Guest Post: America Needs Community, Not Collectivism

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very nice, its does not have to be this way, BUT yes you/we have to fight for our fredom everyday in this world or someone or some entity will consider its competive advantage and use your lazy ass attitude against you.  now that inherently implies the survival of the fittest argument but if you consider yourself your brothers keeper your gonna have to fight for those lazy ass SOBs freedoms too.

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Yeah I read communist bum between the lines as well.  If someone wants a walk in park then prove they deserve one.  Article is obilvious written by an asshole under 30 and in mom's basement.

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Not at you gorilla


To further be an asshole, why not collect a bunch of other assholes and redevelop Detriot.  You can literally buy it all for a thousand dollars.  If some dipshit like yourself could work all of ....ummmmm... a week along with your moron room mates and club members you could change an area of universe that HAS infrastructure with a very poor core to it.


Somehow, just by reading the article of nonsense, you couldn't organise a cat fight.  Meeting people is harder than getting toothpaste back in the tube for yourself.  You are not the call to arms.  You are a boob.  Snook.  Moron from the burbs.

Want to do something important?  It isn't spewing leftist horseshit.  It's doing something fuck nut.  So here's a plan.


Step one:  Get off your ass.

Step two:  Put down the bong.

Step three: ??????

Step four:  Everyone gets together and does something constructive.


You are offering your fathers solution, you are just trying to avoid that whole "work" thing.


If you aren't willing to work, guess what, your future is going to be very, very...starving.  I'm not feeding anyone for free.  Force me to feed you.  The salt goes on the feild the next day, enjoy a dirt sandwich.  Cities and suburbs don't grow food, white people don't harvest and cities don't plan.


That's life sparky.


Your rebutal?

CPL's picture

For that matter I'm surprised you didn't spew up participatory economics...just as pointless

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i didn't see any attack on the concept of private property in there.  i saw it more as an explanation of how free societies will better take care of their fellows than any so called "collective society".

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If wiping people's asses is your life's is a decision then you do it.  In Canada it's called Personal Support worker, PSW, it requires a degree to wipe an ass in Canada.  Seriously.  No nurse will ever touch it, at least my wife anymore.


If the collective requires one, then all you have in your hand is a squirt and jug...junior.  Not that the suburbs taught you much more than that.  Or you wished to.  Asshole.  Fuckin' retarded piece of is freedom related to this asswipe again?

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rofl!  Did you even read the piece?  (Yes, I junked every one of your irrelevant posts :))

CPL's picture

Yes I did, all I read was bum for hire.  Bum for hire.  The Bum for hire.  The bum for hire.


You ever work voluenteer work, doubt it.  In Canada a welfare piece of trash can work a voluenteer gig, claim thier check unless under a ruling (like state welfare horsehit under refugee claims...recent examples are the refugees that Canada accepted bu the US anf Austrailia rejected...twice..three times depending on the country).  Basically do nothing, and get a check.  I'm glad you like the idea of not working.  Put you right in the pocket of where you need to be.  Basically a bum.  Sorry to your parents, bu tif you wish to get job, work I have fields that need working.  $14 an hour, some costs are covered...well, doesn't matter your parent have you covered until they are dead as stumps and need to be removed like them.  Let me know when you need a job, April I'm looking for 26 people.


I'll see you on the other side of oil @ 140...oh yeah...bitch.  You will do a lot of things you never thought possible in your life.   Good things and nasty things. 


Luachey dneu, go for broke buther.

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YOu didn't exactly explain how you were going to start a workers paradise detriot.  If you do it there I might be willing to listen.  But since it hasn't been done versus know... a job given...I and others are waiting for the solution.  However we are over 30 and are worthless therefore we don't need to help out.


Why does this sound so yeah..its our kids.  Cannot wait for the power of the flat line of X, Y and Z generations.  We will all talk later about the uses of lime and bleach and then how fast everyone is willing to adopt it.  Assholes.

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I would like to personally thank you, as well as most everyone of your generation who sold my generation down the river so you could have cheap goods made in China. You speak of working yet those of my generation who go to college for science degree's striving to work have no where to work because someone in India is doing it for cheaper.

The chance we had as a country to stay powerful was back in the 70's and 80's when our big companies were moving overseas. I guess your generation was too busy smoking pot to do anything about it. You can get off your high horse and work at the local walmart for the rest of your life for all I care. I can't wait till when your old enough to claim that social security check that you find out there's nothing left for you.

