Greek Household Bank Deposits Drop By $3.5 Billion In April, As The "Central Government" Withdraws Another $4.3 Billlion

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While Greece may or may not receive Bailout #2 "any minute now", Greek depositors refuse to wait for the resolution. In April, bank deposits declined for the 4th consecutive month according to the central bank, a 1.2% decline M/M. From Reuters: "Bank of Greece data showed deposits fell to 196.8 billion euros ($288.2 billion) from 199.2 billion in March. A shrinking deposit base has added to the strains of Greek banks, which have become reliant on ECB funding for their liquidity needs as access to wholesale funding remains mostly shut on sovereign debt concerns. Deposits have shrunk by about 13 billion euros since the beginning of the year. In 2010, they contracted by 29.1 billion euros or 12.2 percent." In addition to the Reuters breakdown, a look at the source data indicates that overall deposits held by "Domestic Residents" dropped by €5.4 billion: the culprit was the Central Government which withdrew €3.1 billion in April, bringing the total from €14.3 billion to €11.3 billion. As usual, the best real-time proxy, if not completely accurate, to gauge the flow of capital in/out of Greek banks is to keep an eye out on the EURCHF. Today, it is a little higher. Over the past year, it is, well, not...

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