The Greek Bankruptcy Case Study Is Now A Cartoon

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With the Greek crisis approaching surreal proportions, now that everything from this point on is a carbon copy of events from May 2010 onward, and the only question is whether Europe will succeed in kicking the can down the road for another year (not with the 2 Year at 28% it won't and the 30 Year priced at 40 cents on the dollar) all one can do at this point is laugh at the daily dose of denial at the Keynesian-cum-monetarist experiment. Alas, one also has to be dead serious about this stuff because it just may usher the eventual implosion of capitalism once again, since many (us among them), believe that the downstream effects from the bankruptcy of Greece, and thus the ECB, and thus Europe, will make Lehman seem like a walk in the park (and the only reason Greece hasn't blown up yet, of course, is that Greece does not have a profitable fixed income trading desk that Goldman would love to gets its tentacles around). So in reporting on today's events we combine the hysterical with the  somber. First, we present the latest NMA cartoon summarizing the Greek fiasco in only a way that NMA can. We also share the latest Greek summary piece from SocGen (which itself will be downgraded substantially when Greece folds). It should serve sufficiently well to defuse any left over levity: "This looks like a last ditch effort from Papandreou to save the
situation as his Parliamentary majority is eroded, and the opposition
threatens to renege on the conditions adhered to when the IMF Stand-By
Arrangement was originally signed back in May 2010. Meeting these
programme requirements is a binding condition for a continuation of the
EU/IMF quarterly disbursements, which are necessary to plug Greece’s
funding gap. Greece’s situation, and the euro area’s sovereign crisis, have reached a new level of uncertainty."

First, for regular idiots:

Then for wall street idiots:

Greece: the crisis reaches new highs

Euro area Finance Ministers so far have failed to find enough common ground on the next steps to address the Greek crisis, which continues to deepen inexorably. Credit rating agencies are mounting the pressure on Greek banks and financial institutions which are deemed to have material exposures towards Greece. All this is amplifying uncertainty and -- by reflex -- market volatility. Against this backdrop, Greek two-year yields reached their EMU era peak of 28%, and the euro hit a one-month low.

Sovereign bond yields at the periphery, Italy included, are all trading at distressed levels, close to one-year highs, as fears of contagion escalate. This is not a good sign.

In principle, next week’s Eurogroup and Ecofin meetings could mark some progress (June 20-21) and help to mitigate market distress, but there are two major policy complications.

Firstly, there is still a divide between the German inclination towards private sector burden-sharing and the Franco-ECB objection to anything that carries an‚element of compulsion?. A compromise will need to be forged to avoid a policy deadlock.

Second, even assuming that this major hurdle is cleared, an even bigger one is shaping up. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Papandreou offered to resign on the condition that all opposition parties agree to the additional austerity measures required under the EU/IMF programme.

This looks like a last ditch effort from Papandreou to save the situation as his Parliamentary majority is eroded, and the opposition threatens to renege on the conditions adhered to when the IMF Stand-By Arrangement was originally signed back in May 2010. Meeting these programme requirements is a binding condition for a continuation of the EU/IMF quarterly disbursements, which are necessary to plug Greece’s funding gap.

Greece’s situation, and the euro area’s sovereign crisis, have reached a new level of uncertainty.

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Whoa. She can remodel my kitchen.

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it just may usher the eventual implosion of capitalism once again


LOL! What we really need is "more government" to stop the speculators. More price controls, less capitalism - worls every time. /sarc

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He said not w/ the 2 yr (Treasury Note) @ 28% it won't, and not w/ 30-yr @ the .40 cent...this is absolutely hilarious the best finance site on the web thats so funny i cant breath& ill give $100 to whoever the son og a bitch is who that coined that frase for an autograph

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She can animate Cali's coming Crash.

Cali Comptroller stops paying Cali Politicians tomorrow; state employees next month.

My Motto: USUKs* delendam esse!

*US+UK, the original Globa-Fi-Scum, who rigged the WHOLE world.

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My Motto: USUKs* delendam esse!


Brilliant!  Especially the "USUK" part.

eureka's picture

Thank You. You are now my friend.

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Can't we say it like this : U-Suk delendam esse...makes it more comprehensible for twitter bugs. 

