On The Ground Reports From Japan

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Following much ongoing confusion about a fact-based reality in Japan, leading many to express somewhat extremist opinions due to persistent scarcity of facts, here are three much needed clips showing the sentiment on the ground in Tokyo courtesy of the mostly impartial BBC News.

The operators of a stricken Japanese nuclear plant have apologised
for a "mistake" in reporting a radiation spike 10 million times above
normal. Tokyo Electric Power Company, which has previously been
criticised by officials for its handling of the crisis at the plant,
said it got the readings wrong. Despite the mistake, the radiation spike at reactor 2 was still very high and enough to evacuate workers.

Anti-nuclear protesters have held a large rally in Tokyo, calling for
change in Japan's nuclear industry. Meanwhile, efforts are continuing to
locate the exact source of a radioactive water leak at the stricken
Fukushima nuclear plant.


Two weeks after an earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, the country's
prime minister, Naoto Kan, has said the situation at the Fukushima
nuclear plant remains ''grave and serious''. Fukushima's operators have
said water at one reactor was 10,000 times more radioactive than normal,
raising fears that its core is damaged. Anti-nuclear protests have been
taking place in Tokyo as an investigation is under way to establish the
source of the radiation leak.

And the latest video from a helicopter overflight:

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How can they be "impartial"?  They cancelled the live coverage right after Libya bombing started.


(This was a designated thread for Japan Quake/Tsunami/Nuclear Disaster.)

I will give you that they are way way more fair than US MSM, CNN still broadcast how upbeat the survivors are and what benefits there are in investing in Japan.  (Ali Velshi. around 5pm, Saturday afternoon.)  Although around noon EST, is the first time that they said this can last for more than 1 year.  (Maybe the institutional guys have finally positioned their books right.)

One tip, if you know Korean or Chinese, the Asian news streams are way more in depth and actually down right glee...

At this point, it is like the US deficit...  really, what is the difference between 14 trillion or 140 trillion?  (besides an additional digit?)  It is all a blur for most Americans, and human beings.  We don't do scale well...


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Beeb does things differently. Their coverage is much as it always was, and gets to the important info quickly. Even if deficient in fact, it comes with a bit less spin.

They might see live bombing as something different than our fug, CON, or More Stinking Nonsense Bull Shit would.  Here it's revenue time. The beeb allows you to go elsewhere if you want sensational opinion.   Not many people are experienced with a lack of opinion with news. It stopped in the 70's.

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Some one probably confused millisieverts with microsieverts.

The situation does not sound so dire at IAEA, but you won't really know what's happened until the major work is over.  Wake me.

Some excerpts:

Dose rates at the Fukushima site continue to trend downwards.

On 26 March, the highest values were observed in the prefecture of Yamagata: 7500 becquerel per square metre for iodine-131 and 1200 becquerel per square metre for caesium-137. In the other prefectures where deposition of iodine-131 was reported, the daily range was from 28 to 860 becquerel per square metre. For caesium-137, the range was from 2.5 to 86 becquerel per square metre.

Two IAEA teams are currently monitoring in Japan. One team made gamma dose-rate measurements in the Tokyo region at 8 locations. Gamma-dose rates measured ranged from 0.08 to 0.15 microsievert per hour, which is within or slightly above the normal background. The second team made additional measurements at distances of 30 to 41 km from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. At these locations, the dose rates ranged from 0.9 to 17 microsievert per hour. At the same locations, results of beta-gamma contamination measurements ranged from 0.03 to 3.1 Megabecquerel per square metre.

The measured radiation doses rates above the sea remain consistently low (between 0.04 and 0.1 microsievert per hour

Caesium-137 was also detected above the regulation values in one sample of spinach taken on 24 March in Tochigi prefecture, but in the remaining two prefectures, the results were below regulation values.


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BBC "Impartial" ???!!!

Oh dear Tyler !

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Video of tsunami damage and incredible water rise. Nearly 6 minutes that everyone should view. It's horrible but important to watch to comprehend the wrath of tsunamis strength.



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The operators of a stricken Japanese nuclear plant have apologised for a "mistake" in reporting a radiation spike 10 million times above normal.




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10,000 times, 100,000 times, a million times, its hard to tell when you are shaking and p*ssing your radiation pants!

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The Geigher caunter in his hands does look a bit beaten up when you look at the tape on the bottom :)


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I think the original 10,000,000 times is most likely to be accurate. A sliver of truthiness before the spin doctors got involved. Note that they never actually came out with a revised figure. Hey, perhaps it was only 19,999,999 times.

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Balloon Boy caused this whole media stir

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Sorry, but even the BBC has been pandering the Libya news in all its profligate colors versus running coverage for the Jap crisis. The media is doing a great disservice to mankind in its attitude towards this and you- know-what crises in the past.

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The mostly impartial BBC. Hah! Nice Joke Tylers. Nice. The biggest .gov, Chatham House/Tavistock inspired "News".

But this is so clearly a mis-information campaign that it boggles the mind. Are they trying to hold back a panicked flood of people trying to leave Tokyo? Save face? 

Of course people are going to go on jumping off into extreme views. it's called COgnitive dissonance and it's probably never been higher. Japanese radiation in Nevada. Is it tagged so they can tell?

Something stinks to the high heavens with the coverage (At least the Hedge has been consistently taking the high (numbers) road, which usually turn out to be under-reported anyways).

Edgar Cayce might have been on to something here. Our collective jawboning seems as futile (since ALL the facts come from controlled sources) as during GOM, deepwater Horizonn.

