Guest Post: Analysis of the Global Insurrection Against Neo-Liberal Economic Domination and the Coming American Rebellion

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Here you can buy American made work boots. A little higher priced than the typical Chinese made boots found in shoe stores but way higher quality and worth the extra cost. A typical pair of Chinese made boots costs $60-$100 and lasts me about one year. I bought a pair of Justin boots here over two years ago and they are still holding up quite well and I will get at least another year out of them. Cost - $164.95. I also used to buy Hanes socks which would wear out after six months of use. I started buying Thorlo socks which are American made. Cost about $12.00 for one pair of socks. I bought eight pair and they are still like new after two years of daily use. So in the end I save money by buying American. The higher initial cost is offset by the quality which requires that I replenish at a lesser rate than inferior imported goods.


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 More importantly you aren't supporting oppressive regimes that let corporations exploit the their workers and resources.

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Now don't be telling Chinese Wallmart that quality matters as much as price.

American goods = Oats

Chinese goods = Oats after processing thru the horse.

I've said this before, we have had rampant inflation for at least 10 years.

Every consumer good has been cheapened down so that it no longer lasts.

Take your socks.  If American socks last 3 years and Chinese socks last 6 months (my experience) then the Chinese price is 6 TIMES the American price.

And you get to go back to the store again and again, wasting time and resources.

So, who are the fools in this "outsourcing is keeping inflation down BULLSHIT" ?

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Absolutely correct Kayman, outsourcing was just the lastest way of covering over our rampant inflation.
In the 70s, it was the 2 earner household.  That ended probably in the early 90s recession.  

Wage arbitration by outsourcing  (and H1B insourcing) is the last ditch effort to keep the ponzi going.  

Now we are fast approaching raw money printing (as we speak roughly 10% of GDP).  Final phase will be supranational currency with oodles of debt to the IMF.


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Sunshine, there is some merit in your remarks, but consider the incentives. 

There is no reason for a young person to consider a career in anything other than government or health care.  Wages and benefits are not just higher, they are a multiple of anything else.  That way lies poverty,... and madness.

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Workers demonizing workers, calling teachers, policemen, firemen, etc. "parasites."  How easily you succumbed to the gameplan of the elites.

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You forgot scum sucking leaches.

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THE BIOLOGICAL JEW by Eustace Mullins

“Although I have passed beyond any possible deleterious effect which the Jewish parasite or the shabez goi could have upon me, I know the hopelessness of the life of my people. I was freed from this paralysis, which the Jew inflects upon the healthy members of a host nation, in two ways, first, through my life in art, and second, through my life in Christ.” ~Eustice Mullins

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Christians are so stupid.

Christ was a Jew. Christianity is the Jewish slave race.

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Where does this bullshit meme come from... teachers in private schools make much better pay that public school teachers.  Then of course it depends how much you value the people that teach and watch your kids for 6 hours a day.

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Teachers in private schools where I live make LESS than public schools because they don't have to put up with the bullshit.

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Vietnam War = JFK/LBJ's War.

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Don't forget the French and Eisenhower.

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gggod good job, this chart of fed ownership is what sparks epiphanies;

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ALL of these Arab revolutions might well be US Military Psy-ops:

Depending on your level of paranoia.

Time to add some more layers to my tin-foil beanie...


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sell your friends on bartering and start using silver as a means of exchange now, it will on ly increase the cirrculation in your communities...a long with truth

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Yeah, that'll work.  I keep chickens; can't wait offer eggs down at the local Safeway for a roll of paper towels and loaf of bread.

Holding  small denomination PM coins, but until/unless we see TOTAL monetary systemic breakdown, I'm not giving up any of that stash; I get paid in FRNs, and FRNs are what I will use to exchange for real, material goods.

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Great post: broadly ties together many sources, is hard hitting.  Thanks!!

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Fuck yeah! I would give up a life of happiness and prosperity to see the banks in their primary habitat under ten feet of water. We all know where that is. And, btw, they are hading out time like lunch to anyone who would oppose them.

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IMF is jews. Bank of International Settlements is jews. US FED is jews. Bank of England is jews. Hedge Funds are jews. Should this globalization crap collapse for real, an actual not concocted Holocaust will come to fruition. History has a funny way of punishing arrogant khazarian tribe time and time again.

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hey! you forgot one! Jesus is a jew! he's the biggie, don't you think? i guess not!

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who cares about jesus. the world is changing.

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Yeshua is an Essene, the most nobelist of Yehudah, not of Pharisees or Sadducees.

Jews didn't come into existence till the 8th century AD in Khazaria.

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I love this website

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You got that brother.

What comes around, goes around.

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can't blame the many for the crimes of the few, seek prosecution, not persecution.  The Victim religion of holocaustianity paradigm is promoted by identifying race 1st, name 2nd.  Always go with Name !st

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fucking worm. Someone's always threatening your birthright and you have divine blessing to win it back somehow. Same shit different century.

parasites using religion for this purpose are the worst of the worst. They are easy to fuck with though. When you run across this type of person in life, you'll see what I mean. A few words here and there is all it takes. LOL

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Have to take issue with the public union bit. These pampered gov't union chumps are not brave insurrectionists. They are generally paunchy, poorly-performing gov't functionaries, who are very cozy with politicians.

In WI, the brave insurrectionists are those folk who threw OUT on their kiesters the 'progressive' pols, 'friends' of bankrupting public unions. They are nothing more than banksters, writ small.

