Guest Post: Damien Hoffman Exclusive Interview With Alan Grayson

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Grayson is one of the 'good ones'.

Unfortunately the Senate is pretty much all 'bad ones'.

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won't this be ww3 once the truth is known. I think we are underestimating how bad this will be for all of us if this really happens. Any thoughts would be very welcome

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I dont' think may prevent ww3 if our country collectively puts forth the honest effort to undo the legislation that enabled the criminality of this evil machine.  The reason we love stories where good triumphs over evil so much is that innately, we all hope for this...and it would be textbook excellent, and fairytale perfect if we can see an end to the reign of robbery that our country has endured by this stealth criminal cartel.

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how the hell do you prevent "ww3" in your terms by being ignorant of the realities??? Why do people keep bringing u[ the most idiotic of arguments to support the most untenable of positions--in this case, that taxpayers and non-connected market participants are not entitled to know what other people are doing with their money, because those who are handling the money are clearly doing such stupid things that to disclose their actions would be harmful?

But hey, what the hell--let's codify this excuse into law. That way, nobody ever has to explain or defend any actions on the basis that doing so would cause irreparable harm. Why should only the people who play with trillions of dollars be shielded from the consequences of their actions?

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Great interview.  Don't know much about Grayson but I really respect and appreciate his laudable fight against the Fed.  However, I gotta be honest. I think this has a snowball's chance in hell of passing into law short of rioting in the streets.  And that infuriates me. 

Impatiently waiting. . .

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So, that would be OUR problem. We're ALL impatiently waiting.

Maybe it is time for the street to get a wake-up call from old mister smoke-of-burning-tires.

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Oh please, does anyone honestly believe this dog and pony show anymore?

Minnesota Governor Jessie Ventura equates Congress to Vince Mcmahon's WWF wresting show.

BTW, the wife is now running for Senate:

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Awesome interview.  Great find.

Here are a few vids from yesterday's Audit the Fed Rally in Chicago.


Illinois C4L Coordinator Doug Bach


Sheila Weinberg from Institute for Truth in Accounting


Republican Candidate for 5th Congressional District David Ratowitz


Green party Candidate for 5th Congressional District Matt Reichel


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lots of spy unloaded today.  maybe the Fed is starting to clean house.

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Do you think Grayson will be "nailed" literally and figuratively for trying to pry open too many secrets ? I suspect Kennedy saw the same fate for trying to get a step ahead of himself !! Its not whether you are a Dem or Rep, its whether you are a part of the inner circle of power brokers. Even Obama inspite of his "threats" to the bankers is a mere pawn and so have several US Presidents after the Carter era !!

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this passes the Senate around the same time Obama takes off his mask on a special episode of the new V remake and reveals he is the king of the Lizard People

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i am the lizard king
i can do anything

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It just occurred to me that the enemy of ou enemy may not be our friend.  Sure The Fed is a private entity controlled by a cabal of banks under the auspices of being a govt body but what's the alternative?  For us it's sound money, whether that means gold/commodity backed currency, free banking, or something similar.  For Barney Frank it means him (Congress) having control of the printing press for their statist agenda.  Not sure which I prefer.  

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Absolutely Yossarian, we should do nothing.

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America cannot survive with the yoke of the banking bastards around our collective necks.  They debase our currency and punish savers.  It is not enough that one must make a living, now one must be ever worried about what to do with one's earnings.  That is not only an unproductive exercise, but a wealth destroying exercise.  What is wrong with requiring the UST to issue gold and silver certificates again?

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You all are missing my point- focus on the War not just the battle.  If Barney Frank manages to get Fed powers in his hand we have accomplished nothing.  The goal is sound money so, yes, The Fed should be abolished or radically changed, but the goal should be sound money not printing presses for the people (Barney Frank).  Don't let the statists coopt this- they love taxes because it is where they get their power- don't give them the tool to stealthfully impose the tax that is inflation.  

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we think barney may just starting to get a little 'concerned' about getting reelected in 2010.

he knows where the zeitgeist is -- he's scaly like that.

the question is whether he really has to open up pandora's box to do it or whether he can get away with only a 'promise' to pull it open until after next november.

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It's better to not know you have a deadly tumor until the last moment when it kills you, rather than finding out early and dealing with the pain of chemotherapy that might actually save your life. Lol

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Remember the old CCCP?

It's like this is a revival.

