Guest Post: Circus Clowns And Sideshow Freaks

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Submitted by Brandon Smith from Alt Market

Circus Clowns And Sideshow Freaks

In my worst nightmares, when the lights are
swallowed by the smog of some nefarious gloom and the air itself becomes
a stale sarcophagus into which I am entombed, and the grim hands of
putrefied fate sink their wretched grip into the thick of my neck and
all seems irrevocably lost, I merely recall that soon I will awaken to
the horror of a terminal America infested by career criminals and
certifiable morons, and suddenly, my off color dreams don’t seem so bad. Ultimately,
there is nothing worse to me than a public majority that takes
everything they hear from the mouths of political warlocks at face
value. Even the fear of death is truly a pittance compared
to the threat of being enveloped by a stampeding herd of frightened,
stupid, human cattle.

Is this melodramatic? Not at all. When
a man is aware, and by aware I mean honest with himself, he inevitably
suffers the pain of being certain while the rest of the world enjoys the
bliss of false assumptions. We live in a culture that
inflicts great punishment on those who know, and lavishes enticing but
short lived rewards on those who ignore. In such a place as this, meaning disappears, and countries die.

The first century satirist, Decimus Juvenalis, grief-stricken by the destruction of the Roman Republic at the hands of a succession of emperors and tyrants, wrote: “The
people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else,
now meddle no more and long eagerly for just two things — bread and
circuses." At that time, the autocratic rulers of the empire were highly visible. Even celebrities. They
played the hollow Roman Senate like a pipe organ and created elaborate
events, moments of pageantry in the otherwise terrifyingly bleak lives
of the citizenry, and of course, the people were thoroughly distracted
while their economy, their government, and their land crumbled around

Today, our autocratic rulers in the form of a
corporate oligarchy keep rather hidden from the prying eyes of the
commoners, but they wield the same power as the emperors of old, with
the same obvious results. America is ripping apart at the seams. Our currency has been destroyed. Our treasury is indebted beyond the point of any return. The cost of our daily survival is quickly rising beyond any average person’s means to pay. And,
our political system is a never ending parade of googly-eyed muppets
singing and dancing to the tune of the false left/right paradigm. Yet, where has our attention been lately…?

Apparently our impending doom is not as
entertaining as the Osama Bin Laden Show, which has been written and
choreographed like a bad Tom Clancy novel, or a contrived episode of
‘24’ (Jack Bauer finally shoots Bin Laden square in the head with his
hawk-like vision and badass marksmanship while Osama in typical TV land
fashion uses a woman as a human shield. Sorry to spoil the ending for you if you haven’t seen the final episode yet). Or
how about the battle of “wits” (I say this knowing full well the irony)
between Barack Obama and Donald Trump, two soulless rock-em’ sock-em’
robots in a fake duel for fake polls, fake votes, and a fake presidency. Let’s
not forget about the “Royal Wedding”, the eagerly awaited international
event that featured a throng of throwbacks from the Dark Ages prancing
around in Nutcracker outfits and partying to the tune of millions in
British taxpayer dollars.

Do any of these things really matter? Not in the slightest. How long must we endure this hokey carnival ride before we finally start focusing on legitimately important issues? That’s really up to us…

Day after day, we allow ourselves to be conned, befuddled, and frightened by a cast of clowns and freaks. Why do we do this? How can we stop the madness? First, we have to understand how the propaganda works, before we can diffuse it. Let’s
examine some of the tactics of disinformation being used today, as well
as the purpose behind some of America’s most prominent distractions.

“The Boogeyman Is Under Your Bed…”

A collapsing dollar, state funding on the brink, a
still irradiated Japan, gasoline price spikes, and, the only thing that
has lately been able draw people outside of their television and
microwave fajita saturated cocoons is the orchestrated hoax of Osama Bin
Laden’s death. No independently corroborated physical evidence? No independently corroborated video? Body
dumped at sea in less than a day without independent verification of
the identity (apparently to avoid his rising from the grave as the
invincible Zombie Bin Laden)? No problem! We
fully believe every word the Obama Administration says without question!
Lets go do keg stands on the White House lawn, yeehaw!