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She can wash my underwear in her bath water ! Monedas 2011 I'd like to fluff and fold her !

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She can remodel my grundle area.

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Um, whatever course the moderator of the cartoon wants to give...I'm game.

It's hard to focus on our impending doom when the spokesperson is really hot!!!  Suggest we bring back some lame-o economist or the like to moderate so I can properly recoil ahead of the collapse...rather than the reverse I'm dealing w/ from this video.

Bad hambone, bad!!!

Shell Game's picture

yeah, I'd do her twice too.


Edit:  I know, I know, it was shameful boy humor.

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Ya, nice analogy, someone who goes crazy shopping to that of a country that was sold down the river and financed with usery rates, funny cartoon but not very educational 

Pepe's picture

Yeah I don't find it funny either. The EU bosses demanded certain numbers from Greece in order to enter the EU market. Goldman sachs was nearby and happenned to offer its services. All planned. German, French and British pigs together with the Goldman Sachs ones took advantage of another country who will live in sorrow thereafter.

Agree. They should have been sharper, but then their Government is run by the same what gives?

falak pema's picture

what gives : oligarchic pig sty ! Augean stables are in N Europe not Greece! Or maybe in Washington DC/N York.

oogs66's picture

The keynesians will see austerity as the problem not too much debt and pat themselves on the shoulder and demand more stimulus!!!

russwinter's picture

Incidentally isn't it interesting that Iceland is back in the international borrowing market: with a $5billion, 5 years, at 5%. Not bad for a country that defaulted two years ago. Take note Greece, Ireland, and Portugal.

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You have ever heard of the concept called "systemic risk"?

Three French banks were put on watch today due the Greece contagion.

The Alarmist's picture

Yeah, OK, discount by 90% just like when I see the babes standing in front of the display pitching me to invest in cryo.whatever .....

kito's picture

does anyone know if the greek politicians needed the tunnels today? or did the protesters part like the red sea for them as they exited the building?

Jendrzejczyk's picture

".......or did the protesters part like my partner's ass cheeks?"

did that fix it for you?

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my favorite is when the other countries are 'dissing' greece for the CCC rating.. 

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This has been said on ZH by many, but Greece should default by denominating all their debts, public and private into a new Drachma. Since this constitutes a default, they could do anything else they needed to at the same time: lengthen maturities, lower interest rates etc. The Drachma would most logically be created 1:1 with the Euro, and then promptly be allowed to inflate the debt away. Nominal wages would go up, asset prices would go up and the debt would get proportionally smaller, and easily paid.

Thomas's picture

I believe that they are trying to pull off a default in such a way that it technically isn't a default, which would trigger an AIG-like payout of all sorts of CDSs. I am suspecting they will call it something simple (like a "banana") and declare no default occurred. Of course, the Wall St. brokerages tried to do this on Bury, Eisman, Paulson, et al. and eventually the banana started to look a lot like a default. 

kito's picture

is this jim rogers?

SilverDoctors's picture

US Mint Official Tells CNBC "Fort Knox is a Closed Facility" !!!

This should make Ron Paul's audit easier!

baby_BLYTHE's picture

It is completely disgusting what the IMF and the international banking cartel is attempting to impose on Greece- a Western nation where modern democratic civilization traces many of its roots.

This crisis is reallyjust a "fake" and "engineered" just like the Flash Crash. Yes, they have been living well beyond their means. But the austerity measures being proposed are absolutely ridiculous (Selling off their land, WTF!)

Like ZH supports, impose a Wallstreet sales tax (Tobin Tax). Make them pay for the worldwide depression they created!

AmCockerSpaniel's picture

Both sides of his got together and stuck it to the people. Those loans were made to to make money off the peoples backs. It was a crime.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

of course they did, without more debt the usurers cannot extract tax revenue from the sheeple.

Nation states have to borrow from private consortiums at interest?! Total joke of the century.

We are truly a 'caputred' populist.

Chump's picture

Oh please.  As if the Greek population hasn't laid about while feasting on the good times brought on by ever cheaper debt.  Witness these ridiculous protests!  "We want our cake even though we've already eaten it, damnit!"  And now the chickens are officially roosting.  Fuck the Greek government and the fuck the pig-ignorant populace that voted for it.

