Guest Post: ESFS - Has Europe Finally Discovered Alchemy

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'Renewed hope' is suddenly sweeping the bankrupt carnage of Europe today! HOORAY! The drunken alley hobos are optimistic and in fine spirits on this fine morn!

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"Renewed Hope"  =  "Shorting Opportunity"

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"Renewed Hope" = "Drinking Opportunity"

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And it ain't even check day.

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No, they haven't....but they would like to believe they have.  Press releases will be issued every 5 minutes until the entire world capitulates and accepts their version of events.

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You can fool some of the people some of the time....

Ahh...screw it...I am sure Goldman will serve up their clients to the debtus maximus offering while taking the other side...

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The people have got to be tired of bailing out these same countries every matter what they do, it does not change the facts....this creative economic crap needs to end...put this crap out of its misery....including the US Treasury.

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But then there is that little problem with all of these financial fucknuts (who have no idea what real value is or any skills to actually create real value) finding jobs.  Hence, the stalling.

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Can't they just go the Goldman and get a AAA wrap?

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Literally a poor man's Fed... printing their own IOUs.


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EU warning of economic collapse if Greece summit fails.  Where have we heard this line before?  Aw, only every week for the last 3 years.  No matter what they try, it all amounts to a hill of beans....they are all insolvent along with US banks and the Treserve.

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..but...but this time they mean it...really

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EU warning of economic collapse if Greece summit fails.  Where have we heard this line before?  Aw, only every week for the last 3 years.  No matter what they try, it all amounts to a hill of beans....they are all insolvent along with US banks and the Treserve.

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I saw a post of 4chan of all places that I do believe summarizes this logic very well.

How to make 12 year old Scotch:

1) Obtain 3 bottles of 4 year old Scotch from different distilleries.

2) Mix bottles in equal parts into one large bottle.

3) Enjoy

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 he, he. yeah, very good.

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They can say whatever they want.

I don't expect them to say: GET YOUR MONEY OUT! THE EU IS DOOMED!


The politicians will get their money out for sure.

The bankers and elite will also.

And suddenly, somehting nobody saw comming. It will be over.


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 Yeah; they're in a difficult situation; the one they created themselves. There's a very old saying in English that I like, "if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride".

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in an alchemist's world, gold & silver would be as valuable as sand & salt water and it would get old being young.  

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There's no direction in the EU. Current politicians are plain terrible, they keep applying the old solutions to new problems, and basically spend their time going around from meeting to conference and from place to site, just to see how the markets 'react'. This game will be played over and over until the can hits the wall and (they hope), most importantly are no longer in power.

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US reports a US drone was shot down over Iran....all those warships in the area might be getting busy soon........There is going to be an escalation boys........

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Shot down over Nuclear Facility......oh Nelly....

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You report well, JK, but do you have a link?

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It's all over the place  yazoo, msnbc, etc...

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Sorry [rubs eyes] still waking up.

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No big deal. The Kursk was torpedoed by an american sub and the incident was handled. Clashes between military/espionage happen all the time and are dealt accordingly. Not a false flag - yet.

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Actually, flying a drone over a country where your not a war with yet, is a act of war.

I might not sound bad but consider that China buys a lot of oil from Iran and is thus a ally.

Let's not forget Mr. buddha from Tibet who visited Obumble and the rest of the shit and you've got yourself a mayor incident.


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Unless it's Pakistan...or someone else on the payroll.

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consider that China buys a lot of oil from Iran

China has agreements with Iran for the supply of oil (as with many other countries), that's why I don't think a war with Iran is on the cards or is a problem that can be solved with the usual american pragmatism, ie 'if they have oil and we don't we gotta go there and get it'.

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Israel will likely start it. US will follow in tow.

Alliances are now being strengthened.

The war machine is accelerating.

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and I heard as it were a the noise of of the 4 beasts saying come and see and I saw...and behold a white horse....

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and i read a book....and quoted it everywhere....regardless of how tenuous the connection...

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Even the rating agencies must be scratching their head wondering how to let AA entities guarantee themselves and still provide a AAA rating...


MBS revisited.  "Ownership / possession" is as much a conjured sentiment as fiat currency or sovereign debt instruments.  Now that the rule of law and universally accepted objective points of reference are set aside, dis-integration follows.


Tower of Babel, diaspora, olly-olly oxen free. 

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The ratings of US rating agencies don't matter in Europe. We european geniuses just decided so.

We think that we rock. That matters!


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We do rock! Queen were British. They ROCKED! The Queen IS British!


We will rock you all.


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Never fails to make me laugh when I watch a US sporting event where thousands of homophobic Americans are singing along with Freddie.

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What could possibly go wrong? We have politicians and moneylenders telling us this will work. Who am I to question?

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anyone else remember the simpson's episode where homer's brother lets him design a car?  the car has EVERYTHING! and bankrupts the brother



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i was reading down the string, my thoughts:  maybe we could use bob hope in a pith helmet, here... 

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From the site's T&C's

>By clicking "I agree " below, you represent that you are not physically present in the United States of America.

What the heck is that about?

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They've become their own grandpa ( debt-wise)

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yes, they did (discover alchemy).

dissolve two pints of CS gas in one ounce of feta cheese, let simmer for one month, then add 3 pints of fresh Italian banker spit and stir well with french wine vinegar from the finest halls of political Paris, add some stale irish beer to taste and top it off with some nice rich german pig fat. it's not gold but it certainly looks like it if you squint your eyes.

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Is the AA for countries? If so, then provided the country - politicians and people - understand they have a problem, understand what the problem is, want to change then it could work.

Yeah, that't not going to happen.

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Paper2Gold is much more profitable than Lead2Gold. :) Stacking that Au for the AnnUnaki, bitchez.