Guest Post: “Stay And Fight”: Is This Realistic?

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Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man

“Stay and fight”: Is this realistic?

Before leaving New York, I was enjoying a perfectly nice afternoon
yesterday walking around the Upper West side. When I got to Lincoln
center, roughly at the corner of Broadway and W 62nd Street, reality set

No fewer than ten NYPD storm troopers were ‘patrolling’ the sidewalk
outside in full combat gear: Kevlar helmet, flak vest, semi-automatic
9mm sidearm, and Colt model 933 with M900 foregrip and M68 aimpoint. A
few of them had M203 variety grenade launchers fitting snugly underneath
the barrel.

And to what did we owe the deployment of such unnecessary firepower?
An invasion of the Canadian hordes? Terrorists on the loose? No. Some
visiting politician… clearly an individual who feels important enough to
merit an intimidating death squad in his vicinity.

This is the nature of the system. Police are armed to the teeth… and
while their official marketing slogan may be to ‘keep people safe’,
their real function is to be the protectors and enforcers for the
political class, all while keeping the people in check so that the know
who’s boss.

On this note, we received a lot of comments this week from readers
who reject the idea of considering greener pastures overseas and instead
choose to “stay and fight.”

Reader Jay K, for instance, wrote that “sooner or later you’re going
to have to fight. It might as well be in your own home, city,
neighborhood, and country.”

This ‘stay and fight’ mentality does seem incredibly noble. It
invokes images of Paul Revere and the original patriots standing their
ground in battle against the red coat British forces. Unfortunately, the
world just doesn’t work that way anymore.

There is no real enemy to fight… no clearly defined opposing force
conveniently dressed in a different color like the rival baseball team.
The battle is one of ideas.

At its simplest, the conflict comes down between those who believe
that government is the problem, and those who believe that government is
the solution. Most people are brainwashed statists who unquestioningly
hold the latter as their ethos.

And then there is the big faceless void of government itself…
politicians, bureaucrats, low-level workers, regulatory agencies, etc.
We’re not talking about a single individual here, but an entire

It begs the question– for all the ‘stay and fight’ people, who exactly are you fighting? And more importantly, how?

Of all the hundreds of similar notes we’ve received from people who
claim they are going to ‘stay and fight’, I am still waiting for one…
just one single email… from someone telling me exactly how they plan on
doing that.

Are you going to go to the polls and kick the bums out? Go right
ahead. If you can convince the majority of other voters (most of whom
probably don’t share your ideology), then you’re just going to vote in
another set of bums.

Politicians are politicians because they either (a) are attracted to
power, and/or (b) think that government is the solution, not the
problem. Replacing one set with another is hardly a credible course of

What else is the plan– armed conflict in the streets? I don’t
understand this fantasy. The people are going to arm themselves and join
together for an Old West style shootout against the police, the people
will win, and then a new nation will be rebuilt espousing limited
government principles?

It sounds like a great movie… but pinning your hopes on being able to
win a revolutionary style victory against a military police state that
has superior tactics, firepower, and combat experience is simply

Besides, real turmoil in the west is just getting started. Right now
the conflict is in Greece and Spain. It will spread to Italy, Belgium,
UK, etc., and then finally to the US.

When it does, people will find out first hand that the police have absolutely no problems turning into violent thugs… and this police state grows stronger every day.

Truthfully, there is no way to fight a faceless enemy. The government
is essentially the same as your credit card company– no single
individual or front, just a collection of various departments and

What do you do when your credit card company raises your fees, takes
your money, provides you with poor service? Do you petition for change?
Do you try and convince fellow credit card holders to demand new
management? Do you stalk the customer service center in Sioux City,
Iowa? No, of course not. You simply get a new card.

This is ultimately the solution that I’m advocating, and I’m here to
tell you that there are a lot of great cards out there in the world.

If you recognize that the trend is bad, at least have a plan to
safeguard yourself, your family, your livelihood, and your assets…
something that extends beyond the unrealistic (voting the bums out) and
the mythical (doing battle in the streets).

It’s time to reject bombastic fantasies and check in to reality. Make
a grounded appraisal of the situation, and if you decide to stick
around, great. Just make sure you have strong safeguards in place, a
plan to execute if you ever deem it necessary, and most of all, a clear
idea of your breaking point.

After all, the boiling frog only survives when it senses danger and jumps out.

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Obadiah's picture

Time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.

