Guest Post: The Andean Nightfly Pamphlet - A West Side Story Of Post-Baby-Boom Doom, Oil And Power Being Shifted (On A Platter) To The BRIC

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I was going to say something but I forgot what it was.

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"It's true. Caucasians, instead of making kids, are watching DVDs after work and/or are too busy being homos. Whereas African, Maghrebi and Turkish descendants, who still perpetuate centuries of family values, are popping 3 kids per household. European demographics are changing forever. It is as blunt a reality as math’s can bring. Half of the French population will be Muslim in 2050. It is a fact, not a racist prophecy, and who cares, since I'll be bathing in formol by that time."

Nations, cultures, and individual families that lose faith in their religion stop breeding and die out.  They assume your "who cares, since I'll be bathing in formol by that time" attitude. 


"It is intriguing that intellectual gurus disappeared with religion, as so many wrote against it... Once upon a time.. Folks were happy to be guided by John Locke, Rousseau, Emile Zola or Pasolini." 

Those folks were still naively living off the principal of Christianity.  That has all been spent, nothing to live for but to eat, drink, and fuck. 


"The worse has come from engineers. They killed God. Science boost has made religion look like a clan of retards. Heed my 12-gram cell phone shoot a video of naked babes bathing in the Jacuzzi of my jet, and send it real time to the 20-gram iPhone of my buddy who is watching TV on his yacht, and tell me if God can do better. The jerk!"

Eugene (Fr. Seraphim) Rose, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, p. 102:

At the same time, the poor and "underprivileged" of the world have awakened to conscious life, and seek abundance and privilege; those who already possess them waste their lives in the pursuit of vain things, or become disillusioned and die of boredom and despair, or commit senseless crimes. The whole world, it almost seems, is divided into those who lead meaningless, futile lives without being aware of it, and those who, being aware of it, are driven to madness and suicide.


Eugene (Fr. Seraphim) Rose, Nihilism: The Root of the Revolution of the Modern Age, pp. 106-107:

Men who believe and follow, for example, the traditional Hindu or Chinese view of things, possess a measure of truth and of the peace that comes from truth--but not absolute truth, and not the "peace that passess all understanding" that proceeds only from absolute truth; and those who fall away from this relative truth and peace have lost something real, but they have not lost everything, as has the apostate Christian. Never has such disorder reigned in the heart of man and in the world today; but this is precisely because man has fallen away from a truth and a coherence that have been revealed in their fullness only in Christ.


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Ahh- Buddhism.

Imagine that you are born into a culture which understands individuals have no freewill.  That 'you' are a cog in the wheel, and to be happy you need to be the best cog you can be.  When I imagine Japan before its westernization, I think of the warrior class who spent all day learning to kill, perfecting it.  I think of the engineers who built buildings to last thousands of years...

Then think of the confused modern westerner who discounts his worldly existence because he assumes an afterlife.  One day he wakes up and realizes that it is stupid to believe in invisible beings, but he lives in a culture which has no support for that kind of thinking, but does cater to those who live for the day...

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When the US was run by the deists (Masons) --that may have been our heyday for the same reason.  You had a culture in a subclass of influential people where perfection was a goal and it was not just okay to be a 'tool' but the goal was to be the best tool.

If that principal exists today, I haven't seen it.  It seems that the sociopath corporatists have stolen the identity of our country and dictate its culture.

Until a 'culture' arrives that appeals to intelligent people (sorry, Christianity will only make a come-back among the hillbillies) and gets them working toward the same ends, we're doomed.

Help me out of you see things differently.

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Amusing and well-written.  I'd of laughed more if the truth wasn't so sad.

What happened to my country?  It's tough watching it do the slow death-spiral like a greasy turd down the toilet.

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What happened is:

Greenspan, Bernanke, Friedman, Geithner, Orszag, Fuld, Thain, Fink, Shapiro, Yellin, Paulson, Dimon, Prince, Madoff, Cassano, Clinton, Bush, Gramme, Leach, Bliley, Greenberg, Blankfein, Mack--------etc.

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I want to be a Footballer and a Model ... before the Russians take over

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Yah, it's called the Decline of Western Civilization. Gonzo dude isn't exactly the first person to bemoan it. Meh.

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Great Britain, once the epitome of western civicism, is now leading the West in a convulsed spiral of depravation.


