Guest Post: A Fistful Of Dollars - Part Two

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Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform

A Fistful Of Dollars - Part Two

It is not easy to destroy the greatest empire in the history of mankind. The 20th
Century was the American Century, but as with all empires, the
combination of hubris, monetary debasement, imperial overreach and
delusional overconfidence have set in motion the inevitable downfall of
the American Empire. The policies, decisions, beliefs, and institutions
implemented over decades have led the country to the threshold of
financial disaster. Based on my observations, a catastrophic combination
of demographics, fiat currency debasement, titanic levels of debt,
smothering taxation, power in the hands of the few and Wall Street greed
have led us to peak Empire. It will be downhill from here as we
experience collapse, revolution and ultimately, retribution for the
guilty and presumed guilty. I have already addressed the Baby Boomer
generation’s contribution to our current plight, to the delight and
accolades of Boomers across the land in For a Few Dollars More – Part One. The
Boomers were a victim of their size and the timing of their arrival on
the scene of empire collapse. Their delusions of debt based wealth and
me first attitude could not have been satiated without the creation of
the Federal Reserve and the institution of the personal income tax in

“When a man’s got money in his pocket he begins to appreciate peace.” – Joe – Fistful of Dollars


“Every town has a boss.” – Joe – Fistful of Dollars 

In the Old West of the 1800’s, before the creation of the Federal
Reserve, money in your pocket meant gold or silver. If Joe were to
repeat that line today, he would change it slightly:

“When a man thinks he’s got money in his pocket he begins to
appreciate the good things in life like McMansions, BMWs, government
provided retirement, government provided healthcare, and delusions of
ever increasing wealth.”

Man made inflation is a glorious invention for the men who invented
it. For the people who deal with it every day, not so much. Joe knew
that every town had a boss. If you didn’t know who the boss was in the
United States of America before 2008, you know now. Ben Bernanke and the
Federal Reserve Bank of the United States is the boss of this town.

Crony Capitalism Pays for the Cronies

Without Federal Reserve intervention in the financial markets since
September 2008, the biggest banks in the world would have entered
bankruptcy liquidation. The U.S. economy would have experienced a 10% to
20% fall in GDP. The unemployment rate would have soared above 15%. The
stock market would have fallen 70%. Wealthy bondholders and
stockholders would have seen their wealth cut in half. Incumbent
politicians would have all been thrown out of office. The richest
Americans, constituting the ruling class, would have borne the brunt of
the pain.

In a true capitalist system, organizations and people who assumed too
much risk and made poor decisions would have failed. But the United
States does not have a capitalist system. We have a corporate fascist
economic system where a small cartel of bankers, military weapons
suppliers, and mega-corporations set the agenda for the country through
their complete capture of politicians and the mainstream corporate
media. At the height of the crisis in 2008, President George Bush
revealed whose side he chose:

“I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market
system, to make sure the economy doesn’t collapse. I feel a sense of
obligation to my successor to make sure there is not a, you know, a huge
economic crisis. Look, we’re in a crisis now. I mean, this is — we’re
in a huge recession, but I don’t want to make it even worse.”

George Bush was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He was not
trying to save the free-market system, because we didn’t have a free
market system. He was saving his fellow billionaires under the cover of
saving the average American. Bush knew as much about saving our economic
system as he knew about when to declare mission accomplished in Iraq.
He turned the task of saving the free market system over to his
multi-billionaire Goldman Sachs Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson and
the real boss of Washington DC, Ben Bernanke. These noble American
patriots proceeded to save the top 1% richest Americans on the backs of
the American middle class. They did it under the guise of keeping the
country out of a Depression. Those who committed the crimes and
destroyed the worldwide financial system not only didn’t get punished,
they were enriched by the actions of Paulson and Bernanke. This entire
sordid chapter in the history of the American empire from 2008 until the
imminent collapse, sometime before 2015, will leave future historians
dumbfounded at the utter insanity and foolishness of the decisions that
were made during the death throes of the empire. Not only did George
Bush not save the free-market system, but he drove a stake thru its

To boil the entire 2008 financial collapse down to one word, it would be: DEBT.

