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Guest Post: The Essential Rules Of Liberty

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market

The Essential Rules Of Liberty

There is nothing worse in this world than an
enslaved man who naively believes himself free, except, perhaps, trying
to explain to that same man his predicament. You can lay truth after truth before his feet. You can qualify your every position with cold hard irrefutable data. You
can plead and scream and raise veritable hell, but before he will ever
listen, he must first become aware of his own dire circumstances. As
long as he views himself as “safe and secure”, as long as he imagines
his chains to be wings, he will see no reason to question the validity
of the world around him, and he will certainly never invest himself into
changing his own deluded destiny.

Unfortunately, there are many such men crawling and
scraping about here in what was once a land graced with a self
sufficient and independently minded public majority. The
great lie that has been perpetuated in this country over the past
several decades is that we can defer our responsibilities of vigilance
and place our well being and our futures into the hands of others for
the sake of “collective efficiency”, or leisure. We have
been conditioned to live in a state of constant indifference, a society
which prizes compromise over principle and steadfast resolve. Those
who refuse to compromise that which is honorable for the sake of ease
and comfort are indicted as “extremist” or even criminal. The
idea of personal revolution is treated with discomfort, and all we
claim to stand for becomes muddled in a fog of inaction and cynicism. As Americans, we have forgotten what it means to earn and protect our own freedoms. We have forgotten that in liberty, there are standards that must be defended.

This, however, does not mean we cannot yet again remember ourselves. The desire for freedom is as inborn and natural as our own heartbeat, as our own breath. It is instinct. It cannot be erased from within, only oppressed from without. The tide has always been against tyranny, always, though we may find that hard to believe. If liberty was not ingrained into our very DNA, humanity would have succumbed to bondage and self destructed long ago. This is not the case. Stretching under the surface of our superficial force-fed mainstream culture are the roots of something real, and honest. Simmering beneath our so called “civilized” veneer, many Americans are finally rediscovering their wild and defiant origins. In the recent past we have been taught to feel ashamed of our rebelliousness. Now, we are learning to hold it quite dear.

For those of us who are awake, and for those who
are on the verge of understanding, certain rules come into play that
strengthen our stance and shield us from folly. Liberty is not a self perpetuating social condition. It requires guidelines, and effort, and sacrifice. Liberty will not survive without our willingness to maintain it. If you are not ready and willing to fight for your own independence, then you are not truly free.

Let’s examine some of the inherent laws and
guidelines of free will and free action that will allow us to not only
win back our self determination, but to keep it for generations to come. You want liberty? This is what it takes…

Rule #1: Never Take Anything For Granted

A lot of people today seem to have serious issues
with expectation and assumption; what we in the alternative media often
refer to as “normalcy bias”. We have grown used to the idea of abundance and relative safety. So much so, that we fail to notice when our abundance and safety begin to disappear. We assume that the condition of the world today will be the condition of the world tomorrow, and for all time. In
the U.S., we have even come to expect not only that our prosperity and
our freedom are inevitable, but that they will also increase
exponentially with each passing generation. This is a
relatively new and narrow cultural mindset likely caused by the
explosion in industrial growth after WWII which seemed to erase all
memory of the Great Depression in our society, leaving us with the
belief that surely, our circumstances would never become so desperate

Those who are truly independent realize that
nations, no matter how affluent, can self destruct at a moment’s notice,
especially when they fail to recognize their own weaknesses and
confront their own demons. Never suppose that that which is good and just will remain without your own initiative. Never wait for others to fix those problems which you could just as easily solve yourself. Never expect that freedoms won cannot also be easily lost. Always prepare for the worst outcome, and strive for the best outcome.

Rule #2: Educate Yourself

Never become a useful idiot, or a waste of oxygen. Being a part of the herd is nothing to be proud of. Strive for knowledge, and thirst for the truth every moment of every day. Many
of the things we deem “important” in modern society are in the grand
scheme hollow attempts to fill our lives with distraction, only wasting
time until we finally bite the dust filled with regret. Pretending to further the depth of one’s life is not the same as actually doing so. I
can’t think of anything more horrifying than becoming a man who rushes
around frantically every waking moment, but ultimately accomplishes

Do not assume that you already have a tangible grasp of the truth, especially if all your knowledge has been handed to you. Instead, research that knowledge for yourself. Put that which you have been taught to the test. Only in this way will you finally learn. Expand your horizons. Learn something useful. Remove
unnecessary distractions for at least part of your day and focus on
increasing your awareness of the environment you live in. There
are very few things in this world more important than this, and self
education should take precedence over everything else except your
family. “Lack of time” is no excuse for ignorance. Make time! The ignorant are led. The knowledgeable lead themselves.

Rule #3: Don’t Be A Pansy

Liberty is not for the faint of heart. Emotional courage is paramount to freedom, and it can be expressed to incredible effect by even the most unlikely heroes. I’ve seen children with more courage and tenacity than some full grown men.

If one recognizes the gravity of the situation we
face as a people, if one understands the considerable danger involved in
the fall of a Republic to the depths of fear and autocracy, but still
does nothing, that person has not only failed the world, he has also
failed himself. “Making waves”, or drawing the ire of “authority”, is the least of our worries. If
you have utilized an objective eye, and know you are right in your
position, then there is no reason to fear criticism from anyone.

Sociopolitical action, nonconformity,
noncompliance, and self defense, are unavoidable aspects of a society
that wishes to maintain its freedoms. There is no way around it. If you are not willing to stick your neck out and expose yourself to risk, you remove all chance of possible gain. If
you are a self proclaimed activist that refuses to sacrifice, that
refuses to struggle, then you have failed before you even began. Talk must lead to balanced action. Never thumb your nose at the devil without being ready to trade punches as well, or all is lost.

