Guest Post: Extend And Pretend - A Guide To The Road Ahead

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Very nice, i will study this more, but for now id like to say the CRE crisis hasn't yet hit. At least, by 'it hitting' i mean when its talked about in the MSM and thus is recognized. 

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Oh it's hit alright... almost nothing is moving these days. List prices are still very high and offers are few and low (at least ours are :)... but yes you are correct in stating that we haven't seen much on the MSM.

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It's a blackout like BP in the Gulf. We get bits and pieces but there are still roadblocks, flashing lights, and "What are you doing here?" "Filming." "You can't do that. Go. Now. Notice my tazer."

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It's still going to be getting much worse in the months ahead as conditions deteriorate further... and the BP 'blackout' is just the tip of the iceberg I fear. On what grounds can they do these things WW? To protect BP from incurring losses (paying out claims) from concealing the true magnitude of this disaster? That is precisely what it appears they have done. 5,000 barrels my ass.

And what else are they not telling us? (rhetorical cuz we don't know.)

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imo another equity leg up anything like the magnitude of the run from march '09 to april '10 stretches credulity.  the fed leaping back into a quantitative easing 2 might just as easily spook the credit markets with spill-over effects in equities.  maybe not but the average result of over-bought, over-bullish, over-valued equity markets that undergo profound leadership reversals is, on average, quite bearish.  and isn't the word "principal" if it's a person?

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Yeah, 'what grounds'. Exactly. It's just another prime example of extra-constitutional action, that's all. BraindeadMerica doesn't even care. Well, they do. But the apathy is thicker than that oil goo. Each step towards martial law...this post-WWII prosperity has somehow suspended the march of history in the eyes of our fellow "citizens", if you can still entitle someone that cannot describe three out of ten in the Bill of Rights a citizen. They can't even defend themselves. They rely wholly on the action of the state. They are at its complete and total mercy. I would call that a slave. If they "confiscate" gold these slaves will be glad and feel so smart that they never bought any PMs in the first place; scoffing at the more in tune slaves. 

Listen all, you better either expatriate yourself soon, our gather yourself into a group of trustworthy, self-sufficient, fiercely-set-on-self-defense individuals that can produce their own daily 2,000 calories for the next few years or your losses will be greatly intensified. Unless you can guarantee that you have no floor; no foundation; you will most likely endure 'total loss'. Get yourself in shape, get a rifle, and put storable food in a storage locker in a rural community if you have no other contingency plan. Consider it the best insurance your money can buy. Get a bike so you can get there within a day or less in case the roads are gridlocked.

War is on the way. I'm sticking around.

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Am I the only one that noticed that this week started out with a sort of odd mania in the MSM. Now it's down to a relentless ad roll but it's just seemed very strained to me. 

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Perhaps they are experiencing their own cognitive dissonance these days... or perhaps they just dislike the growing number of people ridiculing them...

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.....and my bet's on the latter.

Never assume the press is as smart or dumb as we think they are. They  serve a primary master only.....Corporatas Giganticus.

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Biggis Dickis Swingis  (I'm going for Latin)

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I'm still seeing headlines about the 'upbeat jobs data'...also one of the SF papers had some front-page headline about some survey of local CEO's showing they are more positive on the economic outlook. Desperation cheerleading.

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Tishman Speyer Joins Ranks Of TBTF As Fed Gives Real Estate Firm Taxpayer Subsidized Tip

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After all the buying the Simon Group has been doing, I have been waiting since last year to hear that they too will position for a bailout. Not irresponsible, criminal. But is there a law against it? Is it fraud. Sure feels like it. My butt is sore.

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thank you crab cake.  belaboring the obvious, but this is precisely what one gets with a government of men not laws (crony capitalism): each situation is handled how "they" feel like handling it, based on connections, a balancing of how they feel about the ones involved, the politics of the moment, what just happened and what might happen next such that none of it will make sense when the forensic auditors and the historians have a go at them.  

it is a black hole that is sucking our treasury and, eventually, our constitution into it.  

bush, with some help from his dad and reagan, cranked up the engine and put it in gear but obama has floored it and grips the wheel, white-knuckled, silently screaming.

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The government of laws has one well known limit: it works very well when it only encompasses the people for whom it is  designed to work very well.

In normal times, a law stating that food should not be stolen is easy to respect by the man with a full belly. The underfed man is weaker and easy to pin.

When famine strikes, suddenly, the law no longer operates and the man with a full belly now finds interest in stealing food.

