Guess Who Just Got Invited To The Printer Party...

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One clue: Exhibit A

More on this tomorrow.

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That has got to hurt.


Silver Bitchez!

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USDs, muthafuckas!!!













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does not deep fry well.

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transitory inflation bitches

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We're all Zimbabweans Now!

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Unobtainium, monkeys


shit is $20 million a kilo

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Aaaaah, Money and stuff .....

umm Bitches, I mean bitchezs .... oh hell; what ever you guys always say.

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Since this is a right wing blog...

And we over here --------->

Samarium, cocksucka...

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Take your


And stikkem where the


Don't shine

(So as to speak.)

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two people at work asked me about rhodium... weird.  

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I don't know what the economics of it are, but they sell it at kitco and the 5Y graph looks like there's probably an interesting story behind it.

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Harder, more rare than Pt. Can be used like Pt in autos. Used as plating for white gold jewelry. It soared to $10K/oz in a blip in questionable industrial panic circumstances. Hard to find as solid mint product. Powder "sponge" container easiest form to get and resell to real users. Chain of integrity / purity / assay issues with powder. Kitco will store for fee and assure integrity for resale. Seems to me that it's rare, but so many issues with storage and demand side make it a real crap shoot as a speculative investment.   

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Yes on all accounts...good info, well done.

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@Fancy Bear

   Rhodium is a wonderful metal, very rare, but it's value is basically all industrial.....

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"white" gold is rhodium plated gold. It's whiter than silver. Shiny shiny.


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I CANNOT believe there is one other pucker who understands the De Beers. They paid Austrailias national debt. Look toward Arkansas next.  Long bourse!

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sterling sliver hemorrhoid spoons

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Tri Sodium Phosphate, cleaning bitches

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Di Hydrogen Monoxide, for the fishes

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Needed to be Iridium, IDIOTS but IE9 wouldn't let me post till I clicked Compatibility View lol