Greece Retaliation Against Germany Escalates: Airbrushed Venus Statue Flipping Off Greeks By Banana-Eating Germans Prompts Greek Boycott

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Have we just crossed the historic Rubicon when a photoshopped classical statue is about to lead to a collapse in a monetary and customs union, and possibly something a tad more serious? Also, is the KFW bailout rumor too little too late? It appears the Greeks are two minutes away from saying "take you bailout and shove it." The reason: The Focus cover which shows a status of Venus de Milo flipping off the Greeks, who were characterized as the "cheats of the eurozone." After recent Greek media outbursts have recalled the Nazi wartime occupation of the country, as well as demands for WWII reparations, today's action by the Federation of Greek Consumers, calling for a boycott of products made by "banana-eating" Germans, is a direct response to the airbrushed statue of Venus expressing the communal German sentiment. Oh, and that whole KfW rumor? Don't buy it: "[KfW bond purchasing] considerations have been presented because it's seen as the only way of avoiding accusations aid," the lawmaker said. But he stressed that no decisions have yet been taken. I.e., More posturing.

From Dow Jones:

In a statement Friday, Greece's umbrella Federation of Greek Consumers, Inka, referred to Germany's war record and also the magazine article in calling for Greeks to boycott all German products and shops.

"In a sign of protest Inka...calls on all citizens of the country to boycott all German products and shops even if they say they are sorry," the statement said.

"The distortion of a Greek historical statue of beauty and civilization, at a time when [the Germans] were eating bananas in the trees, is unacceptable and inexcusable from later civilized peoples," the statement added.

Earlier Friday, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou  said in parliament that the issue of Germany's wartime reparations to Greece remained unsettled, but also said Greece would not exploit the current crisis to pressure Germany on the issue.

Papandreou is due to visit Berlin March 5 to shoot the shit with Angela Merkel. We can't wait to see what rumors that meeting creates.

In the meantime, we suggest the Brits start preparing (after all, they can't be too far down the road). To make their lives easier, here is some guidance from Basil Fawlty.

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godfader's picture

Soon enough the rattling of German Tiger tanks will be heard on the streets of Athens.

Anonymous's picture

Over the sound of Stukas, but first we need to see some Fiat those Cr-42's to start it all off.

Mad Max's picture

That would be the Leopard II, unless you're planning some sort of historical reenactment.

trav7777's picture

This is awesome!!!!

I want to see Germany invade and make the Greeks their bitches.

Gunther's picture

Not now,
the task of the German army is to stop the enemy until real military arrives.

Brak82's picture

come on. In the year 2010, Germany is the last country to invade anyone. Greeks will get over this little photoshop and move on revolting their own country.

Quantum Nucleonics's picture

Germany's pathetic military would be hard pressed to make it to the Austrian border let alone Athens, and then only if they get an American GI to loan them a GPS handset.  But that's what 1% of GDP gets you.

Anonymous's picture

reminds me of the build up to ww1, time to make it 3-0 ?

SDRII's picture

its always the balkans

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

"Who won the bloody war anyway?"

Hilarious skit.

Anonymous's picture

Eating bananas in the trees? In Germany? LoL

Seriously, it will only take some clueless Greek politicians joining the chorus for a boycott against German goods in order for the EU to go beserk. It could actually be considered a breach of the EU treaties (free movement of goods and services, anyone?).

carbonmutant's picture

 Greece has a long history of backdoor breeches that's how they got here in the first place...

Anonymous's picture

"backdoor breeches"? I love it! Is that the same as
sneaking up from "behind" and giving it to the boys?

ptoemmes's picture

There is only one way to settle this:

Germany vs Greece - only Monty Python




Bam_Man's picture

Hilarious. At least we know that when the UK's turn comes (shortly) they have a sense of humor.

jmf's picture

Moin from Germany,


Always good to "look on the bright side of life"......

Amazing what a populist outburst from really only one or two desperate greek politicians in respone to a cover can spiral into.....






jmf's picture

Mon from Germany,

it was OFFSIDE ;-)!