Come and get it u evil effers, come and get it!


Upswaller's picture

Perhaps the hope for the patriots is that Oz will be small and powerless against a population enraged by a government-induced black swan.

Arrowflinger's picture

Not just hope, it is a probability.

These fuckers are at cross purposes with each other and the forces of division are intensifying.

They will cut and run, then the gutless politicians will be after their asses, too.

mkkby's picture

Fighting is counter productive.  It just allows TPTB to unleash the thug brigade in the name of law and order.  As ZHers are starting to realize, the system is extremely fragile.  Peak debt and fiat/ponzi everything financial just needs a little push and it will crash.  Therefore, we the people can destroy the sytem simply by opting out...

Not doing business with TBTF banks.  Not buying crap products on credit we don't need from international corporations. This is all it takes to STOP FEEDING THE BEAST and letting it implode.  All I'm saying is if we act smart and in our own best interests we starve what we hate.  Checkmate. People win.

You don't even need a political agenda.  Support small, local businesses BECAUSE YOU GET BETTER SERVICE.  If a lot of us did that, it would starve the beast of taxes, lobbying dollars and political power.

Dburn's picture

That's a nice thought, but it's also a fantasy. The one issue recently where Americans should have stood shoulder to shoulder regardless of ideology was the bank bail out that started in the Bush admin and then expanded by huge amounts in the Obama admin and is still doing so as they try to navigate the thorny legal trails of foreclosure in order to complete the circle of the massive rip-off.

Yet few people in America even understand it and most have no idea that it's still ongoing. Even as budgets are cut and debt ceilings are reached that would have seemed inconceivable in 2007 so that even people who felt economically safe are getting their worlds turned upside down. Think of how many people it would take to cause a social revolution. I don't know, 30M, 100m?. Loud and violent minorities have a pretty good record for upending countries. 

One guy had banners and radio station coverage and plenty of help to start a "jail the bankers rally" that attracted all of  40 people, most of them probably muttering "Now what's their problem? Jailing Jerry downtown?" even as their fees go up and property values go down. "something wrong here, but I can't quite make it out...

"Hey HEY ZH Davey when you guys talks about CDRs, don't you mean CDs? What's the 'R' for and can you tell me in less than 30 seconds before the soccer game ?" 

Naw, even soup lines won't start anything. As the article mentioned, who the hell are they supposed to fight?  Can a bunch of non-combat trained 2nd Amendment activists really shoot straight when F16s and Corba Helicopters are dropping JDAMs and firing Hellfire missles  at them?

"Goddamn, my house just went up like a Tinderfire...[shock] and OMG There's   my wife's head 500 feet up with no body..Thar there ya see she's bouncing of  your house. Where's the damn body?"

"Man these guys are serious, Lets get the fuck out of here". 



financeguru500's picture

I'm sorry but I'll have to disagree with you. The bailouts were a necessity to continue the past 30 years of "American" style living. Imagine if the stock market collapsed and the dollar followed suit immediately after. The ensuing turmoil would have obliterated the "American" way of life as we know it. Yes it would have fixed the problems but it would have left the U.S. as a third world country.

The government has been doing the only thing it knows how to do, continuity.

I would actually argue that Americans should have stood up and protested in the 80's when all of the companies outsourced to Asia. That would have allowed the U.S. to maintain the wealth it used to have with a strong manufacturing base and strong currency.

The outsource of labor resulted in huge profits for companies while the middle & low class U.S. workers received little raises in comparison. The end result is a country where 10% of the population owns over 80% of the wealth of the country while the other 90% of the country owns 20%. The wealth disparity in the country has finally gotten to a point where it can't continue to support itself and the only thing that can keep the country going is government bailouts until the music stops and the game is over. When the music stops, expect the 10% who have all the wealth to be living in another country where they are safe. For instance, Pres. Bush owns 90k acres in Argentina, one of the few countries that won't extradite criminals. (hmm thats interesting).

CompassionateFascist's picture

Why, just today I switched to ketchup that has no, I repeat, no hi-fructose corn syrup.

Michael's picture

What is scarier?

