Guest Post: FBI Raids Chuck E. Cheese For “Undermining U.S. Currency”

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From Brandon Smith at Alt Market

FBI Raids Chuck E. Cheese For “Undermining U.S. Currency”

The FBI and the Secret Service showed their
willingness today to utilize the expanded definitions of “counterfeit
currency” and “domestic terrorism” brought about by the recent
conviction of Bernard von NotHaus of the alternative currency outlet
“Liberty Dollar” when the agencies initiated a surprise raid on an
unsuspecting Chuck E. Cheese establishment in Des Moines, Iowa.

Chuck E Cheese is charged with violations of 18
U.S.C. § 514, which covers the counterfeiting of Federal instruments,
including currency, as well as 18 U.S.C. § 486, which states:

Whoever, except as authorized by law,
makes or utters or passes, or attempts to utter or pass, any coins of
gold or silver or other metal, or alloys of metals, intended for use as
current money, whether in the resemblance of coins of the United States
or of foreign countries, or of original design, shall be fined under
this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.

The statute phrases “intended for use as current
money”, as well as “of original design” are extremely vague and wide
open for any number of unconstitutional interpretations. Traditionally,
the concept of “resemblance” or “similitude” in terms of counterfeiting
has been considered to mean an attempt to make an exact copy or near
exact copy of a unit of U.S. currency with the intent to illegally
replicate its appearance as well as its value. However, the
FBI found that the Liberty Dollar decision, and the “precedent” set by
it, actually expanded the definition of “resemblance and similitude” to
mean almost any privately made coin or barter token. That
is to say, there are no longer any exact guidelines for what actually
constitutes “counterfeiting”, and therefore, all alternative currencies
are now fair game, including the insidiously prevalent Chuck E. Cheese
game token.

“Haven’t you ever been at the laundry mat with a
pocket of change thinking you have plenty of quarters, only to discover
that most of them are Chuck E. Cheese tokens?!” railed Anne Tompkins,
Department of Justice prosecutor in the Liberty Dollar case, as she read
from a carefully prepared DHS script. “That is close enough to counterfeiting for me! It is a blatant destabilization of our democratic economy! What are you supposed to do, let your underpants wallow in filth while Chuck E. Cheese makes a profit? I say no to these financial terrorists!”

“We have to start making examples out of these
alternative currency people,” said Agent Heinrich Himmler of the FBI,
who was part of the Des Moines raid, “if we don’t chill enthusiasm for
this kind of black market activity and so called “free trade” now, then
who knows what could happen! We can’t have average citizens attempting to operate their own commerce. That would be un-American!”

Himmler’s sentiments were echoed by Southern Poverty Law Center mascot and all around swell guy, Mark Potok, who stated:

“We know for a fact that the private trade of any
alternative currency directly funds terrorist organizations like “white
Al Qaeda” (white Al Qaeda is a franchise of Al Qaeda LTD., all rights reserved), the Ku Klux Klan Anti-Semite Aryan Stormfront Warriors, and, the dreaded Cobra Commandos, not to mention the Decepticons. I
have no proof of this…..but I work with the Department of Homeland
Security, so clearly I don’t need to explain myself to you…”

He related further:

“The majority of Chuck E. Cheese customers are obviously right wing extremists with aspirations of homegrown terrorism. They
openly believe in outlandish conspiracy theories, including the claim
that the American economy is on a bullet-train to hell, its greased
lighting supplied by the rampant unaccountable activities of the Federal
Reserve, including their deliberate destruction of our monetary system. These accusations are preposterous. I see absolutely no signs that the economy or the dollar are in any danger whatsoever. Frankly, only a man like Timothy McVeigh would eat at Chuck E. Cheese.”

“Chuck E. Cheese will deny they cater to terrorists, but who are they to argue with me? I have an open invitation to appear on MSNBC anytime I want and say anything I want without ever being questioned. I could go on Hardball, wax my bikini line, and do a naked hula dance in Chris Matthews’ face and no one would say a damn thing! I’m freaken’ untouchable!”

