Guest Post: Economic Consequences Of The “New World Order”

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I'm rather fond of the "Old World Order" of confusion, wars, chaos, revolutions, coup d'etet, OSS, all the fun stuff.  You want utopia, move to California. 

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Is the present day central valley of California utopian?   The third world moved there and is very unemployed, along with a lot of the natives.

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Which natives are you referring to? The Paiute and Yuki tribes, or the iphone and ipad tribes? It seems to me that historically speaking, the natives always get the axe, or in my case, the machete.

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This article has very good advice.  What ever a predator parasite advocates: do the opposite.  No SDRs, a free market in money.

No centralization of authority: a free market in security and adjudication services (end the states of this world and regain your freedom). The solution to statism is not one monopoly state, it is the end of statism.




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VE. You are talking to a fellow Libertarian. One with a sometimes disturbing sense of humor/sarcastic nature. :)

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. Most of Cali is several generations native, and some of us whites are too. I'm 6th generation, pre Gold-Rush, which is damn rare for a Pink.

The Midwest Third World came here in the '30s and got too lazy to work in the fields. Tom Joad also moved to Orange County- now there is a cultural dystopia.

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The business corporation is the acendent organizing force now, superceding government.  Not toally of course. Sometimes partnering and sometimes co opting.  Will it be better than the old order?  Let's hope so. Since 95% of the readers here hate government it would be best to understand the new order, join it, meaning be a good company man and set aside all those childish notions of the primacy of the individual.  Say hello to the new boss.

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If you study the IMF-Sorros method you will realise that your view of corporatism as  the new ascendant must consider the reality that monopolist globalist corporations need some kind of monopoly of force and adjudication  (the state- or the proposed "super-state") so that they can prevent a true free market and the competition and proper market clearing prices for wages and raw materials that would occur under it . They cannot compete in a truly free market. 


And of course the "corporations" are merely the management vehicles used by those who have already bootstrapped almost infinite past theft through fiat-currency so they can efficiently manage their "livestock" (the human wage slave). Look carefully at the entities that control most of the stock of these major corporations. The key to the globalist wet-dream is the globalist currency SDR, enforced by a global monopoly of force capable of destroying anyone who would dare to choose to live by free exchange.  Let's not go there. It isn't all that new, just a different variation on the slavery theme.  The laggards in our species ought to grow out of the practise of lying, stealing and killing to get what they want, and rely on voluntary exchanges in a free market.

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This new world order thing was postulated by science fiction writers I read as a child in the 50s.  However, if the theory of peak oil holds water, and a lot of people who seem to know what they are talking about believe it does, the world is about to become a much bigger and far less manageable place.  I think I read somewhere that the military believes it can make it 20 years.  The rest of us not so much.  We'll really be feeling the pinch in 5.   I don't think even our own federal government (may it shrivel and die) will be able to effect the level of control it now enjoys on this continent.  I don't see how a world government in its infancy can flourish without the cheap energy oil affords.  

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Only folk from outside the Winter Home of the Great Satan think it's a utopia. 

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I'm pro One World Government.  Suck it haters, bring it on!

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Well you better start dividing your mother's basement up into different economic zones in preparation for the big day!  Mr. Soros is going to want to see some experience on that CV.

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My mothers basement! How origional!  Where in the world did you come up with that one! Oh and yes of course I worship Mr. Soros!  Thank you for asking.


Shut up you self flagellating teatard clown. 

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Self flagellating.. Really, is there anything wrong with that?

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I  hope your joking....

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"The Jewish people as a whole will become its own Messiah. It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship. In this New World Order the "children of Israel" will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will fall without difficulty into the hands of the Jews. It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state. Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands."

--Baruch Levy, Letter to Karl Marx, 'La Revue de Paris', p.574, June 1, 1928

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Gotta admit for such a small population of them globally they sure have managed to oligopolize every important government, financial institution, and entertainment venue in the world.

Someone is looking to make certain that they gather to themselves all the meaningful power in the world.

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The Flemish and French in Belgium, The world capital of international bureaucratic power-wanking, can barely get along with each other to an extent necessary to share one country (and will probably go their separate ways) but the whole world is going to unite under one government? 

Never going to happen.


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Those little disputes will be swept aside by the International powers, It does not matter whether you're German or French, whether you like the Greeks or the Portuguese, under 1 World Government(the UN or EU or North American Union) you won't have a choice, because it is a political union not a union of the people

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Throughout history ethnic and cultural differences have amounted to a whole lot more than "little disputes" in terms of determining political outcomes...and unless human nature changes tomorrow, they always will.

You'll notice that despite all the bellyaching and celebration about "Diversity" by it's denizens (who are likely pro-international governance as well) the Upper West Side remains mosque-free.

