Guest Post: The Bennie Who Stole Christmas

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"Here come The Bernank, Here comes The Bernank

Right down Maiden Lane (XXVI?)."


WilliamBanzai could do something with this...a whole lot of fertile ground.

If The Bernanke is actually the grinch, then who will Geithner, Obama, Paulson, Blankfein, Jamie Dimon, Blythe, Pelosi and Boehner play?

What about The William Dudley and The Brian Sacks?

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I think to include everyone on your list, a more apt analogy would have to depart from dr seuss and head straight for dante'd be at the 8th circle at least before you could smell the stench wafting from these bastards.

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The Holly shit. Just look at the following yearly price data:

  • Unleaded gas up 24%
  • Heating Oil up 28%
  • Corn up 50%
  • Wheat up 48%
  • Coffee up 56%
  • Sugar up 27%
  • Soybeans up 30%
  • Beef up 26%
  • Pork up 22%

If this food & energy inflation rates will stay for 3-5 more years, millions and millions Americans will starve. It will not be only seniors. The food-stamps will not provide even a survival minimum. Just think about the consequences to follow!

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Hey now, there's a formula for that price data that will reduce it to an outlier, not statistically relevant, and not reported in the media.  I think Ben has it in his left shoe.

If you are breathing there is no such thing as air pollution, because you aren't dead yet.

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Welcome to hyper-inflation 0.90.

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....... "According to Geithner's written testimony, the restructuring of AIG's repayment plan agreement "will accelerate the government’s exit on terms that are likely to lead to an overall profit on the government’s support for AIG, including the value of Treasury’s interests in AIG held outside of TARP.”

Last week, publicized its plan to repay the Federal Reserve and establish a recapitalization game plan that will cut its tether to government assistance for good.".........


AIG up 3% today.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I like to think of AIG as Goldman Sachs' and JP Morgans' own big, fat goose that laid the taxpayer backed credit derivative stuffed golden egg.

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Makes you wonder if the Bernank's favorite movie growing up was Soylent Green.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Hey Bill,

6 weeks ago we talked steel night. Did you buy US Steel at $44...? What a ride.

The new ride is Olympic Steel (zeus).. another 30% coming up.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

No Spalding, missed that one.  Have been rather out of sync for the last month. I'm consoling myself with the fact that missed opportunities are easier to make up for than missing capital ...

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This guy not only believes in Santa Clause but Bernank as well...

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And still, some out there still think/say this is the greatest country on earth, well, if you can pay the up and coming uber-taxes and have something left for inflation then, well then, yes it is! Guns and Ammo Folks, or Renunciation! I am not sure if gold and silver will help much, given the real state of this US of "ours"!

israhole's picture

"And still, some out there still think/say this is the greatest country on earth,"- TradingJoe

LOL!  You got that right.  Most of these types have also never been outside the US for the same reason.

What did people think would happen when you let criminals like Shalom Bernanke control the inkjets?

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Yeah, the whole prop job is funny,you have to wonder at the outrage from the free market conservative types who rail against the liberal elite and their entitlements.


Well The Bernank who is the bid is an elite or I have never smelled one.


Oh well, playtime for socialists, who said it don't work.

Between O and Timmay and The Bernank they have socialized the bid and believe that the "traders" are entitled to ever rising bids.

funny stuff.



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RE: the SSI COLA adjustments...but how much has the price of canned cat food increased lately?  Gotta love hedonics and substitution!

Crispy's picture

Rates will move. And when they do it will be for the ages.

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Yes, it seems clear that it is all the Fed's fault, but I have also been thinking how we in the US accommodate an economy where each and every family and parent wants a better life and social condition for their kids than they had. My father was a capenter that started his own business. My various uncles worked most of their life in the same career: for the post office, at a lumberyard, as an engineer for an auto parts company and none of the wives were forced to work to pay for a house, taxes, basic transportation and put food on the table. Some wives worked, but mostly as they got older. And all of them raised reasonably good kids and their marriages have lasted for life.

Some may argue that life without a yatch, a palatial house, a jet and generational wealth beyond what can possibly be spent is not life. Others may argue that life without an iPhone, 55" LED-LCD screen w/surround sound and BMW would not be worth living. Most of our parents might disagree...

Maybe it is because I am getting older, but as I look around the house at all of the trappings of "a life better than my parents" I start to wonder if I missed the point of what is life and what is just stuff. As we approach Christmas, have I taught my children to like "excess" too much and value the intricacies of life too little?

If capenters want their kids to become executives where do the carpenters come from? ... or do we just print money and buy all of our needs from those who are a generation or two behind? How can we do this? Should we do this? Is this what the Fed is trying to accommodate? Or are we just spoiled kids who have gotten old?

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+1000. very well said. I have had the same thoughts for a long time. it's nice to know I am not alone.