An armed to the teeth American populace with its 400 million personal firearms, or a fully armed Al Qaeda that MS 13 could beat in a street fight in about ten minutes?

snowball777's picture

I've always been fascinated by Baum's allegory and the poignant lesson that men with economic power cannot be stopped unless disparate groups recognize the need to work together against them. The backbiting, divisive bullshit that passes for politics today gives TPTB great solace that nothing will meaningfully challenge them any time soon. The full-metal details are just psyche compensation driven by how they feel about the things they've done...they know someone would want a bullet in their ass and it makes em a wee tad paranoid.


chumbawamba's picture

The "back-biting, divisive bullshit that passes for politics today" is orchestrated by TPTB.  Divide and conquer.  Oldest trick in the book.

I am Chumbawamba.

bankrupt JPM buy silver's picture

"semi-automatic 9mm sidearm" --brutal, the HK USP tac .45 should be the weapon of choice.

Sudden Debt's picture

You Americans are so wonderful :)

You all have a arsenal of weapons like your awaiting a alien invasion or something :)

Weapons never solved anything. It's all about getting organized in large groups. Create the right vision and communicate.

That's why in war controlling the communication is so important. If you fire a gun, it allows the enemy to use the heavy artillery, the stuff that turns your house into toothpicks with the press of a button.

What I would do when it would become hostile is get on a plane and get the heck out.


Diogenes's picture

You said it Sudden. In the whole history of the US when has the government ever backed off from guns? Never.

But what about political activism? Ten thousand men, or one thousand women properly organized can make them do whatever they want.

At least that used to be the case until the TPTB hijacked the voting machines and drove them to Cuba.

So the solution would be to restore the electoral process, wise up the population and elect a decent government.

OK so you're screwed.

wisefool's picture

Like many of the posts here that are echos/parrots of other posts from the same posters from on other boards, which are the same ideas parroted in pre-internet media going back in time for time immemorial ....

Ron Paul, in the 2012 election, giving his bi-annual faustian "anti"-plank to the MSM:

MSM: Dr. Paul, the republican leadership, and even the emerging tea party leaders like Palin and Bachman, seem to accomodate or ignore you, but give very little direct support. Others outright oppose you, or call you crazy. Why don't you run as a 3rd party?


Dr. Paul: Look, I have tried that many times, Every time I spend all my campaign funding just to get on the ballots, then there is nothing left to get my message out.


Local D/R party chairmain to "guests" watching on TeeVee: Put another shrimp on the barbie John, and call the dealership to let them know we are going to need a new fleet vehicle, for bubba's brother's ex-wifes' kid over there, to work the new position we are going to create, to have him train our constitutants on how to barbecue things like gulf shrimp.

So yeah, americans deserve the government they get. But the true manefestation of thier stupidity is not any particular candidate. It is blindly supporting and as you said activism in the two party system that coddles, creates and controls the only choices on the ballot.

The cycle gets broken when some body like Paul gets elected and the patronage chains get cut, even for just one 4 year cycle. And that will be the only accomplishment he will accomplish before he is assasinated or serves out his one and only term.

Cathartes Aura's picture

ALL elected presidents of the corporation of the UNITED STATES are ceremonial lightning rods designed to attract attention, whether negative or positive, and protect 'n' deflect inquiry into the truths of how the corporation works globally. 

Electing a different "face" to represent the corporation makes ZERO difference to the agenda and outcome.

end of.

Michael's picture

That problem is solved very easily, just abolish the Act of 1871.

Chicken_Little's picture

Third party candidates lost any chance of being elected when Ross Perot was in the debates in 1992. Ron Paul is doing what he can by working in the present 2 party system. If you don't, you're shut out by the MSM. He has little chance of being elected until the dollar collapses and TSHTF big time, but I'll keep sending him 2500 USD each cycle because it helps me sleep at night knowing I'm doing something positive.

UGrev's picture

Clearly you have no understanding of our revolution and why our 2nd amendment exists. Carry on sheep.. carry on. 

Sudden Debt's picture

I understand your revolution. We Europeans helped you win it or did you stop reading the history books and only watched the cartoons about it?

You 2nd amendment exists because 100 years ago it made logic.

Now, handing out guns to morons like you explains why so many idiots kids kill themselves playing with dady's gun.



Josey Montana's picture

Dear Sudden Debt,

Exactly how many of ourselves have killed ourselves with our daddy's gun?

Also, what do you know about "Dunkirk"?  Dying to learn about it.


