Guest Post: Extend And Pretend Is Wall Street's Friend

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What's better than Too Big To Fail?

Too Biggerer To Fail!


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SmokeyQuinn... didn’t follow a basic rule.
"Don’t crap where you sleep."

EXTEND ... the sorrowful life of your pathetic website!
Kill off "Smokey", the fictitious, racist, and transparent alter-ego which was really you !
PRETEND ... that you were not posting obscene comments, under various aliases for the past two years, just to generate phantom traffic to your pitiful blog.
Bi-Polar much... MORON?
Openness and transparency are evidently grey areas for Mr. Quinn.

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Just a little SmokeyQuinn history to document where he his head is really at.



Here's a typical, if less obscene, response from SmokeyQuinn to a polite comment at his lousy blog...

"Administrator says:


It is good that you were able to take time out from the truther sheep fuck convention* to develop a sitcom.

I hear JFK is on today. You can sit in front of your TV and jerk off to it. Do you have any ideas about detective dads that bring up morons? By the number of thumbs up you received, it appears that the 9/11 truther retards are still onboard. I guess no other sites will have you mongoloids.

The truthers swarmed the site with their bullshit immediately. Anyone who has been on my site for the last two years realizes that if you don’t have facts to back up your argument, I will obliterate you.

I had the facts when Jason Rines (SmokeyQuinn's former webmaster) pulled the plug on my old site.

I really don’t care who I offend.

Anyone who has been offended can hit the fucking road.

Then all of the truthers I’ve offended today can quit my site. They can discuss gravity, explosives, jet fuel, video clips of the Pentagon, and how to properly fuck a sheep*."

Since you say you were a firefighter, that makes you an intelligent person.

You should really have special insight into the 9/11 towers. You are a bonafide sleuth.

You really have that mystery solved.

Nobody can pull anything over on you. You are too smart to fall for any tricks.

You are a mystery solver. A man with keen analytical skills. —-A fucking inbred, maggot-infested douchebag. You and all of the rest of the duped Truthers eat dog shit."


That's just one of the many really intelligent responses from Quinn and his Ewe diddlers.


Jason Rines:

{Quinn's former webmaster who dumped him over a year ago}

"Smokey and Jim are the same people, yes. I mapped both the I.P.'s back to his office at Wharton.

... TBP is a place where if you want to be abused and argue with someone ... then go for it.

As for me, I moved on.

3,000 of my countrymen are dead, they were not enemy combatants.

Radical Islam was used as the convenient manipulated fools they are. They like blood money and Islam gives these individuals the convenient excuse for murder-for-hire. No different than the 1880's in Russia and the 1930's in Germany. 

I want as close to the truth as we can all get and we are only partially there.

I cannot waste time on the wannabe dictators while my dead countrymen have not received justice.

Justice will be served when I feel the rest of my countrymen are safe and that also is a long ways away. We will probably be old men by the time we feel we know enough truth to say we concluded our own investigation and many of the perpetrators dead of old age, war or both.

So I have little time for Quinn."


So there it is from someone who really knows Quinn.

SmokeyJimQuinn is a FRAUD and a LIAR.


 *You will always have your 'sheep' who will still respect you in the morning.

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WTF with the junks. Those who know DP know he is that rare breed: an unindoctrinated American. You people live in the Matrix and know not reality. If DP says Smokey's a bitch, then Smokey is a cocksucker (good research not withstanding).

PERIOD, brainwashed (soon to be rudely awakened -yay!), bitches!

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I knew I was correct about DP

by DavidPierre
on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 12:53

The Fourth Turning...
Shallow catholic rhetoric... more aptly named The 4th Turd  ... faith-based tripe ... "bring back tradition!"  it screams... a true believer's rote catechism.
The 4th Turd  is prescriptive, traditionalist, 'virtue-cratic', mombo-jombo, mixed with puritanism and a dash of Tipper Gore. Bring back values like honour and duty, observe decency in personal conduct, discipline, develop tighter societal standards, traditional virtues.
When it's not talking about early historical eras, the book is bemoaning the ever-branching diversity of choices and lifestyles in modern life or criticizing the edginess of pop culture.
All the absurd theory about supposed cycles of the supposed generations, the fabled historical parallels, the dire warning that a new era of crisis is to come, is just an excuse to tell readers to prepare for a crisis era that may or may not be coming by celebrating the importance of authority; cease unconventional behaviour in an era that will demand conformity, and settling down to focus on prescribed values.  A hollow diatribe, pushing to get back to trust in public institutions and in the government... more restrictions on personal behaviour. 