Three decades of ever increasing levels of consumer, corporate, and
government debt eventually led to an unprecedented implosion. It was as
predictable in 2008, to those who understand the fiat monetary system,
as it was to Ludwig von Mises decades ago: 

 “There is no means of avoiding a final collapse
of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only
whether the crisis should come sooner as a result of a voluntary
abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total
catastrophe of the currency system involved.”   

Federal Reserve – Destroyer of Worlds

The 2008 crash and the 1929 crash were manmade disasters. Alan
Greenspan and Ben Bernanke created the atmosphere and conditions that
led to the risk taking by bankers, home buyers and consumers. Monetary
expansion, excessively low interest rates, the Greenspan/Bernanke Put,
disinterest in regulation, and pandering to politicians allowed the
party to get out of control. Taking away the punch bowl never crossed
their mind. The Federal Reserve is controlled by the major Wall Street
banks. These banks were partnerships until the 1980s, with partners
personally liable for the actions of their banks. Excessive risk taking
meant possible personal bankruptcy. Once they became corporations,
excessive risk meant excessive compensation for the executives, with the
downside being borne by the shareholders.

But that wasn’t enough. The executives were large shareholders, so
they convinced the Federal Reserve to bail their corporations out
whenever they made bad bets. It was a sweet deal if you were a banker.
Knowing their lackeys at the Fed had their back, the goliath Wall Street
banks used their power and wealth to convince the SEC to waive the 12
to 1 leverage rules so they could leverage their balance sheets 40 to 1.
This meant that a 5% loss in their capital and they would be insolvent.
The Harvard MBA CEO titans of the financial world created the housing
bubble through their creation of fraud inducing mortgage products, a
bewildering array of derivative products that even their MBA geniuses
didn’t understand, and betting against the derivatives they were selling
to their clients. When this toxic brew of fraud and debt exploded in
their faces, the value of the assets on their books plunged by 30% to
40% in 2008 and 2009. The 10 biggest financial institutions in the
country were effectively bankrupt. An orderly bankruptcy liquidation
that wiped out the bondholders, stockholders and top executives was the
solution to excessive risk taking and failure.  

This was an unacceptable solution to the billionaire class that owns
half the financial wealth in the country. The President was a
multi-millionaire. The Treasury Secretary was a billionaire. There were
250 millionaires in Congress. The top executives of the banks that own
and control the Federal Reserve are multi-millionaires. The owners and
talking head pundits of the mainstream media are all in the
billionaire/millionaire class. The cover story used to bilk $700 billion
from middle class taxpayers into the coffers of Wall Street mega-banks
was that if we didn’t hand over the loot, the financial system would
collapse and a Great Depression would ensue. Every program, policy, and
rule change that has been rolled out since September 2008 by the Federal
Reserve, Treasury, and Congress has benefitted billionaires, bankers,
and politically connected corporations. The Federal Reserve has printed
over $2 trillion out of thin air to save the billionaires that have been
pillaging the middle class for decades.

The Federal Reserve bought $1.25 trillion of toxic mortgages from
Wall Street, allowed these banks to borrow at 0%, threatened the FASB
into suspending mark to market accounting so banks could fake the value
of their loans, instructed banks to rollover commercial real estate
loans as if they weren’t really worth 40% less than the value on their
books, and rolled out $600 billion of QE2 in order to create a stock
market rally, benefitting their billionaire constituents. The $800
billion stimulus program was shoveled to the corporate friends
(contributors) of Congressmen across the land. Cash for Clunkers
benefitted government owned car companies. The home buyer tax credit and
changing loss carry back rules benefitted mega home builders. Every one
of these deeds enriched bankers and billionaires while further
impoverishing the working middle class. Real middle class wages continue
to fall, unemployment remains near record levels, real inflation in
food and energy is running above 10%, senior citizens haven’t gotten a
Social Security increase in two years, savers are getting .25% on their
savings, home prices continue to fall, and future generations will be
stuck with the bill for the billionaire bailout.