Your Generation is whats wrong with our country.

aerojet's picture

God damn, I hate that kind of arrogance.  Let me explain something about Generation X to you.  Shit, I hate those labels!  Let me explain something about every generation that has had to deal with the fucking Boomers--they're all SOL because just about to a person, they (we) have never been afforded the chance to do much of anything.  Every damn job I have had so far in my life (I'm almost 40) has been the same damn job--the pay hasn't always been bad, but there's never been one single chance to move up to anything because I was constantly fighting the Boomer tide.  You know what would have been nice?  Just one time to have had someone older called a mentor bring me along and grease the skids just a little bit.  It never happened.  I did everything "right" but the game somehow changed. There's plenty of guys more screwed than I am, so I guess I shouldn't complain, but damn, what a waste it has all been to work hard in this country and get higher degrees and buy into the fascist machine.  I now wish I was just a farmer!

So go on and I about the flat line you smug bastard, but don't for a second overlook who caused it!



CPL's picture

Just to put you further over the edge, I've not paid for my eldest son's college not because he doesn't need it, but he doesn't deserve it with a 50-70% GPA and he's taking a fag-assed arts degree instead of a useful degree like engineering, medicine or science.  Could not stand paying for a pot degree.  My daughter coming up has seen her brother under the spotlight and reestimated her requirements of university and decided on baker.


There is a finite amount of money in the universe and it is not for a six year degree.  Guess what?  Your mum and dad are coming to yank their savings from your mouth soon child.  Once that is done, you will learn how to be an adult once the third burger is flipped.


At least my son did.  So will you.  WHy is it always the first and third child that think that the sun shines out of their ass.  Someday, someone will care, until then not a fuck will be given.

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Looks like somebody needs a hit from the bong

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oops sry cpl didnt see not at you gorilla

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You are a fine provider of cannon fodder , salute self made man!

CPL's picture

Thank you university.


You shall all be amazing....sorry ran out of steam.  Just like how the money runs out this year and you must all get a goddam job.

Mom is now dead, that's a pot, that's a pan.  Move your own ass to the stove.  Fucking boobs.


May they all die of cancer as they should and the sad fact is I'll live longer than you skinny/fat slobs.  For ten years I hire Mexican's.  They can actually work.  If you twinks wish to work I have spots open.  $14 an hour, you can live in one of my apartments I provide, Ontario, It's your to discover.  If you pick your own place then I give it to one of the lads that works for a living. for a living...???  Fuck me, can't even get a Canuck to work a days labour.

skippy's picture

May I have a barrow of your orb of enlightenment, the truth spills forth from your lips like fine young things having their head shoved over a crack in the ground.


Skippy....only question is how far the mental pedophiles limb reaches up your posterior to induce such clarity of others not   

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CPL, the article was against collectivism / socialism / communism. 

Michael's picture

I made a new Youtube in honor of the world wide revolution.

Homey D. Clown comes out of hiding to support the Revolution. He don't like that Police State Shit, nor da man, thus Revolution. Yours is a peaceful revolution to keep your freedoms and liberty. But when push comes to shove, sacrifices will be made, and they know it. They also know, they can't get all of us.

Homey D. Clown Don't Play Dat Police State Shit Thus Revolution

Hephasteus's picture

Yanked. They really hate you michael.

johnnynaps's picture

This Homey "the" D. Clown is debt free at 31 and working on a 2nd degree (which will not put me into indebtedness) and he doesn't like the police state either. If mom and dad were able to bang outside in the park.......then why can't we? Oh, you mean they took our tax dollars and put "security cameras" in the park?! Wait a minute, our county is broke and they put in more cameras? Who made that prudent financial decision? Oh yeah, a baby boomer.

Get off your high horse asshole. We don't want to conform to your social norm because it strips us  Generation X and Y'ers of liberty while paying us a disgraced wage. We have to hit that bong to remain sane while your "peers" make the most ridiculous fiscal decisions to futher rip our communities and liberties apart.

aerojet's picture

Every fucked up thing I have ever experienced in my entire life has had the signature of some Baby Boomer control freak all over it.  It gotten so that I am numb to all of it. I just want to run these people down with my car.  I recognize that not all of them are bad, but I simply can't keep being fucked by them any longer and not do something about it.  I kind of think that's why that asshole in Tucson went crazy and shot Giffords.  I don't get why he shot the little girl, but I guess when you finally go over the edge into madness, you tend to lose control completely.  I don't see how we don't have a mass shooting every day in this stupid country.


