Guest Post: Currency Wars - Misguided US Economic Policy

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This is some measure of their desperation.

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The Bottom line, The US UK  EU are living beyond their means and the market is doing its job to correct this, A Long way to go.

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You are perfectly correct. The US UK  EU were/are living beyond their means for too long. This is coming to the end.

The present situation is very simple:

  1. The West (US, UK, and EU) cannot any more continue its colonial and neo-colonial policies any more. GWB handlers and UK has engineered "the war on terror" activities  to regain and solidify their neo-colonial status following the Soviet collapse. However, it did not work. The West bogged down in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, etc., At the same time, China, India, and Brazil substantially improved their geopolitical standing and capabilities (specifically, China military capabilities). The West cannot impose its rules by its military might anymore. Period.
  2. The West is not self-sufficient. It cannot function without international trade. The West has lost its competitive advantages due to near-sighted transfer of its technology & know-how and due to a huge disparity of labor cost. Either labor cost must hugely increase in China, India, Russia (it is out of question) or the West labor cost and standards of living must go substantially down (the only available solution).
  3. The FED do understand this. By debasement of the US$, the FED is trying to improve US competitive standing. Unfortunately, the FED is to incompetent and lost tough with the reality. Just debasing US$ will not work since US legal and political system as well as its economy cannot successfully function in the present lawless and anti-business environment.
  4. Presently, there is nothing on a horizon for any optimism.
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I just love your GWB handlers comment. Obama has no handlers?

Without fraudulent, illegal, campaign donations generated and funneled through George's 527 c 's Obama would still be cruising for sex at the YMCA.

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Obama would still be cruising for sex at the YMCA.

He's not?
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I'm optimistic the Bankrupting Talmudic Jews will be removed from the US/UK/EU...


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the West labor cost and standards of living must go substantially down (the only available solution).



The option is not on the table. Cost and standards of living are mostly determined by the quality of the general environment, this basically (a place with running water/ a place with no running water)

There is little margin to decrease the cost and standard of living in the West.

The most likely solution is that people who can no longer afford to live in the West will have to relocate.

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The actual quote from Dr. Johnson, which referred to the Patriot Party in Britain, not patriotism in general, is "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

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could be "handing out an MRE near you" too.  Keep goin' there, tho.  Keep goin' there.

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R~ight, and Winston Churchill was talking about the Democratic party of America when he was talking about it being the worst form of government except for all the others.

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 In 1959, manufacturing represented 28 percent of U.S. economic output. In 2008, it represented 11.5 percent.

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What you missed two decades worth of Springsteen albums?!

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Real things have been replaced with the FIRE economy, or magic, or Alchemy or fraud or


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More to the point, "No People can be great who have ceased to be virtuous." Johnson, An Introduction to the Political State of Great Britain.

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certainly true if we're talking the concept of virtue.

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We have a Public Policy failure that does not recognize we have a major US structural and secular problem.

The solutions should be central to US mid-term party campaign election platforms. They aren’t?


This is because it would take the average voter (and politician) about 6 months worth of reading to understand 1/10th of the heavy machinery to the point where they could hold a discussion about it, let alone debate it.

The message needs to be distilled down to something simple to understand and simple to stand behind.  Otherwise, it will remain a shadow that is maintained by the Oligarchs and everyone will keep watching TV and flip flopping be between two different shit sandwiches every two years until they wake up realizing they've given away everything (including freedom) and have nothing left.

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When even one electoral candidate will name exactly what gov't program or agency he/she would like to eliminate in a process to reduce the deficit I'll start paying attention.

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Department of Energy.

Department of Education.

Department of Labor.

Department of Agriculture.

Office of National Drug Control Policy.

Health and Human Services.

Housing and Urban Development (lol).

PBS and NPR.






Then start unwinding the bankrupt pyramid schemes (SS/Medicare/Medicaid).

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Ragnar D for President!


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Which state are you running in and where do I send my money order.

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I admire your spunk... Your name is on which ballot?

Let's get a real candidate on here to say the same!

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junked for not starting with

draconian cuts to the "Defense" Dept., Homeland Security, CIA, and NSA.

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+1 on the cuts,

is that you Ron Paul?

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How did you forget the "United Nations" of we vote 99% of the time against the nation that funds us most?.

Gave us prime RE in NYC, where the average pay for a Sanitation Eng (Janitor) was $75k 5 yrs ago?.)

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You missed one:

U.S. Census Bureau

Their head counts now is somewhere bet. 7000-8000!

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The message needs to be distilled down to something simple to understand and simple to stand behind.

you worry too much Olie. A Hitler-like leader is already waiting in the wings. He will distill it for you! But, what color will (s)he be now? That's what I want to know.

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And this is precisely why WB7 is #1.

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Whatever happened to Barbecue Frito's? Just what in the hell is this country coming to?

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We were kinda thinking that was the case...

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These are excellent. Tnx for posting!

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The GLB Act was passed in 1999, not 1992.  Other than that, a fine timeline.


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 ... and Eric Holder has come out of hiding. Not to prosecute war criminals, or torturers, or even bank executives who have committed trillions in fraud, no, our brilliant AG has declared that he's gonna throw the book at California weed smokers.

Hey Eric, the other rats are swimming for shore, get a move on.

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Let's hope he goes with Geithner!

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Eric Holder is the definition of a tool. Obama holds an open forum to find out what the people of the US want, and they resoundingly said they want an end to marijuana/hemp prohibition. What does he do? He shuts down the forum, and tells the people to fuck off. It makes my blood boil. Let alone what's going on at the border. A state is on the verge of displaying its constitutional right to self determinate.... and Obama and his goon Holder have the gall to say that the DEA will get involved at a local level... Fuck them. Where does it state in the Constitution that the Federal government has been specifically ceded power by the states to enforce drug policy?

It's time for revolution. The Federal government has jumped the shark, is wildly overstepping its mandate, and is quickly becoming a tyranny.

Lets decorate the lampposts of DC and Wall St, that's what I say. Burn down the Fed, hang the criminals, and when we're done we have a ConCon.

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don't worry CC, if prop 19 passes, cannabis will be the FairO's achilles heel.

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nor even New Black Panthers--well,they can't do voter intimidation, since they go up against light green voters. - Ned

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Special charterpretation tutorial (the real meaning)


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Looks good, but I prefer this one:


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...........\.............. _.·´



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Looks like you pulled a Rahm on that hand.

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Dang, System 360 Line Printer art!