Greek Police Brutality Caught On Tape

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This won't sit too well with the GCLU. We are, in fact hearing, that there is already a protest organized to protest police brutality, which will culminate with more cops beating the austerty out of more protesters, and so forth at an exponential pace. 


h/t John

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Need Riot Dog to return.  That'll fix 'em.

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Actually, if you look closely in the video, you'll see riot dog in the right frame. 

With austerity, he can no longer afford his fucking alpo. 

When the mob is through with the cops, maybe they can be ground up into a nice bone-meal for riot dog to snack on.

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The mob is an ungodly creature.

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On the contrary, a mob can be a beautiful thing...if it's energy is directed into a specific cause.

I am Chumbawamba.

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You had a cause in mind?  I certainly do/did.

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The power is there, it's up to you how to wield it.

I am Chumbawamba.

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You're just unhappy that they refuse to let your banker-gangsters bosses steal from them without a fight.

Better for the abused masses to genuflect before those whose shoes you shine, right?  And even better still, REALLY good propagandists can get the couch-sitters at home to ATTACK the masses of people for defending their rights. 

That happened right here during the Wisconsin episode.

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"That happened right here during the Wisconsin episode."


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FEMA camps are ready for you.  They will have clubs too.

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If those are liberals being beat up - I say go for it! It is time to knock some sense into them! Huff post community (the closest to those protesters in the States) is so vile and alien that I hope we get some of this action here so that they can get beat up over here as well!

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Endorsing Global Fascism are we now?

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No, just need some common sense drilled into the moochers and freeloaders.

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Endorsing Global Fascism are we now?

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Yes.  It's much better to be like you.  Happily hand over your wealth, productivity and assets like the rest of the mutton.  Resistance is futile and one way or the other, you'll become a tasty shepard pie. 

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It ain't over 'til the riot dog barks...

Lord Welligton's picture

Freeze Frame.

Riot Dog at Exactly 9 Seconds.

mynhair's picture

Way kewl.  He's got a new kerchief!

flacon's picture

That's not a riot dog, that's a poodle! > "Yehhh but hees a mGreek mPuodlle!"

Lord Welligton's picture

Have you ever wondered why Riot Dog doesn't use a gas mask?

JoeSexPack's picture

Yeah, maybe a new breed with high tear gas tolerance.

Lord Welligton's picture

Riot Dog is also there at Freeze Frame 13 Seconds.

You will have noticed that Riot Dog doesn't get involved.

I think he is an embedded journalist for the Canine Collective.

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enough for missiles - barack?

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Riot dog?  Nah. 

Rifles with scopes at distance is probably what's going to hit Athens next, imho.

Anyone who knows the history of warfare knows that direct confrontation is a fool's errand against a superior force. 

Any day now we'll see Greeks taking shots from windows.  The mob will figure it out soon enough. Don't think it isn't coming.   

And then TPTB will begin exhibiting the appropriate amount of fear.



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What people will do for money

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The cops are just doing what they are paid to do, and what they do best , which is brutalize citizens and pretend to be tough.  Justice to them is in the form of a nightstick.  Wait till there paychecks stop.

Lord Welligton's picture

The cops are just doing what they are paid to do


They are getting paid triple time.

How else can they support the black economy.

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Reminds me of when the British police used to hold up their overtime slips to mock the striking miners during the 80s. No class solidarity to speak of. Force works though, the miners were broken along with all the other unions. In America, we had Reagan can the air traffic controllers and poof, that marked a turning point as well.

The police don't owe you shit, they will break your head open and still sleep like a baby.

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Here, let me fix that for you....


Put some hair on that fucking chest.


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Paychecks will always be written for those who get their rocks off by beating people on command.....unfortunately.


FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

... this can all be traced back to Wall St & the FED. Who owns the FED again?

cossack55's picture

Easy question.

1.   ........uh......

2.   ........well.......

3.    ........shit........

4.    ............?.....

5.    .........WTF......

Lord Welligton's picture


You own the FED.

It's uncomfortable.

But you own it.

Element's picture

This is you being sarc, right?

Lord Welligton's picture




You own it. As in you are responsible for the debt it creates.



You don't own it. As in you have no control over it.

<sarc> </sarc>

Funny isn't it.


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Its a riot.

ho ho get it. a riot!

Element's picture

ah, yes.



I'm not a US 'citizen' ...

But if gas prices were not so high I reckon I'd know where to use some, and sort this whole thing out ASAP.

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Cradle of democracy.


Now like Syria and Libya?

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Do Greeks own firearms?  Seems like all the protests to date (Middle East included) it is only the governments firing live rounds at civilians.  Who's going to start shooting back first?

VegasBD's picture

Not till it comes here bud, hence the massive amounts of pacifity perpetrated upon the populace of this country.

We wont start shooting till there is no more Dollar Menu. =(

agent default's picture

Shotguns of all types are easy legally. AKs in the black market easier.

mynhair's picture

Buy a new AC in Orlando area, get a Remmington 12ga for free!

Shoot, lost the link.

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peaple peeple peepole, 17hmr; small, precise at distance, obnoxious as hell

Abitdodgie's picture

If i was there and they started shooting , well it is an act of war.

Element's picture

There have been numerous wars in that part of the world for the past 70 years, especially the past 20 ... southern Balkans bitchez ... you bet they got firearms.

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You think the same population that stands in line to be groped and willingly hands over their children for the same treatment will shoot back or even show up?

Hearst's picture

You raise an interesting question regarding Americans.  What exactly is that cut off point?  That point where not only the line in the sand is drawn but that firearm on the hip also.