The Secret Service and the FBI were confronted at
the scene of the raid by alternative media proponents who questioned the
validity of the action, citing an “extreme misinterpretation of
currency laws” in order to “railroad anyone who dared to refuse
participation in the corrupt dollar based system”. FBI spokeswomen Gertrud Klink refused to allow web news reporters access to the scene, and failed to respond to any queries.

“They aren’t real media anyway”, said Klink. “They
may have city or state issued press passes, and they may be pummeling
the MSM with their growing readership numbers, but if it doesn’t say FOX
or CNN on the ID, who do they expect to take them seriously? If
you can’t reinforce people’s ignorant preconceived notions of any given
event with sterile corporately crafted talking points broadcast on
digital HD cable, then what good are you to the FBI? ‘The O’Reilly Factor’… that’s real journalism!”

Alleged terrorists apprehended on the scene
included Chuck E. Cheese himself, as well as partners in crime Jasper T.
Jowls and Mr. Munch. Mr. Munch was shot and killed by the FBI while attempting to “gnaw an agent’s leg”. The
West Des Moines Junior Girls Softball Squad (Go Bulldogs!), were also
caught red handed in the act of exchanging illegal Chuck E. Cheese
tokens for turns at the “Whack-A-Mole.”

“We stormed in right as they were about to thrash several unmistakable likenesses of Mark Potok with a rubber mallet. It was sickening! I hope Mark knows how much danger he’s really in….”

Twelve year old shortstop, Suzie Silverton, had a different view of the situation:

“We had just won the state championship and thought it would be nice to celebrate with some pizza and stuff…”

“We didn’t know we were doing anything wrong, you know. I mean, nobody ever told us that Chuck E. Cheese tokens were against the law. We’ve been using them since I was little to play games and all that. They don’t look like any real money I know. Only an idiot (or a Liberty Dollar case jury) would mistake them for legal tender. I asked an FBI man if he could show me where in the law it says specifically that tokens are illegal. He said they make the law up as they go along now, then he sprayed me in the face with bear repellent…”

Anne Tompkins defended the actions of the FBI in a press conference statement ghost written by Janet Napolitano herself:

“Chuck E. Cheese tokens are indeed a form of counterfeiting. As
we pointed out in the Liberty Dollar case, any round metal token with a
portrait, especially a left facing portrait, with visual devices
similar to U.S. coins (which are open to our personal interpretation),
could easily be mistaken as legal tender by the dull witted American
masses. Never mind that the portrait on the token is of a singing rat…”

“We have several versions of the Chuck E. Cheese token that violate the same exact statutes as Liberty Dollar did. Some
of the coins have dollar denominations, like 25 cents, inscribed on
them, and some even say “In Pizza We Trust”, obviously copied from “In
God We Trust” which is prevalent on all U.S. coinage. Honestly,
that’s all we need to nail you for conspiracy to commit currency fraud
nowadays, so all you Liberty Movement insurgents out there can forget
about sound money projects to protect your communities from
hyperinflation. We’re going to tap dance on your graves…”

Seven-year-old Tommy Tuddlemeyer of Des Moines
interrupted Tompkins’ statement in protest over the raid on his favorite
family restaurant.

Tuddlemeyer: “Anne Tompkins is a shameless soulless shill puppet for the DHS and the corporate banking oligarchy! Don’t you see! They’ve
made the application of counterfeiting law so arbitrary that no one can
ever know what the actual definition of a counterfeit is! It
is utterly unconstitutional to leave the interpretation of a law “open
ended” so that it can be used as a flail by the establishment to smash
anyone who seeks independence in any form from the existing system! Plus……I miss the ball pit and the pizza! Where am I going to have my 8th birthday party now!

Tompkins: “You’re forgetting something, young man. Barter tokens are also undermining the strength of our dollar and our monetary system. It is illegal to create an economic system or an alternative currency that competes with the Federal Reserve Note. By using tokens, you are destroying the integrity of our country and putting the financial safety of everyone at risk.”

