Guest Post: The Banality Of (Financial) Evil

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As soon as I see "American Empire" I turn off. 

That is a complete misrepresentation of what America is.

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Your ignorance is abhorrent to thinking people everywhere.

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America is the most powerful empire in history.  

You should stop turning off.

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Feeling trapped? 

Remember it was the representative of the emperor who asked the famous question "What is truth".  It was his prisoner who said "the Truth shall set you free"

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

As soon as I see "American Empire" I turn off. 

A closed mind is a wonderful thing to waste.

RECISION's picture

And, makes wonderful cannon-fodder.


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US arrogance notwithstanding your comments are usually worth the time taken to read them. 

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Living conditions here are better than they have ever been and this country has been a place people want to get into instead of get out of.  The iron age Europeans overwhelmed the late stone age indigineous population but as a nation relating to other nations, there was no attempt at empire. 

IMO, the dollar HAS been the worlds currency because, in the past, we paid our bills.  We will see how long that lasts.  If we stop paying our bills our "empire" will go away.  

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Pure Evil Empire, bitchez.

Its time for people to start talking, show where the corpses are buried, who did the shootin, where all the loot is buried....because next up its 3 piece suits dangling on piano wire from lamp posts you can bet your ASS on that!

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AW some delusion-bot didnt like that post and junked it? Gee thats a shame.

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Some bitchez just can't handle the truth.  With my last breath, I spit at thee...

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Must have been the piano wire imagery?

I still think the guillotine has the best "deterrent factor" impact.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

What I've never understood is why they place the soon to be headless face down.

Since you've already decided to go with blood thirsty crowds, why not allow the condemned (and the grateful crowd) the final thrill of seeing several hundreds pounds of sharpened steel dispatching you to hell?

Curious how we play with our revenge.

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It was customary that as soon as the head dropped in the basket, the executioner will lift it and the executed will see its own headless body, since you can still have the sense of sight for a few minutes after decapitation.

Forgive the ugly details but those who are next in line for decapitation may be reading this.

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You know what we should do, is round them up, lock them in the Louisiana super-dome with no cocaine, blare KeSHa and Justin Bieber music and play a contiunous slide-show of portraits of Keynes on the jumbotron. You know, the whole 'there are things worse than death' idea...

RECISION's picture

How about - round them up, put them in dog cages and regularly waterboard them.

Find out all their juicy little secrets...

...mmmm...  bring Guantanamo to Wall Street and Washington

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the wages of sin is death

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I hear that, time for the purveyors of propaganda, the piss bucket carriers, to come forth against their masters and tell their stories and beg forgiveness, or else theyll be dangling from piano wire like all the rest of the 3 piece suits. People in america just cant believe this can happen...'never happen here' I hear all the time...they will be shocked at what they see very soon.

Desenstematic's picture

Will they though? Or is that what we keep telling ourselves to deal with the now.  Sometimes I feel like we are a bunch of kids complaining about the bully that doesn't follow the rules.  The bully usually wins...

SheepDog-One's picture

They will or they wont, their choice. BUT, only takes a couple of them coming forward to set off the chain reaction. Also, in my experience, the bully wins for a while until someone gives him a punch in the mouth and the big tough bully runs home crying.

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Look at what happened to the Ceau?escus. The bullies don't always triumph forever. Romania looked pretty dire, pretty locked down, but the regime faultered, the people rose up and the Ceau?escus went down. I'm not saying the same will happen to Lloyd, Ben Shalom, and their friends, but I will say the future is not written. It won't be a pretty picture when the great American homeowner wakes up to learn he's been made a fool. Americans are passive ignoramuses, but not infinately so.

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the wages of sin are death...illiterate

SheepDog-One's picture

Man thats quite a low blow callin the guy ILLITERATE over an 'is' dontcha think? ;P

snowball777's picture

it's more about poking fun at what he's quoting and its lack of proper grammar.

shargash's picture

He's quoting the King James translation of the Bible. Whether that's relevant or not is another question entirely. All evidence from the financial industry is that the wages of sin are hundreds of millions of dollars. Not bad work if you can get it.

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Amen. However, do not be mislead- Goldman Sachs is doing "God's work"

Commander Cody's picture

And henceforth, you can call me Dr. Evil.

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I'm afraid the wages of your snide comment is ridicule, because your purported "correction" actually reveals YOUR ignorance of the English language. The word "wages" exists in its own right, and is not meant (in this context) as the plural of "wage". It means "retribution."

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Romans 6:23 (KJV)

 23For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

"The wages", IMO, refers to the sum of all forms of compensation for sin as a singular entity.

Illiterate means you cannot read or write.  Even if he would have had a lapse in grammar, that is not even close to disclosing him illiterate.



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What happened in Europe in WWII (fingering the jews) was not a Nazi issue, it was an everyday, everyone did it, issue.  It is absolutely amazing what terrible things people can do, given the right environment.

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For far too long the American citizenry has put the faith of their well being in the hands of the "leaders".  If you pawn off the duty of your well being and survival onto others then they can take advantage of it.  What else did we expect.  The only thing an individual can do now is to prepare.  It's (collapse) coming and nobody can do anything about it (even the "elected leaders").

SheepDog-One's picture

Yea TRUE! When you hand over your liberties to someone else, in particular a Gooberment, dont be surprised when you look around and realize youre a damn slave!

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Fractional reserve debt-money banking requires inflation to continue it's perpetuation for as long as possible. This requires citizens to 'invest' their money in order to attempt to beat inflation over time. Of course, they have to invest with the 'money-changers', who charge for the privilege of investing money with them. So, the bankers built a system which requires inflation, which requires citizens to put their money at risk with the bankers. Brilliant...for the bankers. 

Hard money and/or stable currencies can have stable or even declining prices over time. This is the natural order of things, as productivity reduces costs over time. Then, citizens can 'save' their money at low risk, since they can store their savings/purchasing power over time. 

A currency that would allow for the stability of value over time would make wide swaths of the 'money-changing' business obsolete virtually immediately. One can instigate and hope for such an outcome...

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A small yet important point, Google is now doing evil on many levels. Am just saying...

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

Max Hunter's picture

That's the quote that came to my mind as well.

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If a company has a motto of "Don't Be Evil," you can bet it is.  Google is the new Halliburton.  No need for the author to undermine the rest of the article by starting with weak assertions.

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I was down on the floor of the NYSE several weeks ago and looked around carefully with just this sort of issue on my mind. After carefully looking at the traders at their terminals and speaking with several veterans of the floor, I came to the followings conclustions: 1) none of them appeared to be "evil,"; 2) some of them looked trapped; and 3) they seemed to be very bright but in narrow ways so that I truly believe that they don't understand what mischief they bring.

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The "successful" class has an uncanny genius for being only as unaware and stupid as they need to be.

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I'm sorry, did you say something? I was thinking about soup.

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They set the game up that way.

None of the black boxes humming along on the floor were available for interview..................

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NYSE = Pavlov's Casino.

"Ring the bell and they will come."

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Nasa wants to have a one way mission to Mars


Larry Page of Google will invest around 1 Billion into the project....

snowball777's picture

I nominate Jabba Summers, Lord Blankstare, and Jamie 'Dime Bag' Dimon for the trip.