Guest Post: Fecks, Lies and Video Tape [or the Cabal Channel]

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Submitted by Rob Kirby

Fecks, Lies and Video Tape [or the Cabal Channel]

purpose of this article – it’s an attempt to bring some transparency to
what’s really happening in the precious metals complex by underscoring
the words and actions of players in the Central Banking community.  Attention
is drawn to the fact that these elitists lie as a matter of policy but
are prone to making simple mistakes like all humans do.  Specifically,
light is shone on the degree to which these same elitists will go to
keep their surreptitious market activities ‘secret’ and their
irredeemable fiat currencies viable.


In December, 2010 – I wrote a paper titled, Something’s Wrong in the Silver Pit, and It’s Much Bigger than J.P. Morgan.  This
paper highlighted how the Federal Reserve had stonewalled the Gold Anti
Trust Action Committee’s [GATA’s] FOIA requests for information on Fed
activity in the gold bullion markets – citing, as an excuse, its
‘privileged status’ and reluctance to divulge ‘trade secrets’


paper made comparisons between bullion data published by the U.S.
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency [OCC] and bullion data
published by the Bank For International Settlements [BIS], based in
Basel, Switzerland.


looking at the OCC data or that published by the BIS – the overwhelming
conclusion was that the “then prevailing” gold / silver ratio [at 49:
1] was a contrivance. This math indicates that a disproportionate
quantity of silver relative to gold derivatives existed – indicative of
major silver market manipulation.  Here’s the BIS data used:



This was illustrated by posing the question:  If
there is a total of 417 Billion notional in Gold derivatives
outstanding – AND THE GOLD / SILVER Price RATIO is 49:1 – then WHY are
outstanding notional silver derivatives 127 Billion????   These BIS
numbers suggest that the proper gold / silver ratio should be roughly
3.3:1 or silver priced TODAY at 1,400 / 3.3 = 424.00 per ounce. 

the BIS data appeared to be so COMPLETELY at odds with the [then] 49: 1
prevailing gold / silver ratio – I wrote to the BIS’s “PRESS SERVICE”
with the following query:



From: Rob Kirby []
Sent: 23 December 2010 17:48
To: Press, Service
Subject: question


Dear Sir or Madame;


was wondering if you could help explain something I am having a great
deal of difficulty understanding – in the absence of Fraud – that you
reported in one of your latest Derivatives reports:



Question:  There
are a total of 417 Billion notional in Gold derivatives outstanding –
AND THE GOLD / SILVER Price RATIO is 49:1 – then WHY are outstanding
notional silver derivatives 127 Billion????   These BIS numbers suggest
that the proper gold / silver ratio should be roughly 3.3:1 or silver
priced TODAY at 1,400 / 3.3 = 424.00 per ounce. 

does the BIS have any comment on the proposition that metals markets
are rigged?  If not, how does the BIS explain the discrepancy in their
own figures cited above?


Thanks in advance for your time and consideration,


Rob Kirby



Toronto, Ontario


Phone:  xxx xxx xxxx


The BIS acknowleged receipt of my query, on Dec. 27, 2010, as expressed here:


Dear Mr Kirby


you for your enquiry which we have passed your enquiry along to our
Statistics department. Unfortunately the expert who would be able to
respond to your questions is currently not in the office, but you may
expect a response when he returns returns in early January.


With best regards


Marisa Bourtin



Bank for International Settlements

Centralbahnplatz 2

4002 Basel, Switzerland


received this “official reply” to my PRESS INQUIREY on Jan. 5, 2011
from an individual who I’ll simply refer to as Mallo [ccing the BIS
Press Service, and another individual]:


          Dear Mr Kirby,


Many thanks for your email showing interest in our statistics and apologies for our late reply.


your query, please be informed that the market risk category "other
precious metals" covers not only silver but also other precious metals
like the platinum.
also note that we receive these data from the reporting central banks
already aggregated according to the same broad categories
in the tables published in our website, therefore I am afraid that we
cannot estimate the contribution of the silver contracts, or any other
specific contracts, to the aggregates reported as "other precious
[in red, RK emphasis]


Please note that this information is being provided for your own guidance and it is not for quoting or for attribution.


We hope this helps.


Best regards






you have followed along with me so far, note how the BIS replies to
PRESS INQUIRIES with “sweet nothings” - which subsequently, there-after
are shown to be BLATANT LIES - which they then lay claim are not for
quoting or attribution?????  Also, make specific note of the claim, “
also note that we receive these data from the reporting central banks
already aggregated according to the same broad categories.


When Sweet Nothings Become Blatant Lies


That’s the way things stood – no quotation or attribution until a key revelation surfaced Friday, Feb. 18, 2011.  After
a lengthy dose of “legal footsy” with GATA – the Federal Reserve was
finally compelled to release a document detailing the minutes of G-10
Gold and Foreign Exchange Committee Meeting from 1997 – linked here.