Tuddlemeyer: “Listen, you haggard she-goblin! I may have been born almost yesterday, but that doesn’t mean I’m a moron! You
can try to misinterpret 18 U.S.C. § 486 all you want, but it doesn’t
change the fact that competing barter systems are in no way illegal! Show me the law, wench!”

Tompkins: “Don’t worry, if it’s not written down yet, we’ll make sure it is before the year is out.”

Tuddlemeyer: “If you
really cared at all about the safety of the dollar and our financial
system, then you would use the power of the DOJ to help investigate the
global banks and the Federal Reserve. They are destroying the stability of our currency daily and right out in the open! Its
apparent that you have no interest in protecting the American people,
only keeping us unshielded and weak as corporate elites bleed us dry,
making us sufficiently desperate before they introduce the SDR as the
new world reserve currency to replace the dollar, and position the IMF
as the ultimate global arbiter of all economic activity around the

Tompkins: That’s all “conspiracy theory”. Only silly kooky internet crazies with insane mental illness psycho craziness say things like that.

Tuddlemeyer: What?! It’s admitted! Ever visit the IMF website? I thought a “conspiracy” was supposed to be something secret. This isn’t a secret…

Tompkins: You’re crazy, and therefore everything you say no matter how factual is without merit…

Tuddlemeyer: Even if
you were right about competing systems and currencies being illegal,
which you’re not, how did Liberty Dollar or Chuck E. Cheese actually
“compete” with the greenback? People had to exchange
dollars for Liberty Dollar coins, and for Chuck E. Cheese tokens, so
dollars were still being used and traded within the barter process. Nothing you say makes any sense. Man, I need a Flintstones vitamin and a shot of Mountain Dew just to get through this conversation...”

Tompkins: “Ok, I admit it; the raids on Liberty Dollar and Chuck E. Cheese were not about counterfeiting in the slightest. In
fact, the banking elite are unbearably afraid of average people taking
matters into their own hands and applying their own unique solutions to
the problems of economic destabilization. If all you serfs
go around implementing your own financial protections and localizing
your own economies, then you won’t need global banks or the government
to “help you” when it really hits the fan in the next couple of years. If
you people get even the narrowest inkling that you have the ability to
live WITHOUT the dollar, or any other fiat central banking instrument of
intergalactic subjugation, then that would really peeve us off, plus
put us out of business. Can you see me having to work a real job? I don’t think so! I would rather send goon squads to burn down your dirty little suburban hovels!”

Tuddlemeyer: How do you live with yourself, lady…?

Tompkins: I make sure everyone else is as miserable as I am…

Tommy Tuddlemeyer was promptly tasered for daring
to assert his First Amendment rights in a public place and was heard to
exclaim as his head was placed into a black bag that he “wanted his
mommy”. Police pointed out that if he could not afford his own mommy, an inept court appointed mommy would be provided for him.

The DOJ, the Secret Service, and the FBI are moving
forward with similar actions against other organizations using
alternative counterfeit currencies, including Disney Dollars, Roller
Dollars, “common border” cooperation against Canadian Tire Dollars, and
raids on every casino establishment in the greater Las Vegas area:

“We’ll leave no stone unturned” said Agent Himmler. “I
have full faith that with the combined efforts of the DOJ, the FBI, the
IRS, and the DHS, we will scare the holy bejesus out of anyone who even
looks at the dollar sideways. It’s very simple, if you
want to stay out of our crosshairs; shut up, use your Fed notes, and
your credit card, and keep on shopping, America! Easy peasy! And don’t worry, if anything ever does happen to the dollar, we’ll be there to pick up the pieces for you. Just don’t ever try to pick them up yourself…”

UPDATE: The above news story is a parody. Hopefully you noticed. However, the underlying absurdity of the situation is, unfortunately, very real, and going on today right under our noses. The
humorous anecdote is meant to illustrate a point; that the activities
of the DOJ and various federal agencies in regards to alternatives
commerce of late have been growing more vicious and more irrational as
the disintegration of the mainstream economic system nears. Stagflation
is striking all sectors, corporate retailers like Walmart are no longer
able to absorb wholesale price increases of goods and are now charging
much more at the shelf, energy prices are going through the roof, and
housing and wages continue to decline. Centralized economic
structures like our own always struggle to stay relevant to the people
in the face of financial implosion, at least until they can be replaced
with yet ANOTHER centralized financial system. Power over
the economy and power over currency are the greatest mechanisms of
control in existence, at least, beyond the barrel of a gun, and even
more so in some cases. The establishment will stop at nothing to maintain their grip on this mechanism. This includes criminalizing even the most logical and moral behaviors.

