Guest Post: Egypt's Warning: Are You Listening?

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Submitted by Chris Martenson

Egypt's Warning: Are You Listening?

One day, a fruit and vegetable seller was arrested in Tunisia, sparking social unrest, and a few weeks later the government of Egypt was set to topple. 

Such is the nature of complex, chaotic, and unpredictable systems. The stresses build for years and years, and nothing really seems to be happening, but then everything suddenly changes. Egypt is therefore emblematic of what we might expect in any complex system in which pressures are building, such as the US Treasury market.  

Can events in complex systems ever be predicted? No...and yes. No, because the precise timing and details can never be predicted. Yes, because we can be certain that anything that is unsustainable will someday cease to continue and things that are horribly imbalanced will someday topple. We can also be certain that the change, when it comes, will be rather sudden and abrupt, rather than gentle and linear.

That is, we can easily predict that a complex system will shift, and that it will probably do so rapidly, but not exactly when or by how much.

How unbalanced was Egypt? Very.

Here are a few quite relevant statistics about Egypt (hat tip to an email from reader Mark O., with credit to Dr. John Coulter) to which I have added a few items:

The relentless math:

Population 1960:  27.8 million
Population 2008:  81.7 million
Current population growth rate: 2% per annum (a 35-year doubling rate)
Population in 2046 after another doubling:  164 million

Rainfall average over whole country:  ~ 2 inches per year
Highest rainfall region:  Alexandria, 7.9 inches per year
Arable land (almost entirely in the Nile Valley):  3%
Arable land per capita:  0.04 Ha (400 m2)
Arable land per capita in 2043: 0.02 Ha
Food imports: 40% of requirements
Grain imports: 60% of requirements

Net oil exports: Began falling in 1997, went negative in 2007
Oil production peaked in 1996
Cost of oil rising steeply
Cost of oil and food tightly linked

The future of Egypt will be shaped by these few biophysical facts -- a relentless form of math that is hardly unique to Egypt, by the way -- and it matters very little who is in power. Given the choice, I would not want to live there, nor in any other country that has fostered or permitted such reckless population growth beyond what the country itself can sustain. 

The interesting part is that these facts have been in plain view for decades, building into economic and social pressures that were suddenly unleashed in a wave of social and political unrest. How was it that such obvious things escaped notice for so long before they suddenly reared up into plain view? Instead of being a surprising exception to the rule, we should instead brace ourselves against the idea that this is just the way things tend to work. 

Back to the main story. Without persistent (and rising) food imports, Egypt cannot feed itself. It has managed to cover up the shortfall by having enough oil to export, but, like every country, their oil reserves are finite and eventually they'll face a day of reckoning.  

The oil situation in Egypt has only very recently become an enormous and unavoidable issue.

The monthly peak occurred in December 1996 (the yearly peak was also 1996), and oil production is now down some 30 percent since then. 

While it's good to have plenty of production, what really matters to a nation that imports so much of its basic living items are exports

Of course, there are two things that typically chew on a nation's oil exports: falling production and rising internal consumption. With both of these dynamics in play, Egypt's exports have been getting mauled, not by one, but by two exponential functions: 

(Source - EIA) 

The green circle marks the date when Egypt hit its peak of petroleum production in 1996, and the blue circle and arrow marks when exports had fallen by 50%, just six years after peak production. 

The gap between those two events, six years, is a very short amount of time to adjust to the new reality -- too short, as it turns out. Such is the nature of a double exponential working against you. 

[Note:  For the energy purists, this chart from the Energy Information Agency (EIA) misrepresents things somewhat. Egypt's domestic oil consumption and production are virtually identical right now, but Egypt has the largest oil refining sector in Africa, which skews their petroleum imports to the negative side. But whether Egypt became a new petroleum importer this year or in 2007 is essentially a historical blink, and the story told by the trajectory of the chart is little changed by small matters of timing.]

Any country that has to import both oil and food is living on borrowed time. It was only a matter of time before something gave way, and apparently that time is now.

Hillary Clinton actually spoke something approximating the truth about this fact recently, although she was referring to the entire region, but nonetheless, it was an unusual moment of clarity for the US political structure:

Hillary Clinton: Middle East facing 'perfect storm'

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said the Middle East is facing a "perfect storm" of unrest and nations must embrace democratic change.