Rule #4: Stop Waiting For Others To Tell You What To Do

Independent people not only consider and implement the solutions of others, they also work on their own. Complaints abound lately in the Liberty Movement;

“When is someone going to do something!? What are YOU going to do about our predicament!?”

This is the question of a slave, not a free man. A free man asks, “What am I going to do about this predicament? What is MY solution to the problem?” Therein
is the key to liberty; decentralized leadership and movements based on
fluidity and spontaneity of action, instead of a great mass of people
standing around stiffly waiting for orders on high, or a self styled
messiah to engineer their world view. As soon as you place your very initiative under the control of others, you have lost the fight. Always
consider the solid strategies of intelligent people, and adopt them if
they are useful, but do not remain idle because you are too frightened
to exert the effort to solve problems bigger than yourself. Spectators only witness history, they do not make history.

Rule #5: Cast Off What Is Unnecessary, Keep What Is Effective

Yes, I stole this rule from Bruce Lee, but it is
just as applicable to social movements and economic stability as it is
to the martial arts. Invasive debt creation, for instance,
is a tool for subversion, and no people forced to bear the burden of
liabilities they can never repay is free. Therefore, exorbitant debt must be avoided, or cast off completely.

In our personal lives, how many useless goods do we
accumulate on a daily basis, instead of useful items that we may one
day desperately need? How much of our life is spent accumulating garbage in order to keep up with “socially acceptable” levels of consumer behavior? How many of us cling to careers we hate in order to service our needless consumption? The ability to prioritize must become a virtue once again, and, we all need to shut off the cable television…

This rule also applies to governments. If
a government no longer fulfills its sworn duties to the people, and no
longer serves the purposes to which it was originally intended, then it
too must be cast off and replaced with one that does serve the people,
or, it must be forced to return to its inherent foundations. Today,
this kind of talk is often referred to as “extremism”, or insurgency,
no matter how correct it might be, which brings us to our next rule…

Rule #6: Ignore Establishment Labels

Tactical name calling is only effective if we actually care what other people think of us. Labels
like “homegrown terrorist”, “extremist”, “doomer”, or “conspiracy
theorist”, are designed to shame people into self censorship. That
is to say, they pigeonhole movements and their participants into
categories of public shame, causing said movements to fear social
reprisal. They are also meant to forcefully assign
“outsider” or “fringe” status to particular political positions in order
to marginalize and weaken the resolve of those who hold them. Never mind that almost every powerful and honorable cultural movement in history once started out as “fringe”.

Early in our lives, we are taught that it is far
better to be accepted, and to avoid standing out, even at the expense of
our individualism. Unfortunately, many adults never
outgrow this childish belief, and thus become vulnerable to tactics as
absurd as simple ridicule. At bottom, being slandered by a
thieving bureaucracy infested with soulless parasites bent on
centralization at the expense of innocent human life is a bit laughable
(this goes for you too, SPLC). Globalists, along with their media cronies and their think-tank sock puppets, will say ANYTHING to get what they want. Empty words and false labels cannot stop the truth, or a movement driven by the truth.

Rule #7: Cynicism Is The Path To Defeat

It is good to be critical, but not to the point of nihilism. America’s
past is riddled with mistakes, bad judgments, horrible crimes, and
downright stupidity; that doesn’t mean that the principles on which this
country was founded are any less vital. We hear often from cynics that humanity has become too stupid and complacent to do what is right. However, stupidity and complacency are not inherent qualities. That’s an elitist fantasy with no basis in fact. Stupidity and complacency are learned behaviors, and they can be unlearned. What IS inherent is our ability to choose what path we will take. For adherents of liberty, we need only remind people that they have this choice. We
can whine and cry all day long about how nobody pays attention and how
there is no hope, or, we can exhaust all options before throwing in the
proverbial towel. We don’t need to “like” society the way
it is, but we do need to recognize the underlying potential of all
people to become something much more than what they currently are (I
can’t stand blind ignorance either, but I’m certainly not ready to
accept it as a fact of American life). Remember, no fight is over until it is over.

Rule #8: True Authority Is Derived From Respect That Is Earned, Not Bought, Or Taken

A corrupt politician is just a criminal conman in a nice suit. A law enforcement officer who refuses to follow Constitutional Law is just a petty little tyrant in a black uniform. An
economist who knowingly skews data to fit his own political bias or to
serve the political biases of men above him is just a liar or an inept
buffoon with an embossed piece of paper from an expensive university. A
lab scientist or doctor who flubs experimentation to support the
interests of the corporate world rather than the needs of the public is
just a quack in a white coat. All too often, though, we find ourselves taking these cretins seriously all because they talk the talk and wear the costume. They
are just people, and if they cannot do their jobs honestly, then they
are useless people, who deserve our disdain, not our respect. We should never allow such men to wield positions of authority over us.

Rule #9: Take It Personally

When someone tries to steal from you, hurt you, or
enslave you, unless you are some kind of nut, you take it pretty
personally, right? Why should it be any different when a government commits the same grievances? Americans
should be furious over the destruction of their economy, their
currency, their infrastructure, and their Constitutional freedoms! They should be enraged over the endless wars overseas that are bankrupting the nation. They should be bellowing to the rooftops over the cooption of their political system by a slimy brood of corporate bankers. Is this “extremist” behavior? Who cares!? If your anger is not visible then it is not worth a damn. Don’t just get active, get emotional! This is about your life, and the lives of those you love. That’s
not to say that we should take out our frustrations randomly and
haphazardly, but if we can’t at least make known our anger over the
misdeeds of government, then what the hell is the point of calling
ourselves free?

Rule #10: You Are The First And Last Line Of Defense

Like it our not, this is our job. We
have inherited a country on the verge of disaster, and we are tasked
with cleaning it up, otherwise, there will be little left to pass on. We do not get to bask in illusory prosperity for the rest of our days. We do not get to feed off the entitlement program trough until we are fat and contented. We are not going to retain our rights without blood, sweat, and tears. We will not be building magical floating cities in the clouds or skyscrapers on Mars. We will NOT be remembered fondly as members of some fantastical “golden era”.