The bottom line; whether or not barter networks or sound money initiatives are made illegal is irrelevant. What the DOJ, the SPLC, or even the FBI claims is “domestic terrorism” in terms of trade is, in the end, meaningless. When all is said and done, people are going to look for ways to survive. Barter networking and precious metals are a natural economic extension of this inherent instinct. Every
single nation in history that has experienced a fiscal catastrophe has
immediately sprouted private localized trade in response. Barter is a fact of life that even the Federal Reserve can’t undo. The
key, though, to making barter a proactive tool, is to utilize it BEFORE
collapse occurs, instead of waiting until after the fact. The
key is to preempt disaster with a free market already in place to
provide new options for Americans who find themselves afraid, confused,
and in the dark. Never forget, if we do not take action
now, global banks will be more than happy to introduce their own
“solution”; one that is not so free…

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

What, no Marlboro bucks?


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I'll tell you what they won't touch, and I shouldn't need to tell you why.

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so what will the punishment be if convicted?

being confined to a seat in chuck e cheese during peak hours?

its stiff punishment like this that we need if we truly don't want repeat offenders.

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The Parkers Brothers might want to leave the country (Monopoly) before they get busted too.

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The article was meant to be humor. 

Anonymouse's picture

Thanks so much for clarifying that.  Perhaps fish isn't brain food after all.

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Las Vegas to be CLOSED DOWN due top their illegal use of tokens and chips that claim to represent currency. As the WORLD"S LARGEST counterfeiting ring, the casinos in Las Vegas have clearly violated USA laws and must be shut down immediately.

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There is hope.  Perhaps soon targeted would be those sponsoring such evil, unamerican venues like subways and buses.

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I logged in just to junk you, bigot.

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Same here. A shame that this website is beginning to attract racist white trash extremists bc of their blind hatred for the US gov. The criticisims raised here are rational and these free-riders try to hijack it to their own agenda

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Happy Passover to those who junked me.  You don't suppose the famine in Canaan was caused by monetary failure do you?  I mean that's why you moved to Egypt right?  Anyways, enjoy your matzah.

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Hahaha!  You get 20 points today, my friend: 10 for each dim-witted Jewish supremacist that responded to you.

Watch this, though: I'm about to score at least 30.

I am Chumbawamba.

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This is also satire, right? Caricature of a rabid anti-Semite...funny stuff.

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You have got to be kidding me.  This is a political statements meant to take the air out of the sails of Americans accumulating physical gold.  A Krugerand would still be legal to hold as it is a foreign currency it's just that you can't buy anything with it until you convert it into Benny Bucks.  There goes the value of your gold as a barter currency.  All they have to do now is pass a regulation (wouldn't even involve the congress just a regulation under the authority of the Secretary) that you need to be licensed to buy sell or trade delivery bars or ingots.  I have said for ages that the main risk to the price of gold was political rather than economic.  There you have it.  

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They made Marijuana, cocaine and methampetamine illegal, and the prices of all of them have been falling ever since;... what's that?... black market?... prices artificially high?...

Ooops. Nevermind.


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I'm still confused about the grams ounces kilos pounds thing?

Pool Shark's picture


It's all the fault of those bloody Brits.

They stick us with this stupid "English System" of weights and measures (bushels? pecks? quarts? pints?), and then they go metric like the rest of the civilized world...


primalplasma's picture

What you do is you hold your precious metals and convert them to a sound fiat currency when the right time comes. I have physical gold and silver but I never expected to actually use it for bartering.

