Guest Post: Debunking Anti-Gold Propaganda

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Silver...and every fu*king thing else too!

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Lead, Copper, Brass... all the precious metals...

Oh, and delivery systems.


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Ok... $47.85...  Who let the dog out?

I mean... $50 is just around the corner... Surreal.

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Where are Dian L. Chu and MathMan??


EDIT:  It's now past $49.66

Hunt Bros. maximum has been broken.

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I saw $49.81...$49.58...$48.96...$49.20...$49.24...$48.01...$49.06...$48.60...$47.93...$48.95


Volatility is insane right here. Feels like things are just flailing around.

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Someone just bought a SHITLOAD of silver.  

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All PMs.  Where are the bashers tonight.  Who are those that hate Gold and PMs?  Hate?  Why?  They are:

Those who did Not Buy yet.   Those who sold too early.  Those who hate to see somebody else get rich.

Those who do not get it.   Those who want yours on the cheap.    Those who want you to buy stocks instead.

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I just hope the real malicious and malevolent anti-PM propagandists like Jon Nadler are shitting in their pants this evening, in fear of just what this week might bring in the prices of the precious metals.  Jonny ol' boy, I hope you choke on your own vomit when silver passes $60 sometime next week.

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 47  >>>>>>>>>>    48  




goodbye 47


how do you like me now math punk? 

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The Hunt Brothers high was $48.70. I wonder if someone is going to interview them tomorrow when it's taken out?

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Daily high was $49.45 on January 18th, 1980.

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At only $5 to dig out of the ground, this silver is becoming highly profitable!

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is it only 5$?

I guess it is if you're talking about the amount of silver extracted as a byproduct of other mining operatons

but yes - that figure worries me and i often thin that i might sell 1/3 of my silver soon...

then I look at western governments largess and I think - fuck it


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no, just a sarcastic reference to one of the resident silver trolls who claims it only costs $5 to dig up. You'll never see him on an up day for PMs.

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I have 1/5 of my silver going on ebay right now.  With my cost basis, this 1/5 is going to make the rest of my silver free.  The other 4/5ths will be held until the new currency is issued.

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in old French silver coins?


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>> that figure worries me and i often thin that i might sell 1/3 of my silver soon...

Stop fucking worrying. When Silver reaches 500usd/ounce that's when you may want to start thinking about selling 1/3 of it.

I assure you, it would be the biggest investment mistake of your life to miss out on this all the way by blowing off 1/3 of your supply.

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He is afraid to lose out on the Good Stuff to FRN exchange rate today.

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Thanks for sharing the link.  I have been looking for this.

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$48.25 Silver!

$1515.20 Gold!

It's time to shave the Bernank! lol

Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

$50 /oz Silver on 25 April 2011


Preparing the champagne!!!

I hope you've also got farmland and water!


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anyone watching silver tonight?


We just blew through $49, up to $49.50, back down to $48.90.


I don't give a fuck what Jim Rodgers says, lets take this bitch parabolic and don't stop till we're pushing 4 figures.

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I don't give a fuck what Jim Rodgers says, lets take this bitch parabolic and don't stop till we're pushing 4 figures.

Let's say it gets to 4 figures.

What will you do then?  Sell and buy what with the earnings?

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Of course, it would be only a matter of time before ZH rolled out Doug Casey.  The whole ZH site runs like a more sophisticated replay of Doug Casey's "Crisis Investing" and "Strategic Investing" from the 1980s.  Doug must be overjoyed to finally see his predictions realized 30 years later and to find himself on ZH. 

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And your point, asswipe, would be just what exactly?

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I'll choose to be on the side of 3500 years of history.  I've been burned by the "this time it's different" jammy.


I'm on Casey's side.

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Me as well.  One of the better commentaries about when it be time to sell.  I think there will  be a couple of flashing red lights.  The biggest will be when the dollar is devalued.  But another could be when the biggest banks finally go bust.  I think we've got quite some time yet I'm afraid.

OrestesPenthilusQuintard's picture


I subscribe to Gary North's site - he's the best I've read at prognosticating these kinds of things.

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I suggest we may be able to tell when the bubble will burst and it may not burst. It may plateau. My best guess from my reading is that there will be a worldwide return to a gold standard to stop the current currency wars. The price of gold to back between 40 and 100% of our dollars will be at least $3k/oz up to $12k/oz. This author likes $5k. You could buy all the way up to that number and it will not fall. Governments will probably give warning as international meetings commence to determine what to do about failing currencies and economies. That's your warning and last buying opportunity. If the U.S. and others go all the way to full hyperinflation then you get a new currency and you have a whole new measurement. However, you don't really lose. You get a reset.

So, I think there is a possibility that you never lose barring out and out mania. If things go like the early 80's then you can get caught at a peak just as the government gets responsible you could get burned...but probably not horribly. Just hold on with time or reinvest.

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 "That's your warning and last buying opportunity."

VERY likely your last chance to SELL.