We have been thrust into the muck and the mire. We are being molded as the lost children of an age better forgotten. We
have been slapped in the face with a dilemma so volatile and so
incredible it may one day be called the greatest crisis of all time. We have drawn the short straw.

This could be viewed as some terrible doom. It could be held as a star crossed act of ferocious fate. We could fall to our knees and lament with despair, overcome with woe at our unbearable lot. But, this would be in violation of rule #3, and nobody wants to be a sobbing pansy. On
the contrary, every “bad luck generation” is only so if they refuse to
see the great fortune at their fingertips; if they refuse to seize the
moment and conquer the giants of their day. The greater the hardship, the greater the enemy, the greater the heroes. We
are faced with possibly the most unrelenting antagonists and the most
treacherous obstacles in recent memory, or even distant memory. In
the same spark of confrontation, we are also presented with
unparalleled opportunity to change the course of the world forever. Whether or not we succeed, is entirely up to us.


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Wed, 07/06/2011 - 17:59 | 1431022 Little John
Little John's picture

  Well said sir.


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:40 | 1431105 Max Hunter
Max Hunter's picture

Indeed.. Best piece on this particular subject i've read in a while.. It's going on my Facebook for all to ignore.. But if I post something about sports, i'll get many contributors..

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:23 | 1431346 Raynja
Raynja's picture


on the FiB side of what you said no one ever comments, but when I see them in person alot of them admit to reading and pondering what exactly i was talking about.  I still hold out hope when the system cracks and people see not all is well that they will remember some of the posts like this.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:31 | 1431359 CH1
CH1's picture

I still hold out hope when the system cracks and people see not all is well that they will remember some of the posts like this.

Yes, or ones like this:

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 23:18 | 1431635 rgbensonaz
rgbensonaz's picture

Excellent post, thank you for the link!

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 01:50 | 1431789 Michael
Michael's picture

The hope is there will be many people who remember how the American system is supposed to work, will be able to pick up the pieces, and restore the republic after the complete and total economic collapse happens.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 04:34 | 1431882 Michael
Michael's picture

So far, we got Ron Paul the Congressman and his son Rand Paul the Senator in there for the next 5 1/2 years.

We're making progress.

Why doesn't Ron Paul campaign when he does interviews?

He should bring along visuals with him to take to the interviews.

He should show images of his 2008 campaign. Images of his Meetup Groups all over the planet.

What other candidate had that kind of support and still has, and more?

If only we had something we could use to put in check human nature?

All social engineering the whiz kids could come up with at Harvard and Yale to put in check human nature could not and never will overcome human nature.

It's human nature to be as free as reasonably possible with a government that guarantees at least the minimum amount of Liberty to them that they serve.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:16 | 1431430 Max Hunter
Max Hunter's picture

but when I see them in person alot of them admit to reading and pondering

Yeah.. same here..

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 23:46 | 1431672 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture
YouTube - George Carlin ~ The American Dream

But there’s a reason. There’s a reason. There’s a reason for this, there’s a reason education SUCKS, and it’s the same reason it will never, ever,  EVER be fixed.

It’s never going to get any better, don’t look for it, be happy with what you’ve got.

Because the owners, the owners of this country don't want that. I'm talking about the real owners now, the BIG owners! The Wealthy… the REAL owners! The big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions.

Forget the politicians. They are irrelevant. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don't. You have no choice! You have OWNERS! They OWN YOU. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought, and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state houses, the city halls, they got the judges in their back pockets and they own all the big media companies, so they control just about all of the news and information you get to hear. They got you by the balls.

They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying,  lobbying, to get what they want.  Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else, but I'll tell you what they don’t want: 

They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. They’re not interested in that. That doesn’t help them. Thats against their interests.

Thats right. They don’t want people who are smart enough to sit around a kitchen table and think about how badly they’re getting fucked by a system that threw them overboard 30 fucking years ago. They don’t want that!

You know what they want? They want obedient workers. Obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. And just dumb enough to passively accept all these increasingly shitty jobs with the lower pay, the longer hours, the reduced benefits, the end of overtime and vanishing pension that disappears the minute you go to collect it, and now they’re coming for your Social Security money. They want your retirement money. They want it back so they can give it to their criminal friends on Wall Street, and you know something? They’ll get it. They’ll get it all from you sooner or later cause they own this fucking place! Its a big club, and you ain’t in it!  You, and I, are not in the big club.

By the way, its the same big club they use to beat you over the head with all day long when they tell you what to believe. All day long beating you over the head with their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table has tilted folks. The game is rigged and nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care! Good honest hard-working people; white collar, blue collar it doesn’t matter what color shirt you have on. Good honest hard-working people continue, these are people of modest means, continue to elect these rich cock suckers who don’t give a fuck about you….they don’t give a fuck about you… they don’t give a FUCK about you.

They don’t care about you at all… at all… AT ALL.  And nobody seems to notice. Nobody seems to care. Thats what the owners count on. The fact that Americans will probably remain willfully ignorant of the big red, white and blue dick thats being jammed up their assholes everyday, because the owners of this country know the truth.

Its called the American Dream,because you have to be asleep to believe it.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:24 | 1431439 Scisco
Scisco's picture

Careful, what is put on Facebook cannot be effectively removed. If the Gov. becomes even more 1984, where do you think they will look for subversives.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:22 | 1431532 KennyG09
KennyG09's picture

Let them come.

Edit: Sweet avatar by the way.


