Greek Bonds Slump As Austerity Backfires, Country Enters "Death Spiral", And The Violent End Game Approaches

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congratulations on your stock picking.   your original comment makes even less sense now.

"cried wolf"?....  "I'll keep [picking] stocks"...?

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If you ain't got no money, take your broke ass home.

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The Greek play is very informative since it will provide a preview of event to be taken place here in America.

Conclusion: watch, enjoy, take notes, and be ready to implement it here in America.

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You do that. You'll probably experience some very nice paper profits.  

When the repo-man comes round for the car and plasma though dont say you werent warned.

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Invest in a lead delivery vehicle and make it the repo's last trip.

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"Invest in a lead delivery vehicle and make it the repo's last trip."

I don't understand this reasoning.  Is someone trying to take something that you have already paid in full for?  NO!  It is not yours, so why kill someone doing their job?  Would you also deliver lead to the Sheriffs Department Deputy that usually accompanies the repo man?

I guess that I am unusually sensitive about that kind of thinking since my brother is in that exact line of work.  It would be silly of you to think that they (the repo men) are not also (heavily) armed, with training too.  My brother is also in the reserves and serves in an MP unit.  A special MP unit.

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lol, Greek stocks? good luck with that numpty.

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You lot 'junk' too easily. I can't get any amusement from the original comment now it's been junked into oblivion!

Please tell me it was Leo.....

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If those comments does not frighten you then seek help.  This is not about investing.  

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On that note, I wonder why 20 million people suffering in pakistan doesn't even make headlines.  That country has 100's of nukes and a starving population.  Put two and two together... disaster. 

War is always the biggest motivator for people to rally... simply because of the fear it causes.  All countries on the brink of collapse will have to go to war. 

Greece already gave a glimpse by instituting martial law during their strikes.  I wonder if the next time... they will declare war against well... anyone.. doesn't matter... to distract people from their problems.

Bigger problems will distract people from smaller problems.  Even our own body's physiology is proof.  A bigger wound causing more pain will mask a small wound causing less pain.

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All countries on the brink of collapse will have to go to war. 

Plenty of history examples where that happened, and where it didn't happen (Ottoman Empire, Soviet Union, etc).

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Free Constantinople! 500 years of occupation is enough!

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Let's see would that make it the 5th or the 6th Crusade? I forget how many there were last time around.

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Apparently this will be number 10. Didn't realize there'd actually been that many.

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This is what needs to happen, give austerity time to work.

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Exactly.  This is the bitter medicine that must be taken in order for the economy to reorganize into a form that is productive.  All those who were on the government dole must be tossed out into the street before they can find productive employment elsewhere.

These guys should be glad I'M not the one in charge.  I'd have cut their expenditures by 90%in year one, and I would have done it again in year two.  By year four they would be the most powerful economy in Southern Europe.  

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Part of our predicament is the speed of change; too quick, and the world burns.

Does the BP well get capped in the credit winter?  Are all of OUR (yes our) nuclear weapons accounted for in the credit winter?  Does the supply chain remain remotely together in the credit winter?  How does the wealth gap get utilized to fill the power vacuum created by the credit winter?

I suppose the genius in our stupidity is that we're hamstrung as to possible choices...  austerity is our only possible avenue...  and it will be incredibly brutal...  but, we will also do everything in our power to control the demolition and ease the pain.

Don't worry, you'll get your austerity (be careful what you wish for).  It will just be on a longer timeline than you desire.  Patience.

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"austerity is our only possible avenue"

What about currency destruction followed by a barter system and then a new currency?

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It's doomed anyway...  but the point is austerity is our only avenue to prolong the inevitable.  We've reached the high point of printing with reckless abandon (maybe one more crazy budget, but I doubt it).  The wolves are howling at the door.

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Exactly "exactly"!

I'd say your pretty close on the 90% cut too.

It's just like the school supplies I have been made to buy every year. They were getting ridiculous with the requests. The teachers were treating back to school like Christmas. Suddenly the economy is bad and I get a supply list with just the basics. The kids didn't really need 3 different size boxes of crayons, 4 different kinds of markers and multiple shapes of scissors and glue. Most people just do not have the ethics to spend someone else's money the same way they would spend their own IMO. The government is treating our tax money in the same manner...... extravagant.