Josey Montana

Hooter Shaker's picture

Maybe if Europeans had guns you wouldn't need Americans to use theirs to save you ungrateful bastards.

ultra86's picture

Sudden Debt your a flipping idiot in this regard. Why don't you find the people who were in the concentration camps and gulags of the 20th century and ask them if they wish they would have had some firearms..?? Oh that's right, you can't, they're all fucking dead. Get a clue or don't talk about things you don't understand.

pcrs's picture

Right, I don't know where you are from, but from the arrogant cliches, I jugde you are from europe as well. What a disconnect from reality. In europe 2 world wars were started, communism was invented there. A rough calculation tells me that the seeds of 200 million deaths that both facism/communism produced, were all sown in europe.

So to say that americans always want to solve everything with guns historically not correct. Recently however, their government throws bombs on everyone, but then again so soes mine.

Confuchius's picture

Any Belgian would agree with you.

Lucky for the Afghanis that they are devoid of Belgians "helping" them.

Chicken_Little's picture

What part of the 3 Belgium parts are you from that can't get together and form a government?

Hulk's picture

Violence, applied in the proper amounts and places, solves everything and is the ONLY thing THEY understand... Grow a pair...

MsCreant's picture


Can you figure out the THEY issue? I can't. The force does need to be applied correctly, intelligently. This is what I take to be the author's point, which "THEY?" 

In the past, the patriots have suffered greatly, had their families hunted down, lost all their fortunes, lived most of their lives on the run, and more. I am not a coward. I might flinch a little as an event is going down, but I do the right thing. If the choices are not clear, it is really hard to do the right thing. Doubt, not fear, is my mind killer.

Love to hear more of your thoughts on this.

macktheknife's picture

MsCreant, I sympathize with your practical/moral search for an identifiable enemy(and your desire to have people who would otherwise rush to violent means- have them try to think more clearly).   Here is the problem:   A person who is considering doing something violent to an enemy must first understand that, for the most part, the combatants you are going to try to kill are much the same as you - they have dreams and families, etc.  It is sad to think, for example,of the actual lives of the Japanese and German and Vietnamese and Iraqui soldiers Americans have killed- many or most of them, if we had met them under different circumstances, would have been invited into their houses, and enjoyed their children, and a meal.  It  makes no sense to look for a pure evil in the enemy- although military training tries to instill this type of belief.   The point is, though, circumstances in life, bring populations to War, and that has obviosly been going on for all of Mankind's history, and is very unlikely to change anytime in our lives.  Certain populations will be at war with eachother, and groups of people will be in combat and kill eachother.  On a practical level, you have to suspend the idea that you will always have a just cause, and be killing appropriately. 

What it comes down to, at a certain point, is that something is done to you or someone you love, and you are directly threatened.  Most of us live without a threat ever being close enough to feel - so we only talk about abstract threats.  This thread about fighting or running is only possible because the threat isn't imminent - but, as soon as it becomes a situation like you hear rumors that there are people that have come to the town near you, and started killing people - you will react in a very real manner - you will arm yourself, and you may find yourself shooting, at a distance, any men you see approaching your house.   That is what will happen when it becomes a local and imminent threat.  So how do you make decisions when it is not yet imminent?  At a certain point, you have to decide that there is a growing threat, and that people ARE being divided into different groups.  It becomes impractical- and dangerous- at that point, to not take a side- you are on one side or the other, and the consequences of that decision will play out.  It might come down to, as a simple example, that you need to try to kill anyone Asian, or with Gang tats - if that is how the population divides.  It will not matter at all, at that point, if you actually believe all asians are the enemy, or all people with gang tats are bad- the situation will simply demand that you act that way to remain alive- there is no other level to understand.  It is happening TO you.   This is, of course, going on right now in Egypt and Libya and Yemen, etc. 

So, back to us here in the US-  who are "They"?    Well, when it comes a time where things are more threatening, people will divide on some level - it may be as easy as SWAT teams and Xe troops- in clearly marked uniforms, or it may be less clear - like anyone who is employed by the government - this is how the Taliban works - this is how the VC worked.  In 1964, if you took over as a town government official in a small S Vietnemse hamlet, it was fairly common for the VC to come to town at night, and disembowel your pregnant wife in front of you, and hang your children from a post.   simply becasue you took an administartive position.  This, of course, happens weekly in afghanistan.  Who are the  "they"?     It is never going to be clear, and you will be forced to act in a manner that isn't on a level that you presently exist at - but millions of humans ARE living with.     It may happen that you simply have to say to yourself, this is the team I am on, and I need to go kill the guy who delivers the mail. 