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I don't think the idea is for the whole world to 'unite' voluntarily. Rather, more like herded into a global cattle-pen under one global politburo.

How one group of proles gets along with another is irrelevant in the eyes of the elite.

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Sad thing is, the sheeple will voluntarily go into the pen (concentration camp) as it will provide the only food and shelter they can obtain without stealing.

All herds are assembled for slaughter. This time will be no different.

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and even in flanders you have different regions that can't get along. :)


Look at the once great empires. They became great, greater, massive and once they got massive they broke down faster then "WE WANT CHANGE".

Take Russia for example: I don't even know how many countries have split from it since the USSR fell.

England: They once dominated half the world

Spain: Same as England

France, Holland, Germany... they all failed.

And the latest: America. They are now everywhere, but for how long?


People will fight for their identity!


Just look at big international firms! They constantly strugle to create 1 identity and get their staff to follow 1 path. And rarely it works.

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You're right, dictatorships only work on a small scale, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Myanmar and the half life of an empire is roughly 100 years at best but still the USSR survived for 3 generations so even though 100 years might not seem much it's a lot for 1 person

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and that Roman empire myth was just that, imagine dominating a large chunk of the known world for a few hundred years without the benefit of technology

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The Romans knew about, traded with, and had diplomatic delegations in India and China. They also "knew" there were lands in southern Africa.

They did not dominate their "known" world, just one part of it.

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Mercury, It's already happened.

The UN security council is the most power Military Body in the world. Keeping the "Peace" American style is really in fashion at the UN right now.

Anyways, UN+BIS+Vatican...

very plausible, eh? Military and Politics+Finance+Religion.

Throw in WB and IMF and EU parliament and NAU as enforcers. 

India, looks bright and shiny but is rotten at the core now. Push-over.

In fact, it is being brought out in the open more and more everyday. 

Novus ordo seclorum (Latin for "New Order of the Ages") appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States, first designed in 1782...


Novus ordo seclorum people!


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When you come across peak oil literature and data, you notice one thing that's irrefutable. We're on a crash course with nature. It's there, it's real. But the push against global warming/climate change always seemed dubious. I can't believe that people like Soros, Rockefeller, Rotschild don't know what's coming. Putting some conspiratorial pieces together, [Georgia Guidestones, Aaron Russo's interview, Rockefeller own confession and so on...] it became clear that the elite wants the economy to crash against the wall. I don't want to overestimate their intelligence but if I wanted a new world order [defined by the Georgia Guidestones] with total control, I would not used my influence to stop the overconsuming, overspending, population overshoot. Let everything crash and pick up the pieces to have a world according to my own views. Contrary to popular belief, Limits to Growth is sound scientifically. And this is why they always win. Neo-feudalism is underway.


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Hmm. I think many on the boards believe that neo-feudalism is already here, whilst others contend that feudalism never went away except for very short instances of human history. 


My own experiences tell me that human nature divides us into two neat groups: Those who want to lead and those who want to be led. Extrapolate that in any direction, and you have various forms of social structure that mimic feudalism in every way but in name. Conversely, leaderless anarchy, even ones based on enlightened self interest is the least desirable state because it is so fleeting and prone to the weaknesses in our own nature to climb to the top and tell others what to do. 


So why hasn't mob rule worked? Why has democracy failed so badly to place good people in positions of power where they might do the most good? Why, for fuck sake, does the proven "Wisdom of Crowds" theory fall flat when applied to politics? First, in most democracies, it's not quite mob rule and disenfranchisement is quite common. Second, election systems are wide open to abuse and manipulation - particularly in the USA with its ridiculous campaign funding fiascos. Third, wisdom of crowds does not work when 95% of the people who vote are as far away from wisdom as Paris Hilton is away from virginity. 


That last one is the most important, imo, to move away from feudalism that is inherent human nature. Only the top 5% of the population have higher degrees in education, an even smaller % in subjects that are useful. Plainly, if the normalized distribution of the population places the vast majority in the stupid sector of the bell curve, then what you will always have are stupid results, with opportunities for shadowy special interest groups to defraud, subjugate, and oppress the public. The only way for democracies to work properly is for individuals and the society at large to place education at the forefront - to reverse the current trend and make 95% of the populace smart, well-informed, thinking individuals. We might then finally begin to get a semblance of sanity in the way we live. In other words, make everyone smarter if you want to live in Utopia. :)

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I do not want to lead or to be led.

I shit on this dualistic only system. I show the whole world my finger and live my own life.

It works!

Humanity is in a neverending evolutionary process, as is all nature.

Why divide us in leading people and being-led people?

There is so much more to do then just "eat or be eaten".

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+1. It's frustrating to want a better way when all around others chase their basest instincts. 

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As Ernie Hancock says, "There are two types of people, those who want to be left alone, and those who won't leave them alone." (with both the "leaders" and the "followers" in the second group).