Speaking in Munich, Mrs Clinton said the status quo in the region was "simply not sustainable". "The region is being battered by a perfect storm of powerful trends.

"This is what has driven demonstrators into the streets of Tunis, Cairo, and cities throughout the region. The status quo is simply not sustainable."

She said that with water shortages and oil running out, governments may be able to hold back the tide of change for a short while but not for long.

Water shortages and oil running out? I'd decode those ideas for you, but they speak for themselves. Food and fuel are running out. The irony here is that she may as well have been speaking about the United States, Japan, or any number of countries across the globe, but any admission of biophysical limits is a good start, I suppose.

Editorially, it's not at all clear to me how the poorly defined concept of 'democratic change' will really change the equation much, as limits are immune to which 'ism' you happen to be running, but I am sure there are some in Washington DC who think ideology can trump reality. Regardless, I am somewhat surprised to see such obvious truths about water and oil being spoken by a senior US representative; it was unclear to me that anyone at that level had any awareness of these subjects at all.

My intent here is not to point out the future difficulties that Egypt faces, no matter who is charge, but to use the change that happened there as emblematic of what we might expect elsewhere, especially in the financial markets.

Egypt simply reminds us that anything that is unsustainable will someday change. It is an emblem for the world.

With abundant energy and food, we are treated to expansive and stable economies in which everyone stands a chance of gaining. Not that everyone will, mind you, but the possibility is there  In an energy-constrained world, what was formerly possible is no longer do-able, things don't work right, and there seem to be persistent shortages of everything from growth, to money, to food, to goodwill. What used to work doesn't. It is at these points that the prior stresses and imbalances are most likely to snap and suddenly change the world. 

These are the very sorts of changes that are coming to the rest of the world. Perhaps to a country or financial market near you. Are you ready?

In Part II of this report, our just-released Guide to Navigating the Coming Crisis, we analyze how the same systemic breakages in Egypt will likely manifest in the United States (and other countries). Also, for the first time ever, we have summarized the entire 'method' by which we make sense of the world. This method has allowed us to both grow our wealth and sleep better at night. Yes, there are troubling events afoot in the world, but an accurate diagnosis goes a very long way towards relieving the stresses that can cloud good decision-making and narrow one's field of view. We not only give you the information you need; we give you our best tools so that you can fashion them into the right actions that make sense for you.

Click here to read the Guide to Navigating the Coming Crisis (free executive summary; enrollment required for full access).

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TooBearish's picture

Brent WTI spread now 15$ am I seeing that right?


CrashisOptimistic's picture

More than $15.  And so it shall remain while pipelines Houston to Cushing are strictly one way, north.  Well, wait.  It may not remain that way.  It may get wider.

Bottom line, the price of oil is presently $102/barrel.

Do not think Egypt's 703K bpd of production will not value this and that someone is not maneuvering to get his hand in that pocket.

hambone's picture

This is insane - I have to believe traders are buying ships intended for Western Atlantic (Gulf of Mexico) @ $86 and pocketing the $15 difference selling on the Eastern Atlantic?

CrashisOptimistic's picture

It's not insane.  Canadian tar sand crude is piped to Cushing **and it can't go south to Houston from there**.  It can't go anywere but the US, and not there very effectively because WTI just doesn't pump much anymore.  It can't get to where the demand is for Brent (China and India) so its price can't rise to the Brent price.

This is not going to change until China / India have a collapse of demand.  You can't drive price of something that is in shorter and shorter supply downward unless you drive demand downward.

hambone's picture

Canada is #1 foreign source but what about Nigeria, Venezuela, Mexico...wouldn't they all stop piping / shipping to US (where possible) at a huge discount and sell at real market price?  Hard to understand market forces (yeah, still there somewhere?) would close this gap?  Must be more structural pipeline based than I realize.

Like everything else, I don't get it?

New_Meat's picture

dang long-term Contracts.  I keep tellin' my boss about them long-term Contracts...

VegasBD's picture

a lot of brent oil goes thru suez, ships carrying wti oil are already too big and go around the cape, no disruptions there

Downtoolong's picture

And therefore, WTI futures no longer serve as a benchmark for anything but identifying fools who bought into USO.


