The Greek Bankruptcy: One Year Later - Exposing The Charlatans Formerly Lost In Translation

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untill the road ends...



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Need a physical or temporal road built in Belgium?  No Problem.

We still accept payment in Euro (reluctantly) and it's xCHF priced, but the local whores must be better looking than the Germans above. 

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Guess which Zero Hedge contributor made this statement:

Submitted by        ?           on 03/26/2011

Are we heading towards a "major European default"? Are macro funds shorting the euro? Is owning Greek debt "ridiculous"? Of course not.

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but the local whores must be better looking than the Germans above.

Dear Tylers, next time can you please WARN in the headline that such kind of creatures are depicted in the main article. The unexpected vision spoilt my evening and will give me uneasy dreams. Thank you in advance.

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>Who would have thought infinity could come so fast



Overnight our world went flat
Can't do this and can't do that
Long live mediocrity
Greater than the deep blue sea

Eternity is at an end
We have no more Gods to send
No one longer hears our prayers
We are left to our despair

Eternity is at an end
There are no more rules to bend
We have played our final card
Killed the play in which we starred

Freedom has been torn to shreds
Three Cheers For The Newlydeads
Honor doesn't mean a thing
Empty words a pleasant ring

Eternity is at an end
There are no more rules to bend
We have played our final card
Killed the play in which we starred

Send "Eternity At An End" Ringtone to your Cell



Ashbury Heights - Eternity at an End



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Wilfully ignorant or deliberately playing along, one has to wonder...

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Can we add Leo to the list?

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I haven't seen Leo's Greece blatherings around ZH in quite a while.

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no doubt, leo was a big pumper of this junk as well

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Priceless.  nice work TD

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If you call one or more countries leaving the euro " the end of the euro" then you are probably right.

I would be curious to hear from europeans on this issue.

Will the north permanently subsidize the profligate south?

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I am not convinced that these guys actually bought these bonds, certainly not with their own money. Losing is for little people.

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SheepDog-One's picture!!! Oh wait...

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We'll give you athens as a extra if you pay cash...

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would you be so kind and also accept my PMs?

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If you see a fork in the road take it.........


Wall street banks own 872,000 foreclosed American homes...with 2 million more to come....

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I'm in the market.  "at a price" of course.

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There is a fine line between contrarian investing and being a jackass.  The Norwegians jumped over it buck naked.  But then again it's a pension fund ie. Other Peoples Money.

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some things you just can't paper over

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Support being put into Euro

Will it hold?

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Leo K and the circus freaks are blowing town?

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It's all a giant confidence game. These sophists will try to convince you it's real and it's elegant and what not. Losing confidence in a foundational meme like fiat currency will be non-linear.

There's no conceivable way it will end peacefully. I would like it to, but I simply can't imagine it.

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Why would you like it to end peacefully. Sometimes 'real' change only happens at the point of a barrel. Fact is that the banksters' games are destroying our children's future - I for one am out of good will and short on patience.

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"I for one am out of good will and short on patience."

Ditto.  People will be sharecropping again in the USSA again soon enough.  Hell, the southern states would have never stopped if not for government subsidies.

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Mole (Chart Chaser),

I agree 100% with, "the banksters' games are destroying our children's future". 

Now go back to your own crappy blog where you only give terrible advice and never time the market correctly with your BS indicators.  I bet you start telling people that your prediction for a bear market was correct (using quotes out of context) even though the market rallied 90% first over 2 years......

Do you really even trade real money?


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They keep it going till things get too unprofitable for them, then they run and hide and let everyone kill each other in 'WW3' which they designed.

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Yeah there will be bloodshed, carnage and mayhem.

Sacking, looting, pillaging, too.

Dead bodies lying in the gutter.

Burning rubbish bins.


All this while international bankers, who hold the countries' taxpayers hostage, are paying themselves huge bonuses.

Privatizing gains and socializing losses.


It's all part of the gameplan to establish the one world government.

First they leave behind scorched earth and then they want to rule over the remaining rest.


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"Who called the Stay-Puff Marshmellow man?  Fess up!  Whoooo did it?"

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"I couldn't help it. It just came to me."

Very nice.

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Wirtschaftswoche, WirtschaftsWiki, Der Tagesspiegel, and Handelsblatt are interesting reads at times but they have been opening the floodgates for the advertisers and not vetting whom they necessarily deal with for the last few years.  In such, I must agree with Alex Goy about "..holding my breath for Handelsblatt to revisit this blatant display of licking their advertisers’ boots."

I've noticed they (at times) let the advertisers influence their opinion and writing and as such take writing contained therein with some scepticism.  However, "a podium from which to spread their lunacy, greed and outright stupidity" sounds pretty close to Handelsblatt company line.

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The world as protrayed by the Handelsblatt does not exist - anyone following the advice of their blantant shill pieces is doing it at their own peril.

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Agreed.  However, there have been rare times that Handelsblatt does indeed have some actual reporting/journalism within their pages; this is the exception and not the rule but it does happen on occasion.

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Anyone following your advice is doing it at their own peril.  I would rather own Greek bonds than let you trade my account!  You are a fraud.

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I can appreciate Hans-Werner Sinn's advice: Vacation in Greece instead - perhaps plunge a few hot Greek babes. Either way - Greece is getting fucked...

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I'll vacation in Greece when they revert to an appropriately devalued me an island or two while I'm at it.

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Make sure whatever you buy has access to drinking water - it's a rare resources on some of those islands and has to literally be shipped in.

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If you use EW counts water appears magically on those islands.  How many people burned in the last two years following your bad advice?  Now they will not get to ride this move down and swoop at the real bottom......unless QE3 comes first.  You do get how QE works now?  I tried to warn people on your blog but you seemed to always delete my comments back in the day since it did not agree with you BS count.  JK knew you were a fraud when you  posted on him blog with different user names but from the same IP address.  He told me!


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Will you call it "Disabled Vet der lander?"  What will your national anthem be?  Am I..."allowed the possibility of some form of path to citizenship?"  Some "strange ritual" involving "binge drinking" or something?  And will we mock the Sophists through the works of Aristophanes causing Mediocrates to "laugh his balls off" as only the Greeks would have it?

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You can also dig on your island to mine for Silver... it takes only $5 for an OZ of silver.. wewewewewewewewewewewewe... :) :)

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How many little blue pills does it take before your old ass can hook up with a paid in full Greek?  Go back to your EW counts sucker city.

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Doesn't sound like you've been here...  There are no "hot Greek babes."  All the hotties are high dollar imports..  Unless you like girth=height

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for some reason continue to have a podium from which to spread their lunacy, greed and outright stupidity


That's one badass podium. You can see why Comcast wanted it...

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'We are investing for infinity'...nevermind the defaults along the way to infinity, because in the land of Infinity apparently all is well.

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All things are coated in sugar and fine/dandy when your drinking the 'kool-aid' and freebaseing Unicorn scat.  Infinity can seem mighty close during those times ;)

Plus I think some of these guys think 'defaulting' is the same as 'Winning!'


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If the ECB buys gold in the open market.. the usd is toast.. instantly..