Guest Post: Bull/Bear Weekly Recap: Mar 14 - Mar 18

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Robslob's picture or silver...everything else is dead.

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Dumb. I want my 41 seconds back.

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Might I recommend the Evelyn Woodhead speed-reading course...

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You dated yourself, dude! I love the old Cheech and Chong (pre-movie) records from the 1970's. Los Cochinos album, I believe!

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Gonna be an ugly earnings season.

Great trading market. Sure threw those momos and permabullshits overboard.

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Reads as if the bull case is predicated on government lies.

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status quo----some alcoholics last 20 years, others 30 or 40

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What a fucking waste of time.

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The recovery is poised to continue despite what the bears keep saying

What recovery? What are the Bulls smoking?? 

A deflationary scenario for the US economy is out the window... The US is not Japan.

No the US has even more powerful deflationary (collapsing debt) pressures building than Japan. Whichever (uncredited) source made this prediction should firstly be named and then second thrown out the window!

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So does a +2% CPI put the kibosh on QE3?

Or are we still game on since not a peep was made by the FOMC?

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Im very bullish on the markets and equities. Look on all what happend during the last 6 month and no selloff. Now it takes middle east + oil+ Japan quake + tsunami + nuclear disaster to bring markets down only 10%.

Im gradually buying from now until next month until im fully invested.

1550 S&P is almost a no brainer after all of this.

Who is doing the same? and % of oil exposure?

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I'm in your camp, Frank.  The market seems to be in a bubble, but there is no denying that the uptrend is very strong.  I pulled back some in March to give Portugal time to request aid and Cina to raise rate again ... but I don't those things will take the market down .... moving back in.

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Unemployment rises in most US metropolitan areas in Jaunary:

I guess that is bullish...


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I loved the "peace is at hand" announcement Friday morning from the Libyan foreign minister. ES spiked to 1287 -- and then promptly collapsed 10 handles. Volatility is my friend! Mean-reversion is as much a law of nature as gravity.

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please, more on your last point above. currency wars shifted to another gear this week. all fed eyes on the effect of china's rate hiking. if the rate hikes "work" (who knows what that means exactly and how long the fed is willing to wait to find out) but if they work look for a race to the top in rate hikes. japan conspicuously late/absent to defend its currency. earthquake is a headline excuse for the japanese gov to pocket/repatriate a bunch of money. everyone wondering why?!? now?!? trichet promises rate hikes. "is the guy crazy?" well yes, but the reason is europe won't be caught out when the global liquidity sponge game starts. everyone and there pet red tibetan mastiff believes the world is flooded with dollars - true. this has govs and rich people rabid. gnp is the reason for the bernank's hubris, remember  he can stop inflation in the time it takes to produce an "original" fed statement. he "knows" he can win the repatriation war. more on currency wars please 


peace and love