Advice to set up strict regimes of rules, zero tolerance of conflicting opinions, demands on conduct and development to make sure that children can grow up to be the next 'HERO' generation, as they are corraled as fodder for the eternal crusades... a heavily conservative bent sticking out like a sore thumb, no doubt reflecting some of the attitudes and wishes of the infamous liar, SmokeyQuinn.  
The theory about "generations" and "turnings", the quotes and events of early historical generations are only fished out of the shallow AmeriKlan Sea, and, more importantly, ignore the rest of the world... only to find a few lame examples that will make the generations seem to fit into the imaginary pattern.
Worse yet, the portraits painted of the four recurring generational archetypes in the whannabee theory, the predications are incredibly vague and  sound like weakly created parodies.
Of course many theories will run into a FEW problems like this, but The 4th Turd  is whipped up to sound just convincing enough to sell an authoritarian ideology.
Though there is some element of truth in The 4th Turd, certainly mankind's recorded experiences have been one of cyclical ebb and flow, one cannot make anywhere near the many pat characterizations and conclusive and farfetched leaps of simple reason and logic. 
If intended as a work of propaganda, the book is perfect, for all good propaganda contains enough of an element of probable truth to be plausible.
Most everything in this book is arranged and written with the assumption that the thesis is essentially correct, a mode which is overreaching, suspect, and at best sloppy.
The wholesale grading & categorization of people is facile, diminishing, and overly fatalistic.
The book is an oligarchic collectivist's wet dream. The warning is that we are but mindless automatons, locked in an endless and stupid cycle of mass destruction, following our collectivist predestination, but that we might fail and then woe is to us. A stock false choice if there ever was one.
Either these guys were commissioned to write this stuff, or they have a more than adequate knack for figuring out which way the ill wind is blowing and sucking up to the NWO Elites for fun and profit.
Where in The 4th Turd  is the experience of Korea, Viet Nam, the Cold War, all the endless wars, Globalism, consumer society, etc. etc.?
The TRUTH of September 11, 2001, when it is dealt with openly and properly, will be the pivot to the next TURNING.
Truth might finally emerge someday in the semi-consciousness of people like SmokeyQuinn? Best take that ameriKlan ring out of your nose!

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by buzzard
on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 14:15

Nice try Mr. Pierre. Heard it all before. No cigar. I understood Strauss and Howe's ideological basis when I read the book in 1997, but it did not detract in any way the truth of their message at all. By the way, have you read it yourself? If not, May I suggest that you do it... soon.


Mr. Quinn, I haven't read a better synopsis by plugging in real data and events since the book was written. Thanks.

reply **JUNK** (3)  Flagged as JUNK.

by DavidPierre
on Mon, 03/14/2011 - 22:03

Do you really need people like Quinn to blow smoke up your derriere again?

“SmokeyQuinn has no creative ideas of his own, so he just copies and pastes... just feeds off and then regurgitates the dead ideas of Strauss & Howe like a vulture... a buzzard.

God only knows how many times he has rewritten this same stupid article. And now he drags this 4th Turd crap around on ZH again.

Aside from very rough generalities, like S&H’s, quarter century predictions are about as useless as an asshole on your elbow.

SmokeyQuinn liked my above comment so much that he reposted it on his racist and obscene blog.  You would probably like hanging with those MORONs.


{h.t. to the only two sane posters @ }

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Tyler Durden:

You might try to do some Due Diligence into the background of writers that you post on ZH.

Go on over to Quinn's blog and check out all the Racist shit that he posts and encourages.