The standard of living for the average American continues to fall.
Real household income is lower than it was in 1999. The only reason it
increased in the 1980s and 1990s was the huge influx of women into the
workforce. Two earners were needed to try and maintain a constant
standard of living. Real average weekly earnings are lower today than
they were in 1970, even using the government bastardized CPI calculation
that has been so massaged since 1982 that it has only resulted in a
happy ending for government bureaucrats at the BLS. Calculating the CPI
exactly as it was calculated in 1980 reveals the truth of what the
Federal Reserve has wrought on working class America, a drastic decrease
in their standard of living. The insidiousness of Federal Reserve
created inflation has sucked the life out of the middle class and
enriched the cocktail party class.

 Real Average Weekly Earnings

The stealth transfer of wealth from the working middle class to the
richest in our society was done through convincing the middle class that
buying things with debt made you richer. This delusion was sold by the
billionaire owned corporate mainstream media and peddled by billionaire
bankers to the masses through credit cards, “creative” mortgage
products, easy access to home “equity”, auto leases, and easy financing
products. Only in a society where a fiat currency could be printed by a
central bank with no requirement that it be pegged to an anchor such as
gold, could such a staggering amount of debt be accumulated. 

Delusions of Debt

The bill that has been rung up is in the form of a national debt that
has increased by $4.6 trillion since September 2008, a 48% increase in
two and a half years. Over this same time frame real GDP has increased
by $200 billion, a 1.6% increase in two and a half years. Over this same
period, the Federal Reserve has tripled their balance sheet by adding
$2 trillion of debt. Think about this for one second. The leaders of the
great American empire have burdened future generations with $6.6
trillion of new debt and increased the Gross Domestic Product by $200
billion. Is this a good return on investment? Did the 30 million
unemployed and underemployed Americans benefit? Did the 45 million
people on food stamps benefit? Did the 11 million households who are
underwater in their mortgage benefit? Did the 3 million people who lost
their homes in foreclosure since 2008 benefit? Are Americans paying
twice as much for groceries and gasoline benefitting? Did the Tunisians,
Egyptians, and other poor people around the world benefit?

The answer to all these questions is NO. The only
beneficiaries have been bankers, billionaires, mega-corporations and the
politicians who were bought off by these greedy traitors to the
Republic. Anyone with an ounce of sense knows the country got into this
mess due to the issuance of mountains of debt that was un-payable based
upon any reasonable assessment of future cash flows to service the debt.
Consumers could never have increased their wages enough to pay off the
credit card, mortgage, home equity, student loan, and auto debt they
accumulated since 1980. The government could never collect the amount of
taxes needed to pay for the $100 trillion of entitlement promises they
have made over the last four decades. By 2008 we had reached peak debt

The only questions that remained were how would the debt be defaulted
on and who would bear the brunt of the default. The Federal Reserve
Chairman and the U.S. Treasury Secretary rolled out a master plan that
revolved around convincing the masses they were being saved, while
actually enriching their masters on Wall Street. Their PR machine and
captured mouthpieces throughout the mainstream media and in Congress
spun the fear mongering message of Depression if the mega-banks were not
handed trillions of taxpayer funds.

The proof of what did not happen is borne out in the chart below,
showing the total credit market debt in the $52.6 trillion, $200
billion higher than it was in 2008. If those who had collected billions
in fraudulent profits while using unprecedented levels of debt were
rightfully required to take responsibility for the catastrophe they
caused, the debt levels would have dropped dramatically. The losses
would have been borne by those responsible. The economy would have taken
a body blow, all Americans would have been hurt, and many billionaires
would have become millionaires or even paupers. The debt would have been
written off and lessons would have been learned. The remaining banks
(there are 8,000 others besides the 10 who control 50% of the deposits)
would have followed traditional risk mitigation methods and the economy
would have recovered. 