Want to fix things?  Suffocate a boomer that has control over something.

A Nanny Moose's picture

You seems to have fallen into the trappings of collectivism. Free your mind.

pan-the-ist's picture

I've said it before and I will say it again.  The fucking boomers managed, in one generation, to fuck up everything the greatest generation fought and died for.  Fuck them.

uraniuman's picture

aerojet - you appear to be peeing upwind. I didn't get a net worth of 8 figures by whining online about my elders. It usually takes 40 years of hard work and a little luck  - a Boomer Farmer

pan-the-ist's picture

You're enjoying those subsidies.  Do you even work your field or do you just collect the dough from the government?  Fucking socialist.

uraniuman's picture

Yes , I work a1000 acres all by myself, with the biggest fucking equipment I can buy. The subsidies? Don't need it - give it away to ungrateful pissannts - like you.

pan-the-ist's picture

I am sure that you'll rationalize those government handouts somehow, just like your queen Shelly Bachmann.

Sean7k's picture

As long as we target each other, rather than the people who are responsible- they win. It is important you understand this. The elites have always used the divide and conquer technique- to pit us against each other. Will you so easily fall for their trap?

The only hope we have is if we stand together...

GreenSideUp's picture

Homey, this boomer has been fighting for your, my and everyone else's liberty since before you were born.  And speaking of security cameras, at a local meeting a couple of years ago, your Gen X and Y peers couldn't pull themselves off the bong long enough to show up and speak out against them.  Either that, or they were too busy swooning over the Teleprompter in Chief.  

So get off your high horse already.  This tyranny didn't come upon us overnight.  Quit blaming some faceless collective and join the community of those who are at least attempting to dismantle the police state.   

johnnynaps's picture

Ok! Good one! The people don't make decisions, Congress does! Congress- 535 blood-sucking Boomers.

Realist's picture

Yeah, fuck all of this trying to get along with each other shit. What we need is more arbitrary name calling. That's how you prove you're a mature adult!

In all seriousness though, I actually think that what would get us out of this economic mess would be if people stopped trying so hard. If people sat around and smoked more bongs, they might actually think about what they were doing more instead of just watching the trends trying to choose which wave to ride. 

If people put more time into reading books and less into working boring meaningless jobs that don't actually seem to accomplish anything, it might actually be fun to socialize again, and folks might want to help each other along the way, rather than being paid to. If you don't want to smoke it CPL, that's fine, but at least let me grow it, because someone has to do something to soak up all of the CO2 you're spewing out.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

"If people sat around and smoked more bongs, they might actually think about what they were doing more instead of just watching the trends trying to choose which wave to ride."

Hm...I heard smoking bongs destroys brain tissue as per your comment indicates.

I suggest smoking loco weed this may be a more effective tool...


qrad's picture

You're wrong about Detroit. Property taxes are outrageous there. Even if you could "buy it all for a thousand dollars", your property tax bill would be approximately $1,000/house/year. That adds up fast.

buzzsaw99's picture

Except for one man, with an AK-47 and a Honda full of silver.

aerojet's picture

A two-pin "AK-like" semi-auto is not at AK47.

gwar5's picture

Thanks, very nicely said, Giordano!

The world works when everybody gets to follow their own dream -- and it's Darwin approved for diversity.

Collectivism kills because it depends on central planners trying to force everybody to follow their dream.

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Short the fuckin bounce.  STFB.

Devout Republican's picture

Stop the socialism. End the Unions! No more Entitlements! Let's take our country back!

Palin 2012!

born2bmild's picture

Dude, I asked you not to smoke ALL of the crack.

WaterWings's picture

Poor Repubs = meth

Poor Demos = crack

Quixotic_Not's picture

Take your RepubliCrap back to Freeperville, you're not gonna find support for (D) & (R) Kleptocrats here...

And take that attention whore Palin with you!

America Needs Community, Not Collectivism

'MeRiKans need to pull their Collective heads out of their lil' ungulate asses!

And becoming a Twit does NOT qualify as Community...

whatz that smell's picture

ungulate: a hoofed animal... ungulates include deer, sheep, elk, moose, caribou, ibex, goats, pronghorn and Asian and African antelope.

Sam Clemons's picture

Republicans have no real solutions.  Just another part of the same gravy train, for themselves.