Quinn posts in his own comments section under an alias, "Smokey". His latest...

"Smokey says:

LLPOH—In my opinion you are being a bit harsh. Blacks should be respected. What other form of animal can walk around on two legs and sometimes communicate with humans? Dogs can’t. Cats can’t. Sheep can’t and cows can’t. Blacks are arguably the most sophisticated animal in the history of the planet, yet there are still people who insist on criticizing them. Some blacks could even pass for humans, admittedly a very few, but the reality is that some COULD pass for being human. Admiration, not contempt or pity, should be reserved for all blacks. —-And fudd, you don’t have to be ashamed of being black as midnight. I’d already suspected as much before you gave it away tonight, based upon the rank stupidity and unmatched ignorance of all your comments across the board whenever you post here. No way in hell a white person is as fucking stupid as you are."

Quinn encourages some very sick shit and the man should be pitied but not encouraged.  His previous webmaster kicked him off of a free blog he provided for Racism and other sickening posts.  The man has some serious issues under his facade of economic journalism.

Jim Quinn flaunting his racial fear and class hatred on his new website…

“I have done previous posts on the 30 Blocks of Squalor. You can refresh your memory here:

 I have done a number of posts about the section of Chestnut Street in Phila between 69th street and 39th street. It is a depressing section of squalor. Once nice row homes in disrepair, collapsing porches, boarded up tenements, and Direct TV dishes seemingly on every $15,000 piece of crap house. This stretch of concrete is inhabited by the poorest of the poor. The racial balance is 100% Black, 0% everyone else. I am forced by circumstances on the Schuykill Expressway to take this route into work quite often.

I wonder if Mayor Nutter notes the irony along the 30 blocks of squalor? I observe the poorest of the poor shuffling along talking on their cell phones or listening to their iPods. I observe 22 year old black men driving $60,000 Mercedes cars. Trash, garbage, and filth litter the streets, but every other block has a beautiful mural on the side of a building showing black people doing wonderful things. Maybe if a few more black men in this community actually married the women they impregnated and manned up and raised a family, the pictures would reflect reality. “

Smokey says:

“ Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King, Jeremiah Wright, and Al Sharpton are fucking worthless, stinking alley niggers of the lowest order. I get sick as shit of the way whites are routinely discriminated against in this country. The fucking spics are just as bad, worse actually, than the blacks. They come over here and murder and steal from this country and make fucking demands of the citizens here. All a spic knows how to do is steal and fuck. That’s it. Steal and fuck. And Tarbaby can’t fucking wait to legalize all of them so that he gets their votes to provide support for his Socialist agenda. Entitlements have pissed this society down the drain.”



Nice try... deleting your 30 Blocks of Squalor thread off your BestialityPlatform.

How about you come back here today and explain yourself?


{....sound of cricketts....}

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OK. It's pretty clear that you don't like this guy. But what does any of your hatred of him have to do with what we have just read ?  You haven't refuted anything he said. I haven't gone and verified that ever chart, every statement that he made is 100% factual, but everything he has said supports what I THINK is probably true or close to the truth. If you want anyone to take anything you say as credible, then you must provide a credible reason(s) why what he is saying is not so.

You claim he is a racist.  Please point to the statement he made in his article that is racist.  You arouse my suspicions that you are a shill, employed  to divert attention from the content of the article.

Jim Quinn's picture

You're crazier than a shithouse rat.

I hear they are coming out with Deliverance 2 and they want you to reprise your role as the banjo player.

Tell everyone your theory on George Bush ordering the Twin Towers be brought down. I know you are busting to show everyone how smart you are.

How does it feel to be a miserable failure, along with being a Vietnam draft dodger hiding in Canada?

Tell everyone how much you hate America.

You are pitiful little puke.



DavidPierre's picture

SmokeyQuinn... calling other people crazy when he posts comments on his own blog under false names, then when he is exposed by his own webmaster as a fraud, calls everyone but himself a Liar.

Man Up... Tell the nice ZH people why you deleted your '30 Blocks of Racism' thread off your blog when I called you on it here?