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YHC, good points all.

In my opinion, the only things that worked well for people, in terms of governance instead of rule were the reigns of the philosopher Kings. Every other system has proven a failure and demonocracy is of course the worst of them all.

Demonocracy imposes the false burden of equality and it's twin, expectation, all too evenly on society while providing vastly different environments for all these "equal" people to grow and be educated etc.

The same damage was done selling this fictitious equality to women as a part of the Feminist movement.

The premise is patently false and has been refined into a new-age political-correctness farce.

We are not equal in the linear ways we have been forced to believe and we are not un-equal at all, but that is something one needs to LIVE not just be-Lieve.


YHC-FTSE's picture

I must confess that I'm unfamiliar with the historical concept of philosopher kings, but it does sound fascinating enough to warrant further reading on my part, thanks.


Oh, and I agree with you wholeheartedly about the false burden of equality, and its twin, expectation. We're clearly not created equal. On ZH, of all places, we're all familiar with the lies that tell us we're all going to be millionaires, models, movie stars, and sports heroes. :). I am, however, fervent in my belief of lifting barriers to self-improvement. I.E. I advocate equal rights (Opportunities) and reject disenfranchisement. No person should ever be barred from improving their lot in life because of the colour of their skin, beliefs, or their lack of a penis. That's not political correctness but something I have always deeply felt within my own sense of ethos & justice. You remind me of a good friend of mine.

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I would never describe my sex as "lack of a penis" -- a strange male perspective I suppose.

Females have something (a womb) -- they don't "lack" something.

YHC-FTSE's picture

Sorry, I ran out of words to phrase the unfair advantage of historical male domination. Quite right. Women, most women imo, do not lack anything. Especially when I'm her husband. :)

velobabe's picture

never thought of it that way. lack of a penis. hell, i am glad i don't have a penis, come to think of it. what a burden†

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YHC-FTSE: You present a well written and logical premise. The solution only seems dimly possible. I've noticed a trend in education over the years to merely transfer a skillset for a particular job rather than produce critical thinkers.

YHC-FTSE's picture

Thanks mate. I'm almost being facetious when I wish everyone can just take a smart pill and grow a few more useful connections in their empty heads. :) Defining "smart", is in itself a rather more subjective thing than one likes to admit. :)


I quite agree the solution seems dimly possible, but easily fixed at the point of sale, as it were. It's not unheard of to emphasise the methodology of education rather than the subject of a skillset. As with many things, the way that we do something is sometimes more important than what we do. Probably why I loved the natural sciences so much in my youth.

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The difference between traditional feudalism and neo feudalism is the degree of awareness of its victims, largely due to the expansion of our understanding of phsychology and, thus, our ability to manipulate people.  In short, through neo feudalism's evolution, we have created an enslaved society that is either unaware of their precarious situation or have been conditioned incredibly well to ignore it.  It really is a masterpiece...  but, given the human condition's teeter totter between the poles of capitalism and communism, of individual versus collective bargaining, we eventually go the other way (sometimes violently when the asshole on the other end rises us in the air and then bails from his side, in the present case representing galt's gulch so to speak).

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World's oil reserves 2011: 1,243 bbl minus the nonexistent reserves the Saudis and others lie about 

World's oil reserves 2050: ??????? 

World's Population 2011: 7 Billion

World's Population 2050: 9 Billion

US Baby-boomers, other pensionaries 2011: over 60 million

US Social Security, Medicade, Medicare 2050: bankrupt for over ten years, technically broke since 2015 


What about finite clean water, clean air, good quality cetera … et cetera:


So, what is ZH counterproposal?


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That was my point with the deliberate conspiracy theory angle regarding peak resources. We're just screwed... No boogey-man in the closet.

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You are lining up figures and what?

The world is organized to support consumption on this side of the world.

What do you care what the other side consumes? Their consumption is only there to make ours bigger.  It's been a while most of the world population no longer compete with us on the resources and are only helpers to our consumption.

The US main legacy to consumption is ways to consume more and faster. 9 billions people on Earth? How many would have adopted the US mindset? That is the crucial question.

Stop behaving  like every one on Earth was modelled on the US gluton type.

Provide quality propaganda. Not worthless drivel that reads like a guy who participated to a game and is not whining because he is on the losing side.

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It is just as possible that world population 2050:  500 Million.

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A long bow is been drawn in this article and and the pejorative term "elites" used to undermine alternative equally valid opinions. The author needs to be more neutral in his language if he wishes to mask his bias. I doubt that George Soros has any more power than any other commentator, he is unelected and the best he can do is throw around maybe a billion or two within trillion dollar markets.  So what!

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I always thought, the only elites, "true elites" were on ZH?! ;)

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I always thought, the elites where the hard to kill monsters in video games :)