Moving on to the minutes of the G-10 Gold Meeting, we can clearly see that the BIS itself is involved in gold LEASING:


Gill (Bank for International Settlements), said that the BIS had not sold any gold in many years. The BIS did some leasing,
but kept its participation moderate because it did not want to become
"too big" in [sic] that business and be seen as the liquidity provider
of last resort. He agreed with Smeeton that the market was worried about
central bank selling. He noted that central banks own 30 percent of the
gold ever mined, and that 25 percent of their reserves were in gold.
He posed several questions that now perplexed the market: What was the
posture of central banks toward gold? Would they continue selling it
[sic] will"? Was it possible for central banks to coordinate their sales
programs? Perhaps a pooling of sales? Given the difficulty of finding
buyers in this market, would other central banks be willing to step in
and absorb any oncoming supply?


United Kingdom’s Plenderleith also speaks of the BIS assembling a paper
with more detailed aspects of the Central Bank gold leasing market to
serve as “Background Material”:


suggested the BIS assemble a paper on the more factual aspects of this
market, not ignoring the leasing market, and for this paper to serve as
background for the Governors discussion in July.


now it’s finally confirmed that INDEED – the BIS does possess precious
metals data which IT DOES NOT PUBLISH, and in fact, they HIDE it from
public scrutiny.  In their posted data – there IS NOT and there has NEVER BEEN an “aggregation category” titled, GOLD LEASING.


folks, this is where respect for this “Mallo” character and the BIS
goes “RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW” with their off-the-record-lies and prompted
this unpleasant reply from yours truly. and just for fun, I cc’d a bunch
of my friends.  One of them was so intrigued, he wrote an article in his own mother tongue, German, published here.  Needless
to say, they all know exactly who Mallo really is – just so there’s a
good record of this correspondence and that it really happened.




Do you have any idea how information at the above link makes what you told me look like a BLATANT LIE??


You made claim that the BIS only receives information aggregated in the way the table displays.  Yet,
in this disclosure cited above – we can CLEARLY SEE that the BIS
possesses much more detailed breakout on precious metals data that it
HIDES – PARTICULARLY as it relates to gold and leasing.  Are
we to now believe that you ONLY MISDIRECT and LIE to the PUBLIC about
Gold but tell the truth about silver and platinum group metals?


Mallo, do you and the BIS have that much contempt for EVERYONE?


Mallo – instead of LYING TO ME – you should simply have not responded.  You have erred.


I feel that an institution like the BIS is intentionally LYING and
DECEIVING – I’m sorry, I have no choice but to report on this.


Screw you, the BIS and your collective hubris!


Best regards,

Rob Kirby




metals prices have been suppressed – as a matter of a closely
coordinated Central Bernaking “edict” by a group of lying, ruthless
elites who fancy themselves as “better and more important than all of
us”.  These elites have captured and control governments.  At
times, they ‘slip up’ and make mistakes – due to their arrogance and
hubris – and they forget or pay little attention to details like the
gold / silver price ratio at 49: 1 when the amount of derivatives
outstanding for the same are more reflective of 8: 1 – exposing the fact
that silver is likely the most mis-priced asset on the planet.  When this is pointed out, the establishment stonewalls if they can, lies if they must or ignores such critique altogether. 


gold / silver ratio [at the time of writing has narrowed to 42:1] IS
GOING BACK TO WHERE IT BELONGS – somewhere around [give or take] 10: 1.  When this happens it will mark nothing more than a reversion to an historic mean.  Note how there is no assignment of nominal price – expressed in dollars – to silver.  Over
the course of human history, fiat currencies have come and gone BUT for
the biggest chunk of human history – true wealth has been measured in
ounces of gold and silver.  Historical axioms dictate that this is likely to repeat.


ONLY reason why gold leasing data was hidden by the Central Bernanking
Complex in the first place - is for the reason that LEASED GOLD is “by
definition” SOLD into the bullion market to suppress its price. 


is why the Central Bernanking Complex – in light of their unlimited
power to print failing fiat currencies – LIES about and conceals data
regarding how much of the “go to” precious metals alternatives are being
DUMPED into the market via the leasing mechanism - to suppress its


contents of the “just released” formerly secret minutes of the 1997
G-10 meeting – particularly those of the United Kingdom’s Smeeton, as
they relate to Maastricht Treaty Guidelines / Euro qualification – go a
long way to affirming much of the material presented in another recent
paper [subscriber only] titled, Fine Italian Dining, posted at


Like it or not, we are ALL engaged in what outspoken commentator Alex Jones refers to so often as an “Info War”.  Lies and deception on the part of officialdom - concerning what money is - run deep.  It
is these lies and deceptions on the part of the Global Banking System –
which holds NO ALLEGIANCE to ANY NATION - that are the root cause of
most of the world’s most pressing issues.  Humanity needs to “come to grips” with this and get the information out.


None of this should come as a surprise to any of us.  Remember
folks, it was none other than former Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Alan
Blinder – while appearing on the Nightly Business Report back in 1994 –
issued these prescient words,


                  “the last duty of a central banker is to tell the public the truth”


Knowledge is power.


Physical precious metals are real money.


How aware are you and how many ounces do you possess?