But, as you can see, debt was not written off. No bankers were harmed
during the making of this fake recovery. No criminal bankers were
prosecuted. No government drones took responsibility for their failure.
While the masses were distracted by stimulus packages, mortgage
moratoriums, Obamacare and reality TV, the debt was shifted from the
criminally negligent banks to you. The proof is right on the Federal
Reserve website for all to see:

  • Financial institutions reduced their debt from $17.1 trillion in 2008 to $14.2 trillion today.
  • The Federal & state governments increased their debt from $8.7 trillion in 2008 to $11.9 trillion today.
  • The GSEs (Fannie, Freddie, Sallie) increased their debt from $3.2 trillion in 2008 to $6.4 trillion today.
  • Corporations increased their debt from $7.0 trillion in 2008 to $7.4 trillion today.
  • Household debt declined from $13.8 trillion in 2008 to $13.4
    trillion as the Federal Reserve backstopped the write-off of $600
    billion of bad debt by the banks.

Over $6 trillion of toxic debt was shifted from the insolvent
financial industries to the middle class taxpayers under the guise of
“Saving the System”. Bad debt does not become good by shifting it to
taxpayers. The story line about Americans embracing austerity is false.
Household debt rose from $8 trillion in 2000 to $13.8 trillion in 2008, a
72% increase, and has declined by 3% due to write-offs, not austerity.


Champion of the Middle Class

By extending the debt, shifting it to the taxpayer and pretending it
is payable, the Federal Reserve and your government have chosen, to use
its weapon of choice since inception in 1913 – INFLATION, to default on
the debt. It is not a new tactic, it is their only tactic.

The Federal Reserve has slowly and methodically destroyed the
American middle class through relentlessly printing more money and
purposefully creating inflation, since its reprehensible creation in
1913. For the last three decades only one voice in the wilderness of
Washington DC has fought this banking cabal.

“Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, middle and
working-class Americans have been victimized by a boom-and-bust monetary
policy. In addition, most Americans have suffered a steadily eroding
purchasing power because of the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies.
This represents a real, if hidden, tax imposed on the American people.

From the Great Depression, to the stagflation of the seventies,
to the burst of the dotcom bubble last year, every economic downturn
suffered by the country over the last 80 years can be traced to Federal
Reserve policy. The Fed has followed a consistent policy of flooding the
economy with easy money, leading to a misallocation of resources and an
artificial “boom” followed by a recession or depression when the
Fed-created bubble bursts. In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, I urge my
colleagues to stand up for working Americans by putting an end to the
manipulation of the money supply which erodes Americans’ standard of
living, enlarges big government, and enriches well-connected elites, by
cosponsoring my legislation to abolish the Federal Reserve.” –
Ron Paul – Sept 10, 2002

His colleagues in Congress did not stand up to the Federal Reserve in
2002. Instead, they cheered them on as Greenspan’s ultra loose monetary
policy led to the greatest housing bubble in history and a financial
collapse unparalleled in human history. As the collapse was hurdling
down the track in 2006, Representative Paul once again rose in protest
against an organization that is rapidly destroying the American dream.

“The coming dollar crisis is not likely to be “fixed” by
politicians who are unwilling to make hard choices, admit mistakes, and
spend less money. Demographic trends will place even greater demands on
Congress to maintain benefits for millions of older Americans who are
dependent on the federal government.

Faced with uncomfortable financial realities, Congress will seek
to avoid the day of reckoning by the most expedient means available –
and the Federal Reserve undoubtedly will accommodate Washington by
printing more dollars to pay the bills. The Fed is the enabler for the
spending addicts in Congress, who would rather spend new fiat money than
face the political consequences of raising taxes or borrowing more

The irony is that many of the Fed’s biggest cheerleaders are the
same supposed capitalists who denounced centralized economic planning
when practiced by the former Soviet Union. Large banks and Wall Street
firms love the Fed’s easy money policy, because they profit at the front
end from the resulting loan boom and artificially high equity prices.
It’s the little guy who loses when the inflated dollars finally trickle
down to him and erode his buying power. Someday Americans will
understand that Federal Reserve bankers have no magic ability – and
certainly no legal or moral right – to decide how much money should
exist and what the cost of borrowing money should be.” –
Ron Paul – July 11, 2006