Hacked Economy's picture

Possibly...there may or may not ever be a true [classic] bartering system in which silver/gold coins are used as currency.  But I have SAEs and pre-1965s anyway, and in worst case, they're acting as a great inflation hedge, even if only to be "converted" at some later date per your suggestion.

But I also have original 1980s-era Disney Dollars and Chuck E. Cheese tokens from my childhood.  They might come in handy, too.

Ya never know...  ;-)

XitSam's picture

"sound fiat currency"  Candidate for oxymoron of the year.

Boxed Merlot's picture

I have said for ages that the main risk to the price of gold was political rather than economic...


The main risk to the price of anything is political. 

One of the main reasons for the value of Ag and AU is the policies regulating the mining, refining and possession of the end product, but control of the hole in the ground where the stuff originates from.


I read somewhere recently someone suggesting hardrock mines being a great place to store spent fuel rods.  Must've been a fed/irs/bis recommendation.

MrSteve's picture

Salt mines are the right place for long time, millenia range, storage of nuke waste. The existing salt beds (such as near Syracuse, NY) have been geologically stable for many 100 millions of years. The Forces of NIMBY are strong and organized against such practical ideas though. Maybe the current irradiation of the biosphere will convince people that the over stuffed pools of spent fuel rods need better, safer long term storage than the current open dump approach.

Trundle's picture

The power of the state condenses its criminality by the promulgation of obtuse and confusing statutes enforced by selective prosecution.

OldTrooper's picture

you can't buy anything with it until you convert it into Benny Bucks.

Think so?  I've got an old Ford Ranger I'll sell you for 7/10ths of an ounce of gold.  Gold and silver doesn't spend worth a shit a WalMart - but it's accepted at my place.

outamyeffinway's picture

Nice! I'll be selling my power washer this spring for about 3 oz's of silver. Used to be about 8 or 9. Inflation is killing me!!!

OldPhart's picture


Took me four paragraphs to realize this was a parody.  Everything I've read lately in the news made this just another example of the idiots working in government at all levels.  It's becoming hard to tell truth from fiction in what the government and media does.

Hacked Economy's picture

Me too.  Great article...makes you *wonder* at the beginning, 'cuz who knows what the Feds will consider as contraband currency nowadays.

I'm keeping my shells and beads buried with my gold.

outamyeffinway's picture

I had to quickly scroll to the bottom as my blood pressure was rising to quickly!'s picture

It's becoming hard to tell truth from fiction in what the government and media does.


The following is true:

Baby Squirrel Gets Pepper-Sprayed By Cop - Video

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Don't forget the Linden Dollars. LOL

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really, that was the biggest laugh out loud moment I have had in about a month.!  SERIOUS.  I can't even watch Stephen Colbert and John Stewart anymore (used to be my comic relief) because they too have been infiltrated by Communists Club of Rome.  It's been about 2 years now since they were taken over.  'So sad.  But this made my terrible lousy day just a little easier to bear

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sad humor it possible to laugh out loud and shit my pants at the same time?

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I have found that if you laugh really, really hard, it becomes somewhat more likely to happen spontaneously.

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I have found that successive candles on the cake soon make hard laughter unnecessary

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LOL...."Heinrich Himmler of the FBI" how fitting!


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Now you've done it.  Probably have appeared on some sort of watch list.

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There was a president on that Chucky Cheese token.  I'm not sure which one, but he seemed familiar.

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Pity the Goon Show is no more, this would be great script material......

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 the juxtaposition of whatsernames underwear and cheese , is just too much

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All parents will agree that chuck e cheese should be shut down and the management jailed. Oh, and their pizza sucks also!

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You forget 1 industry that thrives on tokens!!



I even have a silver chips collection from vegas.





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Ever come across the "love tokens" from the Swayback Ranch, etc?

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Better hide your silver rounds. They will be raiding every house in America next to get your silver rounds. You damn counterfeiters best be hiding now!!!

Now we know how they will confiscate your silver.  

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wearing a silver piercing this summer might really become a dangerous enterprise...


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Fascist police state strikes again!

Commander Cody's picture

Parody?  Do not obfuscate.  I know for a fact that the story is true and the names have been changed to protect the innocent.