Crisis are crisis in that they always reveal how shallow a government of laws is.

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 We're running the Thelma and Louise national financing plan.

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Could be why the trillions we know about (and those trillions we don't) that were given to the banks, first by Paulson, and then Benny, and why they haven't lent much if any of it out, is the reason. 

They are using those trillions it to shore up their non-performing commercial and other R.E. Loans.

This could go on for decades, never recognizing the losses until they magically disappear.

I wouldn't count on any disclosure like there was on residential mortgages, which come to think of it wasn't very transparent at all.


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 You have to see this. It is a bubbly Max Keiser with Stacy Herbert. He is singing Obama Baby, RICO, RICO. I swear he must be banging her.


Stacy Summary: Not that we all didn’t know this. But here it is, Israeli documents acknowledge Gaza blockade is economic war. [KR50] Keiser Report – Sucking Gold & Slurping Silver with Freddie, Fannie & Confucius

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thanks.  if mcclatchy counts as msm, it is one of the very best parts.

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What is unencumbered asset? Anybody know? Any example?

Woosirsir's picture

What is unencumbered asset? Anybody know? Any example?

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Free and clear. value without counter party.Gold in hand.

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"Unfortunately, it isn’t a place anyone would choose knowingly other than possibly the Bilderberg elite."

And choose it they did.  Nobody, however, is asking the relevant question.  To what end?

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They're just taking us for a nice little drive through the countryside...

Look!  Cows!

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You see the people who brought you the Bilderberg, view themselves as the master race and quite simply view us, the regular people, as "useless eaters" , using up the resources that are theirs.  The end is simple, it's to break us.  The great depression that's already starting will break many financially, mentally, and spiritually.

And after all is said and done the "master race" of eyeball triangle worshipers will firmly be in charge and have the world and it's resources to themselves. 

At least that's what they want, whether we as citizens let them achieve that goal, we'll see.



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Its small comfort to know the Puppeteers have to breathe the same chem trailed air we do. Many of their comforts will be taken away and their own offspring are in danger. So why would anyone do this? Nuts.

The air we breathe is compromised. Jobs gone , and we cant trust our own government.

And the folk are still asleep. Damn. 

the list of trouble is way to long.

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Merehuman, they have some chances to protect themselves from chemtrails and GMO, but how long do WE have these means?

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why you would get junked for saying that beats hell outa me. I think we are a lost cause. I find it difficult to understand why our people are so complacent. Perhaps the spraying, or something in the water made a lot of us stupid combined with the upbeat tv lies and poor education.

By now i expected just a little bit of rebellion. Nada. The 3% that we are isnt enough to make a difference, we will be lucky to save ourselves.

I count my blessings that i live in a small town and know my neighbors.

Looking back at the civil war i noticed the militias and armys took what they needed from those they chanced upon. Too many unknowns to prepare adequately.   Be well friend

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> merehuman #407707

imo-- tv is, and always has been a big part of the problem..

of course, there are the others..flouride, fructose, artificial sweetners..

'controlled' education, censorship..

the 'chess game' goes on... 

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+ !!!!!!!!

"And after all is said and done the "master race" of eyeball triangle worshipers will firmly be in charge and have the world and it's resources to themselves."

I am sure they have well paid military consultants that are assuring them that they will remain safe even if there is large scale revolt. Of course if you pay someone enough they will give you the answer you want to hear.  Might not be the right answer though. 

The most well paid, well equipped merc army may not have the level of motivation that people with nothing to lose who are full of hate have. And there will be many of them. 

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Don't be so sure merc armies will stay with their paymasters once fighting begins.  They are not themselves elite and they will hate their bosses just as much as we do.  Many of them will storm and loot the castles they are paid to protect.

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Just have to starve them.  Three weeks tops.  Even MRE's only last as long as the mouths to feed and also have an expiry date.

Gotta know how to grow food to live.


People are talking as if we get to keep what we've built, I honestly don't see how.  Everything from the power grid, internet, hospitals or even something as simple as road development/civil engineering, politics/power structures.  I wouldn't put any promises on even an army being there.  I'm pretty sure we'll see the rise of the township again over a city state.


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Gotta know how to grow food to live? Marc Faber had already moved to Thailand living in a big rural area where he can grow food too. Looks funny but he really did it !!! But in this world, how many people used to live in city will do this kind of funny decision? Only those as rich as Marc.