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:44 | 1431573 Scisco
Scisco's picture

Why thank you. Yours is pretty smashing as well.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:22 | 1431533 robobbob
robobbob's picture

if that happens, do you really think that it will make any difference?

and by not participating, are you not contributing to its certainty?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:42 | 1431567 Scisco
Scisco's picture

Honestly I think it might. Posting anti mainstream ideas in places like facebook are likely to get you noticed and put under observation. As for not participating, you are incorrect sir (or possibly madam). I routinely participate in political discussions but I chose to do so in person. I find it far more effective. There are very few places on the nets that a serious conversation can be had and facebook is definitely not one of them.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:11 | 1431520 KennyG09
KennyG09's picture

Hey! McDonalds $1 medium iced coffee is now $1.50! Maybe now it's time for revolution?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:59 | 1431149 SMG
SMG's picture

Great article.  Thank You!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:05 | 1431160 WaterWings
WaterWings's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:22 | 1431207 Cheesy Bastard
Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:45 | 1431265 gmrpeabody
gmrpeabody's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:34 | 1431363 treasurefish
treasurefish's picture

Awesome article.  Saved to my hard drive.


Tip:  Read this article while listening to Dope.


Here's a start:


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:36 | 1431243 MrBinkeyWhat
MrBinkeyWhat's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 17:59 | 1431023 Rainman
Rainman's picture

Rule # 11 : Everything created by humans is capable of becoming all fucked up for any reason or no reason at all.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:18 | 1431058 mr. mirbach
mr. mirbach's picture

Rule # 12 : Thou shalt not get caught.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:21 | 1431063 jm
jm's picture

Rule #13 : Fight apathy... or not...

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:41 | 1431107 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Rule #14: Trust your instincts.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:45 | 1431116 Max Hunter
Max Hunter's picture

Rule #15. Believe your lying eyes.  Observation is the only form of truth we have.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:00 | 1431150 Cheesy Bastard
Cheesy Bastard's picture

Rule #1. Cardio.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:09 | 1431153 WaterWings
WaterWings's picture

Rule ZERO: I wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sail fast; for I intend to go in harm's way.

John Paul Jones


Keep your powder dry.

Wagner - Die Walküre

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:00 | 1431154 malikai
Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:44 | 1431261 IAmNotMark
IAmNotMark's picture

Rule #3:  Beware of bathrooms.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:51 | 1431392 Rusty Shorts
Rusty Shorts's picture

Rule #Shit Happens: Shit Happens

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:11 | 1431523 Thomas
Thomas's picture

Rule number 6.5: Worry about procrastination tomorrow.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:07 | 1431516 masterinchancery
masterinchancery's picture

Rule #1A--Governments exist to lie, and in the modern world they rarely tell the truth.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:29 | 1431077 Rynak
Rynak's picture

More specifically, concepts can never guarantee something, only encourage something - for the simple reason, that humans can change those concepts (sometimes to the point where only the word is original anymore).

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:31 | 1431228 Rodent Freikorps
Rodent Freikorps's picture

Rule 11a.

Anything made by man is, by definition, temporary. Even the Pyramids.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:43 | 1431260 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

When freedom comes with a 'Made in China' tag I'll know it's for realz.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 07:42 | 1431951 onthesquare
onthesquare's picture

Rule #1

you do not talk about fight club

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 17:59 | 1431024 The Alarmist
The Alarmist's picture

Sorry, but the ship has already sailed ... ever wonder what a Roman of the first century BC thought as he watched the Republic slip into dictatorship and ultimately into empire?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:03 | 1431030 Alcoholic Nativ...
Alcoholic Native American's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:06 | 1431035 The Alarmist
The Alarmist's picture

Yeah, we should have known Al Quaeda was serious when they killed the Kennedys. Al Quaeda is everwhere!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:40 | 1431103 cossack55
cossack55's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:30 | 1431450 illyia
illyia's picture

Ha! Good one!

Y'all remember "Debbie Downer" now don'tcha?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:19 | 1431057 Shell Game
Shell Game's picture

Re-read #3 and #7, seriously.

As the descent of the empire accelerated I was as cynical as anyone here.  At some point - I think it was after much ammo, silver/gold and food was stored - I said fuck it and started believing it would be actually possible to reconstruct a Republic.  Of course, not after much pain.  But, WE the minority ARE the ship and by God I mean to help steer it to safer harbors of small government and honest money, or die trying.

The more apathy we spread with crap like, "We're all doomed and there's not a thing we can do about it", the more real that possibility will be.  It's too fucking easy to be a cynic and it's damn hard to be hopeful and constructive. But which has the chance at bearing fruit?  I'm going with the latter, Alarmist, damn the torpedoes...


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:26 | 1431072 mr. mirbach
mr. mirbach's picture

We need more (any) documentaries on all the puzzle pieces in play on the planet and who is responsible for all of the shennanigans and the consequences thereof if they are not put to stop ASAP. 


Maybe we need our own TV network where we can broadcast the truth interspersed with NASCAR, Star Trek and old chick flicks to get the message out for J6P and spouse.



Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:30 | 1431084 cossack55
cossack55's picture

They would just jump to Nancy Grace every time a truth segment appeared.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:25 | 1431349 CH1
CH1's picture

Let's just seceed from McLogo World and do something better.

You see, we have this Internet thing that can make communication and commerce ___________.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:52 | 1431393 Prometheus418
Prometheus418's picture

This isn't bad.

Guy did a whole lot of work on it, to be sure.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:35 | 1431460 illyia
illyia's picture

Thx. Will read through it.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 04:03 | 1431871 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

One Ministry of Truth's propaganda broadcasts are no more TRUTH than any other Ministry of Truth's propaganda broadcasts.

In any war or revolution- TRUTH through propaganda is exploited by BOTH sides.

War and revolution are dirty business.  The noblest of intentions are easily corrupted without a firm VALUES to guide and even limit the revolutionaries course.  

