Greeks Turn Savings To Gold And Perth Mint Silver Coin Sales Surge To Record On Safe Haven Demand

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And PM futures opened down. Way to suppress the "free" markets guys!

Is it time for another margin hike yet? (Yes I'm bitter)

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Why are you bitter? Are they not offering you an opportunity to buy more now?

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Take advantage of this clearance sale on PM's, while you can still get physical metals.

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Gold is in a bubble. </sarc>

Six Gold Myths


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The Perth Mint gets most of its silver loco London, in other words it is mostly imported rather than mined in Australia.

So much for the shortage of silver.

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All of the silver mined in a year would sell for about $31 billion with today's prices.  The U.S. currently runs that amount as part of its budget deficit every week.  Everybody needs to remember, "That's all it takes, really.  Pressure and time.  That and a big god damn poster" to free yourself from the prison around you.  Most of us have been busy with our little rock hammers digging through the bu--shit.  The question is, "will we come out clean on the other side?" 

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Captain Hadley: "Uncle Sam. Reaching into your shirt and squeezing your tit till it's purple."

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The Perth Mint moves twice as much silver per year as the COMEX, IIRC.

Again, more evidence of the divergence of the physical and paper markets.

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There is absolutely NO divergence in the paper/physical silver and gold market, other than normal wholesale/retail arbitrage. None. Even Eric Sprott has admitted this.  Stop spreading your lies. 


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You really are a tool ... posting your "It's a lie" nonsense in every single thread! I gather this is Sunstein's latest disinfo tactic ... LOL!

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Are you calling Sprott a liar, too?  Because 30 days ago, he said he could buy silver at or near spot price.  No physical/paper divergence, at all. 


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The local coin shops in my area sell silver bullion and coin for $6 and $10 over spot. That's undeniably a divergence from paper.  Apmex: same. So it's not a local phenomenon either. Bulk purchases receive better pricing, of course. But what's germaine is the price of coin for Mr. Middle American who buys only 2-3 per week.

There IS a divergence between paper and phyzz, and it's only going to become more pronounced as more people start to buy silver. Plenitude of paper, limited supply of phyzz.

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The reason you're paying $6 and $10 over spot is because you're being jacked for an enormous amount of profit.   

Let me guess... did your coin dealer echo the famous tmosley quote, "price doesn't matter..."  


The only divergence is the real silver market and the coin stores that cater to the doomer fanatics who are willing to pay absurd profits for "next week's" apocalypse. Definitely a big divergence there.   




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The ma and pa coin shop I frequent the most are most apologetic for the prices they must command for their product. However, they, too, must make a profit. It's called running a business. And if they paid 40 per Silver Eagle, then they must charge a premium over that price. The market is supporting that price right now. And it will support the price when Ag is $50/oz or higher. Really...what is the fiat/trash-cash price for the intrinsic value of precious metal? Please enlighten us. Because absolutely no one knows - except for its surpressors - what the true price of Ag actually is.

It's really not that hard to comprehend. And might I add, you don't sound much like a Libertarian with Libertarian sound-money views.



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Ma and pa really should learn how to hedge their purchases.

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On an interesting side note, Sprott's silver etf is trading for 15% over spot value. 

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"There is no gold in Aqaba."

The gold bubble continues on and you guys just don't see it.  The people around me can see it.  I wish I had a silver dollar for every time they have told me that gold is in a bubble.  These are the same people that couldn't see a "housing bubble" from six feet away.

I still know of nobody in my circle that is buying gold, not one, zero, nada, nobody.  But they will still tell me gold is in a bubble.  Just think if people were actually buying. 



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Just think if people were actually THINKING.

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There's a better chance of Tyler being the next Fed Chairman or Hilary Clinton being the next Miss Universe. 

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Since Irelands Minister Brendan Howlin recognizes he hasn't the capacity to think he has decided to ask the public....Perhaps setting a precedent for Greece and the U.S.. LOL, unbelievable!

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Its sad really , but for what its worth I will throw in my two bits , double the excise duty on petrol / Diesel and so therefore keep what little money supply remains withen this country rather then giving it to rich Sheiks and selling them expensive racehorses in return for their magnificence.

Its better then raising tax on Labour and will hopefully increase efficiencies as now there is a proposal to increase fares on public transport which is now half empty and therefore create another false efficiency for the exchequer.

Its disturbing to think any rational sacrifices will go to pay off characters who engaged in catostrophic risks however - mining ideas even from Dorks can be profitable for the Usury class I guess.

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Mr. Dork:  I will be in Cork next Tuesday - Wednesday. I'd love to buy you a pint. How do I contact you? (seriously).

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Yes, but to stretch your metaphor a bit further, Aqaba's artillery is fixed facing the sea; which has something to do with their myopia, more to do with their lack of gold and everything to do with their vulnerability. 

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The canary is about to fall off its perch, and there a forces in action in this country trying to make it harder for us to deal in gold and silver. These bastards are slowly circuling us with their nets.

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But gold/silver are barbarous relics.