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Welcome to Fight Club.

You don't own stuff, your stuff owns you.

downrodeo's picture


core messages:

-god doesn't like you

-you are going to die

-you have give up

" is only after we've lost everything, that we're free to do anything..." - TD


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Very nice to read that, Bartanist.

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Kudos Bartanist.  Please keep spreading those "dangerous thoughts" around.  What would happen to the banksters if everybody thought like you?   Whoa! 

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Nice Christmas story really, since his father was also a carpenter.

The obsession with stuff = wealth is an American tragedy.

Unfortunately, I think that the Chinese have caught this curse.

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Now Hussman, a mainstream fund manager says the markets are a Ponzi fraud. Send the black helicopters for him.

 "We are now left with a Ponzi scheme"

thepigman's picture

An outgrowth of FASB rolling over

and allowing phony accounting for

all the financials.

thepigman's picture

And you know what? Word of mouth

will trump CNBC. This shit will not

sell to retail.

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excellent post/article.

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I don't know who I loathe more, the Bernankes of this world who yammer on and on about how their serving the greater good as they blithely drive full speed towards catastrophe, or the Quinns of this world who yammer on and on about some fictional hard working middle class on whose behalf they are supposedly filled with outrage.

Oh go eat another byproduct burger with your byproduct fries and your sugary byproduct water, have another couple of those byproduct cream donuts, and quit that god awful whining. We all know you haven't worked a lick at anything half-useful in decades.

DavidPierre's picture

Mr. buzzard beak:

You nailed SmokeyQuinn perfectly!

Here he is, in one his frequent Bi-polar states, "yammering on and on" to himself today @


Smokey says:

See, Quinn, that’s the difference between you and me. I’d have said, “Look here you fucking pussy, if you want me to continue to grace your board with my unrivaled wisdom and astute insights on everything economic and financial, (to say nothing of the ass-whipping you’re setting yourself up for), you will put my site at the top of your blogroll forthwith, you fucking douchebag.”

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20th December 2010 at 3:16 pm

  • Administrator says:


    That is the exact email I sent to Tyler.

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    20th December 2010 at 3:23 pm 


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    What a pathetic excuse for a traitorous human being. How do you live with yourself, you sheep fucking mongoloid?

    DavidPierre's picture

    Aw...Did I hurts the little SmokeyQuinn's tender feelings?

     Show your true intellectual depth and ability to be an obscene little fat man who is anal-fixated on bestiality!

    Where's that 9/11 thread over at your that you deleted and then lied about doing because you were losing the debate?



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    David Pierre----Attacking another ZH Quinn post as usual. Sorry, DP, as bad as you wish otherwise, 9/11 was not an inside job. It was masterminded and carried out by Islamic terrorists. Such a shame that Quinn has booted you off his blog, but he has strict regulations over there preventing posting by deluded psychotic traitors. You spend your entire miserable existence grasping 9/11 conspiracy nonsense in a futile attempt to justify your cowardice and traitorous acts. You would be a laughingstock on Quinn's site, but you are not, because everyone there knows you are sick.

    DavidPierre's picture


    Come on MORON you can do better than that.

    How about this bi-polar rant that you deleted off of your "30 Blocks of Racism" thread.

    Well... I copied it and it still lives in cyborg-space and it's now coming right back to haunt you.



    "Smokey says:

    LLPOH—In my opinion you are being a bit harsh. Blacks should be respected. What other form of animal can walk around on two legs and sometimes communicate with humans? Dogs can’t. Cats can’t. Sheep can’t and cows can’t. Blacks are arguably the most sophisticated animal in the history of the planet, yet there are still people who insist on criticizing them. Some blacks could even pass for humans, admittedly a very few, but the reality is that some COULD pass for being human. Admiration, not contempt or pity, should be reserved for all blacks. —-And fudd, you don’t have to be ashamed of being black as midnight. I’d already suspected as much before you gave it away tonight, based upon the rank stupidity and unmatched ignorance of all your comments across the board whenever you post here. No way in hell a white person is as fucking stupid as you are."

    Smokey says:

    “ Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jeremiah Wright, and Al Sharpton are fucking worthless, stinking alley niggers of the lowest order. I get sick as shit of the way whites are routinely discriminated against in this country. The fucking spics are just as bad, worse actually, than the blacks. They come over here and murder and steal from this country and make fucking demands of the citizens here. All a spic knows how to do is steal and fuck. That’s it. Steal and fuck. And Tarbaby can’t fucking wait to legalize all of them so that he gets their votes to provide support for his Socialist agenda. Entitlements have pissed this society down the drain.”

    Jim Quinn's picture

    How dejected must you feel when the sheep say they have a headache?