A boogeyman is a very powerful tool for corrupt governments. In
fact, every despotic regime in history has concocted one fantasy
villain after another in order to maintain their psychological
stranglehold on the populace. Killing one only means a replacement is
soon to be introduced. While many Americans are intelligent
enough to at least express some concerns about the obviously deceitful
manner in which the Bin Laden death has been handled and promoted, there
is still a significant swath of the population that has invested
themselves so completely in the Bin Laden myth that they will support
the official story without question.

Sadly, villains often become the drivers of history. Most
events on the human timeline are merely reactionary movements of states
and peoples to counter a dangerous antagonist, whether actual or
fabricated. Very rarely do people act in concert to change
the shape of their society or their surroundings without a symbolic
devil to spur them on. This is not to say that there are
not real ghouls to be dealt with in every generation, but problems
surface when we become ADDICTED to the idea of villains. We
become so lethargic when it comes to putting in the effort of
determining our own destinies that soon we start to need monsters to
inspire us to take action in life. We welcome governments to conjure enemies for us because it makes us feel as though we have purpose again. As though we are a “team”. Just look at the deluded lemmings that roamed D.C. enthralled at the unconfirmed and unsupported claim of Bin Laden’s death. A
civilization caught in this circle of pure reaction usually devolves
into something utterly pathetic; a people without principles feeding on
each other for comfort.

Interestingly, the fermentation of amoral or
destructive behavior is found most often in power structures, like
governments and corporate institutions, where the desire for overt
control can be satisfied. It is at the top of the pyramid that we find the bottom of the barrel in terms of humanity. So,
it is not strange at all to consider the fact that elitists seek to
create monsters out of thin air, like the “axis of evil”, terrorists,
lone gunman, homegrown extremists, barter networkers, or Amish dairy
farmers. They know that people seek out dragons to slay and so provide proxies and facsimiles. If they didn’t, the masses may turn their attentions towards a real threat, like the elites themselves.

Again, this is common sense and a consistent
tactic, one which has been admitted to openly by establishment
authorities for decades. The true boogeymen are not under
your bed, they are not your next door neighbors who participate in
activist groups, they are not right wing extremists, they are not even
men in caves in Afghanistan or Pakistan. The only monsters worth so much attention and dedication are those that are closest to us. To
find them, we have only to follow where all our money goes, where all
our votes are misspent, and where all our decisions are made without our

“If You Didn’t Vote, You Have No Right To Complain…”

Perhaps the most effective scam of all time is the construction of the false left/right paradigm. Anyone
who does not understand this fundamental fallacy of our political
system will never be able to understand the bigger picture of how our
government works or why or “elected” officials do the things they do. If
you cannot accept the fact that both major parties are essentially the
same, supporting the same primary legislation and differing only in
rhetoric, then you will probably attribute the constant failings of our
leadership to “greed” or “stupidity”. This is simply not the case.

When Obama went back on his election year promises
to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and pull troops out (there are
still thousands of troops and private contractors in Iraq too, for those
that bought the second pullout lie), for instance, or when he decided
to support the Patriot Acts after criticizing them, this was not because
he has a bad memory, or even because he wanted to win your vote. He
made promises and then nixed them because that’s HIS JOB; to perpetuate
the false idea that the Democratic Party is anti-war, and different
from the Republican Party.

When Bush Jr. ran on a platform of limited
government and conservatism, then tripled the size of the Federal
Government, it was not because he is an idiot man-child. It
is because it was his job to pretend as if he cared about traditional
conservative values, while instituting socialist globalist programs
under our noses.

When a hypocrite and a bottom feeder like Donald
Trump, a confessed liberal on taxes, health care, and trade, a man who
stooped to using eminent domain in an effort to steal an elderly woman’s
home so he could pour a limousine parking lot on top of it, is suddenly
presented as the new hope of the Republican Party and limited
government, I think its time to pack up our preconceptions about there
being any such thing as a two party system.