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I'm a barbarian in a barbarous world and I like relics.

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That sentence is organized conspicuously like a line from a madonna song. 

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+ $1554

Buy the relics while still available and relatively cheap.

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'heightened concerns that the (silver) “bubble” had burst' ?

I am shaking my head at other people's guilibility who believe silver is a bubble.

When there is a bubble in something, the majority of people do not see it as a bubble because they are on the inside looking around thinking their view is normal while ZH and others are on the outside looking at the bubble.

And when the bubble that is fiat paper currencies finally pops, someone did tell you it was a bubble but you did not listen.

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Given the recent reports of silver demand from various locals around the globe, it would appear that the physical demand from investors continues to add pressure to the cooker.    For those who hold physical, this is a good sign as the lid to the cooker can only take so much pressure before prices blow up.

Falling reserves of physical on the COMEX, changes to force settlement in paper, rather than actual, continued economic uncertainty, soaring deficits by governments that are incapable to actually running a balanced budget all contribute to upward pressure on PM's.    It's only through deliberate short selling of paper that the price continues to languish.

If silver is 15-17 to 1 in ratio to gold, and gold is at $1,500/oz, then shouldn't the value of silver be around $90-100/oz?     Of course the big thing is that you have to have it in your possession or you don't own it at all.

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I think the ratio only works if both gold and silver are viewed as monetary metals. I know gold is but I'm not so sure that silver as the same luster as a monetary tool. Historically it has been but I think the luster shines on gold first and foremost.

Plus silver has it's problems. It tarnishes and it is soo much more voluminous than gold. I stopped buying it because it's getting hard to store.

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I prefer gold as well.  But, I do keep a fair amount of silver, both for the ride (wheeeeee!) and for its likely use in a TEOTWAWKI.

What's a TEOTWAWKI?  Send me a gmail, promise you will behave and I will send you the link to my blog (I publish under my real name).  Latest article: "How Much Gold Should You Hold?"

Of course I like platinum too...

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Makes sense to me. It also makes sense for the Central Bankers to bluff about gold being in a bubble, inflation being transitory, QE 3 not on the table, all while illegally manipulating the PM markets to keep the price from rising and propping up stocks to avoid panic in currencies, bank insolvencies,  unpayable sovereign debt, broke pensions and municipalities. It's called Central Planning and it's "God's work." another name for it is purposely misinforming and fucking the people so you can steal from them and always win while they lose. They go to all this trouble because they care so much about us.

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Dr. Gonzo, you are my kind of guy.  Nice summary.

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If gold is in a bubble why are Central bankers buying it?

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That is NOT a good argument.  Anything CBs do is to be ignored.

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Group 11 Whirlwind "Bits-Sez!"

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Negative real interest rates are confiscating the savings of the masses. People are now waking up to that fact and withdrawing those savings from the banks. With leverage of maybe 100, every dollar or euro withdrawn from the worldwide ponzi, is bringing the system down. Gov'ts around the world need to increase leverage (print) to keep the ponzi alive. The great "con"fidence game is almost up. Ponzi fiat is moving into real money.
One thing is assured, for every dollar of savings withdrawn from the banks, it needs to be met with 100x leverage in fiat. The worldwide bank run has begun. Do your part and buy an ounce today.

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That's what happens when you have a central banking bubble and it has now begun to collapse. Failure of epic proportion dead ahead.

Metropolis_Minx's picture

Good point Gene. FRNs/debt and lies are the only bubbles I see ballooning to infinity.

How can someone honestly say that gold and silver are in bubbles when there's not enough (Ag) for everyone on just two continents to own a single ounce. I realize bubbles correlate with price--but Ag is undervalued.



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The Greeks who buy gold coins are just doing their own nacent central bank's work for it.

After Greece defaults and exits the EuroZone, they'll confiscate all that privately held gold and use that to legitimize the new Drachma.

That woman who "keeps her gold at home"?  She not the canary -- she's the pigeon, the mark.  She'll fund the brunt of Greece's EZ exit.  She'll deserve a national medal, but she'll probably get a retirement full of Alpo.

All Greeks who exit the EuroZone early (i.e., buy gold) should have a better strategy than "mattress" for protecting themselves -- Greece has a real oil-and-vinegar mix of entrepreneurial spirit and socialist politics in their culture, making a bank safe deposit box a real peril.

Poor Grogman's picture

It's all been tried before, remember gold has already been de-monitised for at least 40 years. That worked out well for the PTB didn't it.

They are screwed and they know it.

It is the Soaring Golden Eagle that is circling the dying carcass of FIAT crapola.

The Eagle won't have to wait much longer to get all the bounty it wants.


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ZH-er Gordon_Gekko once said:

"All else will be left behind as the Gold Mothership takes off."

He also said:



Physical only.

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Watch and learn from the old timers and from Greece what to do in a collapse. Argentina, Russia before them.

World to Greece: Default now and keep your sovereignty. Default later and you lose your national assets and your soveriegnty, for naught.