Grimsvotn Eruption Video

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Ever wondered what a 15 kilometer high pyroclastic cloud looks like? Here is the answer, in its full iPhone cam captured glory. Based on our sources on the ground in Iceland, the "volcanic event is at least as powerful as the Eyjafjallajokull of last year. The eventual effect on air traffic will depend on wind conditions (slow and random at the moment) and actual ash composition which has yet to be determined. Preliminary observation indicates a milder risk for aircraft, but highly uncertain pending further measurements."

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Big News! 125 documents that could impeach Obama for Dual-Citizenship!

listen to

Jerome Corsi on air:

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OMG!  You've cracked the case, dude!  Call your congressman tonight and demand an investigation!

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lol :D

yep, the kind of "democracy" that is America's No 1 export, apart from confetti paper, bullets, and bombs with depleted uranium.

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jumping in on topic: like the very land the icelanders live on refuses to refuse its viking blood.

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Jumping in on topic, it's a cool video.  Not much more, not much less.

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Jumpin' in on topic, the "Human Volcano" Monedas turned 66 years young today ! Monedas 2011 If your only solution to problems is bigger are the problem ! 

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Jerome Corsi is as much a charlatan and a fraud as the Rapture Idiot.

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Obama should be charged with Sedition as should his predecessor, GW Bush. There has been a not so subtle push to encourage illegal immigration in order to change the social dynamic here in the U.S. The politicians can then claim that this inclusion of Mexico into a North American Union is what the voters want (Well yeah, if you include illegal immigrant voters I guess that would be true). This whole NAU push by the president has circumvented congress and none of congress has made an attempt to intervene, which I guess would indicate they are in on it. Regardless, it is unconstitutional and goes directly against the best interests of U.S. citizens.

Why else would all presidents since Reagan be in favor of opening our borders to mass illegal immigration and attempt to amnesty millions of illegals every decade or so?

Because big business has concluded that borders hinder their ability to maximize profits. It's all here in the wikileaks document that was leaked.


A document posted online by WikiLeaks reveals that there were strategy discussions regarding the adoption of a "North American Union" – called the North American Initiative in this case – at the ambassadorial level in the United States government.

The concept of a North American Union largely has been ridiculed by many in government and media. The Wikipedia entry on North American Union calls it a "theoretical economic union" that has "been the subject of various conspiracy theories."

However, WND has built an extensive library of reports that document progress toward the idea, and best-selling author Jerome Corsi's book, "The Late Great USA," shows how the Security and Prosperity Partnership, an agreement signed in 2005 by President George W. Bush, threatens American sovereignty.

Read the blueprint for America's restoration, in "Taking America Back," Joseph Farah's manifesto for sovereignty, self-reliance and moral renewal

The WikiLeaks document was uncovered by investigators with Americans for Legal Immigration, and the organization reports they "appear to confirm an incremental and covert plan within the highest levels of the American and Canadian governments to accomplish deeper 'North American Integration,' while keeping most average citizens in the dark and bypassing the constitutions of the existing three sovereign nations of America, Canada and Mexico."

ALIPAC spokesman William Gheen told WND, "This is the smoking gun. This is not conjecture. This is a high-ranking member of the U.S. government who created this document."

Read more: WikiLeaks: 'North American Initiative' no 'theory'

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You got that a little backwards, the US is threatening Mexicos sovereignty by supporting drug cartels with guns and money.  Eventually enough americans will be killed in the violence that the US govt says to mexico that they are not controlling crime, at which point we send our military there(think iraq with no promise to ever leave).  The mexican govt is not onboard with this plan, we won't be giving up anything, only taking. 

As for illegal immigration, the solution is ridiculously simple(this is true of most problems, if the law is more than 10 pages, then it was written for moneyed interests).  Take the money they are paying human traffickers and apply it to an immigration application.  That way we can do background checks, make about $10k a person, and keep out people who are not willing to make a serious comittment to the US.  Once they are here we can give them the best(phd) or worst(minimum wage) jobs that americans are too lazy to do.  This will produce more tax revenue and provide people to do the jobs that require more than being paid to sit at a desk.  Additionally, once here they would have trouble leading a life of crime after we took their dna, fingerprints, and photos. 

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'Additionally, once here they would have trouble leading a life of crime after we took their dna, fingerprints, and photos.'

Sounds more like a prison state every day...

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Land in PANAMA, bitchez!

In times of change you need new alternatives and new ideas.

Land in Panama is one of the most undervalued assets in 2011.


In the event of a sale of land from any of the Thorsson Capital properties to any Zero Hedge reader, the vendor (Thorsson Capital) hereby pledges a donation of 1% of the total sale to Zero Hedge, said donation is to be made within 30 working days of settlement.


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confiscation of land held by foreign entities..