CrashisOptimistic's picture

Bingo.  WTI just isn't pumped much now.  The benchmark is Brent.  And frankly, it's pumping rate is falling too.

hambone's picture

I know the answer but I'll ask anyway - could the rationale for WTI also be that it hides the true cost of energy from Mericans?  Another politicized benchmark?

BTW - just for fun I was checking out Wikipedia regarding the discrepancy paid at pump round the world.  Seems the big variable is not the oil but the taxes...just to get the flavor, taxes added on are $6.28 per gallon in Germany and well over $6 per gallon in UK (compared to average tax $0.50 added per gallon in US).  $2.40 added per gallon in Australia (of course EU and Austrlia are in litres and converted from local currency / measurement to US / gallon for easy comp...most also include the VAT). 

Wonder how much longer til US legislators realize the gold mine of uncollected taxes at the pump???

CrashisOptimistic's picture

Not really.  Refineries pay what they pay, and 2/3 of what they refine are imports.  Those imports don't price at WTI levels just because it offloads in Houston.  It doesn't offload until the money gets paid, at much higher than WTI levels.

This is largely inside baseball stuff.  If Brent goes to 150 and WTI dives to 30, you'll pay $5-6/gallon.

mynhair's picture


oops, caps lock

EU is toast, and I'm outta butter.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

too bearish:  it's ok. bonds had a nice rallye, so we know it's risk off.  these assholes think they are picasso's and monet's, but they are big assholes and moony about money.  thank you fair-ly mooch;  i'll pee here awl weak.

Michael's picture

The American Revolution 2.0 will be kicked off by a single Tweet.

hambone's picture

Merican revolution will be kicked off by a single denial of more free shit to somebody (to corporations, to poor, to rich, to foreign "allies" like Egypt).

Michael's picture

This is one way to get rid of a dirt bag congressman who voted for keeping the Patriot Act.

Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.) announced early Wednesday evening that he will resign his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Buffalo-based station YNN relays a statement from Lee, who has signaled that he will vacate his post immediately:
News of Lee's decision to step down comes just hours after it was reported that the married congressman sent shirtless photos of himself to a woman who he connected with on the "Women Seeking Men" section of Craigslist.

We have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat temporarily. The Tweets are ringing off the wall, dating myself there.

Top Twitter Trends Previous tweets for trend: Patriot Act

The people who voted for this need to get an earful from you. Keep the pressure on. The momentum is on our side now.

By a vote of 277-148, the House failed to pass the extension, needed 290(2/3) Yea votes to pass- click here for the roll call vote to see how your representative voted!  See list of traitors of our nation here.

Thanks again for all you've done, but remember, we can't let up pressure now. This won't be the last we've heard of the PATRIOT Act renewal in the House.

tellsometruth's picture

agreed... keep up the pressure!

Michael's picture

You can see the Tweets coming through the in real time at this google search.

"The House on Thursday will again take up a bill that would extend until December key provisions of the Patriot Act counterterrorism surveillance law, two days after the measure fell seven votes short of the super-majority required for passage under fast-track rules.

The bill will be brought up again under a "closed rule," meaning that no amendments can be offered. It will need only a simple majority to pass instead of the two-thirds that was required on Tuesday.

Lawmakers will vote on Thursday on the rules governing debate on the measure. That will be followed by debate and a vote on the measure itself, which has yet to be scheduled. A House Republican leadership aide said that GOP leaders are working with members to address any concerns they might have and that they expect the bill to move forward "in the coming days."

The timeline facing lawmakers could be tricky. The three provisions that would be extended by the bill are set to expire on Feb. 28 unless Congress acts.

Even if the House passes its version of the legislation well before then, the Senate - which is in recess until next week - still has to sign off. And the Senate is debating three different timelines, any of which would extend the Patriot Act provisions beyond the December date called for in the House bill.

