Greek Opposition Leader Samaras Says Will Not Agree To Austerity Measures

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My big fat Greek.. oh whatever.


Next up: Linda Green signs the Greek agreement to hand over all its assets to the world banker cartel.

Elsewhere, the SNB is not having a good day as the smart money continues to seek the flight to safety of the Swiss bank safe, sending the USDCHF to new record lows.

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Credit Agricole is in default


33.000 Mn in Greek Bonds

Amundi Mutual Funds = Massive Bond Destruction Weapon.---


Sell French banks (or short´em) and Long France CDS 2 & 5 yrs.


They wont pass the stress tests( Tricky ones vs real mark to market rulez )

Natixis Sell

BNP Sell

Socgen Sell




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Oh come on.  Then who the hell is going to sponsor all these cycling teams?

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could be AIG.  Everytime I see one of those soccer jerseys I shake my head.  how about paying that sponser money back?

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My bet is SPX 1220-1250 next weeks (discounting end of QE2)

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Why isn't the Greek govt doing what Goldman would? load up on twice as mush credit default swap and then well, just default.

Greece makes twice the loss and lives happily ever after. That IS what the derivatives market is for isn't it?

and Goldman have got to be good for the risk haven't they.

I mean Lloyd says so, and we can believe him can't we?

He is after all, a respectable banker is he not...

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Saxo Bank...the one one sponsors Cancellara Doping Electric Bike?

Credit Agricole * The one which has bet In Cristophe Moreau for decades to be the Tour leader?

Rabobank Another Dutch Scam Bank

-Cycling is a nice sport, but Proffesional Cycling is a farce, cos its sadly a business without ethics.

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Saxo Bank = Danish, not Dutch.

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Well if the US is an example of "NEED TAX RATE REDUCTION FOR GROWTH", then Samaras is dead wrong

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Just think 'Iceland', Greeks.

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greece, just end it.  be spartans.

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Σαμαρ?ς does not have to worry: Goldman takes care of him

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making for a still larger Chinese footprint on the archipelago.

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Yeah, waiting for the newsflash: Greece renamed New China, drachma replaced with yuan.

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First, there was, "one country two systems."

Now, one country two continents?

When playing the game Risk, it is always difficult to start out with Asia, generally next gaining Australia (check), then go for Europe.

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Seems the Euro is loving this news

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He is the opposition, what is he supposed to say?  And isn't his instinct correct?  Wouldn't we all love to see the Greek state be the 2011 Lehman event?  

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Nope.  The dollar just has nothing to love, more or less from now on.

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Samaras is the New Leader of the Greeks.

Papandreou will go to JAIL soon.

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Wait - Pete Sampras did what now ?

Problem Is's picture

Hit Jean-Claude Trichet in the balls with one of those 130mph serves...

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Why not just club him?

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Please god let the foreplay end. Lets get on to the finale.


firstdivision's picture

I thought women loved foreplay?!?

SheepDog-One's picture

Well yea, but after a while it just becomes harassment.

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Best set of four replys in  a long time. Lol.

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Uppity Greek. He must think they are the usa. Double standard bitchez!

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thats right the greek government only lies on their financials


and the US prints charmin.... or is it pesos.... uh fiat perhaps.....   seems more like yugos....




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I resent that comment, implying hypocrisy with double standards. 
The USA has no standards.

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I like this Samaras guy.  Particularly the 'Won't accept being blackmailed' part.  If this spirit spreads more widely among the political classes, what will the bankers do without their threats of M.A.D. whenever they fancy helping themselves to some more public money?

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What is the symbol for betting on what day Greece declares formal bankruptcy?  Where do I find it on my Bloomberg?

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The important day is the haircut date and the quantity of that haircut

Just look at the Greek 30 yrs bond . Completly bizarre....-60% to par.


Jail to every1

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@ Quintus

Samaras said:  "We do not accept blackmail canceling the meaning and content of DEMOCRACY"

We Greeks are proud that we have a true Leader like Samaras

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OK--so, no austerity!  What else ya got??

Has it ever occured to these mooks that the, um, "austerity" is coming anyway, ready or not?

Rodent Freikorps's picture

No, none of them have ever known anything but manna from socialist heaven.

Austerity is not part of their reality.

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The NaziRat thinks everyone was born a slave to the Banker-Gangsters, because he serves the Banker-Gangsters.

In the end, they'll get him, too.  But until then, he'll always be first in line to attack the working people of the world.

That's why fascists are the perfect useful idiots for White Capital.  

centerline's picture

It's coming anyway is corrrect.  In big way.  The choice now is whether or not one pays up front for it as well.  Likewise, if they pay, the pain will be even worse.

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Right. Austerity with or without being a debt slave in perpetuity to the IMF and the banks to the north. Greece should just do a reset to the New Drachma, hang their bankers and politicians, and get back to planting olive trees. Right now the Greek politicians remind me of the famous scene in Blazing Saddles when Cleavon Little holds his revolver up to his own head in front of all the townspeople and threatens to "shoot this nigger." But the difference is that the banks have more to lose than the Greek people, so it's a real stand off threat.

downwiththebanks's picture

Pay whom?  The Banker-Gangsters? Why in the WORLD should that be the government's priority?  

firstdivision's picture

Is this as credible as the "True Finns"?  Anyone in politics is just rable rousing, then once in office, they do the same as the previous politicians. 

Jack Sheet's picture

..right.. or as credible as Enda Kenny

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You could always pay them in drachmas. Just saying.

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Whatever haircut the Euro IBs and ECB take on the Greek junk debt they can make back shorting the DrachmeII.  Money out money in.

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Not if the "collateral" was given away.  This will be a crisis of faith soon enough.  And I dont think backing the new Drachma with cucumber sauce is going to win anyone over.

  (edit... however, cucumber sauce ON the new currency might make it edible).

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Obviously those Greeks don't know who they're effing with.

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dude, that was beyond awesome. It really was. Kneel you Greek swine, kneel.