

So, the signs are now appearing that Australia won't be the place to emigrate to when departing communist Europe or prison-farm America next year. The Australian electorate may be drug-fucked from all the fluoride in their water and additives in their food, but they need to be certified 'insane' if they don't stop this further pillaging!

I'm going to do some more googling for governments that don't currently seem to be planning on being in power beyond the end of 2012!

Newsboy's picture

Sooner than they are ready is fine by me. You go, Thor!

SparkySC's picture

Those fear mongering AHoles.

Sure there will be some changes but in time they will be for the better.


Get off the Debt Ponzi / Death Spiral Train.


Get on the Ouzo and into the Med, waters fine.



ISEEIT's picture

Wish I was Greek. It's pandemonium time.

Suicide by two bullets in the head?

It's going to cost lots of blood to fix this. Lets see what the Greeks do. My guess is that their lazy socialist asses will bend over and take it.

Until September.

That is when T.S.H.T.F

crystalclear's picture

I don't comment or participate often but do read often. Felt strongly enough to log in to post the same: Remember ICELAND!

Ahmeexnal's picture

So if Greece defaults....Mount Olympus will explode like the icelandic volcanoes?

crystalclear's picture

Nope-probably not gonna happen. BUT they will recover far more quickly than if they agree to these shenaggigans...Recovery far more likely

Urban Redneck's picture

The tanks will be in the streets either way, both options are paths to the same place, long route or direct route, pay now or pay later.

crystalclear's picture

See I'mnot worthy- I didnt see the EDIT comment!

I don't comment or participate often but do read often. Felt strongly enough to log in to post the same: Remember ICELAND!

Founders Keeper's picture

Welcome crystalclear!

Glad you're here.

I was a long time reader before posting also.


crystalclear's picture

I don't comment or participate often but do read often. Felt strongly enough to log in to post the same: Remember ICELAND!

crystalclear's picture

sorry for multiple responses. Thus why I don't participate often... I''m not worthy

j0nx's picture

You're here. You're aware. Your blinders are off and you have thrown up the kool-aid that 99% of the rest of America and western society in general is still drinking. You are worthy. Carry on.

crystalclear's picture

Bless you :-) True sign of community here at ZH  I thought was lacking. You truly made my day.

prole's picture

I don't comment or participate often, but when I do, I choose Dos Exuis. Stay thirsty my Greek friends. (And &^$% the bankers and politicians bloated on the flesh of the innocent)

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You could edit the mutiple posts and say something else.  Just so it does not look like a mistake.

Herbert_guthrie's picture

One of my favorite tricks.
And here I thought I was the only one.....

crystalclear's picture

how do you edit like that? I'll try but if I fail- help apprecaited!I did try to see how to delete.

crystalclear's picture

Wahoo-  I see it now. For you youngsters- people like myself need to wear eyeglasses. The forgetting of eyeglasses just cost me 2hours and some money with the IRS on Friday. I'll try harder but compassion is warranted I believe :-)