In the end, most political leaders are more like circus clowns, meant to amuse us. They
bumble about the center ring spraying seltzer water at each other and
cracking each other’s skulls with rubber mallets, but who really cares
which clown wins this slapstick contest? They may make us
feel as though we have a choice, and thus a voice, in our government,
but at bottom, it is the ringmaster that decides the course of the show. The clowns are a sidenote. Not
voting for either of them seems to be only the option left, or, voting
with one’s conscience for a candidate that’s not an establishment
favorite (aka Ron Paul).

“War Is Necessary To Perpetuate Freedom…”

War leads to many things, but rarely does it ever lead to people being more readily free. WWI
(a fabricated war) led to the implosion of Germany and the subsequent
rise of National Socialism (a banker fabricated political movement)
which led to WWII, which then destroyed most of Europe making way for
the construction of the EU (a banker fabricated supranational union),
basically a more subversive and insidious form of socialism with even
greater control and unaccountability. Most wars are planned
like cross country vacations; you may deviate here and there, but
eventually you’ll find yourself at the destination mapped out for you
before hand. The vitriol brewing in the Middle East today is no exception.

Wars not only break down and then centralize
sovereign systems, they also rally the masses to support governments
they otherwise might oppose. Wars create fear, not to mention the thrill of tribal victory. Wars collectivize societies, dissuade and shame individualism, and bring everyone under a single banner and a single philosophy. Where
I might be applauded today as a writer for speaking out against the
nonsensical involvement of the U.S. and the EU in an internal civil war
in Libya, I may be attacked tomorrow if a terrorist bombing occurs in
Libya’s name. Where I might point out that only a year ago
and despite his disturbingly violent nature Gaddafi was the globalist
go-to man for the African Union, and supported widely by the UN for
purchasing African Union memberships for poorer nations with Libyan oil
money, others might say that I am undermining U.S. solidarity in the
“war on terror” by being factual. Wars have the ability to turn the common man into a mini-tyrant, not to mention a censor for the establishment.

In the end, if you want to distract the public away
from the horrifying strife of economic collapse or even hyperinflation,
the only conceivable avenue is war. Nearly every
engineered financial disaster in modern history has been followed by an
engineered conflict to muffle the cries for new management. In
America’s case, these wars are always preempted with calls for the
“spread of democracy”, making the target country more than a target, but
a monster (as discussed earlier) and making us the knight in shining
armor off to rescue the poor helpless villagers of the planet. We play out the myth then find that we have again only furthered the aims of globalists, and weakened ourselves in the process.

The Show Must Go On

The world that we experience through what is often termed the “mainstream” is, quite simply, an illusion. The life many live is not real, but an elaborate production. A rented life. A life they do not own.

Is this not the stuff of “conspiracy”...? That is the wrong question. Is this the stuff of fact? THAT is what we should be asking ourselves.

It is time for the American people to stop fooling around with what is “probable”, or “more likely”. Occum’s
Razor (the misinterpreted version of the principle) has never been
applicable in terms of human systems, and especially not those dominated
by a handful of men, as most usually are. The “simplest explanation” for a social situation is rarely the correct one, and is completely up for interpretation. I would replace the word “simplest” with the word “practical”. What
I deem as practical (the influence of elite minorities over the flow of
historical events) may be considered outlandish by others because their
perception is skewed by their lack of knowledge. Perception changes with knowledge. Practical explanation changes with awareness. The underlying truth, after all is said and done, is constant. The truth does not change, we change.

Propagandists have always understood this
condition, and the science of manipulating perception with diversion,
bias, and fear, is ever present today. Whether it’s a faux
attack on an Al-Qaeda compound containing a Bin Laden body we’ll never
see first hand, a sham of an election with marionette candidates, or a
war in Libya that is never officially categorized as a war, you will be
lied to by government, and these lies, whether you accept it or not,
will eventually hurt you, or someone you care about. Recognizing the distraction is the first step in dismantling disinformation. Knowing what we are facing is the key to undoing the damage done.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of
the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element
in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of
society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling
power of our country. ...We are governed, our minds are molded, our
tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard
of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society
is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner
if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. In
almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics
or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are
dominated by the relatively small number of persons...who understand the
mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull
the wires which control the public mind.”

From ‘Propaganda’ by Edward Bernays (named one of Life Magazine’s 100 most influential people of the 20th Century).