The idea that you can decide to fight or leave is an interesting question, but most people end up being swept up in events as they happen - I think of that poor girl who was shot protesting in Iran - the one who ended up on youtube a year or two ago. 

Miss Mscreant,  you fear your doubt.  I think, in any real threatening event you WILL do the right thing.    Probably my favorite portrayal of the thinking that actually happens, as opposed to a college educated mire of uncertainty - is the scenes in the DeerHunter, where Robert Deniro - angered by the lack of discipline - holds his gun and says, "This is This, This is This - this isn't anything else".    For me, that is the closest i have ever seen to an explanation of how a War will effect your thinking.  I think, if I remember the movie, a scene or two later, he is up in the mountains- beautiful vistas- and he has a deer in his sights , and he is pained, and he doesnt shoot the deer, and it scampers off.  The end of that movie is everyone, after the funeral, slowly crying and singing God Bless America.   I loved that ending because it reveals, thru all the pain and death, there has tio to be a common bond between people, as life delivers it's worst pain and death.  You need to accept the fact that you may never know who "They" are, but start killing only becasue there isn't any other choice.  You are one, almost completely insignificant life - in a very very big moving culture, and your thoughts are meaningless as this evolving situation plays out.    Cut yourself some slack, use your street smarts, and , please, buy some guns and nightvision scopes, and get prepared.  The threat IS close enough, that you have a single duty to prepare and be ready.  Being caught unprepared is the only fear you should have.  An Army of One.

rambo1028's picture

You are right on target. Thank you for a post that really got me thinking. I have been paralyzed for the last few years because of fear of the unknown.... but the known is all I really need to be worried about. The known is very clear at this point....the battle lines are drawn and I can feel the mercury rising. Who ends up on what side is no matter.... the only thing that matters is level of preparedness because it is coming.

Ranger4564's picture

Attack the people the Police and Military in earnest  try to prevent you from reaching. Here's a clue.. CFR, Bilderburg, IMF, BIS, WTO, and keep going with the acronyms... look for people with realy expensive cars / yachts / jewelry / their own security / vaults / etc.  At the proper level, that's the THEY.  At a lesser level, that's the THEM TOO.  I will suggest that the global financiers / corporate interests (the THEY) will not allow any sort of derailment of their master plan without violence and needless death of a large portion of the civilian population.  Look around, they blow up 120 people to kill 12 supposed culprits... that's a 900% collateral rate.  You think they care?

chopper read's picture

T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) = the 'shareholders' in the private Federal Reserve Bank corporation = the head of the snake.  

dwdollar's picture

Jet to where exactly?  The fifth dimension?  Atlantis?  Mars?  This is a small world and it's getting smaller thanks to the vampire banking squid.  You can't run and you can't hide.  The question isn't whether fighting is unrealistic.  The question is whether it's the only option, because running isn't one.  Period. 

Ranger4564's picture

Agreed.  Exactly my own thoughts on the subject.  There is no safe place to run to.  There is no choice but to fight.  The question is really only HOW.  Violent, civil, peaceful, guerilla, militia, etc.

Abiotic Oil's picture

Anyone who clings to the historically untrue -- and thoroughly immoral -- doctrine that `violence never settles anything' I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and of the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee, and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and freedoms.

-Robert Heinlein

BigJim's picture

Hmmm. I'd have thought that of all people, Napoleon and Hitler would have been forced to come to the conclusion that violence wasn't the answer.

FeralSerf's picture

That's why the TSA was formed -- so you can't leave whenevery you want, especially with any of the PTB's stuff.  And don't try hiding any of their eagles (or diamonds or dope) by swallowing them or shoving them up your ass either.

if's picture

Ah, the solution of choice for petty dictators and warlords.  Maybe what the modern USA lacks is a population unafraid of adversity.  Fortis fortuna adiuvat.


MagicHandPuppet's picture

I hear that there were six million jews who felt the same as you.

BigJim's picture

No, because if they had, they would have flown out.

They decided to 'stay' instead.

robobbob's picture

you're right. violence is usually a poor choice for problem solving and should only be used as a last resort.

and we'll be busily taking notes on how it should be handled when we see your great surge of peaceful public indignation clear away the corrupt EU and the crony-bankers

until then, we'll stick to stockpiling our "just in case" supplies. Oh, you forget to mention whether in most of "free" europe, if that's even legal.

