Guest Post: And This Year’s Nobel Prize In Doublethink Goes To…

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You Fat cunt whore shrek lookalike

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Don't sugarcoat it man, let it all out.

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First good laugh I have had all day...

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Holly Shit. She is a professor of one of the top-rated Universities. So much for the US educational system.

Fuck. The USA is doomed. We became a nation of perverted imbeciles.

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Let's hope all her students stay in CA - or go back to China - after graduation.

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Lets hope her student can post from (Tiananmen Square)?

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The USA is anything but doomed you RED piece of Shit!

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 Scholes and Merton were at LTCM....  Scholes  takes it one more step into lunecy by not bounding his derivative pricing.  The list of Noble prize lunatics include Leon Cooper for using neural networks to take the risk out of FICO scores which cost the country a trillion in S&L.    Then the peace maker and Internet inventor.   I would say  in the economist pseudo science language  on the one hand these keynesians  are lunatics and in the other just jerk offs..  Oh yea I have a problem now that there is no inflation the down sized barf bag overflow stimulates more down sized paper towels clean ups..HOW CAN THE EMPLOYMENTS NUMBERS BE DEFENDED?  There were 926,000 people taken out of the denominator by the participation rate.....    Election rhetoric. by FED and manulipation by BLS....   








ATrillionSavedIsATrillionEarned's picture

reminded me of:
'the Bourbon line of French kings (who also ruled in Naples and Spain), of whom it was proverbially said,
"they learn nothing and forget nothing" '

Maybe we should always greet these people with an enthusiastic "Welcome to the unaccountable class!"

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One mans shrek lookalike is another mans shiksa.

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I believe in order to be credible here you mean't to say "another man's shikabob"

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I'll barbeque Kabobs any day for you.

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I concur with Ms Romer's analysis...only she does not go far enough...we need trillions more in stimulus...more QE's...more DEBT ...more printing presses ..arghhhhhhh....I deserve another NOBEL!!!  I love you JOHN MAYNARD!!!!!

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Maybe they can print $$ for us peasants so we can pay our property taxes! Win for us, win for the government.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

No that is not a win for government.  The plan is to fill in this gigantic hole with the peasants wealth.  Current wealth and future wealth .

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I have been begging my whole tenure on ZH for WB7 to do a visual parody of the American Sitcom "Threes' Company" (originally from England's banking system "man/kenseyian of the house") With Sheila Bair as Janet. And a Christina Romer as Chrissy snow. Of course, our intrepid Bernank is Jack Tripper, with TurboTax Timmy in the role of Don Knots.

why this is relevant for people so old to remember the series is that when Ms. Thigh master did not get her way in contract negotiations, they wrote her part just like romer's in this instance. Out of the house (former czar status) but still calling shots from a pay phone (academia).


EDIT: I have also found that google wants me to understand a series called "two and a half men." Thank you google.

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I kept waiting for the host to turn to the camera, grinning, and then say "April Fool's!"

But it never happened  . . . 

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Loose the hood and catch a Sythe!

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I was expecting her to end the interview with "'s all folks!"

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Good one.  Don't forget the music that goes with it.

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Aunt B is the dumbest piece of shit in Washington D.C........outdone only by Barry the Africom.

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Fuck Shrek man, that's Chris Farley, back from the dead... either that, or it's a really bad ugly man in drag.

It's a tarp!

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I can't wait to put her in a van DOWN BY THE RIVER!!

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FWIW I give you a plus 100! That offsets the junks!

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Ignorance is strength

Debt is wealth

War is peace

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Michelle Obama has a black Bush.

Andy_Jackson_Jihad's picture

hay hay hay...

The claims of fashion sense are equally flaberghasting.

Bunching up loose pants below the knee?

God I hate seeing those skeazy knickers put on a pedestal.


esch's picture

Got em in droves here in New Somalia.

Just ONCE I'd love to give one of these punks an 'atomic wedgie'.

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"The air is the air.  What can be done?"

50 Obama play dollars to anyone who can ID that quote.


Rodent Freikorps's picture

McCOY: (to Kirk) "In this climate? If the heat doesn't get you, the thin
air will."

KIRK: "What do you mean, 'If both survive'?"
T'PAU: "This combat is to the death."

T'PAU: "The air is the air. What can be done?"

Amok Time

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A bewildered Aaron Task, now looking around for Ashton Kutcher to appear out of nowhere...


I was thinking more along the lines of Rod Serling standing in the corner with that grin and cigarette narrating an intro..





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obamites will love this

better than obiden

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What a complete nit wit

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Puts to rest some of the conspiracy theories.

These retards really do believe their own bullshit !

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A+...but you got to wonder who is really behind the curtain..actually not much to wonder about....who has done well????

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its frigtening, they really do beleive this shit and whats worse is that it is exactly the sort of thing they are all teaching kids in university. Her husband David Romer is another keynesian extremist teacher at US unis as is his brother Greg Mankiw. Greg spoke of the gains from free trade, noting that outsourcing of jobs by U.S. companies is "probably a plus for the economy in the long run."

I dont know whether it puts to rest the conspiracy theories though spitzer. These people are either unbeleivably retarded individuals or a group of incredibly good manipulators.

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Wow this fat chick teaches economics at Cal Berkeley and advised the president????  That is beyond scary...almost as crazy as the crap I spout

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It's crazy that someone would hire a person to tell them what they want to hear?  What planet do you live on?

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It's more fun playing with models that do what you tell them to do.

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That's why all of mine are from Sweden and Japan.

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I agree. There is a slight catch to that. They are all radioactive. Back to basics I guess! Rosie!

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My ten year old nephew has a better handle on economics than this stupid bitch. Take another quaalude "professor".


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Great Scott! Chris Farley has been reincarnated . . . with a vagina.

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Lol.  Proof of inflation. She is enormously inflated.