At first you only deleted the"Smokey" comments (which was actually you posting under a false name) then you deleted multiple threads which, if they were still up on your miserable blog, I would be happy to link here.  Then everyone would be able to judge for themselves what kind of GirlieMan you really are.

That you are a 9/11Liar and a committed apologist for TPTB and the crimes of treason and murder on that day is self evident.  

Come on... you're a smart person... do you really believe that Offal whitewash BS shoved down your throat about how buildings just magically explode.  Go do some impartial homework, as I suggested over two years ago, and bring yourself up to speed about the realities of the world. 

Do you believe in physical science or mythical magic?

Yup... It's really been tough living in BC for the past 41 years.  I sure wish I had let them draft me and gone and killed innocent Vietnamese women and children for people like you.  You had better get those three boys of yours ready to march off to were ever in the world to fight the latest series of never ending imperial wars.

Why should I hate amerKlan people like you? 

Gee... I'll have to think on that for a while.




Jim Quinn's picture

Thanks for proving you are crazier than a shithouse rat. The ZH readers weren't convinced. Now they are.

Describe for us what the voices in your head tell you.

Canada sure is lucky to have you.

Are your lithium and shock treatments free?


DavidPierre's picture

Hell... everything medical is free up here... including that super fine BCBud.

Now answer the questions MORON... what happened to your 30 Blocks of Racism threads and why do you post phony comments to yourself?

While your at it why did you delete the 9/11 thread?  You afraid of Truth? 

Oh yeah... now I remember... You lied about that also.

Jim Quinn's picture

Those voices are really loud, aren't they?








Please take your lithium. Resist those horrible urges.


DavidPierre's picture


LOL !!!

A troll trolling a troll !

You must be frantically searching your keyboard for the well used '1st Amendment' delete button.

Answer the questions... MORON!


Jim Quinn's picture

Foaming at the mouth doesn't become you.

Back to the barn you lowly despicable traitor.

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It's coming...

Kocherlakota, voting member of the Fed, signals Fed funds rate may need to rise 75 basis points in late 2011 - WSJ

dogismyth's picture

i bet you listen to the monkeys too when you visit the zoo.  What secrets have they told you lately?

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Listen only to the cobra.  He's the only one smart enough to escape.

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If it happens, which I doubt, it will be reversed very quickly.

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Nice work. The implications of implementing a national policy of no accountability for any corporations and creating government produced opiates for the masses is really not going to end well

Dr. Porkchop's picture

Corporations are people now too! They have the same right to lie, cheat, steal, and obfuscate as the people in government!

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Why doesn't the Fed just hire Nick Leeson or Jermain Kerviel ??

These guys could easily make the numbers work !

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We need a NATIONAL STOP PAYING YOUR MORTGAGE EVENT!!!!!!!!!! Cripple the crooks once and for all.

duncecap rack's picture

Anybody who organized that would get tossed in jail pretty quick.

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 Business in America;

Psssst! Hey! Have I got a deal for you! All you gotts do is......

Business as usual. When the core is rotten, the fruit still tastes bad, but looks real good! 

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I am going to puke

Boilermaker's picture

Buy some puts on IYR to get the puke really flowing.  They'll just piss all over you and kick you in the nuts.

You'll enjoy it thoroughly.

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A mathematician, an accountant and an economist apply for the same job. The interviewer calls in the mathematician and asks "What do two plus two equal?" The mathematician replies "Four." The interviewer asks "Four, exactly?" The mathematician looks at the interviewer incredulously and says "Yes, four, exactly."

Then the interviewer calls in the accountant and asks the same question "What do two plus two equal?" The accountant says "On average, four - give or take ten percent, but on average, four."

Then the interviewer calls in the economist and poses the same question "What do two plus two equal?" The economist gets up, locks the door, closes the shade, sits down next to the interviewer and says "What do you want it to equal?"

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Nice one,

Tomorrow's April fools day watch out!

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We All Know The Problem Folks, How About THE SOLUTION, eh?!?!