And now the Sea is officially contaminated anyways.

Water, Air, Fire in the hole.




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Who are you going to believe--me, or your lying radioactive eyes?

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I'm guessing opening at black light suschi bar in the Gulf of Mexico would be an unsuccessful business model at this point.

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Maybe a Godzilla breeding farm will make you rich?


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Neon green sashmi and oil slick noodles.  Must be the bomb!

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Are you nuts?  This is brilliant!  We can have sushi that never goes stale!



Fed delenda est.

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Dude, I'm junking you every time I see that stupid, "Fed delenda est," attached to your comments. Are you trying to impress somebody that you almost understand two words in Latin. We all know the Fed must go; try doing something about it instead of chanting in Latin. This isn't a fucking church and you're no damn priest.

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I'm pretty sure that's not actually latin.  Fed da lender is.

Suggest you not sweat the small stuff.  There is plenty to get mad about around here.

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Since long they play with nuclear energy. In case of an accident no fucking professional from the east to the west can come with a solution ! This means all over the world the nuclear processes will become nightmares as soon as something goes wrong. It is just a countdown!

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Hey Texans!

You might want to DO SOMETHING to make certain TEPCO doesn't get a stake in the Texas nuclear project.

Of, course if you just want to wait it out, there might not be a TEPCO.

NRG CEO Says Tepco Exit Would Hurt Texas Nuclear Project -Nikkei

NEW YORK (Nikkei)--It would be a significant blow if Tokyo Electric Power Co. (9501.TO) pulls out of a planned investment in a nuclear power project spearheaded by U.S. firm NRG Energy Inc. (NRG) and Toshiba Corp. (6502.TO) in the state of Texas, CEO of the U.S. utility David Crane told the Nikkei in an interview published on Friday.

Tepco, which is battling a major accident at its earthquake-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, said in May 2010 it would spend up to $250 million Y(20 billion) to acquire a stake in the project to build units 3 and 4 at the South Texas Project nuclear plant if the U.S. government provides loan guarantees. The Japanese utility already has a technological tie-up with NRG Energy.

Crane said NRG has not yet talked with Tepco about what the Japanese utility plans to do regarding the investment. He also said if Tepco decides to end its involvement, his firm may seek investment from other Japanese companies such, as financial institutions and trading houses.

The expansion plans at the Texas plant aim to get approval for construction and operation in 2011, begin construction in the summer of 2012 and bring the two new reactors onstream in 2016 and 2017.

Crane said the Fukushima accident will delay the project by at least three to six months.

(END) Dow Jones Newswires
Copyright (c) 2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

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Chocolate rations increased to 28 grams per week.

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Despite the mistake, the radiation spike at reactor 2 was still very high and enough to evacuate workers.

It's the "very" part of that phrase that has me alarmed. /sarcasm


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Does radiation make you squint?

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Mostly just kills or damages at the cellular level, since we are a big bag of cells, a host of damage occurs. Cancer, destruction of the digestive system, destruction of  the immune system, pneumonia, internal bleeding and destruction of your entire sarcasm mechanism. We all are the same when we are dead.

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+ 2 pounds of the most common bacteria in the human gut.

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+ stronty, blood & bone.  luekemia bitchez

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To ALL Japanese Residents within 80 km, please evacuate...run, drive, fly away to the safest distance possible.

This is not the time to wait and see....it's time for action!

God Bless!

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LET'S ALL RUN TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ISLAND!! 2nd on the right of those other Nuclear power plants...


perchprism's picture


If they all got on the other side of the island it would tip over, silly.

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They can't do that because the island might tip over and capsize. You see, a US congressman expressed the same concern about Guam, when the military wanted to move the CC's and troops to one side of the island, but were then disuaded due to the possibility Guam would capsize because of so much weight on one side of the island. So they can't do that.

Nice try though.

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"It's only a tiny leak" the officals said at first....

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Deepwater Horizon or Fukushima?

Why the Japanese government ( and world) continues to allow TEPCO to conduct radiation measurements is beyond me. Its even more of a conflict that letting BP 'estimate' the oil flow at its Macondo well.3

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But I  am not volunteering for the job.

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Heh, meanwhile, retailers cannot wait to re-open their stores to take advantage of the coming shopping boom in N. Japan:

"A dozen of Wal-Mart’s Seiyu stores in the quake-hit Sendai
area are restarting full operations today after being limited
mostly to relief efforts for two weeks, Scott Price, Wal-Mart’s
Asia chief, said in an interview yesterday. Of the remaining 12
stores, 10 will be opened as soon as possible.

Retailers from Wal-Mart to 7-Eleven operator Seven & I
Holdings Co.
are racing to reopen stores and replenish shelves
after the March 11 disaster left hundreds of thousands in the
Tohoku region, northeast Japan, scrambling for shelter, food and


And stocks in Egypt rally the most in 15 months as political stability was restored???  LOL... what a joke:


Sees like the worse the news, speculators appetite for risk increases even more.

Would not surprise me to see radioactive Japanese escorts now command ultra-high premiums in New York City.  "Man, that chick was ultra hot!!!  She was beaming!"

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Clearly a radiation victim...

Her eyes already start to focus onto 1 point and her skin is turning yellow...


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I just spit water all over my TEPCO alternate keyboard.

I know I shouldn't laugh but, man was that funny Sudden!

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It's legal in most Europe countries.


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Perversion is the least of his many shortcomings.


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still mindboggled over the difference between taking food and cleaning out an electronics store?  Or the difference between 10s of thousands and zero?