The dollar crisis is upon us. Congress and President Obama are
avoiding the day of reckoning. The Federal Reserve is enabling
profligate spending by politicians, while at the same time enriching
their masters on Wall Street. Everything being done in Washington DC
seems to be the exact opposite of what should be done. I think the fable
of the scorpion and the frog describes our situation best. The scorpion
asks a frog to carry him across a river. The frog is afraid of being
stung, but the scorpion argues that if it stung, the frog would sink and
the scorpion would drown. The frog agrees and the scorpion stings the
frog during the crossing, dooming them both. When asked why, the
scorpion points out that this is its nature. The Federal Reserve is
printing money, creating inflation, enriching billionaire bankers, and
dooming the country to certain collapse because that is its nature.

My intentions have been foiled again. I realize that my attempt to
put our current economic predicament into perspective will now need to
be a five part series. . For a Few Dollars More addressed the Baby Boomer impact on America’s decline. A Fistful of Dollars examined
how the Federal Reserve’s actions over the last few decades have
impoverished the middle class and has placed the country at the brink of
collapse,   The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly will
address the nefarious creation of a central bank and the implementation
of a personal income tax in the dreadful year 1913. Outlaw Josey Wales will
scrutinize the looting of America by a small group of powerful,
connected, super rich men lurking in the shadows, but pulling the
strings on our puppet politicians. Lastly, Unforgiven  will detail the impending collapse of our economic system and the retribution that will be handed out to the guilty.

I can’t wait to see how it ends.

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FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

Still waiting for the uprising of the U.S. citizenry against the obvious criminal perpetrators... wonder how long i'll be waiting for? I'm sure it won't be long now, after all, it is the self-proclaimed land of the brave, home of the free... they won't tolerate this tyranny for long i'm sure.

chunga's picture

This is getting so out of control. Look at this filthy prick from AZ.

SB 1259 | Now this is Getting Ridiculous – AZ Rep. Carl Seel Drops Amendment 2 Days After Servicer Grants 56% Principal Reduction

Second term rep. [R] for those keeping score.

Outright - in your face - bribery.

CH1's picture

The masses will remain asleep (or at least in their beds faking) until they can't.

If we're lucky, that moment comes sooner rather than later.

chunga's picture

I wish I could post his picture. He looks like something you'd find rummaging through a trash can.

FWIW...I'll be be calling. Here's his number -- (602) 926-3018

Here's his email

Harlequin001's picture

'It is not easy to destroy the greatest empire in the history of mankind. The 20th Century was the American Century, but as with all empires, the combination of hubris...'

Empire, what empire?

You never had a fucking empire, you've simply spent the last 80 years funding the British Commonwealth and trying to buy friends in the middle east.

You don't know the meaning of the word. In what country did you install your government or an arm of it, or do you consider anyone who ever said good morning or blatantly took your cash for free to be part of your 'empire'?

Absolute drivel I'm afraid, it started off badly and didn't get any better...

markelshark's picture

The US citizenry will only begin to wake up when the majority can no longer pay their cable bills and are forced to digest a world not filtered, distracted and entertained by mainstream media.

Gold 36000's picture

Burn it down.  Burn everything down.

serotonindumptruck's picture

Fire/arson has been used as a weapon of war for millennia.

I Got Worms's picture

Ripley: Nuke it from orbit. :Ripley

WeekendAtBernankes's picture

Sickening.  Welcome to the End Game.

chunga's picture

ZH is one heck of a bully pulpit and it's a privilege to participate. Seel/OCWEN should be singled out and forced to pay a price. A big one.

Gold 36000's picture

Let's get the revolution started.  Time to twittter their asses.  That will sure show 'em.

lynnybee's picture

I just sent out an S.O.S. to my friends to join me in revolution.   I included this article for their education & added a note in my email that our children & grandchildren are going to have a shit life if we don't revolt with pitchforks & rope. ................. no one emailed me back !   I'm sitting here with my sturdy shoes & my pitchfork & none of my friends give a damn.     I wish I didn't care so much, my friends either don't understand or they don't care.    

chunga's picture

Lynnybee - I'm not sure if you are referencing the op or the "Seel Deal".