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We all took easy street for granted.  The Bilderbergers couldn't design this, they are just rich people who think they know a lot more than they do.  Just look at the names on the list.  A club full of losers. It's always turning out different from what they wanted.  They never expected Obama to fall apart in 18 months.  They never saw the Tea Party coming. They are more like mosquitos and vultures than our overlords.  I expect they all have their gold stashed away and will make out fine.  But no one will be listening to them when the house of cards goes flat.

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they never saw the Tea Party coming? Fox promoted it endlessly, if Murdoch isn't connected who is...he's not a revolutionary...maybe the Tea Partiers can morph into something beyond being a bit more partisanly conservative than Repubs, til then, it seems Beck's job is to lead them into political marshes...just as liberal pundits stick to gay issues, environmental issues, and do little on financial issues...

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They never saw it coming.  They just hijacked it once it got up steam.

Unless you think the Tea Party dudes drifted from Ron Paul to Sarah Palin without "help".

I don't.

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You know how when the cops come and bust all the guys selling drugs in one park, the insiders in the game set up shop on the other side of town?

Now that news outlets are filming and releasing lists of attendees at Bilderberg meetings, couldn't that now just be the old spot?

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Tyler C-SPAN has the congressional committee on financial reform.

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"What are you going to do?"

So, what are you going to do? 

I think we should attempt to blog away the problem, and see how we can profit from it all...

longjohnshorts's picture


Blogging is the new DotCom-ing. "Knowledge" is the new stock option.

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Thank you for your +100.  At least you responded, if not with an answer, still a response.

The people on this site are light years ahead of the herd, but still their cognitive dissonance will not allow them to truly face this question. 

There was one answer given below in a snarky way... I'll buy options as insurance.  I'm sure that's going to ward off tyranny. 


This is the best you have?  You folks, yes you reading this right now, KNOW what is going down.  It's right above you in this very article, if you are in doubt, and Tyler writes about it every day.  The situation is clear.

You know where this is headed, you know the implications, so let me rephrase, what are you going to fucking do? 

A gun is pointed at you and your family, and the best that y'all can come up with is to intellectually pick the situation apart, attempt to profit from the fraud and manipulation, wait for the criminals to finish looting your house, hoard gold, and spectate the collapse? 

The knowledge of what is to come that you have is a gift.  It is a gift that allows informed action, and action is what you are refusing.  TEOTWAWKI is here, and you are deer in headlights; I suggest you move.  Wake the hell up.  What are you going to do?

You are so much more powerful than you know, I wish more of you knew that.  We are not helpless, and this doesn't have to go down the way TPTB want it to.

Day_Of_The_Tentacle's picture

It would depend entirely on how things play out. If there is serious unrest or war, I would probably get as far away as possible.

If the situation stays within the realm of reasonably non-violent hardship, I would probably try to bring the people around me together, because working in together a small community will be better than going alone. I have prepared for my family as well as myself, and there is not much more I can do, where I am now - other than to try to stay healthy and employed as long as possible, and saving all I can moneywise.

On a macro level, I feel the urge "do something" - "to organize" - "to join someone/thing" to more actively work to prepare alternatives - to safeguard the communication, to present the monetary alternatives, to plan for food and energy security etc.

But everytime I look into a webnewspaper from back home, I get discouraged, because I think the debate is extraordinarily stupid and people are so incredibly spoiled and selfcentred that many deserve good oldfashioned spanking. And the mere thought of discussing with them, until reality sinks in a bit more, seems fruitless.

But if I was ever to engage in the political side of the situation it would be based on an ideal of building a tight community of mutual responsibility and respect based on libertarian principles. 


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my view as well (although i intend to get as close away as possible-Canada, if possible) with my family. We are "doomed to repeat it" imho (or some nasty, tattooed variant of "it"). 

Collective, wisdom sweeps upon Man like a virus, after the fact.

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And your obvious solution is...what?  A benevolent dictator who will reinstate capitalism and abolish TBTF?  Or remove voting rights from women, who either don't understand economics or don't care that you can't have your cake and eat it too?  Put Blankfein and Ron Paul in a cage a la Thunderdome=="two men enter, one man leaves"?


I appreciate your optimism, but in a perfect election turnaround where Tea Party activists win EVERY SINGLE HOUSE AND SENATE SEAT this November...what could they do to fix this?  $61.9T govt debt=$61.9T govt debt.  Game over.

Cathartes Aura's picture

y'know Geoff, that's two posts in one day where you mention women + voting rights. . . and you say you're in the military too, hmm? 

are you clear about which side you are fighting for?