Guest Post: Fecks, Lies and Video Tape [or the Cabal Channel]

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This reminds me of 6 months ago in August when every TV channel had pics of wheat fields burning everywhere, and wheat goes to new highs, then closes limit down.  Some people just never learn to "play the game".

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It is a very hard game to play. It takes a lot of.discipline not to chase prices.

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Limit down today because there may be fewer humans needing wheat to live in a few weeks...


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It appears to me that the entire "derivatives market" was created for one specific objective: creation of "fiat markets".

In other words, there is no need to have a commodity and securities pricing market exchanges. Central & investment banks can simple "print" gold, silver, oil, corn, etc., It is a perfect tool for equities & commodities markets control & manipulations.

There is only one problem: one cannot eat  "corn derivatives" or "wheat derivatives" or pump a "derivative gas" into a tank of your car.

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Silver will become really valuable when the association of FRN$ value to it has no significance.

Weak hands beware!

"Silver at what?" 

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thank you Ron Kirby for telling some truth...

 "exposing the fact that silver is likely the most mis-priced asset on the planet"

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Ron Kirby isn't a pseudonym for Max Keiser, is it????????

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Ted is a contraction of your full name, right?. I'll bet yours starts with Shit. That explains your thinking.

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The Central Bernanking Complex: All your fiat are belong to us. Make your time.

ZH: Launch every Ag and Au. For great justice!

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The Central Bernanking Complex.

I like that!

Fed delenda est.

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The Dow being down 117 points is completely unaacceptable.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Accelerating. Now -140. Ghasp!

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Bernanke and Geithner are gonna wait until 3:45pm to push their little

red button and save the day!

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We will see the PPT (aka Kamikazi Ben) get to work later in the day. For now, they need to make the markets at least look like they are functioning some what. If what is occuring now took place 20 years ago, I am certain, the markets would have been halted for the day and perhaps tomorrow as well.

As I said, what good is a rising stock if you can't sell it? Nothing. I own not a single stock as of last year. "Physical" means it is mine. Tangible items folks, are necessary. 

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You have a lot of faith in Bernank's. He can't save the world, despite  what he dreams at night

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Thank you once again Mr. Kirby for publicly refuting one of the Big Lies. It's sad really that exposing the lie is still required when so much evidence has been accumulated to convince everyone other than those who are paid to deny or lie (as well as those who just wish to sleep) that the Big Lie has no clothes.

But then again we aren't talking about just another lie, are we? What we're really talking about here is what's supporting the lies. We're talking about a belief system that all of us, even among those of us who have divested into PMs and/or commodities, are dependent upon. In so many cases our lives, or at least our standard of living, depend upon believing the lie long past its expiration date.

This Big Lie will be allowed to die only when a new one has been constructed strong enough to handle the shifted load. That is until nothing can and it all falls down.

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Really?  My money is "irredeemable"?  What about all of the things I redeem it for daily?

And no, I didn't read the rest of the article.

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Just wait until you hear "oh, we don't accept these here".

The enlightenment will come as a thunderbolt...

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you are a cat indeed.  i will not feel enlightened when my money is worthless.  nor will all the urban dwellers that will be forced to "decamp to the countryside" as a consequence.  having listened to Scott Brown "beware the camp counselor" seems like a good modus operandi.

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Those FRNs used to be redeemable everywhere. Now even our neighbors to the north won't take them in a smallish transaction. And forget about trying to use the USD in Europe, unless you are in an airport.

Since they are nothing but fiat, they are not redeemable at the Treasury for something else of actual value. I've been exchanging mine for much more valuable objects any chance I get.

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There's a difference between redeemable and exchangeable. As for its exchange value; try placing one under a mattress or in a bank for 30 years and find out how exchangeable for goods they are.

A credit note (FRN, cheque) when presented at the clearing house, must be backed by something for it to be (re)deemed as trustworthy.

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And no, I didn't read the rest of the article.

I like you!  At least you admit your ignorance.  That's a bit better than most folks who are bull-headed and try to bluff their way through a rational argument.   You prove that "sheeple" come in different types, other than those who stare at the DWTS and other pablum on the tube.   You are here!  Showing that ignorance knows no media bounds.

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Central Bank Cartel is weakening as rifts appear: East v West, Developed V Developing, Surplus v Bankrupt, Gold Accumulating v Gold Depleting.

