Guess What Isn't Selling Off

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As stock volume surges (we won't insult your intelligence to tell you what that means for stock prices), there is one asset that is going up. Considering the just released news of imminent land invasion in Libya which will be the next domino to fall in the MENA region, we would believe it is rather easy to guess which asset that is.

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this is going to be a very expensive Summer

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

does that mean I won't have 7000 lb SUVs racing me to stop at the next intersection?

SheepDog-One's picture

Well I just saw a guy put $3 in an Escalade to apparently limp the rest of the way home if thats any indication.

DonnieD's picture

He is feeding his car a less sophisticated diet.

Problem Is's picture

Ghetto-spinner rims... and the SUV was lowered... thumpin' out some rap... 

White-boy former used sub-prime mortgage salesman...

Former (sub?) middle class...

Forecloser in limbo option ARM...

568+ days and counting unpaid mortgage squatter...

With a 3 yr lease on the urban comfort ride...

Absinthe Minded's picture

You can sleep in your car but you can't drive your house.

HungrySeagull's picture

In the south you haul your house with you. (Mobile homes or Trailers)

I don't care how high the prices get anymore. We changed employers to work right here within bike ride range.

As for the 3.00 feeder limping home, he probably has a bunch of 5.00 packs of smokes and a pocketful of lotto tickets as well.

60 dollars premium into my work truck does not hurt at all. In fact it only enrages the hybrid crowd standing in line with me. Especially if I made a few move out of the way so I can get to a pump.

Nobody's picture

An old man once told me that however hard I try
You can't ween em of it

Atomizer's picture

Incon.. My driving habits will not change. I encourage the market to raise gas to 5-7 dollars/gallon. Just so your aware, my 7,600 & 7,800 lbs vehicles are not racing with you, we are trying to get away from you. If I had a dollar for every clown car pulling out in front of me.

Atomizer's picture

Fuck Government Motors taxpayer bailout products. I have two Lincoln SUV's & the Banks got the middle finger for cash purchases.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

I grew up a pure Chevy man. I almost got Rat Pack and a Chevy bow tie tattooed on my chest.

I bought my first Ford last year.

Enough said.

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Incidentally, 5 years ago you could get more than 18,000 Asian blats for 5,000 USD. This week you get 14,000, and prices are rising here in blats.

That's a double whammy so despite the skyrocketing stock markets, spare a thought for the multinationals who have done so well on the back of a weaker dollar. Not only are margins being squeezed in blats but staffing costs are going through the roof.

Not a bad time to start shorting multi's especially if it's on the back of a fake rally...

They'll soon be heading back West and bringing jobs back with them, though not for the best of reasons.

Bobportlandor's picture

Yes, but what realy matters is the cost of Thai whore.

Problem Is's picture

Is a Thai whore in the CPI market basket?

A steak and a shot of penicillin used to be...

HungrySeagull's picture

Should be eqivilant to 60 dollars US for 20 minutes with a American Whore. More than that for some folks who wish to remain discreet until they are exposed.


Most people only need about 5 minutes and the rest of the time spent in cleaning up.

cossack55's picture

At first I thought you misspelled Blatz. Then I thought thats a good price of beer. It hen occured to me that Blatz does not have an Asian brewery.  But thats still a good price for beer.

Chuck Walla's picture

You mean bahts? I thought Blats was Milwaukee made beer.

Hugh G Rection's picture

This doesn't effect me, I always buy $20 of gas.

Fenlander's picture

My wife is the same:  £20 a week for the shopping and school runs.  Except now that £20 a week only lasts until Wednesday, and in a month, will only last until Tuesday.


The other strange thing, she only ever fills up the tank to half, saying it's too expensive to fill it full.  Apart from nearly running empty on a regular basis, she feels the "just in time" mentality suits her.  I only ever let my tank get down to half before refilling.  As I pay all of the bills for the petrol, her attitude leaves me scratching my head.


Still, we eat well on fresh food that she buys daily.  I've got the old brick outbuilding in the garden stocked with tins, a camping stove and 100's of litres of bottled water.  I think we'll make out OK between us.

Rainman's picture

Check the wife's shoe inventory. Those female half tank fillups are something I'm familiar with. My teen daughter had a similar habit. The gas money I gave her went half into the tank and the rest into her closet. 

cossack55's picture

I assume you live somewhere in the Euro Zone. Personally, I would feel less than easy not having access to firearms.  Even so, I have purchased the top-o-the-line wrist rocket with a max effective range of 200 meters, stabilizer, level and fiber optic sights.  Uses .50 cal bearings or marbles.  It is quiet. 

MrSteve's picture

Check this site and the specs for quiet-operating equipment of a vastly more accurate tool.

EscapeKey's picture

Did the £20 give it away?

Anyway, in the famous words of Boris Johnson, I couldn't fail to disagree with you less. You have to be in deep denial - or a Keynesian economist attempting to justify your expensive education - not to acknowledge the inflation we see throughout the Eurozone. I'm in the UK, personally, and food and petrol especially are going through the roof.

HungrySeagull's picture

I fill the car for my spouse. When she protests and it only a half tank according to the needle, I know the car has another 7 gallons in it. True to form I fill it tip top and then let the wife have at it.

Never ever without fail allow your vehicle to run less than half tank. Truckers like me have died learning that lesson in a winter storm that might last a few days.

Oh and the shoes come from a 50 cent or 1 dollar thrift flea store now instead of the mall (At god knows how much retail)


She has to walk past several boxes (Make that Cases) of ammunition and other availible resources every day. I have yet to hear any complaints.

whatz that smell's picture

hoarding, bitchez.

the battle for the soul of this bull market has begun.

fiddler_on_the_roof's picture

I saw a website where you can hedge Gas Purchase and you can buy in Gallons.I bought a small amount for 200 Gallons at a buy price of $4.03 two weeks ago. I don't know how reliable is this. Website -

Yen Cross's picture

 I want to engage , really I do. Your teeth are soo inviting! You want to make a statement, but not be responded to? I'm right!

mule65's picture

Bull's April Fools!?

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Uhhh, apparently the correct answer is S&P futures, because they've already retraced 50% of the move.

Cdad's picture

there is one asset that is going up.

Duh...hopium. ray beams?  

Cdad's picture

David Darst's voice over career? No, sorry...that is not rising.

Farmland encircled by barbed wire? 

Translational Lift's picture

Theres a lot of cheap farmland in Japan right now......

Cdad's picture

there is one asset that is going up

I know...Maria Bartiromo's intellectual curiosity......finally?

Cult_of_Reason's picture

$4.48 in Laguna Beach today

bob_dabolina's picture

A lot of that is from taxes (one of the reasons I moved out of California a few months ago) Taxes were just too damn high for everything and I wanted to enjoy more of my money.

It's only $3.58 for regular where I am  (mid-Atlantic region)

Cleanclog's picture

Just paid $4.29/gal premium in No. Calif

bob_dabolina's picture

It's as high as $4.69 in Point Loma, San Diego

LostWages's picture

Premium $4.02 in Las Vegas. 

10kby2k's picture

I eat a lot more than I drive, I'm really fucked.

rocker's picture

Hope you don't have to drive to eat. Are there any nutrients in gas?

Sokhmate's picture

technically, gas is hydrocarbons. I surmise you can ingest in lieu of carbohydrates.