Guest Post: The Bernank, Frankie Pentangeli and a Ponzi Scheme - An Advance Look At Today's Von Bernankestein Grilling

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Ron Paul on Kudlow last evening saying the next U.S. crisis will bring change equivalent to what happened in breakup of USSR

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oligarchs, bitchez! oligarchary & mafiyah Yee-haw! Uh...wait one... how's that a"big change" again?

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Yep, exactly. Soviet style collapse, only worse. Hope for best, prepare for worst.

Way Bigger: collapse WRC, bigger global economic impact, geopolitical shake out and realignments.

Collapsing now, central planners looting and just trying to mitigate the speed of it.

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I totally agree, and it will end just like them where the states will declare themselves their own countries.  You will see blocks of states becoming a country themselves.

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In this fable who might play the role of the Rosato Brothers?

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The Rosato brothers are small potatoes...small potatoes.


Now, if I see a suitcase filled with ink, paper and currency plates, then I'll know that you're in. If I don't, then I'll know that you ain't.

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TD any live feed on this?

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Will be posted when the time approaches

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He'll skate away, scot-free.

Guaranteed.  Moreover, he'll jack the market to the moon to distract the sheeple and convince them it's worthy.


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That Hyman Roth in Miami. Hes backing up those son of a bitches. Him and his messenger boy Johnny Aiola

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Michael V. Gazzo as Frank Pentangeli in Godfather II [HD]

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Hyman Roth always makes money for his partners.

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Hyman Dimon?

Or do we want to go with "Legs" Dimon to emphasize the gangster rather than jewish element of the banksters?

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What are the odds the fed will trash the market today in a show of M.A.D. saber rattling?

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Rosato Brothers would have to be someone who is currently muscling in on the Fed scheme, how about the Fed itself buying up its own debt, if this was not so freaking horrible for my children and grandchildren I would be laughing off the chair.

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Nice William. Lets make him "squeal like a piggy"

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+50 Banzai ....i'm in tears :''''))))

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GM all. Ya know, I have no idea if Tyler is a company of 1 or 100 but the amount of superior posts is just mind boggling. How can one site ferrert out so much truth in such a short period of time every day.

love to see the "inner sanctum of "The mother lode".

Great stuff boss.

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Any word on Meredith Whitney testifing today on the TARP sub committee?  Did she agree or decline the "invitation"?

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The Bernak: "I have business with Hyman Roth and i don't want it disturbed.."

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"Buffers - heh heh -yeah, we got a lot of buffers."

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Can the People bring RICO charges against the Federal Reserve and the Money Center Banks?

Can we get Judge Judy, or better yet Judge Napolitano, and televise The People's Kangaroo Court?

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The Bernank is a pimp. It was Rothschild all along...only I didn't know 'til today.

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nice - thanks for sharing

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Too bad he can't be at the hearing? I'm sure Ron Paul planned it as an overlap on purpose. Sorry, grand-standing...

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Jamie Dimon to Bernank:    "Whatya gonna do? Nice college boy, eh? Don't wanna get mixed up in the family business? Now you know that we need you to keep gunning down savers, seniors and American Youth to subsidize us & The Squid, but you're hesistant because Ron Paul slapped you in the face a little bit, huh? Whataya think this is, the Army, where you shoot 'em a mile away? You gotta get up close like this... badaBING! you blow their brains all over your nice Ivy League suit. C'mere... you're taking this very personal."

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Fade to the interior of the boat house of a swanky house in the D.C. suburbs

Krugman(lying lethargically on barcalounger):  I don't have a lot to say, Ben.

Bernanke(standing over Krugman):  We have time.

Krugman:  I was kept pretty much in the dark.  I didn't know all that much.  I work for the Times, for chrissakes.

Bernanke:  What about now?  Is there anything you can help me out with?

Krugman:  I know they got Fisher, that's all I know.

Bernanke walks a few paces away, obviously agitated

Krugman(flustered):  I didn't know it was gonna be such a big hit, Ben.  I swear to you I didn't know!  Demint contacted me at the Times, said he wanted to talk.  He said you and Michael Steele were in on some big deal, and there was a place for me in it if I could help them out.  They said you were being tough on the negotiation, and if they had a little bit of help, they could close it fast and it would be good for you.

Bernanke:  And you believed that story?!

Krugman:  They said there was something good in it for me . . me on my own.

Bernanke:  I've always taken care of you, Paul, gave you all the easing possible.  More, in fact.

Krugman: Taken care of me?  Ben, you're a nothing academic.  Norwegians love me.  And you take care of me?!  Did you ever think of that!  Ever once!  Tell Krugman to write something ridiculous about this.  Tell Krugman to write something crazy about that.  Take care of some little unimportant blog actually telling people the truth.  Pick somebody up at the airport.  Ben, Norwegians love me!  I was stepped over!

Bernanke(softly):  It's the way the banks wanted it.

Krugman:  It wasn't the way I wanted it!  I'm not dumb!  Christ, not like everyone but the norwegians says!  I'm smart; and I want respect.

Bernanke:  There's nothing more you can tell me about these hearings Ron Paul's holding?

Krugman:  The committee lawyer . . he's-he's got this weird honesty thing.  He hates you.

Bernanke:  You're nothing to me now, Paul; not on the pad, not a friend, I don't want to know you, or what happens to you.  Like everyone else, I won't read your column.  I don't want to see you at the banks, or near my home.  When you visit Greenspan, I want to know a day in advance, so I
won't be there.  Do you understand?

Bernanke walks out ignoring the plaintive wails of Krugman.



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Noam Chomsky: The United States - Israel's Godfather