I've said it: Gold is the ultimate barometer of the Central Banker Pinocchio Factor: the more they lie, and the greater the implications of such lies, the higher the gold price will go. There's a premium being built in that somehow the lies may come to light and blow up the delicate and tangled web they've weaved, a web of a gazillion little private deals and promises and  diminishing credibility

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They're like the mafia. They've got all their honor among thieves bullshit, until one of them has their back against the wall. Then they turn on each other.

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i don't recall South Africa declaring force majuere.  i think the place's name was "Libya."

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Did you stop one in the head?

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Gold the only safe place to be today.....very telling indeed

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Go back to bed America... Only conspiracy theorists believe "powerful people might get together and have a plan" - Carlin

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Funny line, odd that most do not understand it only takes two parties to form a conspiracy.

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The correct PC term these days is: co-conspiracy. There are no longer any conspiracies.

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And just how are we going to correct this fraud?  When fraud is now legal?

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The real question, obviously, is when does true price discovery occur or do we have to wait for the final implosion?  Or does the FED keep pumping moey ad infinitum to the fraudsters?

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Give it a few weeks. My silver to $40 in 3-4 weeks is almost 3 weeks early...

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It is happening in silver . The commodities drop off along with stocks are a last attempt to get silver down. I believe JPM is in over their head . This is the hail mary so the comex doesn't default . That is what is on the table and that is why there seems to be scared money . The only other thing that could cause these bizarre events in markets is  something big is going to unwind in Italy and effect everything across the board .US bond prices arent screaming deflationary event and neither is the dollar . So in my opinion this is an SOS(save our shorts ) from JP and possibly other TBTF 's working in collusion .

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They may not want to disaggregate the data publicly but platinum and palladium volume could account for a lot of it. It could be the vast majority of it. I need more info than this before i scream silver conspiracy. Silver is such a small illiquid market it could hardly matter to the big boyz. What reason for banks to favor the SUA?

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but platinum and palladium volume could account for a lot of it.

Plat and Pal are very tiny markets compared to silver. Unless they have been mining secret, major high grade deposits like mad these last years, adding unreported supply, then I suggest you do your homework instead of making assumptions. In other words, these markets are too small to write copious amounts of derivatives against.

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Precious Metals indeed.

The name says it all.

Munny just does not quite cut it.


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We're having a biflationary melt-down today: Oil up sharp, Housing down hard. That realization is huge bearish for a 'recovering' economy. It's a gut punch. All that's going on in the world says that, yes, it's a trend and yes, it will get worse. Maybe a whole lot worse.

Most important, it's a clear signal of the failure of Bernank and global Central Banker's policies. Their little experiment is blowing up 

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Why the big surprise and the conspiracy theory BS? This is just a replay of Q3 2008, when commodities got hammered and margin calls forced a waterfall of selling. Hedgies heading for the exits and putting their profits in the USD.

Caviar Emptor's picture

Sorry, USD floundering today very noticeably in the face of a big meltdown. Been all over this one. It's a break in the pattern that we've been seeing for 3 years. Lots of money went into gold. It's a reflection of a loss of faith that the Fed's "treatment" is actually worse than the disease itself. 

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Rogerwilco... and out.   You shoulda perused the entire market before commenting.

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I've always felt in my gut that most things aren't as they appear in this world. Gold confiscation througout history tells us how important and powerful it is. Ending silver coin for circulated money spoke volumes in 1964. These things are the elephant in the room. Without gold/silver money I will never trust my govenment. Giving our elite the power to declare a piece of paper legal tender and letting them print as many as they want and forcing the subjects work and pay debt in them by theat of imprisonment is immoral and tiranical. I hold as few dollars as I need to because I refuse to participate.

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It only takes time to out the truth. History is replete with the strategies used by those in a position of power, who are able to maneuver their assets into a favorable position, before the re-pricing event and before the counter-parties (masses) wake up.

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"Precious metals prices have been suppressed – as a matter of a closely coordinated Central Bernaking “edict” by a group of lying, ruthless elites who fancy themselves as “better and more important than all of us”.  These elites have captured and control governments."

"Why Does the World Feel Wrong" - article about psychopaths being in control here:



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Save a golf ball,club a banker.