(State Rep. poised to vote on foreclosure related legislation and *poof* gets himself a principal reduction of more than 50 percent...from OCWEN!!!???)

Seems like a slam dunk to me. I know what you mean by people not caring. It is frustrating. And many of those who do seem to care...are busying caring about things that don't matter.

My initial thoughts are to call Seel, the AZ AG, AZ reporters, etc.

Snidley Whipsnae's picture

"caring about things that don't matter" ... is part of the bread and circus.

One merely ask one's self the simple question "How does this 'news' article effect my life?'

Ignore that which does not effect your life and concentrate on the things that do effect your life.

Sounds easy but it isn't untill the boob tube is turned off.

Dugald's picture

 "I wish I didn't care so much, my friends either don't understand or they don't care".   

Reality can be quite sobering. I applaude your sentiment.

There is that bit that goes...Evil prevails when good men look the other way....Trouble is I have always had a problem with the good men bit.

It is time for the falling blade an tumbrils...but you won't do it, too many will just turn their heads, not wanting to recognise stark reality.

There is a moment in a mans life, if taken at the flood leads on to greater things. Is this YOU....

smlbizman's picture

have you seen the lazy fat fucks....they can't even raise up out of their smashed think these fucks are going to lead the needed revolution...our only choice is to take care of our know like we used to....we will never rise up as one...that courage has been stripped away from the majority....

Zero Govt's picture


your moment has come, your friends moment will come... you have to wait for the economy to go down again, your friends attitude will sour and anger with it ...and when we're near bottom, send your email again before they beat you to it themselves! 

Zero Govt's picture


for revolution we need only to stop paying our taxes, very simple even for a couch potato ....the people and small business and not all but far fewer than you imagine, maybe 5-10% would be enough to topple this sham ediface that masks parasites behind another sham, the word "democracy"

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

Unfortunately the parasites (40% or more) do not pay taxes and they have no incentive. A true return to constitutional republic will force them to go to work, even though they may not have to pay taxes still.

johnnynaps's picture

Unfortunately, you both missed the "double catch"! One says stop paying taxes while the other demonizes "the parasites"! The parasites are doing their job! Not paying taxes and bleeding the BEAST dry. Why attack them? You can't beat them, join!

I paid a shit-load of taxes for years only to be spit on and watch my tax money bailout the wealthy corrupt. Now, I'm happily on unenjoyment getting my tax money back! So, what does that make me? Parasite, Revolutionary, or Patriot? Doesn't matter, happy to be rid of the ever-expanding work week with declining wages that supports unethical, rich assholes. Trading it in for a second paid summer on the beach, watching babes drinking Margaritasssssss!!!!!!!

Zero Govt's picture

Oracle, the "Constitutional Republic" was set up by top dog parasites, that's precisely what government is whatever label you put on it, whatever string of lovely but ultimately vacuous words you sugar coat it in. The 40% of parasites that pay no tax is called socialism.

The only solution is a free society. This gives you the power to decide who you give charity too rather than the wishful thinking of giving your power to a parsitical organisation, entrusting it to rob you of your income and give away your money wisely (no chance).

Govt is the problem, not the solution... it's also the dumbest idea and most corrupt lie society has ever swallowed 

Harlequin001's picture

No one has the right to steal from you, not govt nor anyone else, yet if I make two staff unemployed I am outvoted and they have the right and the ability to vote for anyone who proposes to take what's rightfully mine in the name of the govt and hand it to them on a plate.

It's still theft. Socialism should be called what it is, legalised robbery.

SoNH80's picture

Whatever you want to call it, this shithouse is going up in flames, and everyone's going to get singed to one degree or another. 

Harlequin001's picture

Not me, I don't live there...

SoNH80's picture

Ah, so you live on the planet Mercury I take it?