Key members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have indicated that Feb. 17 is the target date by which the upper chamber must act in order for the provisions to be extended."

glenlloyd's picture

or a single twinkie - stolen that is.

slewie the pi-rat's picture

the famous twinkie defense!  used by the psychopath who killed SF mayor moscone and harvey milk to launch "Board of Supervisor's Head Cunt"  the deplorable difi's 'carreer'!  Sen. Dianne Feinstein, CA.  dan white was the agent of change that we could believe in that day:  Nov. 27, 1978.  her husband's name is BAUM and he is one of the greatest americam puppet masters in our glorious history.  the cover was that he was "unstable" in the law enforcement dept.  his defense?  he had eaten a hostess twinkie and it made him temporily insane, so he crawled thru a conveniently left-open window in City Hall and wasted the two most popular GAY elected officials in the history of the city.  here's the link to the trial and the fact that the "jury" actually acquitted the agent of these psycopathic slugs b/c, well, with that much sugar in his system (people "knew" that "sugar is bad") he was, necessarily, able to incapacitate our dear, dear mr. white, so he was unable to PLAN the assassination, which resulted, of course, in the agent's acquittal!

dan white trial jury - Google Search

disclaimer:  now this is just one man's opinion of this "case", ok.  i wouldn't want these billionaires to think i could actually be a fuking threat to them, ok.  dan white did kill the two LEGALLY ELECTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS.  but it wasn't a crime, because he ate a tawwwinkie!  ergo, since he stood for a fair and public trial, i can only say that to me, this case reeks of criminal psycopathy.  but, what do i know?  dan white ain't gonna finger anybody if he's innocent, is he?  he acted alone.  because of the hostess twinkie, OF COURSE!!!  love yer stuff difi!  good luck with that gold mine, too!  i hope nobody checks THAT out!  they might start to notice the same odor as i have, for 33 YEARS!!!

here's a cute version of the Faust Concerto in b flat major, too.

YouTube - The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

glenlloyd, nice!

Cleanclog's picture

The consumptive model is toast - and that doesn't bode well for capitalism, which is also built on a model of "growth at all costs" for return on capital.

We must stop building things to throw away.  Even with wonderful technological advances, we can't keep junking obsolete versions into landfill, waterways, and eventually outerspace.  It's toxic byproducts leach into ground water, mess up oceanic ecosystems, and will mess with satellites. Sustainability must be the model - but still insufficient political will.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

We must stop building things to throw away.  Even with wonderful technological advances, we can't keep junking obsolete versions into landfill, waterways, and eventually outerspace.

The ghost of Wayne Karp says shut the fuck up.

derryl's picture

All of our money is created as debt at interest.  For each $1000 of money that is created as a bank deposit due to a bank 'loan' at 5% interest, there is a concomitant $1050 created as "debt".  Loans = "money".  Debt = money + interest.  There is more debt owed than there is money to pay the debt.  That's why it's necessary to have constant "economic growth", so consumers and investors keep borrowing newly created bank money and spending it into the economy so people can earn it and pay principal and interest on their old bank debt.  When the music stops, when debt-money growth stalls or goes negative, we get financial cisisis.  We throw shit away and build and buy new shit to serve this impossible arithmetic of debt, for no other reason.  

Our money system and economy were not "designed" by a benevolent genius to serve the interests of "the people".  The system we have is the evolution of human weakness: greed and powerlust.  Don't expect it to be rational.  Don't expect it to be sustainable.  Don't expect it to be just.  It is animals seeking to gain advantage over other animals by whatever means they can.  Did Hank Paulson "earn" his half billion dollar fortune?  No, he "acquired" it, by animal methods, in the animal world we still live in.

Spiritual evolution is about replacing our animal motivational structure with a rational (conditioned by compassion) "human" motivational structure.  Some of us evolve, others remain animals.  We all started as amoeba.  Eventually some of us became human.  Most are still dogs and monkeys.  We are more rational, but dogs and monkeys are stronger than us.  They are not conflicted by 'morality'.  This is their world, serving their god Mammon, and they rule it in their animal fashion.

pods's picture

Dammit, you beat me to it!


pods's picture

Well the simple reason that we do not live like this is because the system we are in does not allow for it.

It all boils down to growth.  Specifically growth in accrued interest.  Our system demands growth to pay for the ever increasing interest on our debts. If there is no growth, we cannot service the interest and our system collapses.

So, as an idea, sustainability is great, but in our fiat-credit at interest world it is impossible.  We need to keep building things, to keep growing. Otherwise our debts catch up with us.  Even with growth, debts catch up with a certain percent of people.  This is by design as well.  This is how the banks obtain real property and increase their wealth.  If we ever entered a zero growth model, people would soon learn the truth about our system:

That is was set up from the beginning to allow the bankers to extract real wealth from society while doing exactly nothing.