I think he meant to say "depravity".  There's no such thing as depravation.  Maybe deprivation?  No, doesn't quite fit the context.

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 - thank you, spell checking, go away.

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First learn the English language, then indulge in pedantry.

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what a bunch of bull#$%@... verbal diarrhea

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Well Wanker, show us your willy?

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Where you been in livin'?...Reseda?

No, San Jose.

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Ah yes, the obligatory FZ reference. ;->

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Umm, umm...

That was the most unique of all original posts I have read on ZH.  Half brilliant, half incomprehensible, half gobbledeygook, half wisdom, half....

And it was the mention of the Andes that suckered me into reading this.

Gonzo does have a good read on China & Russia IMO, they are NOT our friends. 

But, Gonzo sees an important and positive reality: Peru!  As long as Peru does not slide into leftist crapola like Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela, ya pues.  He is right about the food, perhaps the best variety and quality in S. America.

Brazil is kickin' butt in S. America.  Everywhere in Peru I see VW (Brazil) trucks and Brahma beer billboards.

Gonzo, give us more...

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Brazilian sambaconomics, love it, dance the economy away. 

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Brazil is kickin' butt in S. America.  Everywhere in Peru I see VW (Brazil) trucks and Brahma beer billboards.


I believe Brahma is owned by Coco-Cola but I could be wrong. They do own one of the majors here.

It was a good move for them, they are in the delivery business after all. 

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I do not know for sure about Brahma being owned by KO.  I thought that Brazil's and Belgium's big beer companies merged not long ago, and then took over BUD.

Coke does own Cristal, the best selling beer in Peru.

Cristal, by the way, is a much better beer than Brahma.  Match them up yourself, and I dare you to say I am wrong!

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Can't wait to read about Aussies, Japs, Canooks, S.Africa and middle east!


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hilarios and somber. Well done.

Take it to broadway.

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Well done Gonzo !!!

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A few of my own mumbled thoughts follow.

When I read this into my tape recorder, then played it backwards, it said "Paul is dead".

I don't know Peruvian cuisine, being partial to Thai/Italian/Indian, but I'll have to check it out.  Can I match it with a Chilean Malbec?

China makes me sad for our species.  I cannot think of a single redeeming quality for an entire people, other than perhaps a willingness to work hard.  If numbers do equal natural selection, I'm almost willing to toss Darwin and jump on the Kansas State Schoolboard bandwagon of wishful thinking in creationism.  Culture?  China went out of its way to destroy it, and they champion its destructor.  What they now produce makes Lady Gaga seem Shakespearean.  All that is left in the post-Communist society is an unquenchable thirst for money that makes a Wall Street robber baron seem diffident in comparison, and a total lack of concern for the well being of anyone not in one's immediate family.  Having seen firsthand the environmental effects of China's rush for money (in China and in countries where Chinese natural resource firms operate), global warming does not scare me because even if true we'll all be dead of something else long before our icecubes melt.  Leukemia anyone?

Russia?  Kissing babies tummies and tossing flags at Santa's house from submarines suggests to me that somebody took one too many blows to the head in his quest for a Black Belt.

In both cases (China/Russia) one can see the after effects of the combination of deprivation and humiliation on a people.  Some physical and emotional trials do not build character.  What will be born from our own current trial?


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Great piece Gonzo - your writing style is impressive.

Its funny but I was not laughing much.

I remember a few years ago I was giving a 20 minute speech in a college.

For some reason it drifted off subject and I began talking about the decline of the west - people still had a false sense of wealth and a strange perverted happiness then , they looked at me as if I steeped off a flying saucer.

This audience was apparently well educated but were oblivious to the coming storm - something went very wrong in the sixties , I guess western culture died then.

Peace man.


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I love Gonzo!!!  I want more and often...:-)

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The real Gonzo is dead.

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"pubic assertiveness"??

I'm afraid you pretty much lost me there.  I know it's supposed to evoke Thompson, but there's a line between evocative and opaque.

For the record, the term "cunt" seemed out of place as a slur against a member of the male genus.  Forced, and not particularly effective.

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Did Peruvian potholes short circuit a few synapses?

Nothing a good book editor couldn't fix...

I liked it well enough to finish reading it.

Looking forward to the world tour.  


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Peruvian food is outstanding. As was Gonzo's polemic.

I want more.