Youri Carma's picture

THE PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS BY YOURI CARMA, 29 December 2008 (Blogs.Reuters - The Great Debate)

OK now we got the solutions what about getting the financial Hanky panky hokes removed from their offices?

Democracy is a farce and won't change the system in this rigged mind controlled two party notin to vote system. We're pretty much stuck.

See also Dmitry Orlov for an update on the state of economic collapse in America with Max Keiser

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Jim Quinn looks like he will snatch the honor (from Jim Willie) of being the Bearing´s No. 1 Uber-Bear.

themosmitsos's picture

Jim, all well and good.

You know what's missing? The ... "US is doomed, bug-in-windshield, Americans are fat, lazy, & stupid" coloful language & equivalent name calling of your Japan article.

Oh, and the demographics analysis, and how it impacts housing, lending, & banking. I mean, if it's ok to talk about who's dying in Japan in such colorful terms, when are you gonna talk about who's "burgerfying" and mexicanizing?

Link me up, when you find one. Hypocrite

Then again, I dont know why I bother, you're quoting Business Insider  & Ritholtz LOOOL! What's Britany up to?

Jim Quinn's picture

How did you manage to keep your comment to less than 4,000 words you moron?

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Bond holders and stockholders would have been wiped out

This is the bit everyone, including the author of this piece, ignores. A bank deposit is a bond, if you have your 'money' in the bank you are a bondholder.

If the banking system had crashed in 2008 everyone would have lost everything.


usefuloutput's picture

...and we could be starting to rebuild the economy.
Now we're just struggling on in a world full of lies.

AUD's picture

With what? Unless you had a wad of physical $ & ultimately a pile of gold you'd be destitute.

The author claims that it has all been a nefarious scheme to bail out the bondholder bankers but if the bankers had gone down they would have taken your money with them.

How would that have gone down with 'main street'?


usefuloutput's picture

With what?
With honesty clearness and trust I guess.
Not with the PDF released by the FED
'Main street' is now slowly going down.

Youri Carma's picture

Sleep tight sheople. Oh and Happy dying in WOIII later when you're drafted.

Jim Quinn's picture


Depositors would have been fine. The investors would have been wiped out. The banks would have been liquidated in an orderly manner. Bankruptcy laws exist for a reason. Don't fall for the company line. THINK.

AUD's picture

Since when has any bank guaranteed your deposit with them? Do they post collateral with you?

It was the government that 'guaranteed' everyone's 'money', not the banks. You are assuming that if the banks had not been 'saved' they would have had any assets at all.

Jim Quinn's picture

You're clueless or you are a Wall Street bank shill.

Diogenes's picture

It's official. Zero Hedge's comments columns have jumped the shark.

Blythes Master's picture

Hey Jimbo......


It's funny how douchepenis only shows up when you post.


Like he's stalking your shit, lol!


How are the boys? Avalon? You?


Have you linked TBP to CIAbook yet?


Say 'ello to Cocksucker in NewJersey for me.




Oh yeah, I almost forgot...PHUCK FILLY!!!

Jim Quinn's picture


Where did you go?

I always lose my bet commentors. First you and then Smokey.

Comeback home to TBP.

Blythes Master's picture

Been busy Farmin', Firefightin', Shovelin' snow, and Fuckin' the Fed over and over and....


I barely have time to check emails.


Maybe soon.

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this is a zh platinum moment - a perfect precis of the sacking of rome for literally the criminal bankster mob has pillaged and plundered america - its inept incompetent ceos and executives serving as the raiding parties....

but where did this come from? the ceos learne from the donald trump saga of the 1980s/90s when hairsprayed buffoon pleaded too big too fail in a test run of what he and others knew was to come in the in the 2000s....

the rockefeller / rothschild axis of evil serves only mammon....their damned souls will not be missed....

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There is no solution. The Mafia is running the show, the whole show and nothing but the show. They've got the Fed, the government, the major institutions, the CIA and the FBI, the media, and especially the military and the law enforcement agencies. You stick your neck out and its the guillotine. This has to be the best summary of the whole mess that I've read in a long time. Keep up the good work!