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

The government of Panama understands immigration is a good thing. The small Central American nation has been welcoming foreign investors for decades. Need a second passport and full citizenship? Need to protect your capital? Need legal counseling in the Republic of Panama? We'd be delighted to help you at Thorsson Capital.

Visit us at

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The government of Panama understands immigration is a good thing...

Ah,  It will be the locals NOT their goverment you should be thinking about.


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that has got to have a lot to do with ambience.  e.g. u.s. virgin islands: nice water but white minority.  we are fools not to see it.  at least the germans know they were nazis.

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

well, tashidele to you and your family from Panama!


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I took a tour of Panama two years ago and saw land and other developments. With all due respect to the people of Panama, I did not like what I saw. Governments change, sentiments change. You don't need land or property to live anywhere. Just lease.

Stay nimble my friends

Costa Rica is much better. Country with no military and no enemies.

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

With all due respect to the Costa Ricans, I did not like the high crime and the higher prices. Everything costs twice, thrice or four times what it costs in Panama. I'm not saying one is better than the other, I'm saying prices are 1/2 or 1/4 what they are in Costa Rica, and crime is low. I love it here, and you have a right to love it there. (:

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I don't trust any place run by Hispanics. If they aren't a shit hole already then it's just a matter of time. Enjoy your time in Panama until one of the local revolutionairies becomes warlord and then sends his army to your house. It WILL happen. When is the only question.

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It's easy to get residency in Panama for under $1500. 

But who wants to live in Panama? So many better alternatives.

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Anywhere in Central America is a dangerous place to live now.  And I have been to Panama twice. The earth changes, myself and others have warned about(prophesy) are now coming to pass.  I put an alert out for Tokyo 4 days before the Fukushima event here on Zero Hedge.  Tokyo proper will get hit soon too.  As for Panama, Panama City is vulnerable to quakes and tsunamis.  Boquette/David are located next to a vulcano that is monitored by Smithsonian/USGS.  In fact, any island, whether Carribean or otherwise would be a poor choice to relocate at this time.

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Has ZH now become a home of BS spammners? Get the fuck outta here pronto!


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In the not too distant future,  a few locals walk up to you and say,

"You ain't from around here are you?"  in the local dialect.

Not a good time to be 'From Somewhere's Else"

Those seven words will be the scaryest phrase you will hear.

(Along with the sound of a pump shot gun being racked)

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

That's why you build a community around you. Whether you're in Harare, Zimbabwe or Los Angeles, California. It's a good idea to have a shot gun yourself for times when the excrement flies. I prefer to speak softly and kindly, that's my weapon of choice, if I'm forced to use a different weapon, I have my community.

Please visit us at

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speaking of california and shotguns, grace slick is my favorite singer.

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The #1 phrase I want to know in all languages is "Shoot the american".

Rick64's picture

When I hear that I automatically become Canadian.

ParisianThinker's picture

Where is "here"?  Guns are mostly banned in Europe. 

Are you talking about the law west of the Pecos?

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Fuck Guns, slings and Atlotls. Sling is a piece of cloth and a rock, Atlotl is a stick for throwing other sticks.

No one remembers Mad Max reaching for that last stale shotgun shell.

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Dude, I just sent all of my money to some Nigerian Prince. Once he gives me my 150% return you'll be the first guy I call.

Gully Foyle's picture

A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000

Finding Yahoo boys to talk to me was near-impossible; a big change from a few years ago. The 419 scammers used to be the rockstars of Nigeria’s underground world. “Girls wanted to date us because we were smart,” one told me. “We could get money out of white men using only our brains and a computer.” There was also the justification that this was some how a revenge for colonialism; when white men took Africa’s natural resources without consent. And– as is the case with every black market– there was the lure of all that cash. Skills were flaunted in cafes, whole organizations were built out, and even rap songs were written glorifying 419.

It’s much harder to make money today. That’s mostly because Internet companies have made it harder, through restricting mass emails and educating people not to purchase any goods from Nigeria. Most ecommerce sites block Nigerian ISPs. And consumers have gotten smarter, too, the Yahoo boys say. The Nigerian government has also made greater efforts to crack down, under International pressure and pressure from the country’s legitimate tech entrepreneurs who are furious at the Yahoo boys for globally sullying the country’s reputation. The people still doing it have been driven underground, forced to keep a low profile. They don’t talk about what they do even with friends. They can’t trust anyone. One current scammer told me he couldn’t invite friends over because of the noticeable stench in his bedroom from all the stacks of money stashed under his bed.


Don’t let the clunky syntax on these emails fool you. The Yahoo boys I met are masters of human manipulation. The latest scam revolves around online dating. Yahoo boys find a lonely man– sometimes a single man who wants a mail-order bride; sometimes a married one with kids who wants an escape on the side. They key with 419 scams is always finding someone who wants a easy shortcut in money or love. An elaborate relationship over IM begins. One boy I met excelled at these. He says he just closes his eyes and pretends it’s a woman on the other end he’s seducing. He uses carefully constructed porn clips for video chats; other scammers hire actresses to portray the fictional girls.