Where Greyson is auditioning for the role of "Gorby"

Give me 100 shares of:

The fed gets audited, and the Republic is no more

collapsed under the weight of its bone headed debt/decision making

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The FED is outrageous! If a company wants to go public they must produce quarterly reports and yet the FED has been audited NEVER? That's insane, I want a stress test for the FED.

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It will be very very interesting to see what happens "if" this bill is passed. I'm thinking the Fed could be open to utter carnage as the conspiracy theorists get their day in the sun. What will the Fed do? And how realiable is an audit that is performed by the GAO anyway? Are they owned by Goldman too?


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If the Fed would be open to utter carnage because of an audit, then the "conspiracy theorists" wouldn't be conspiracy theorists after all, would they?

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If these bills ever get close to a vote, the Fed will pull liquidity and tank the markets so fast it will make your head spin.

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I hope that it does.  There are a large number of congressman that have gotten used to having power.  There will be a massive backlash if they suddenly get pushed around.

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Full transcript:

Grayson: “So who got the money?”
Bernanke: “Financial institutions in Europe and other countries.”
Grayson: “Which ones?”
Bernanke: “I don’t know.”
Grayson: “HA HA HA HA HA HAHA ...fuck, I'm crying over here....Half a trillion dollars and you don’t know who got the money? Are you fucking kidding me?”
Bernanke: "Er well, . . . um was that in the script we approved? .. um..s-s-s-sorry my lawyer just passed me a note wait it says 'OUR FRIEND AT GS JUST IM'D - SAID TO SHUT THE FUCK UP OR WE'LL STEAL YOUR WIFE'S PURSE' hey er ah, was I supposed to read that?...Fucking-A is this another one of Hank's sick jokes? Christ! I was shitting a brick here - Alan, you bastard....whew for a minute there, I thought... You guys kill me. Really. Jeeeeezuz Crisssss."

But seriously, what fun it must be to ask the real questions, the uncomfortable questions of an elitist bastard. How can they tolerate this . . . insult? Wish we could ask the same kind of questions for about an hour of Hank Paulson, all about AIG, $700 billion, and Goldman, and all those conversations with Blankfein during his tenure as a servant of We The People.


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Hats off to you buddy... great post. Douchebags was the perfect sign-off.

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Sorry that was me. Forgot to log in.

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@the other anonymous

WWIII between who?

1000 Banksters vs. 6 Trillion PO'ed denizens of Mother Earth?
Wigga please....

they are trapped behind the 8-ball, and our collective cue ball is becoming BEACH-BALL sized...
it's only a matter of time (and HR1207) before they get sunk...

then there are the other balls on the table, but they don't carry as much weight for points...

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The Fed is only half of the problem. Remember deficit = tax in term of money inflation and interest. It is just a hidden tax. The legislators and president are just as reckless as the Fed. Without the Fed, the legislators could not spend beyond their means. Without the legislators the Fed could not exploit illconcieved bills, like TARP.

Yes, we need Monetary reform, but we also need fiscal reform.

I like Grayson. He asks a lot of good questions. But, I ask myself what additional proof of abuse do our legislators need to remove powers from the Fed? 500 Billion, I don't know? Grayson should introduce a bill to strip away Fed powers, or even repeal the 1913 act.

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Kill the FED kill the DEBT. The only REAL debt the american people have is the currently circulating money. I mean come on think about it. The FED is a private corporation. It's saying we owe it almost 12 trillion dollars but it's been compounding that debt since 1913 and stole all the gold in fort knox to securitize it. Without any accounting to find out what has happened to what money. I feel very comfortable with just defaulting on the debt havin congress issue currency against the dollars in circulation and burning dollars as they come back. I mean come on. The FED has pictures of the people who killed the bank or nearly or totaly frustrated it's actions on all it's most widely circulated bills. I mean that's like having Property of Bubba tattood on your butt your whole life. All the people on the bills are dead. Let's stop circulating their wanted posters.

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One Answer:

Ron Paul 2012

If we survive that long

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If Ron Paul survives that long...

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Move along now, nothing to see here, report immediately to camp Xray for your H1N1 vaccine and quarantine program.

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I daresay Grayson should have flipped Bernanke his cellphone and said "Call someone NOW and find out where the money went. As Fed Chairman, certainly they will connect you to someone who knows the answer."

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Former Madoff accountant will be appointed to audit the Fed according to news released today by Doddfrank Frankdodd. "The American people will not stand for the hiring of more than one accountant", a spokesperson for Doddfrank Frankdodd stated.