And the bankers cannot allow that.


creviceCaress's picture




"Well the simple reason that we do not live like this is because the system we are in does not allow for it."


write on......solution?  opt ball....gain....opt out.

pods's picture

Well I sleep better at night knowing that I have opted out.  I now have zero debt outside of a mortgage, pay with cash (no CCs) and local when I can.  I also try to keep my discussions with others on the subject simple.  Everyone knows an exponential function.  That is our system.  A simple exponential function.  And one cannot have that in the real world.  

I wish I could opt in, make some dough and opt out, but I have two problems with that.  One, tough to sleep. Two, information does not outweigh political clout. So logic, charts, etc really are secondary to the political winds.  And I cannot invest/bet on politics.

Best thing I can do is to raise my kids knowing what it took me 30+ years to learn.  That we are in fact living a lie.  Truly a Matrix, but our labor is what they want.


caconhma's picture

It appears that the tranquility "paradise" is about to end all over the world.

The real changes take place in many places but, in America, we got only promises and lies. The question: how long will American people buy this BS?

It appears that time is running out for our power elite and the oligarchy. I expect it will be a "very  hard landing". The good news: these bastards have no place to run!

serotonindumptruck's picture

The Western media blackout has been quite successful, which is ultimately a moot point as it appears as if most Americans couldn't give a rat's ass less about a bunch of brown people in Egypt.

Nassim's picture

Don't worry. Egypt is coming to the USA :)

LostWages's picture

Maybe to the US by way of Europe.  Muslim population growth in Europe so rapid, most Euro countries will have a Muslim majority in 10-20 years.  The quiet jihad.

They are reproducing like rabbits while the food supplies aren't keeping up with the increased demand.


AnAnonymous's picture

Muslim population growth in Europe so rapid, most Euro countries will have a Muslim majority in 10-20 years.




Are you ready to bet on that? 10 years is rather short term.

So are you ready to place money on the hypothesis that most Euro contries will have a muslim majority in 10 years?


Ah, propagandists, they have been killing the West slowly but surely.


slewie the pi-rat's picture




bingo!  our problem is not the muslims.  our problem is america.  same as theirs.  fight club is fun!  hogs get slaughtered.  weeds get pulled. 

serotonindumptruck's picture

I'm a big fan of the clever use of metaphor.


slewie the pi-rat's picture



get REAL 4 eyes.  you are nowhere near meta-enuf to play, unless you stop doing this shit, ok? 

serotonindumptruck's picture

Yeah, very eloquent. Whatever.

Maybe you should try reading a book once in a while, and make sure that it is not one that comes with pictures on every page. It might improve your communication skills, however I seriously doubt it.

If that's too complicated, I recommend that you go back to the basics and start playing with blocks again.

jmc8888's picture

Chris has got to ditch the fascism though

"Given the choice, I would not want to live there, nor in any other country that has fostered or permitted such reckless population growth beyond what the country itself can sustain."  (I wonder what fascist laws he would put in place????)

He's great at some stuff

Retarded at others

Big time.

It's called Nuclear Power, Fusion, and Fusion Arc

But specifically for Egypt...water should NEVER be a concern (or any non-land locked country).  Through monetarism, and specifically monetarism, it is.

But instead of thinking about increasing the water supply to support a wider area of agriculture in Egypt, it's better to just do with what we have, and implement fascist laws to control population growth.

Yes, Chris is still just another idiot.  Smart about some stuff, and if we act like dumbasses we could run out of everything, but oh so needlessly.  Because Chris refuses to do what I just outlined for Egypt, and what America won't do about the overall energy/resource problem.  But with an increase in one, there is a tangible increase in the others, even without fusion.

One day, all of this will be recognized.  Not yet. 