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:48 | 1431124 A Lunatic
A Lunatic's picture

Remember the Alamo Bitchez!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:57 | 1431146 slickrock
slickrock's picture

Sounds like you have already given up ... move to France.  This country is worth fighting for.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:27 | 1431352 CH1
CH1's picture

The people are worth fighting for. The government - at all levels and all parties - can go to hell and stay there. And never come back.

Don't ever believe that the guv has a single thing to do with Jefferson, et al. That died a long, long time ago.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:35 | 1431237 Rodent Freikorps
Rodent Freikorps's picture

That Ceasar is dreamy. He's all about hope and change.

I hear he has a RockBerry.

I think I'm getting moist at his awesome high tech-ness.

He promised to end the wars in Gaul.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:11 | 1431044 kito
kito's picture

maybe we should split up the united states of america? we have gotten too big for our own good. we should create 4 distinct countries plus texas. the first benefit is all debt problems would be moot, as there would be no legal entity known as "u.s.a" to pay off debts. each regional country starts fresh. each has its own currency and banking system. each with its own national guard. each with its own.......

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:33 | 1431092 mr. mirbach
mr. mirbach's picture

DHS has already done that!


REX 84!   Agenda 21! 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:39 | 1431101 kito
kito's picture

interesting, but notttt quite what i had in mind....

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:35 | 1431240 takinthehighway
Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:06 | 1431163 malusDiaz
malusDiaz's picture

Thats what happened in Rome, they split it up when it was not possible to 'manage' it anymore:


States reaserting their Soverign status is a big step in the right direction...


The 'Fed' won't be pleased... expect bloodshed. 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:18 | 1431197 Boston
Boston's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:48 | 1431269 IAmNotMark
IAmNotMark's picture

What about just using the 50 borders that already exist?  A smaller Washington government... a much smaller Washington government... a really smaller weaker federal government in Washington and each of the state governments sounds good to me.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:53 | 1431397 Prometheus418
Prometheus418's picture

You mean follow the Constitution?  Surely you jest.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 04:11 | 1431874 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

The Constitution, as it was written, was a compromise between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists.  Since, then its implementation and interpretation through laws and regulations added and judicial precedent have largely supported the Federalist stance.  As laws, regulations, and judicial precedent are cumulative this has eroded the grand compromise on which the nation was actually founded. 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:15 | 1431426 sun tzu
sun tzu's picture

I like the idea but I think 7 or 8 countries would be better. You have the Southeast, West Coast, Rockies, Farm Belt, Rust Belt, Mid-Atlantic, New England. Alaska can become its own country or choose to join one of the countries. Hawaii would also become its own country or join the West Coast since they have a similar ideology. Americans would have 5 years to choose which area they want to move to and become a citizen of that new country. 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:34 | 1431553 kito
kito's picture

sounds good, where do we start?

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 05:22 | 1431892 prole
prole's picture

That plan would start by calling up Russia and giving them back Alaska.

Sat, 07/09/2011 - 07:51 | 1439344 BigJim
BigJim's picture


Unlike most of the US, it was bought & paid for, not stolen.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:16 | 1431053 Montecarlo
Montecarlo's picture

I live by these rules.  This should be shared.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:24 | 1431069 TomJoad
TomJoad's picture

I'll tell you what it is going to take.

"How can you frighten a man whose hunger is not only in his own cramped stomach but in the wretched bellies of his children? You can't scare him - he has known a fear beyond every other."

I think such a time is coming. We'll have to be not just lucky, but good, to not wind up in a dictatorship, though I think we are pretty close to living in one right now.


Jump! You Fuckers!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:52 | 1431132 Alcoholic Nativ...
Alcoholic Native American's picture

""How can you frighten a man whose hunger is not only in his own cramped stomach but in the wretched bellies of his children? You can't scare him - he has known a fear beyond every other.""



Easy, threaten to fire him.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:04 | 1431158 WaterWings
WaterWings's picture

You need a bitch-slap for letting that one go over your head.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:28 | 1431071 TomJoad
TomJoad's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:27 | 1431075 cossack55
cossack55's picture

I await the inevitable slaughter.  Darwin was right. Let nature take its course and the lazy and stupid need to perish. Draw the analogy of deer overpopulation.  The free lunch for half the population is almost over. Let's roll!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:30 | 1431085 kito
kito's picture

i see youre a fan of eugenics

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:33 | 1431091 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Mental hygiene for the voting class!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:43 | 1431110 cossack55
cossack55's picture

Not at all. Eugenics is man-made Darwinism. I trust nature, not scientists.  Nature doesn't really need the help. Before you ask, no, I don't like Bio-ethicists either.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:35 | 1431458 sun tzu
sun tzu's picture

How is darwinism related to eugenics? Nature has a way of controlling the population. Eugenics is when man tries to control the population.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:44 | 1431480 disabledvet
disabledvet's picture

yeah, well "who controls your underwear." 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:53 | 1431587 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

A fair question

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 05:23 | 1431893 prole
prole's picture

A just question my liege.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:37 | 1431562 kito
kito's picture

letting the weak and feeble and of this country perish by cutting off any aid would be akin to eugenics, in a way. 

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 09:42 | 1432202 Silver Dreamer
Silver Dreamer's picture

I mean no offense by this question, but are you going to feed all of the people who are currently not preparing?  Those people will perish.  I'm not going to feed people who would be taking food from my children.  We all know what happened in the Great Depression, and back then most people lived in rural areas.  The collapse coming now will result in far more starvation and death by exposure than before.  Who's going to shelter and feed all of the unprepared?  It sure the hell isn't going to be me.  That's not evil.  It is reality.  I no longer pity them anymore either, and "them" includes many of my own family too.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:07 | 1431165 Piranhanoia
Piranhanoia's picture

A primary cause for deer overpopulation is the declining population of predators because they are not cute like deer.  Cow people don't want their livestock damaged so they kill what eats the deer in the wild.  Because the wolf isn't cute, they get to kill them all. Darwin was right.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:55 | 1431400 Prometheus418
Prometheus418's picture

Who says wolves aren't cute?  They look like my dog.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:48 | 1431577 robobbob
robobbob's picture

you 're overlooking an important fact.