    DavidPierre's picture

    Did you, or did you not write, post and then subsequently delete the above racist post in the "30 Blocks of Squalor" thread that you keep running at your blog?

    Yes or No ?


    Enough already with your sheep-shit shtick! Be a man!...own up!... little boy!

    Jim Quinn's picture

    Bah, Bah, Bah

    Did you or did you not fuck that sheep/wife?

    DavidPierre's picture


    Take that as... Yes.

    Now maybe you should explain why anybody like you should be shown any respect?

    You show no respect for other people.

    Jim Quinn's picture

    Pathetic traitorous 9/11 conspiracy lunatic dickheads don't deserve respect. They deserve to be shit upon. Keep posting on my articles and I will obliterate you like the sheep fucking American traitor that you are.

    DavidPierre's picture



    clinical notes: 12/20/2010


    wildly free associating

    more anal bestiality


    omnipotent power fantasies.



    sexual dysfunction evident.


    "...Emmm...very interesting!"

    "Please ... continue."


    apberusdisvet's picture


    Systematic elderly genocide.  The coup de gras will be the rationing inherent in the Obamacare HC portion of the Cloward-Piven strategy.  The final elimination will be the red pill you must take on your 60th birthday.

    DavidPierre's picture

    SmokeyQuinn, from The Wharton School of 'Busy-ness' has never worked a honest day in the real world since he graduated from college as an accountant. His work life is now spent in the ivory tower of academia surrounded by his many cribbed models, charts and graphs and plagiarized theories and verses from popular songs, that work perfectly for him in the comfort of his office where he blogs away all day @... .

    After building his reputation as an “expert” on The9/11 by supossedly studying it, he reached the same mystical conclusions as the official 'conspiracy theory', shoved down the sheeple's throats by the USSA's MSM. He bans and deletes anybody who challenges this nonsense on his blog, (Denninger style), and posts liar's comments under assumed aliases to buttress his warped, and many times racist, rants.

    SmokeyQuinn often and religiously celebrates the 'many miracles' of Osama bin Laden and his magic band of 19 elves who, with only cellphones and box-cutters, somehow preformed 'Wonders and Magic' on that special day so long ago.


    thepigman's picture

    Tell your grandma (and

    your grandpa), US

    stocks are a Ponzi

    fraud based on false


    DavidPierre's picture

    "Tyler Durden is the embodiment of the idea that the only thing that matters is content. And since ideas tend to be ephemeral, the right question is not who or what he or she may be, but what the sought-after goal is. To wit: content, especially in the context of often complicated financial matters, succeeds in its goal not if it convinces, but if it makes the reader think and reevaluate existing preconceptions."

    {Now... listen up real hard here SmokeyQuinn!}

    "Often, that involves forcefully breaking (and sometimes destroying) established, often petrified, structures and modes of thought,...{about The9/11 !}

    ... and who better to achieve this than Tyler Durden."

    "Additionally, by avoiding the same “personality cult” trap with which traditional corporate-entrenched media often attempts to lure its ideological opponents,...

     we enjoy forcing them to acknowledge just how much (or, much more often, how little) of the actual content they can overturn in order to establish the veracity of their ideas."*


    Jim Quinn's picture

    You make blood sucking leeches look good.

    DavidPierre's picture

    Best STFU SmokeyQuinn you ain't doin your fatass any good pissing down your own leg.

    Anybody wondering what this is all about re: SmokeyQuinn.

    Here are some of links detailing his sorry assed history.





    Classic SmokeyQuinn at his best!

    Jim Quinn's picture

    It might be time for another tribute to the mongoloid sheep fucking American Vietnam pussy traitor on TBP.

    Please explain to the Zero Hedge readers about your contention that George Bush conducted the 9/11 attack. The voices told you so.  

    Guess what you pathetic warped douchebag? I brought down Building 7. Did you take your lithium today? The team of doctors have concluded that a lobotomy would not be helpful, since your pea brain is too far gone.

    Try to fight off that urge to go into your daughter's room tonight. I can't believe they let you near her after the prior incidents.  

    DavidPierre's picture

    Very good... very deep!

     SmokeyQuinn blathering in not unusual form in his bi-polar fantasy world... letting his mind wander in happy contemplation of incestual bestiality... frothing about his favorite ewe that's actual his sister and pretend wife...Avalon... @ ... a blog he calls home.  

    Tell me what you really think, you might think, if you thought about it....MORON!


    Jim Quinn's picture

    Ignore those voices in your head. Sheep aren't people. Say no to those irresistable urges. You know the ones. Turn yourself in. You know what you did last night.

    DavidPierre's picture

    You are such a child... little man.!

    Fixated, apparently forever trapped at the anal stage of personal development.

    Best advice I can offer a MORON like you is to STFU! 

    With each of your comments you just go deeper and deeper into the hole of self condemnation.