But enjoy his crash course as it is the trend we're on, even if alot of it can be changed from backing away from being Fascist Imperial Monetarists, or the kleptocracy.


born2bmild's picture

I'm re-posting my comment from today's 'jobs' article here:


The transition does and will blow but the world is awash in opportunity. A few years back I was trying to get my head around which alternative energy tech might ferry us to the future. Why not all of them? Solar is power is changing so fast I can barely keep up, non-silicon based pv... Energy storage  is changing nearly as fast, ultracapacitors are carbon not rare earth based, they almost never wear out and they are lighter than Li batteries. Hydrogen is still in the game as storage methods get better and on demand systems become more viable. Wind power still has a lot of potential with frictionless bearings (air bearings-youtube it) and better electrical energy storage methods. Geothermal (air and water). Natural gas (including all biogas methods). Algae has an absurdly bright future as a fossil fuel replacement (near or total):

The American Chemical Society is liking cold fusion again:

There are literally hundreds of other alternative technologies being developed rapidly daily.

We need food and big corporate ag' isn't providing much you really want to eat while small, alternative farms are winning in the yield, methodology and quality departments:

Permaculture is a leading tech for making once useless land fertile and productive even in extreme conditions:

Almost all of these technologies are under funded, but many are low tech enough almost anyone could either diy or start up a small biz doing installation (just one of many examples):

The internet and youtube in particular are literally the best thing that has ever happened in the worlds of tech' / idea sharing. It really is the golden age for gearheads. All of these technologies need participants on every level from developers and techs to end users, smells like jobs.

serotonindumptruck's picture

I admire your optimism.

Perhaps if we had been actively performing R&D whilst implementing these alternative fuel sources 50 years ago, then the Law of Diminishing Returns wouldn't be as prevalent as it currently is.

Having said that, there's nothing wrong with your proposals. Some of them appear to be quite efficacious. I would council for a sufficiently scaled-down application (contingent upon a secured population density) of some of these potential power sources and food production models.

If you and others can secure a specified geographical zone, with good water sources and sufficient agricultural potential, you and yours may stand a good chance of surviving the coming human population dieoff. 

pods's picture

People have been researching these technologies for a long time.  There are a lot of patents that were bought by people who have a big reason to keep the status quo.  Not sonpiratorial, just looking out for their best interests.

There are technologies everywhere that would reduce our needs for oil so it may be used for autos for a transition to other tech.  

But our economic model does not allow for stasis.  We must expand or it falls apart.


RockyRacoon's picture

I like discussions about energy and especially the alternative variety.

One factor is left out of most equations, however:  Momentum.

I'm talking about the momentum of human nature.   Folks don't clean out their garages until shit actually falls over onto the car.   Governments don't work on "energy plans" until energy hits uncomfortable cost levels, or one day we wake up and it's all gone.   See the John Stewart interview with T. Boone the other night.   The "10 Year Plan" won't get any consideration until there is literally only 10 minutes left on the energy clock.  And then what actually gets done turns out to be authoritarian and oppressive in its execution.  Long range planning?  Right.

Momentum:  There ain't any at the present time.

slewie the pi-rat's picture



ok, SD.  haha!  "maybe" you're no more "borderline" than i am, ok?  we've had our dance for a few daze.  peace, bro.  or sis.



Ludwig Van's picture


A post of hope. Thanks, b2bm. I'm afraid it may take some desperation though to force people out of their comfort zone to try new things -- or a generation unafraid of hard work. If so, it's gonna be awhile.


slewie the pi-rat's picture

The Crash Course is the foundation of that framework, which illuminates the main predicament as an inherent conflict between the currently evolved types of economic and monetary systems and looming resource scarcity, especially of oil.

Enroll to Read

Your faithful information scout, Chris Martenson.

hey chris, see any psycopaths that are fuking up our county and the world at large, since "we" are so "god-blessed" to have them? 

it's really not difficult. they are on the tv constantly, telling you what to talk about and worry about.  ANYTHING BUT THEM, OK?  i know, propaganda is very difficult to recognize sometimes, especially if you have been conditioned by the "mass media" to love it more than mother's milk.  and think the "topics" are really interesting, and making money in the markets is the purpose of the universe and human life on earth, in particular. 

if you can recognize the lies, you can recognize the liars.  they are generally people of enormous wealth and power.

i actually had to sit thru a whole afternoon yesterday of people talking about how impotant it was to repeal the patriot act so call your "representatives" and make sure you let them know just how you feel.  then, gosh, it's still the "law". 