This Yahoo boy carries on five to seven relationships at once, playing the dutiful girlfriend to each– down to helping them pick out their clothes for work everyday. When one suitor lost a job, he used the Web to help find him an interview and pumped up his confidence to apply. He gave him several months to get back on his feet before asking for more cash. One time, he even sent the mark cash, to show how much he — or “she”– cared. “I take care of them,” he says. “They are the people who feed me.”

He helps build them up; he listens to their problems. He makes them feel loved. He calls each an innocuous pet name, lest he accidentally type the wrong message into the wrong chat window. He asks for a little bit of money here and there, until men are sending him steady amounts from each paycheck. He says it takes exactly one month for a man to fall in love with him, and once he has a man’s heart, no woman can take it.

This isn’t a short con, this is a long term game of constant maintenance. He creates fictional Web pages to back up the fictional girl’s story, so if the man Google’s her, he finds seemingly legitimate confirmation. When he goes to church, he tells them “she’s” going to church. When he makes dinner he tells them “she’s” making dinner. He’s less a 419 scammer, and more a long-distance emotional prostitute, providing a service men appear to be happy to pay for. Like any great entrepreneur, this Yahoo boy knows his customer. “if you get their heart, you have control,” he says. “You white people have very flexible hearts. We’ve seen it. That’s why there can be no true love in Nigeria. Your closest friends rip you off here.” He continued, “I wish I could stop. I’m not into the black man power like some people. I don’t want to make someone sell their house; I don’t want to take everything. I just can’t find a job. If I had a junior brother I wouldn’t teach him. You get addicted to it.”

mick_richfield's picture

What a beautiful horror story!  In another hundred years, this guy will be drinking human blood and calling the villagers "my cattle".  And he will feel true affection for them!


zaknick's picture

No camping and freedom for you AmeriKKKlan imperialists!



The new dollar, bitchez! With Obama and Soros' mug on them and GOLD AND SILVER backed (after confiscation that is). Millions in FEMA camps! Iranian and Venezuelan nukular flase flag! Black helicopters everywhere ! Riots! No food in cities! No gas! Three aircraft carriers at the bottom of the Persian Gulf! Blocking the Strait of Hormuz! ObaMao comes into his Mao/Stalin own! Fuck the Indiana Supreme Court; Martial law! AmeriKKKlans fall into death worship trance and back banksters' puppets depopulation strategy of billions! Release the Plagues!


Orson Welles, eat your heart out!




Fluorine in the water, AmeriKKKlans!

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I want tonight to get weird.  This is a good start.

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture


It's evening in Panama and I'm enjoying a nice Chilean Merlot.

Price $4.19 including tax


Vic Vinegar's picture

It's evening here in Santa Barbara and I'm enjoying a nice Two Buck Chuck.

So humor me, spammer, why would I choose Panama over Argentina?  Better steaks, better women, same cost of living >>>> Argentina wins.  Tell me otherwise and I will listen.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

It's evening here in Akron and I'm enjoying a nice One-toke Wonder.


Vic Vinegar's picture

I'm from Michigan originally, and we are trained to hate Ohians.  (But not as much as Ohians are trained to hate Michiganders, apparently :-)

Best wishes to you Stoogie.

Antipodeus's picture

Just curious, but if there are 'Michiganders', does that mean there are 'Michigeese'?  And are they related to the 'Mongeese', as well?  ;=))


michigan independant's picture

Well if Fort Detriot fell back aways we would be Canucks. I offer all my Canadians buddies Detroit but they understand what I mean.

My Buddies say all was fine until you guys showed up anyways.

Around here we have alot of fun either way. Michigan most will never understand or see.


mick_richfield's picture

It's not too late to come home VV.  You know the person on this thread who keeps pushing cheap land in Panama?  Well -- I think you can get it for *free* in Flint!  Or at least -- maybe you have to pay for the bulldozer fuel...



OrestesPenthilusQuintard's picture

It's late night here in the Bronx - dodging bullets - nothing to report.

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

I'm not asking you to come and live in Panama, you can just make your investment here. Land is cheaper, close to ports on the Atlantic or Pacific. Two oceans to choose from. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and plenty of tropical islands. Dirt cheap prices. If you're into eating meat it's just as good as in Argentina, also grass-fed, and costs a fraction of what you pay there, even when not subsidized by the Panamanian gov. Even cheaper if you get it in the countryside. This country still surprises me and the people are lovely, welcoming and friendly....   and that's all I have to say about that.


OldPhart's picture

It's 9:33PM here in the California Desert.  Enjoying mass produced Miller Genuine Draft and a wife that's uncharacteristically silent.

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We humans are so puny compared to the Gods of Fire and Ice.