The brave in WI is the mom, working a couple of jobs with no health insurance, who has to continually feed the maw of these gov't enablers through taxation and whose child STILL gets a crappy education because these gov't workers, by and large, SUCK at their jobs. And there is no consequence.

To equate these greedy, rapacious gov't union folk in WI with brave souls across the world fighting for their very lives is asinine. They are part and parcel of the very damn system you rightly decry as wrecking the country. Sheesh!

BTW: disclosure: we are a lower-middle class working family, just about to be 'let go' from our main wage earner's job. We've paid our health insurance, we've funded our pensions, and we privately educate our kids due to these idiotic teachers screaming all the time about how bad they have it. We don't want our children 'educated' by the likes of them.


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The current average teacher pay for the WI elementary school I went to is $60,000 per teacher, plus a $25,000 to $35,000 fringe benefit plan.  And how many months of out the year do they work?

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That would be considered very high in Sweden (where I live). Here they make around $41,000 (or about $32,000 after taxes). According to The Economist, a Big Mac costs ~70% more here as well... so your teachers are living as kings. LOL

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Also what is the percentage of students in the 8th grade in WI that cannot read?  30%?  Yeah we need to spend more on these corrupt teachers unions.  They all get expensive diploma mill MA's and even more bogus PhDs.  Paid for by taxpayers.  What a sick joke.


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Check out: "Some Lessons from the Underground History of American Education" by John Taylor Gatto, found in "Everything You Know is Wrong",
ISBN 978-1-56731-637-7, pgs 274-287


Teaching reedin'&ritin' is of secondary importance.

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One + one Sty.

Everything they thought they knew about it's purpose, is in fact wrong.

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it ain't the teachers, BAD ASSET ! ......... the teachers are the least of your worries !   besides, how much would they have to pay YOU to walk into a classroom of 32 ill-behaved kids from the ghettos, half of them probably carry knives ! .........

maybe WALL ST. would like to reduce their management fees of those pension funds from 15% down to 8% ..... that sure would help those pension funds !   didn't Wall St. dump a bunch of worthless paper onto those pension funds ... ... ?

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ghettos?  I'm pretty sure the elementary school I attended was in one of the safest school districts in WI.  $60k a year, $30k in benenfits, home by 3:30pm and the summers off?  I'm starting to rethink my employment. 

The teachers in the "ghettos" of WI ... mainly just Milwaukee, get paid even more.

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I am sorry you have had a bad experience with public school teachers. Most teachers, in my experience are dedicated and hard working.

Unions are part of what gave us the middle class of the last century. Imagine the wages at large without the support of unions.  Job wage declines and lack of work can be traced to the gutting of the manufacturing in the US, which started with "free trade."  Don't let the banksters turn you against your fellow workers.

With respect, SS

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Private sector unions and public sector unions are two different beasts. Please stop trying to jam that square peg into that round hole... it doesn't fit.

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Exactly, Lizabth. That is where he completely lost it.

Government workers are the dogs of the oligarchy. Period. So sorry if that hurts anybody's feeling, or shatters anyone's self image, but it's true.

A nation where the public workers are better paid than the private is a slave nation. They are part of the coerced economy, not the free and voluntary, and the coerced economy is the sandbox of the plutocracy. The public workers want, need, and openly advocate for the Leviathan State.

They will protect and defend the system because they need the system... they cannot replace their income in our atrophied private sector, and that makes them desperate and owned. Government property. They are a cog in the command and control mechanism of our toxic elites.

It is impossible to control, assess, and contain the government when directly dependent upon the government. A government check is still among the most corrupting, yet enticing, methods of control yet invented.

Put simply, independence requires independence... no big surprise there.

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Governments recognize that they are leeching from the private sector.  Government needs slaves on its side. This is the reason why the public sector of our economy has been growing ever since the first day of our country's inception.  The public sector will continue to grow until this government implodes (like all governments in history).  The question is Will we replace it with another set of rulers or will we truly be free?"  Practical Anarchy.


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At the very least, we can actually see on TV who the government worker parasite leaches are, sucking the life blood out of the non-public union private sector workers.

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CORRECT !  YOU WIN !   your comment was the correct answer .    the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has to be cut well over 1/2 ......... remember JAMES TRAFICANT ?   look him up on YOUTUBE in his great interviews with ALEX JONES .... GET RID of the ENERGY DEPARTMENT !    30 years ago the ENERGY DEPARTMENT was supposed to get us off our oil dependence ..... that was a total failure / we're more dependent than ever .    GOVERNMENTS EXIST FOR THEMSELVES / GOVERNMENTS ARE DESIGNED TO DRAIN WEALTH FROM THEIR CITIZENS & TRANSFER THAT WEALTH TO THE GOVERNMENT & THEIR CRONIES .    There's no other way, we must go into revolution / it might even come down to outright not paying taxes & crash this system.     .... prediction for 2012 , many go underground & start working for "money under the table."  

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You, sir or madam, are so dead on I predict at least 26 junks in your future ;-)

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I wear the junks with pride. Sadly, many in here rail against the controlling, lying, Leviathan State and fake fiat currency, then adopt a worldview (the entitlement state) that makes both inevitable.

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I'm guessing that you'll probably want to see:


Our work or your guns:  Choose one, you can't have both.


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"I wear the junks with pride."

Badges of Honor my brother.

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Just remember that the public workers of today gained their pensions by negotiating no pay raises for years, while those in the private sector, working in finance, real estate, and insurance, were seeing increased wages.  Public workers are not greedy as a whole.  They want job security and a decent wage.  Is that wrong?

And don't forget that because private wages have gone down, does not justify tearing away the rights of those workers that still have them.