Xibalba's picture

Thank the Irish Blowtard, aka. crime syndicate chief Kelly.  He an Bloomy decided that a police state was in their best interest....

AnAnonymous's picture

Time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.



Honouring yourself? Black does not really envision the consequences of pouring down US citizens onto the world. It is going to be rough days for the locals. Oppression US style repeated all over the world.


Black is also duplicitous in the way he dismisses a real issue US citizens'POV.

Take two regions A and B. A transfers wealth from B, A pours wastes (toxic, nuclear etc) on B etc...

In this doing, A is growing better than B mechanically and B is growing worser than A mechanically.


People living on A rejoice at the thought their place is the best to live in the world and they rationalize the actions to B trough various means. A people work to keep that way.


As they do so, they trap themselves on A. Dissenters on A are "free to move to B" if they are unpleased with the ways A treats B.

As A keeps destroying B, A makes of A the only place of choice to live on.

That is the story of the US. It is self inflicted and changes the narrative.

Contrary to Black's assumptions, it is not about how to leave A but how to stay on A. A people have grown richer by turning B into a waste. It has been their way to success.

Now why would authority on A uses the situation to increase their power, their enjoyment? The authority knows perfectly well that A has destroyed its options of living elsewhere, that they have trapped themselves on A and will suffer many power abuses because they have worked to make of A the only place worth living on.


That is the situation of the US. The question "where to go" is very valid as the US has engaged in a destruction of the exterior of the US in order to up their wealth. Do people really want to go and live in places where the US is sending its toxic, radioactive waste? Of course not. Like asking if a executioner wants to sit on the torture chair.


The power grab, the so called police state is the natural consequence of the US citizens work. It is as US citizens have wanted it to be. And they are successful in that.

FeralSerf's picture

It appears that the toxic, radioactive waste is now being delivered to the homeland thanks to the prevailing westerlies.  (And Homeland Security doesn't even care!)  How does that figure into your equation?

One could wonder if there has been another "homeland" created surreptitiously considering how much real estate has been acquired by members and agents of TPTB in South American countries like Paraguay and Argentina, conveniently not on the leeward side of Fukushima.

Cathartes Aura's picture

It appears that the toxic, radioactive waste is now being delivered to the homeland thanks to the prevailing westerlies.  (And Homeland Security doesn't even care!)  How does that figure into your equation?

the fences bordering the "homeland" livestock pens will continue to be maintained so as to prevent losing valuable livestock, irrespective of the deteriorating living conditions. . . the livestock appear to be mostly oblivious to such things as food, water, and air quality, most of which are poisonous to them, systems that appear to be designed to push them towards that fabulous money earner, "health"care, which is a designed feature of their farm, extracting their "earnings" until the(ir) very end. . . managed "newsy" programs never mention the airborne particles they breath daily, so as not to "panic" the herd; this includes "weather" modification particles, and nanotechnology experiments, which are advancing daily, as favoured members of the herd are promoted through their advanced disregard for humans, being.

As to your mentioning of land acquisition in S. America, same as it ever was - look into the history of colonising there, and the resettling of war criminals from last century's numerous wars.  Eventually they will shit that nest to ruin as well. . .

FOREX loop.'s picture

This is why we all need guns, and a survivalist mindset. The guns are for the government, the mindset is for day to day life. We are seeing another generation of angsty youth (see the link below, young college cat screaming bloody murder over the SWAT home invasion a while back). Uh... the future isn't going to be fun.

Hacked Economy's picture

Good will we actually defend ourselves if the SHTF for real?  This is the burning question.

I personally believe that many low-end (city, municipal) police will stand down to protect their families and neighbors.  It's the upper levels (state troopers, military, FBI/CIA/BATF, etc.) we'll have to watch out for.  They're the ones with the action plans to squash resistance and protect their own interests over the public's.

Then again...remember the Los Angeles "Rodney King" riots almost twenty years ago?  When the cops discovered they were sorely outnumbered (and by mostly unarmed people), they retreated to safer areas.  There are a LOT more armed and liberty-loving Americans than thugs.

As we all know (or should know):

"...But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."


Funny how history plays out.

dollarmite's picture

You really think when the SHTF it's going to be low-end cops fighting for the big guy? Try Blackwater/XE/Carebears. When the SFTF, it will be drones from BAE, bullets from Israel and a shit load of hired goons from Blackwater.