Harlequin001's picture

Good point, I'll give you that, but no...

Debt is Slavery's picture

I agree.  The more people get squeezed, the facade gets washed away.  People know they're getting raped, the blindfold just makes it hard to see who's doing it.

Silver Bug's picture

"The dollar crisis is upon us. Congress and President Obama are avoiding the day of reckoning."

They can avoid no longer, the day of reckoning is here, we were in the eye of the hurricane (entering in 07/08) now we are stepping back in. They won't stop printing fiat money into oblivion. Therefore we know the ending. Peace will come when we end up back on a Hard asset monetary system, whether that be oil, gold, silver or a combination. We inevitably, will end up there.

bothsidesnow's picture

Quinn has a fix for the dollar crisis, exterminate the Boomers, and poof away goes the future liabilties and the dollar rallies.

I'm not sure but I think if you add up all the hard assets the Boomers have helped to create and the hard assets the government owns it exceeds the 14 trillion debt.

Last time I checked net worth was part of the credit worthiness equation and faith in the currency.

Like I said Quinn it's your generation that created HFT, algo's, quants, etc, etc. Because you were raised on a joystick and in a fake reality. So get your generation back into the real world and out of the world of bits and bytes and everything will be just fine.


topcallingtroll's picture

We will do it.

In return we ask you boomers to quit piling debt on our children. Cut social security and medicare ten percent now. Raise the retirement age for full bennies to 67 as of may 1 2011. Everyone should contribute. The austerity should not be just for those under 55.

lynnybee's picture

 " Quinn has a fix for the dollar crisis, exterminate the Boomers, and poof away goes the future liabilties and the dollar rallies."

  !! now they want me dead & gone !! ~~ I remember a time when I was loved & adored !  oh, about 20 years ago in my 40's when I was busy making that all-American family, raising kids, buying all the things that kids needed, going to TOYS R US & making sure that my children had a Christmas, spending money on houses & cars & car insurance when my kids were teenagers; I remember when I was beloved for paying all that social security taxes into the system ( you all remember when GREENSPAN doubled the social security tax on the boomers in 1983 right ? ) , paying all that Federal Income Tax (fraud) into the system.     They loved me at the car dealership when I sat there & helped my teens each buy their first car, you know, good old Mom kicks in the downpayment ..........

They used to love me !  I was beloved when my wallet was open to pay for toys, cars, house, insurances, school fees, back to school clothes, more toys, more clothes, property taxes, more insurances for teenage drivers.......... BLAH !

NOW THAT I AM OLDER THEY WANT ME DEAD !      the entire situation is outrageous.  

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Don't worry lynnybee nobody is kicking the boomers to the curb.  We are the largest voting block and we have one thing on our mind.  Gen X and Gen Y are going to pony up the full cost of our retirements or they're going to face the full force of the "state". Start messing with SS and the boomers will look for a demagogue to set things right.  By any means necessary.

topcallingtroll's picture

You have just proven the authors point about how selfish you are.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

I've paid SS for 40 years.  I put up with Nixon doubling benefits with his bogus inflation formula.  I paid extra because Greedscam wanted to fill an imaginary "lock box".  I got socked again in the early 90s when Ted "Chappaquidick" Kennedy removed the limit on medicare wages.  The most regressive tax of all.

I've paid property taxes to fund the gold-plated education of Gen X and Gen Y.  Why did I do that?  Because you are all the unique "snowflakes" that mommy said you were?  No.  I wanted you to get educated and productive so you could contribute to this country's social contract.

As it turns out the laugh is on me, because I got too educated, made too much money and saved too much.  My SS will be taxed away.  But I have friends and family who tried, but couldn't.  So you're paying.

topcallingtroll's picture

Maybe not.

You assume the system cant implode?