HOW THE FUCK CAN THE PATRIOT ACT BE LEGAL YOU FUCKING MORONS???   oh, well, it must be because of our government of the criminals, by the criminals, and for the criminals, which is in total control of:

1) the executive, including the SEC and the Justice Dept, as well as "housing and "welfare".

2) the legislature.  any of you geniuses noticed, yet?  eh?

3) the courts.

4) the banks.

hmmm....anything else?  oh, yeah:

5) YOU!!!,

THEY say its "legal"

i don't give a rat's ass (sorry, mom) how freaking "comfy" you are, right now.  trust me on that one, ok?  we all have self interests.  that's ok.  most of our leaders are very, very, ill.  there are children involved whom we are no longer able to protect.  yours.  mine. your neightbors'. etc.  etc.  etc.  other &tc. children here and there, too.

earlier, tonight, Alan Grayson was discussed.  he was fingering obama as being "responsible" for the lawlessness.  well who tf could argue with that?  people were ready to elect grayson to high office.  for some of us, myself included, grayson did NOT pass the "smell test". 

gee, slewie, why not? 

well, because grayson fits the definition of a "straw man" to a fuking "T".  if you don't understand what means, look it up.  then, read the stuff, here, about Grayson.  make up your own mind.  that's fair, isn't it?  maybe i'm wrong.  wouldn't be the first or last time.  trust me on that,  ok? 

i personally believe that the Dylan/grayson interview and G's "honesty about obama" is DESIGNED to draw focus and discussion from the "true" reality, of which i have given my opinion, above.  and designed to make people "believe and hope" that they can REALly change this shit, "next time". 

we have one federal government and fifty state governements, ALL or 92% at least full of absolute, stinking corruption. 

"Well, it's always been like that."  Yes, it has, at least at some level.  but not with quite the same laws to protect "homeland security"  and "patriots".  not with failed gamblers and flim-flam artists gettin $3 Tril in "loans and guarantees", or whatever figure you would like to postulate.  do we really need to keep arguing about this shit?  not with a justice (wink, wink) department under "gonzales" Holder.  not with the FED under "Alan" Bernanke.  Not with the white house occupied by "George"  Obama.  not with this Court.  Not with these state goobermints.  Not with "Hank" Geitner either, eh?  Paulson is the most successful criminal/public "servant" in the history of America.  and, he's still just enjoying everything he's "earned". 

if you're not sure what a psycopath is, consider our friend bernie madoff.  cover of forbes.  one of the "best".  people KNEW he was a total dirtbag, reported him, and NOTHING HAPPENED!!!  now, his son, mark has "committed suicide".  when?  Dec. 11, 2010.  Gee!  right in the middle of the holiday preparation and the NFL "suspense".  2 whole months ago!

look who published THIS: 

Mark Madoff Suicide: Bernie Madoff's Son Found Hanged In NYC Apartment

Dec 11, 2010 ... He left no suicide note. The person who had recent contact with Madoff said he was struggling to find steady employment and was upset by ... - Cached i put the google on "madoff suicide note", ok?  that was the first pop.  here's the second:

Mark Madoff's Suicide Note | Carole Gold

Dec 11, 2010 ... Mark Madoff left a suicide note. It may not be a literal note, on a physical piece of paper, but it's no less instructive or important. ... - Cached so, we now see, perhaps, how psychopaths operate. 1) MM committed suicide. 2) Chat among yourself about "why" and whether he "left a note, or not". slewie will tell you:  ZERO chance of MM committing suicide.  he was mudered b/c he knew too much and to protect the still- "innocent".  we are getting played by this 24 hours/ day, every day of our lives.  turn OFF your tv's. 

there are so many shills and "agents" on this site right now, that it's a wonder "tyler's" head hasn't exploded.  can ya please get with the drill and help us out a bit with REAL problems in our once-great nation?  stop pretending that the level of "suveillance" to which we are subject is for your benefit.  if you see a freaking spade, call it a spade, and if one of the ZH's doesn't understand this, rehabilitate them or nuke the asshole,  NOW!!!
slewie out.
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Courtesy of Lyndon "We are an international organization" Larouche. 

Thanks jmc8888 but I think its time to update your $600.00 subscription to Lyndon. 

P.S. The middle class requires liquid fuels, not decades long pipedreams such as nuclear reactors.