The elites control this herds movement. The plan is to stampede them over anything standing in TPTB's way, and if you're not one of the in-crowd, then that means YOU.

Once that work is done, marching the sheeple over the nearest cliff will be just part of the clean up.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 04:22 | 1431878 Urban Redneck
Urban Redneck's picture

TSHTF with the end of deer overpopulation.  Deer overpopulation facilitates the stocking of entire freezers with meat that wasn't produced in factories, and provides me countless free lunches and dinners each year. 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:30 | 1431078 blindman
blindman's picture

10 rules
10 rules
10 rules.
where have i seen this before?
no offense meant or taken i'm sure.
where have i seen this before?
some poetry required here, i will look for it.
( i enjoyed this post and will read it again, thanks
to the author. )

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:30 | 1431086 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

Excellent article from the fringe.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:08 | 1431417 CH1
CH1's picture

The fringe?

You mean the sane?

Sat, 07/09/2011 - 07:54 | 1439345 BigJim
BigJim's picture

Same thing, nowadays

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:32 | 1431089 Webutante
Webutante's picture

This is a terrific post.  None of it new, but bears repeating over and over again.  Liberty always requires we are slaves to self-rule, self-discipline and taking responsibility for our mistakes.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:33 | 1431090 redpill
redpill's picture

So I see a lot of comments, but not a lot of folks saying what they are doing to fight the powers that are robbing us of liberty.


I for one have vowed not to take on a penny more debt, although I know I could be doing more.  If everyone withdrew every penny they have sitting in TBTF bank accounts, hacked up the credit cards, and paid off (or for Machiavellians, just stop paying) their mortgage, it would be an immeasurable blow against the enemy.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:38 | 1431099 NotApplicable
NotApplicable's picture

I harass the shit out of any voter who believes they have the right to put a gun to my head, as long as they hand it to someone else.

One of my closest lefty friends though, refuses to even acknowledge the gun, still insisting it is a form of self-government.

Meanwhile, all I can do is to ask them to refute the logic in this video.

Refutations?  *crickets*

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:07 | 1431167 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

Quit bragging about how big your gun is and stop paying your taxes.

Make a real difference.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:55 | 1431592 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

"Stab your back when you trash our halls! Trash a bank if you got real ballz!" -Jello Biafra. No incite intended. Be your own person.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 01:26 | 1431766 blunderdog
blunderdog's picture

Jello was always way too smart for his own good.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:43 | 1431381 Hapte
Hapte's picture

Lol you show that piece of shit to people? I dont even know if I disagree with you, but I'd recommend a more adult medium to convey you're views. crayon maybe? epic soundtrack btw, I love having no choice other than to mute my shit.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:38 | 1431100 mr. mirbach
mr. mirbach's picture

I'm already concerned about the Nnnn essss ayyyy filters tracking my posts.  Where can a person speak freely in Amerika without being snoooooooped on?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:47 | 1431119 kito
kito's picture

igple atinlle sile eryvle ffectiveele.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:46 | 1431482 illyia
illyia's picture


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:52 | 1431130 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"I'm already concerned about the Nnnn essss ayyyy filters tracking my posts."

Go away from me and never darken my door again.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:11 | 1431179 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

They have a big shop not far from my house.  I know a guy who works there. He doesn't like talking to me. When i talk he looks at me funny.........

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:31 | 1431215 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I love how they come amongst us and try to stifle free speech.

OMG!!!...they're tracking me...LOL!!!

Let em...they know who I am, they know who you are, we know who they are, who what!

They can't build enough "re-education camps" to hold whats happening outside their infinitesimal world...they know that too.

Ain't skeered ;-)

Edit: And if I don't respond its cause I got a helluva storm coming...not spooks beatin down my door...LOL!

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:34 | 1431234 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

well darn, send some of that rain over here bud.  i am beginning to think i live in arizona or something.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:37 | 1431245 nmewn
nmewn's picture

So I understand...the fire miss you?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:54 | 1431398 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

fire?  that is north texas. i am in south.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:04 | 1431413 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

All you americans look the same to me.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:13 | 1431425 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"All you americans look the same to me."

And what home port do you hail from my fine elitist prima donna?

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:50 | 1431481 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

Actually, I meant that as your line my ironically masked rote expectorator. But I see now that wasn't obvious enough.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:52 | 1431502 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Dance some more for me my ballerina or answer the question.

Your choice.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 23:04 | 1431572 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

<stretches> Yawn. I'll lead then my little Pavlovian jingo-bell: I'm the one still waiting for an answer, remember?

How do you feel about the following quote,

"I don't believe in this working class movement. I am sure that, generally speaking, working people are very satisfied with their lot, that they don't complain at all and that they are not in the least interested in what is called socialism. There are obviously ringleaders who try to make a lot of noise and attract a following but such people have neither hold nor influence over honest reasonable, hard-working labourers. One has to distinguish between good and bad workers. Those who demand the eight hour day are the lazy, incapable ones. The others, the steady serious fathers of families, want to be able to work long enough to provide for themselves and their family. But if they were all compelled to work only eight hours a day do you know what the majority of them would do? Well, they would drink!... What else would you expect them to do?"

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 06:32 | 1431914 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Your quote is meaningless to me, its not mine.

Your diversion away from my question, however, very much noted by refuse to announce what nationality you are even as you deride my people.

Loosen your girdle, it helps you breath easier.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 13:43 | 1432909 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

As my questions are 'meaningless' to you, so yours are to me.