And furthermore, if nation-states want to spend more money than they are able to extract at gunpoint from "their" citizens, how would you propose they do it?

New avatar is a solid 8.

GoinFawr's picture

Said the ignorant shitbag ingrate who today blithely made use of about 15 services/infrastructure paid for by generations of taxpayers before him... imagine how much this dickslap would bitch if he had to pay tolls everytime his fat ass rolled onto a new, privately owned piece of roadway. Or how loud his whinging if he had to pay big pharma's double secret patent prices for his insulin because Canada didn't just hand over the recipe out of sheer decency.

Hey you, penis breath: the Greeks trusted their leaders, who promised them that Greece could afford all they were offering (because a certain squiddy bank convinced them, lied or bought them off), then those same underhanded banksters pushed shit along by blowing them up and are now in the process of trying to gouge out any pennies left covering the Greek economy's lifeless eyesockets.

Warning: If you're American, this same shit storm is coming for you fifty-fold, fatty. If you still can manage it: get on your knees and pray to Jebus and while you're down there you can kiss your puffy sack of lard ass goodbye. Speaking of 'feasting': I am really looking forward to the likes of you choking on your own hubris, you pig fucking Rotschild wannabe.

Yen Cross's picture

  Easy there JUNIOR! I feel your pain.

    Act like an Adult.    Yen Cross (dot)

GoinFawr's picture

... Guy pissed me off.

Self righteous prick like that makes me wanna change my life mission to privatizing breathable air and sunshine in whatever hick seedsville corner of the world inbreeding spawns coprophagists like him; teach him a fucking lesson right smartly.

Otherwise, yeah, unless there is a (real) war on, paper should be convertible (in some way) so that gov'ts find it far, far more difficult to spend more than their revenues.

Yen Cross's picture

   Point taken. Just remember you are on the ball, a little more than most. 





topcallingtroll's picture

We must protect the people from both governments and banks then.

I don't think it makes someone a rot-child wannabe just because they point out the follies of socialism.

In terms of privatizing things Tennessee has been leading the way.  If you don't pay your fire assessment in certain rural areas then the fire department will let your house burn down, but protect any surrounding property.  The majority of people in the county where this most recently ocurred supported this as a means of controlling the problem of the free rider. 

While it may be a little extreme, socialism always dies because of the free rider phenomenon.  By trying to prevent anyone from ever suffering any harm, enough people take advantage of such a system to kill it eventually.  Your yob problem in the UK (assuming you are British) is actually worsened by such nanny statism.  With unlimited unemployment or welfare benefits why would anyone ever get a job?

GoinFawr's picture

Would you label Ronald Reagan a 'socialist'?

ANY gov't can be financially imprudent, it's not contingent on their political leaning.

Do you consider Scandinavia 'socialist' Maggie? Despite the social safety net, stellar public education, universal healthcare, their unemployment numbers are staggeringly low, completely contrary to your 'why would anyone want to get a job?' thesis. I guess the whole world doesn't fall into your 'gotta whip 'em into action!' Rotschildean paradigm. Maybe YOUR dream is to sit around all day drinking beer until you die while watching fully grown men in tights squat and squabble over a turd shaped/coloured 'ball' on a life sized screen, but quit trying to project your fantasies onto the rest of us, please. In fact low unemployment is a consequence of Scandinavian mixed economies because, rather than be bored, well-educated people (for the most part) want to keep themselves occupied and subsequently, unlike the deliberately dumbed-down majority in the US, they have more opportunities to choose their line of work, rather than being forced into menial Mcjobs out of economic necessity.

Chump wasn't 'pointing out the problems of socialism', he was blaming a victim for having a drink with a suave rapist; 'sif Greece knew Lloyd had laced her cocktail with roofies, he repeatedly assured her that the mix was AAA rated. Well the buzz is wearing off now, and her nether regions are sore...

GoinFawr's picture

wtf, I only pressed that once.

topcallingtroll's picture

and by the way one more thing.