I am just about to the point to quit producing anyway. Hard to tax my idleness and tax exempt bonds.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

Tax exempt bonds?  You are already living off the taxing authority of the state you god-damned phony.  I suppose you inherited them, you freaking fraud.  And you've admitted this.  How stupid are you?

johnnynaps's picture

Not me buddy! Coming from a Generation X'er who sees this system for what it is.......unethical, corrupt, immoral, prejudiced, unConstitutional, unfair and really ass-backwards silly! Almost like war, I'm on my second campaign of unenjoyment in the last 8 years, only this campaign was logistically planned better. Call it, getting my money back.

topcallingtroll's picture

So your solution is to pile debt on children too young to vote. All of you are proving the point about your selfishness.

Future generations will know the progeny of the greatest generation became the most selfish generation of all.

topcallingtroll's picture

So your solution is to pile debt on children too young to vote. All of you are proving the point about your selfishness.

Future generations will know the progeny of the greatest generation became the most selfish generation of all.

topcallingtroll's picture

So your solution is to pile debt on children too young to vote. All of you are proving the point about your selfishness. Future generations will know the progeny of the greatest generation became the most selfish generation of all.

Bicycle Repairman's picture

"Future generations will know the progeny of the greatest generation became the most selfish generation of all."

Not likely.  We'll buy toys for our grandchildren with your money.  We'll be fondly remembered.

DrunkenMonkey's picture

You seem to conveniently forget that the governments you elected (and whose tax demands you paid) were always running at a loss (i.e. spending more than they took in, in taxes). So your generation spent more than it earned.

Better suck it up 'cos Gen X and Y will emigrate or stop paying taxes rather than suffer your gen's entitlement complex.

malek's picture

Pick your numbers as they suit you! You think the hard assets also exceed the $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities? Oh, I forgot, if you exterminate the Boomers, (most of) the liabilities go away too. That could actually work!

But on the other hand, we don't need to exterminate them, just cut their entitlements to zero. Much more humane, and also makes the debt situation manageable again.

Note: Who finds irony in this text may keep it.

Propaganda 101: Who doesn't like an opinion declares the speaker to be a non-person / beast / vermin. When are you going to take that step, BSN?

DavidPierre's picture


The 9-11Moron is back spewing Hollywood fantasies and pop culture nonsense ... attempting to develop more hits from fellow idiots to his obscene and racist blog @

Jesus ...SmokeyQuinn you are sounding more and more like Reverse Engineer all the time.  Give it a break already with the cut and paste BS.

purplefrog's picture

So what part is nonsense and what part is racist?  Edify please.

DavidPierre's picture

You might try to do some DD into the background of writers that post on ZH.

Go on over to Quinn's blog and check out all the Racist and obscene shit that he posts and encourages.


From 07/30/2010 on ZH

SmokeyQuinn has subsequently deleted this 30 Blocks of Squalor thread off  his blog.  Ask him about it ... when you got the time.

gordengeko's picture

DP, btw thanks for the backround on Quinn.  My opinion on all that is, personally I don't care too much if he molested sheep, has childish responses that would seem to discredit his material or calls us anarchists.  Material is material and at this stage in the game we could use more help getting knowledge out.  Whether some of the stuff is plagerized is irrelevant because this type of info needs to be out there regardless of where it came from or who was the originator.  It's quite obvious we are in the end game and are severly outnumbered.  We should look past petty shit and just focus on the issues and what we can do going forward.

Quinn, are you going to also provde a plan on (in your opinion) of what are our options are or what the average person can do?  It's great to give doom and gloom knowledge to people that don't know whats going on but we need to tie in how the average person can help fix it.  Otherwise they feel helpless and won't realize it is because of their ignorance (partly) by contributing to these companies and the system that they are able to get away with this shit. 

laurie's picture

This DP (David Pierre) guy is a liar who hates Jim Quinn and copies and pastes stuff that others have written to make it look like Quinn wrote it. He stalks Quinn and tries to destroy his reputation. Quinn is not a racist. DP is, in fact, a liar.


UnRealized Reality's picture

I agree this guy is a fucking loser and I don't know why ZH even post his Bullshit. He think every body who doesn't produce should be killed so his own arrogant ass can wreck all the benefits. What a twit.