Lucky Guesst's picture

So you think my comment is too basic to even be said? Maybe so, but I am surrounded by my children and their friends all day long while I work. The most important job I have is to educate and prepare them to be self reliant, positive additions to this world. I am constantly breaking down the most complex issues into simple examples that they can understand. I don't care how intelligent you think you are. It's not only you, your peers and those you hope to impress that will be voting and making the policies that will affect you.'s picture

"The most important job I have is to educate and prepare them".

U forgot to include calorie counting in this list. just remember your fondness for this activity.  ;-)

Lucky Guesst's picture

Well duh!

They both play sports and I cook dinner so weight isn't an issue for them. Of course my reward for doing things right is that Michelle O. wants to take my tax dollars and put it towards feeding all the starving fat kids. :-P

Why'd u ditch the boobies?'s picture

they are still on my chest. but have come to respect myself, i guess a little more, with

l e s s   i s   m o r e

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Or maybe kathy was just emphatically agreeing with you. I would just assume the positive until proven otherwise! :)

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Ethics? I'm a bit naive so far as they're concerned.

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LOL Tmosley, really? Guess the end of day one of your reign you'd be looking up at the blade of a guillotine. You simply can't do that; it's not reasonable.

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"by the end of day one of your reign you'd be looking up at the blade of a guillotine."

I guess he forgot to mention the part about rasing the wages of the military by 25%.  You gotta have friends....

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+1, take the pain now or follow Bernanke in fulfilling Einsteins definition of insanity.

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+1,776 How do you think the US will deal with the austerity that will be forced upon them? (99% serious question)

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Not well. Spoiled children never react well to having their toys taken away.

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"Or they could just default"

Default?  How?  As the EU has already assured everyone when they did their 'stress tests'...  default is just not an option.  

I wonder if the media will even show even a tiny glimpse of the rampage that will hit greece this time.   If you ask the average joe, they never even knew riots happened in greece.

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I have thought open war was going to engulf Greece since the beginning of the year. I am not certain why it has not yet. Perhaps it will, perhaps it will not.

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We have the ECB. It's like the Fed, only worse. It has less of mandate. Fewer ideas. Less ingenuity. More porn.

Anyone not convulsed in laughter - see you on the other side. (I hope.)

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I agree.  Seems to me that if the article accurately defines the position on the ground, the default "restructuring" conversation will start in the end of 2010 and be done within a year of that.  

You can bet Spain and Portugal are watching this closely



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I don't know how it works.

They have a fake stress test and it's published by everyone.

They talk about default and no-one is interested.

I can't believe there's a conspiracy featuring so many individuals. Going on experience, it's more likely that most of the population cant deal with change. Or it doesn't sell air time.

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"I wonder if the media will even show even a tiny glimpse of the rampage that will hit greece this time. "

Not as long as there is real news to report.  How is the Lohan girl doing, oh and that old guy with throat cancer, will he still be starting out the NBC Nightly News?

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When has it ever worked? Look at the 3rd world. They've done austerity time and time again. Most of them are poorer now than when they first started it.

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Bullshit. Do you work for JPMorgan or Goldman? Greece should default immediately, as should the USA, and they should start over without borrowing money.

Edited to add: Austerity is just another word for international banks bleeding a country dry until there's nothing left to steal and leaving a shattered, ruined wreck behind to pick up the pieces. It's like rape except with more victims.

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"Austerity is just another word for international banks bleeding a country dry until there's nothing left to steal and leaving a shattered, ruined wreck behind to pick up the pieces..."


"Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose,
Nothing don’t mean nothing honey if it ain’t free, now now.
And feeling good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues,
You know feeling good was good enough for me,
Good enough for me and my Bobby McGee."


Both kind of had the same ring - please move along.'s picture

janis rocked, now it is ani. that babe uses a new guitar with every new song she belts out in a set. kick ass message, but damn she sure holds a guitar with her body mighty mighty fine.

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When you default, no one extends you credit, austerity is in the bag any way you go. Me, I like defaulting instead of inflating the currency. More honest and forces good behavior.

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That assumes that people do the right and logical thing, Missy.  That doesn't happen in politics or rigged banking.

The best line in the entire article:

A loaf of bread is my political party.

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Reminds me of the Bolshevik mantra "Peace, land, bread".