I asked you a simple enough question; Interwebs letting you down again?

Heh, deride your people; now there's some hubris you can take to the bank, and you called me an elitist. Quit projecting onto everyone else what I direct at you, Narcissus. Well, at least that makes it nice and sparkling clear why you're so interested, which has been "...very much noted by me". Sorry sunni but you and your flying monkey brigade's desperate desire to shift focus by incessantly repeating in chorus "I know you are, but what am I?" won't alter the facts anyway. No, I am afraid you're just going to have to suck it up and deal, buttercup.

FWIW: Unlike you I don't pull any punches based on my location or citizenship. "This is no time for 'My country, right or wrong', remember what that brought..."

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 18:26 | 1434363 nmewn
nmewn's picture

"FWIW: Unlike you I don't pull any punches based on my location or citizenship."

LOL!...unlike you, I'm unafraid to say where/what that would be, twinkle toes.

Enjoy your sniping, I've learned all I need about you.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 21:55 | 1434583 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

..all you're capable of learning anyway. Which obviously isn't saying much, unfortunately.

Weak goad. Nothing to do with fear and everything to do with being entirely irrelevant. You're one of those idiots who doesn't value their privacy, fine, my condolences, but that certainly doesn't mean your asininity applies to me.

"If a million people do a silly thing, it's still a silly thing." -Berkeley Breathed

This isn't MyFaceSpaceBook; if you're cruising for singles in your area try lavalife.

Would it make you feel any better to know that my concern is with the bullshit you often spout, and that I wouldn't give a ratz ass to know where you're at while you spout it?

Seriously though, if it mattered to you that much and you were one quarter as smart as you think you are, you would have already figured it out by now.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 22:15 | 1434812 nmewn
nmewn's picture

I guess I should let you in on something before you kick a cat or something.

This exercise has only been to gauge the level of your dementia from your comments elsewhere. Now you have added to the portrait by showing your cowardice using some veiled "privacy issue" in a public space, while anonymous.

This all forms an opinion of someone and I really could care less about the admission of nationality, that was purely secondary.

Thanks for the bonus ;-)

Fri, 07/08/2011 - 13:55 | 1437405 GoinFawr
GoinFawr's picture

Oh brother, what a giant load of bollocks.

"The air in here is pretty thin, I think I'll step outside"-The Stranglers

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:06 | 1431415 nmewn
nmewn's picture

Ah, my bad.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:36 | 1431241 Cheesy Bastard
Cheesy Bastard's picture

I'm with ya, man.  You shoulda seen the face on the census worker when I told him to get off my land, after he knocked on my door and started asking questions.  They already know about me.  Ain't skeered neither.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:51 | 1431278 nmewn
nmewn's picture

They were contractors, day laborers really, comin to peoples doors. Who the hell knows what their job would be next month.

I'm sure they all swore an oath of some sort to protect & defend blah blah blah just like our fearless leaders do.

I had the dogs on short rations for awhile, I'm sure that's animal abuse or sumpin to someone living in NYC where they starve themselves while porkin out their cats ;-)

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:03 | 1431303 Cheesy Bastard
Cheesy Bastard's picture

This guy looked like an old hippie stuffed in a shirt and tie.  I think he may have started weeping once the rejection set in.  I guess up here in "the constitution state" not too many stand up for the constitution. 

I like the part about the starving idiots and thier spoiled cats.  I'm sure those porked out cats are just fine, though.  With a little barbeque sauce.


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:07 | 1431313 nmewn
nmewn's picture

An oldy but goody...

P eople

E ating

T asty

A nimals ;-)

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:14 | 1431323 Cheesy Bastard
Cheesy Bastard's picture

:) Now that's somethin you can sink your teeth into...Uh oh, I think I bit off more than I could chew.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:52 | 1431131 WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

I'm no computer whiz, but I've heard that VPN tunneling can give you more anonymity when connecting to the interwebs. Check out

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:18 | 1431196 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

its nice to know that the nsa, is in bed with microsoft .........yep, did i say backdoor. yep, i did.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:55 | 1431135 Rainman
Rainman's picture

...public men's restroom is safe. Po-Po knows nobody talks in there, least they're not supposed to....

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:59 | 1431147 jm
jm's picture

Tell that to the Senator one stall over that wants to get to know you better.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:20 | 1431202 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

when the guy in the next stall, appears to get nervous leg syndrome, my advice is to get the hell out of there fast.........:)

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:57 | 1431143 Alcoholic Nativ...
Alcoholic Native American's picture

What do you have to hide?  Reported.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:01 | 1431152 blindman
blindman's picture

oh please, fuck 'em. all they can do is continue
to fuck up their lives.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:47 | 1431118 WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

Great idea redpill - I'd like to see an open thread with practical, real-life ideas of things we can all do (besides the obvious like stock up on PMs and ammo). Like you, I'd like to do more, but can't exactly quit my job and pursue revolution full-time.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:56 | 1431289 iDealMeat
iDealMeat's picture

Cut all your consumption in half..

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:56 | 1431595 crystalclear
crystalclear's picture

Trying to get there. Paid off all debt and moving towards paying cash instead of debit. BUt

ways to reach more people & do more a la Gandhi & MLK would be great in my book

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 10:23 | 1432324 pods
pods's picture

I actually pay cash for whatever I can nowadays.  Screw the debit processors, who take a chunk out of the mom and pops for every purchase.

And, paying cash actually turns our system back into a commodity based system (sort of).  Crazy as it sounds, but there is a limit to the amount of paper and coinage that can be created.  Digital fiat, not so much. So I use cash whenever possible.  Makes you realize that you are spending too.

Best thing I did was cut myself off from all credit, as credit is the biggest obstacle in determining the difference between a want and a need.