You sound a little British.  I do know that the Brits are the fourth most leveraged nation in the world in terms of total bank debt, sovereign plus private, right after iceland, ireland, and switzerland.  Google Forbes sovereign debt to gdp levels and you will find a 2008 article that was very prescient in its warnings.  Brits have always had a love hate relationship with America, but what they really hate is us "dumb" hicks have done amazingly well.  If you have ever lived in the USA then you know our average standard of living is much higher.  I can't believe the small crowded houses that people buy in the UK and the over priced electronics as well as the high taxes.  In my profession my income would be cut in half if I worked in the UK and my taxes and expenses would be higher.  It is a wonder that more of your people don't move over to hickville.  You could have a 3100 square foot house with a 33000 gallon pool and a four car carrage for $150,000 euros.  Nice deal, eh?  Plus you pay far less in taxes than in the UK.

You can also carry around your assault rifles in the trunk of your car and go out plinking during your lunch break like me if you are so inclined. what a paradise!

GoinFawr's picture

Hahaha! 'Amazingly well', that's rich. Maybe if you see 'success' as Jolly Green Giants with guns roaming the world and drowning in blood anyone who has something they covet but haven't developed the resources to protect. Yeah thugs do pretty well when there is no one around willing to stand up to them. In case you hadn't noticed: it's coming back around again.

How is the standard of living in Norway? Sweden?

As for moving to seedsville: thanks, but I don`t think I can adopt the whole `I`m all right so fuck all the rest` ethos, and I lack the aggressively overdeveloped sense of self importance that all you little Lloydensteins emanate.

doggings's picture

+1 unjunk. dont you just know he's a lardy couch-dweller with no clue it applies to him also. 

topcallingtroll's picture

While I always enjoy your rants ignorance does not spare a population from suffering from their collective stupidity. 

 While the average greek, american, or any citizen of the world probably qualifies as incredibly stupid financially and easy prey to banks and politicians, the greed of a population voting for the politician who promised to give them something for nothing is not as innocent a behavior as you might indicate by stating "the Greeks trusted their leaders." 

As far as phatties, it appears the Europeans are catching up with the americans if certain stats can be trusted.  Americans have pretty much alway been the trend setters and europeans trend followers, even when they sneered at an american smoke-free coffee shop in France when it first opened.  My have times changed in the French tolerance of cigarettes, ten years behind the americans as usual.   Americanisms are so trendy and scary to reactionary French that they feel the need to ban certain words from being uttered on TV or radio.  The europeans are also ten years behind the Americans in the the phattie epidemic, but they always catch up and there is nothing more frightening or puke promoting than a fat, smelly, unshaven frenchman.

Now for the rest of your rant.  I am not so convinced the same shit storm is heading to America, certainly not fiftyfold the Greek shitstorm.  Our banks are less leveraged and less over concentrated than european banks as was politely pointed out by Ben Bernanke in his latest speech.  

Sovereign debt to GDP ratios and other financial statistics show the europeans to be the trend setters in this area, perhaps the only area they can claim to be way ahead of us!  You assume that we will somehow race ahead of the europeans in terms of total bank leverage, bank concentration, and sovereign debt levels? 




GoinFawr's picture

tct is so 'evolved'. He wants everyone to Do the Evolution with him.

Chump's picture

ROFL.  Hit a little close to home there, did I?  Are you a Greek that was promised unsustainable bullshit by mean old politicians and evil bankers?  And now that you've had your cake, you want to eat it?  Sorry, you'll be puking it up, we all will.  We all have blame in this game, and crying about bankers overlooks the fact that all populations wanted something for nothing and thought it would last.  You reap what you sow, and so on.

Now grow the fuck up and learn to communicate coherently.

GoinFawr's picture

Heh, coming from a hayseed who obviously doesn`t know his ass from a tea towel holder, I`ll take your advice for the plugged obeloi it`s worth. If you find me incoherent I`ll try to rephrase things in terms you can understand,
"Moo. Mooooo..."

Me `puking it up`? MB, but I doubt it. OTOH, a cunning stunning stunt like you who spews vitriol at the victims of fraud rather than the perps: I sure fuckin hope so. In fact, by the way you denigrate instead of praising those with the will and heart to protest a crime that you admit will eventually affect even a domeless wonderboy like yourself I'd say you're in the bag already, punk.

So enjoy your FEMA camp, sucker, eventually even a plank as thick as you'll figure out where to keep your valuables.