Guest Post: The Bankruptcy Of Corporate America

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The People, by its ignorance and passivity, wills it.

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Down with the Bank Cartels, here is my weekly news cast against the cartels, tell me what you think, inspired by the likes of Zero Hedge.

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Americans are a bunch of stupid animals easy to manipulate and subdue. These mules clearly fit in one of Leo Strauss' (*) categories of society: the Vulgar Many.

"The vulgar many, are lovers of wealth and pleasure. They are selfish, slothful, and indolent. They can be inspired to rise above their brutish existence only by fear of impending death or catastrophe."

The sooner the US economy collapses the better, thus these subhumans will finally learn not living beyond their means.

(*) German Philosopher / 1899 -1973

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No, the greedy capitalists and their right wing republican cronnies will do anything including sell off America's interests just to make a few more pennies at everyone's expense.  

Please note - the poor and middle class are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer with an ever increasing disparity. 

We the people are just the patriotic masses to be exploited and sent to wars as cannon fodder



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Funny that you think there's a difference in someone's actions or motivations because there's either an (R) or (D) after their name on the telescreen. Sad, but funny.

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Right. I like how republicans are singled out. Democrat shrill?

I may not like republicans, but I sure as hell don't like democrats.

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I don't think pubs have been singled out here.  Facts are funny things.  Open your eyes.  Anytime you hear the word 'bipartisan' watch your wallet.

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Any time someone tries to see the world as a Blue-Red fight, walk away and stop wasting your time.

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And I was still trying to figure out what a 'cronnie' is... Found it:


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bush and obama back to back is the clearest demonstration of this the mind could imagine.  indeed it was beyond the imagination of many, mine included.

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I love it when people bring up the Republican vs. Democrat thing. It's funny to see and even funnier when greed is only portrayed for Republicans. It's like, since Obama says he's a Democrat then he isn't involved. Just that simple relationship makes everything he does ok in ingnorant peoples eyes.

Turn off the TV dude! it doesn't matter if they're R or D, THEY ALL DO IT!!!

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greedy capitalists and their right wing republican cronnies

Question for you: what group was the largest contributor to Obama's campaign in 2008? Answer: Corporate America

So either (A) Obama is a right wing republican or (B) you are a mindless tool who can't see beyond the red-blue paradigm fed to you by the MSM.

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a and b are far from mutually exclusive.

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the cake is a lie.


(everyone knows that)

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No, the greedy [unionists] and their [left] wing [democratic] cronnies will do anything including sell off America's interests just to make a few more pennies at everyone's expense. 


See, that works BOTH ways.

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"Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur."

Latin proverb from William Bonner & Addison Wiggins, Financial Reckoning

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The headline should be "The Bankruptcy of Planet Earth"

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Communist garbage.  Sure, the US might be bankrupt.  However, it's bankrupt for purely idiotic reasons.  It has nothing to do with your philosophical bent.

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Math, that conditions financial transactions and book keeping is a communist and idiotic philosophical bent. If I follow your reasoning...'s picture

sure. must be "communist" because is talks about political corruption and corporate graft. can't wait until I can use idiots like you for a fertilizer.

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Wake up and smell the corporatist dogma:

evils of collectivism

evils of regulation

evils of taxation

evils of human empathy

basically, anything that reduces profit



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evils of competition...

See my below textbook example: Timken.

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Well let's see, my choice is between Corporate Masters or Party Apparatchiks.

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If corporations ever obtain the right to kill people, there won't be any distinction.

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I believe Xe, Halliburton et al already have that right.

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by TheWord    Communist garbage ?

I think you should loosen that sphincter  muscle wrapped around your neck.  Your brain needs some oxygen.

"Corporate America is not about free enterprise and competition; it's about eliminating competition and forming highly profitable cartels and quasi-monopolies protected by regulations and barriers erected and vigorously maintained by the Central State." 

No truer words were written.

Corporate America mirrors the Regional Party Bosses controlling the Politburo.


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40+ years of Liberal globalization is  communism by other means. Now people throughout the world act as if the CCP is the way to the future.

The battle for freedom is going to be a bloody one.

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Lucky for us, retards like you will be in the dustbin of history.  Adios fascist fuck.

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The People, by its ignorance and passivity, wills it.

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+1. Nothing more than this ever need be said. In the end, the people get what they allow which is what they deserve.

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i have been struggling with this question for a few years now. 

do i continue to warn the ignorant who think i am a nut? these are people who work in finance and law, people who should know better.

at this point, i'm inclined to say that i did what i could for them.  they will get what is coming.

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+ 100

Who is junking this? It is 100% true!

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No shit. We need an unjunk button.

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The poor are really going to get the shaft when "corporate profits" go down the toilet...SNAP.

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We was robbed.

I'll be damned if my life is going to be offered up as collateral to the Kleptocracy.  The Chinese are right, the US is already defaulting in slow motion by printing worthless FRNs. The casual observers even know it now. 

We are already in WWIII and it's an economic and cyber war. As usual, the financiers and bankers are front and center instigating it. 

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But well behind the lines with the rest of the pogues!

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We will only have WWIII if we don't have the balls to have Revolution II.    Milestones

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Add government to corporations.

In this job market, you either put in the overtime for free and ignore the malfeasant behavior or you are gone.

They can always hire a peach faced high school/college grad with no kids or health problems who will act like a puppy dog for 10% above minimum wage or 40% below what they were paying you.

Meanwhile, back in the MSM politico-kleptoligarchy machine, missives from the ministry of disinformation will pit the Union bashing entrepreneureal conservatives against the Corporate bashing workaday timecard liberals spittling and cavorting about this candidate or that legislative scrip that will bring back the lollipops and buttered corn on Sunday.

Tear it down, tear it all down.


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hit the nail on the head EB!   you hit the nail on the Head!


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first the peeps go broke, then the corps, then the peeps again.

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Chuck, you are a waste of space and virtual ink