And we are all to blame for our fractional reserve banking system.  We control how much money is created.  Sure since 2008 the has taken over, but cannot maintain that pace.  The beast is starving and thrashing.  The system needs credit expansion to survive.

We can overtake this system without firing a shot.  We are self-enslaved.  That was difficult for me to come to grips with, but we place our chains on ourselves.



Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:53 | 1431590 crystalclear
crystalclear's picture

Agree here completely. ZH is one of the few places I find like minds

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:13 | 1431183 Dan Watie
Dan Watie's picture

@redpill. Yeah, I payed off all my credit cards years ago (1988). Then tore them all up. I buy everything with cash. When I bought my house, I paid cash. Same with my $40K 4X4 diesel truck. I have zero debt. No mortgage...nothing. I have land. I have water. Electricity with solar backup. I have PM. I have a lot of lead, the most precious metal of all. I have satellite tv. I have satellite internet. I live frugally but I am as happy as a clam. I don't know what to say to others. Look in the mirror first. It all starts there.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 22:12 | 1431388 Doyle Hargraves
Doyle Hargraves's picture

Yeah I already did that! No more credit cards, (have to pay a mortgage because it is cheaper than rent), bank at the local credit union, hold a lot of PM's, quit giving the state their taxes as a protest to what the assclowns in Sacramento are doing with my money. If it all blows up an even better strategy is to goto a Chapter 7 bankruptcy then these clowns can legally never collect on what they are owed. Just think if 10-20 million people filed Chapter 7...the powers (banks, governments owed back taxes, etc), would be f*cked! Meanwhile while in Bankruptcy and leading up to it put all of your cash into PM's, food, and ammo. Not only have you legally defaulted, taking fractional reserve debt out of the system, but you have also managed to build yourself up one helluva deal for when the shit does go it Project Mayhem 2, Overtly collapsing the system. What do ya think Tyler? It also puts you in charge of your own destiny not relying on others as your masters. No one should feel bad about this after all TPTB have been f*cking you for years, time to return the favor with 12 inches and no vaseline bitchez!


Chaos is a friend of mine-Bob Dylan



Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:05 | 1431414 Prometheus418
Prometheus418's picture

I am working on a lawsuit against JP Morgan/Chase that challenges the fundimental mechanisms by which they create debt.  I'm not a lawyer, and I'll likely lose- but at least the court date is set, and I'll have my day to stand toe-to-toe and fight.

Will be following up by challenging the MERS system- if we can prove that the mortgage note is bifurcated from the deed, and creditors cannot prove clear chain of title, it'll go a long way towards breaking the banks.

I also irritate the living hell out of everyone I know by reminding them every day that they need to prepare for economic hell, and butress the arguments with a lot of what is said here.  I promote gardens, food storage, silver, ammo and legal activism.  Also fly a Gadsen next to my front door.

When I get a little spare time from all that, I brush up on my dusty understanding of Jungian Archetypes and advertising techniques, with the hopes that I can put them into use effectively before it is too late.

That enough?

When the day comes, I'll be on the barricades.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 21:38 | 1431462 gwar5
gwar5's picture

Good points RP. Done and done. Gone John Galt.

The producers of the world need to go on strike to starve the beast, before the beast starves you. Take the time to make yourself judgement proof, withdraw from the banking system, and become self-sufficient. No worries.

If you're living like a caveman you're not doing it right. Life is easier not harder.

Thu, 07/07/2011 - 06:26 | 1431909 pops
pops's picture

First, kill the cable and get rid of the TV. 

Carry NO debt of any kind.  If you can't pay cash for it, you can't afford it.

Pay no sales taxes.  Buy from out of state when possible. 

Shop garage sales and estate sales where no taxes are collected.

Use cash or barter for everything you can.  Starve the beast.

Do not sign up for a concealed carry permit.  That just tells them where the guns are. 

Do not vote for any democrats.

Do not vote for any republicans.

Lay in a stock of tin foil.  When the SHTF, your tinfoil hat will be all the rage and you can make a killing selling foil and saying "told you so."


Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:42 | 1431109 Atch Logan
Atch Logan's picture

As the old guy who signed the Constitution said, "my hands shake but my heart is strong," I too try to live by these ten tenants.  The problem is trying to get others to understand and accept them in this day and age.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:43 | 1431111 silverbonz
silverbonz's picture

Rule #14 Any Liberty movement must live by and promote the principle of non-aggression.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 18:48 | 1431122 WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

Violence worked pretty well in the First American Revolution, wouldn't you say? Then again, with the rise of the pervasive police state, perhaps you speak the truth.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:37 | 1431244 redpill
redpill's picture

It's not the non-violence principle, it's the non-aggression principle.  Big difference :)

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:57 | 1431291 WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot's picture

Good point - I must have glossed over it quickly.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:16 | 1431187 WaterWings
WaterWings's picture

At what point will we all agree that a line has been crossed? Will we allow continual emaciation because no one can clearly define when force was initiated against the people? By non-aggression you must mean, non-initiation of violence. Surely you would allow any human the right to defend oneself? Do you prefer to console victims?

They started it. The People must finish it.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:22 | 1431210 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

the line was crossed in 1865 or so. but who knew. mostly a ignorant populace. 500,000 dead. they were tired of fighting. so they looked the other way while a piece of their liberty was taken from them and they didn't even notice. 

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:15 | 1431326 WaterWings
WaterWings's picture

When the government violates the people's rights, insurrection is, for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of the rights and the most indispensable of duties.

Marquis de Lafayette

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 20:56 | 1431401 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

yes, it must happen. there is no other choice at this stage. we are in the corner. either come out swinging or forget it.

Wed, 07/06/2011 - 19:22 | 1431208 GovernmentMule
GovernmentMule's picture

And when armed men kick your door down in the middle of the night to confiscate your silver will the same principal apply?

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