If anyone here is loopy enough to think that if their PM's get to those prices, they will get to keep them, and sell for the higher prices, your in Lala land.

No way the Gvts are going to allow us to make that kind of profit w/out stealing our hard earned, and risk taking years of chance and investing.

Casey is basically saying you dump it, before it gets to that point, buy land, the VERY best equities(great firms),anything that will hold value, and /or grow in value.

Plus, protect your years of waiting for the vig.

No one takes risks, or invests wanting, demanding/expecting  a LOSS.

I will throw mine in the nearest lake or ocean prior to getting it stolen by the SOB's that made me invest in it for life savings protection to begin with for a dime on the dollar, or whatever they call it.

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I agree that it could be confiscated ala FDR. That's a different risk to be evaluated. On a value basis, though it would plateau at the price to back the dollar and all currencies. There wouldn't be any drop unless the value was set at significantly less than the current market price. However, that would be economically unlikely and would certainly be far above the current price.

Personally, that would be tipping point for me. I would actually fight confiscation. That is a government out of control.

You know, I was taught in school that FDR was a hero and savior of the country. I have learned that he was a real bastard, hard core elitist socialist. I think he confiscated gold at $20 then revalued it at $35.

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You are really a big fucking pussy, aren't you?

I am Chumbawamba.

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That's not how it works. Bankers want china to be stronger member of the economy. They will force a fight between US and china. They'll just screw US in the ear by yanking in funding and access to everything. Flood china with money. Let china just kick the living snot out of the US, murder the fuck out of most of it's soldiers, turn all it's gadgets into trash and then continue on.

US is damaged goods. Priest caught raping the altar boys too much. They'll use chinas reserved attitude about sharing itself with the world as a aura of mystery to build up a mythology facade to continue on with building their slave planet. So don't laugh at poor people getting shit beat out of them by global thugs. It's coming to your neighborhood sooner or later.

They've already handed over all the friend or foe codes. Specs to build radio transmitters to take over all the US's drones and stuff. Packed all our intellignce shit with faked up chips. And michelle on zero hedge can not like me as much as she wants because i constantly bad mouth the military but her husband is in serious fucking danger.

It's the same thing that the did with US UK. China will be seen as some rebel force stopping the evil US which is evil as fuck make no mistakes. But then they'll just become us. Just as fucked up and evil and warring all the time but with a slightly altered story line explanation. We were set up to believe we were some independant entity to brittian and even allowed to hurt them quite a bit but it was all investment in a new wolf in sheeps clothing.

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Wow you are just a nut. But you know what. Those empty ghost cities in china are just really strange aren't they. It's like they are expecting people to move there. But who is going to be moving there. I don't know it's wierd isn't it.

I wonder if this japan thing if people will go hey china how about we buy up some of those empty apartment complexes you got built already. You're asian were asian we'd get along. And they'll probably be all like. Oh no um we have plan for that. Can't say what though.

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I like your post but what the heck are you talking about when you write about the early 1980s and governments getting responsible?  That is when this madness really started going full blown.  Raising the interest rate by Volcker did not signal responsibility.  It marked the beginning of the most irresponsible government actions in U.S. history.  Since then it has just been one massive ponzi moment after another. 

I am still having a hard time buying any semblance of a gold standard.  I wish somebody could convince me.  But I think these maniacs would choose war before they chose responsibility. 

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I was talking about responsible in only a limited sense. We still run deficits 30 years later. Volcker brought the currency and rates back in line. I actually think it was one of the few times that money reached it's true price.

My point for illustration was that gold peaked at about $800, the government took currency action and it dropped down to $200+. That's really the only time that gold depreciated. It has been flat or appreciated all other times before and since. So, the risk is small of a giant gold bubble bursting. I don't think it was really a bubble then. It was a rational reaction to what were current events. Silver was a bubble due to the Hunt brothers trying to corner the market.

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If I was in a position of being able to manipulate the price of something, and I wanted to acquire more of that something, I would also talk it down, call it a bubble, root of all evil, thing for them to do so they can get more at lower prices. :-)

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People hate gold because it's betting against everything else they hold dear.

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People hate gold because it's betting against everything else they hold dear.



this + about infinity

dishonest people can't handle golds stern monetary oversight

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I had an idiot repeat to me on Friday that gold is in a bubble and you can't eat it.  I responded, "but nobody that had gold starved in the past 5,000 years."  He became a deer in headlghts.

I won't go into the full particulars of this putz but he does possess an MBA. 

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He'll, I have a cousin with an MBA from Columbia, and at our family reunion last summer, was shocked when I explained that the Federal Reserve was not part of the Treasury Dept. Gave him my copy of Creature from Jeckyl Island.

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Who the fuck cares about an MBA?

Degrees are pieces of shit dispensed by corrupt government-licensed shill institutes.

Having "higher education" is a strike AGAINST people in my book.

I own a small business and I actively reject employee-applicants who try to tout that they went to XYZ government-sponsored school. College degrees are a terrible investment.

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Agreed. They sure love to tell you how eduated they are.