Zombie Investor's picture

Angela doesn't have to give Papandreou anything, because he is coming to visit Obama on March 9th (yeah, we get to bailout Greece):

Going Down's picture


And imagine what will happen when anarchists photoshop Michelangelo's David....


Internet Tough Guy's picture

jim rogers: british pound could collapse within weeks:


Zombie Investor's picture

FWIW, Rogers claims he never made those statements:

"Financier Jim Rogers Friday denied making remarks attributed to him in a press release this week saying the pound sterling is at risk of imminent collapse."

jmc8888's picture

The photoshop heard round the world

Anonymous's picture

How do they separate the men from the boys in Greece? …..With a crowbar.

Anonymous's picture

Why did the Greek boy leave home?

He didn't like the way he was being reared...

Anonymous's picture

He went back because he couldn't leave his brothers behind.

MsCreant's picture

I have news for us all, butt f@ckers are everywhere, starting at, pardon my pun, the top.

Greece, it's what's for dinner...

jc125d's picture

Maybe when George meets Angela she can clear up the question of the proper venue for eating the banana.

buzzsaw99's picture

I love those Greeks.

chindit13's picture

"and I think to myself, what a wonderful world"  Louis Armstong

jobless_recoveriless_BS's picture

Greeks should start boycotting their idiot politicians. Having a good civilization 3000 years ago does not mean you are civilized enough now. You can not live on what you did 3000 years ago. It is time to pay some debt and tight some belts.

tenaciousj's picture

Same shit as here (US).  People are all for the government being financially responsible..  Until they realize they have to make do with less, be financially responsible, and generally work harder themselves.  At that point you start getting "It's our given RIGHT to these things!  You cannot take them away!"

Watch what happens here if unemployment continues to rise or holds at the current high levels and they ever fail to extend the UE benefits.

Anonymous's picture


I was listening to radio interview with a protester at a Tea Party. What an idiot. Retired cop on disability complaining about govt spending. Totally clueless. Guy has spent his life living off other peoples taxes, still doing it today while contributing nothing to this country. And he thinks cutting govt spending will some how only affect other people.

Pop some corn and get a good seat. When the govt actually cuts spending it is going to get fun fast.

Anonymous's picture

Quite right. Police and fire departments are the only things in government budgets that can be cut.

Anonymous's picture

That is, if you want your house to burn down & find out what a good old fashioned crime wave is really like. Cop & Fireman jobs are dangerous, dangerous, dangerous. you might like it for them to do the work for chump change but guess what, it's a free country & they don't have to. Everybody puts the cops down until they need one. If you cut police jobs they will find ready employment as private cops for the Kleptocracy & YOU won't be safe in your bed at night.

Anonymous's picture

The only unemployment that will matter, and when you will hear the screamming, is when the teachers begin losing their jobs. When that starts to happen, Look Out!

Jean Valjean's picture

The screaming will commence when teachers start losing their jobs.  When that happens, Look Out!  You see, teachers are much too important to be unemployed.

Anonymous's picture

Here in America we did all that already; tightened our belts, made do with less, worked harder. The criminal upper class took that & ran with it. Now they own 95% of the wealth, sent all our jobs offshore & took control of the government. I guess we can take pride in being the most productive workers in the world but when the race to the bottom is done what exactly will that get us?

Mad Max's picture

Yeah, 3000 years is a long time ago.  But it was only like 2350 years, +/-.  Much more recent.

Anonymous's picture

I wonder if the magazine editors that are spurring the inter-ethnic hatred are jews or financed by jews, as always. But we'll never know that - to us it will be reported as Gemrans vs Greeks.

Anonymous's picture

oh yes, the jews are the source of all of our many do you recommend that
we exterminate? what method do you propose this

Anonymous's picture

oh come on now. is that what he said? no it is not. that victim schtick is getting a bit old already. can you come up with any new material?

MsCreant's picture

Naturally you post that Anon.