Guest Post: Getting Off The Globalist Chessboard: An Introduction

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By Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers and Brandon Smith of the Alternative Market Project

Getting Off The Globalist Chessboard: An Introduction

To put it simply, America is nearing a checkmate scenario. Like the
final torrid maneuvers of a rigged chess match, we have been pressed,
manipulated, and attacked into the last remaining corner of the “grand
global chessboard” left to us; centralized control of all social and
economic power into the hands of an unworthy elite. If we continue
playing the game by their rules, we will lose. There is no doubt.
There have been many solutions presented to us in the past to combat
this development, but nearly all of them function within the constraints
of Federal politics. Working within the system has earned us no
quarter, and frankly, no results. Our only recourse (and, frankly, the
best recourse all along) is to STOP relying on the rules of their game,
and to walk away from the chess board completely.

Globalization is essentially just another word for centralization,
and the key to centralizing any system is to remove all options until
the masses are completely and utterly dependent upon a single dominant
paradigm. Globalists have deceived many Americans into believing that
centralization is a “natural” process - that their game is indeed the
only one in town. The widespread acceptance of the fiat monetary system
is a perfect example of the average person’s unfortunate lack of
economic flexibility. Only recently, in the face of dollar devaluation
and complete financial collapse have many finally begun to question the
legitimacy of a single brittle and corrupt economic structure. American
politics are no different.

The elites have conned us into thinking that the only possible
“solution” to where we are is federal elections, which only vote in new
puppets for the puppet masters to manipulate in an illusory shell game.
We have been tricked into thinking we are free because we come
together from time to time to select our rulers.

But of course, this country was not founded as a democracy, but as a
Constitutional Republic, and in such a Republic as ours, liberty is not
just about “kicking the bums out” every few years only to vote a new set
of bums into Congress, as the globalists would have us think. Federal
elections are just one small part of it. The Founders intended us to be
active, sovereign citizens, in strong communities and strong, sovereign
states, and that is about far, far more than merely voting.

But because the globalists – with the aid of complicit domestic
counterparts - have been able to capture our education system, our
media, our political system, and our legal system, they have succeeded
in dumbing us down and duping us into thinking that all other mechanisms
for constraining power have been removed from the table. In fact, we
have been convinced that all of the other fundamental institutions of
our republic– aside from voting - are illegitimate, or even criminal.

The Founders gave us a dual sovereignty republic. That means states
are as much sovereign within their sphere as the national government is
within its sphere, with a national government of limited, enumerated,
and divided powers. As our Tenth Amendment makes clear, “[t]he powers
not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited
by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the

In Federalist 45, James Madison (widely considered the ‘father of the Constitution”) promised the American people that:

The powers delegated by the
proposed Constitution to the federal government, are few and defined.
Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and
indefinite. The former will be exercised principally on external
objects, as war, peace, negotiation, and foreign commerce; with which
last the power of taxation will, for the most part, be connected. The
powers reserved to the several States will extend to all the objects
which, in the ordinary course of affairs, concern the lives, liberties,
and properties of the people, and the internal order, improvement, and
prosperity of the State.

Clearly the design of the Founders’ has been turned on its head. With
the aid of complicit judges – which Thomas Jefferson called a “corps of
sappers and miners” – who willfully misinterpret the Commerce Clause to
grant Congress the power to regulate literally anything, we now have a
ruling class who will admit of no restraints on national power with a
national government of nearly unlimited de facto powers, grown like a
metastasizing cancer far beyond the bounds of anything foreseen by even
the most skeptical of Anti-Federalists from the Founding era. All
actual, physical and structural powers of any real meaning –
legislative, military, legal, law enforcement, and economic – are
consolidated in the hands of the federal government. On top of this,
they have grafted a hydra-like overlay of international law and
international unelected agencies and untouchable international
“officials” that are also being imposed up us by means of treaties,
executive partnerships (such as the supposedly now defunct Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, now being revitalized by the Obama Administration) and other constitutionally dubious mechanisms.

While we are distracted with elections, they are planning the
destruction of the dollar, the collapse of our economy, the final
destruction of our sovereignty, and the total absorption of our entire
system into the vapid body of an unaccountable global government.

This is why we must stop playing by their “rules,” must get off of
their artificial chess board, and instead play by the rules of our
Constitution. This means taking power into our own hands as
individuals, communities, counties, and states.

To do this, Neithercorp Press, the Alternative Market Project, and
Oath Keepers are working together to focus on concrete solutions that
can be applied by the average American in their day-to-day lives, in
both the private and public spheres. In the limited time we have left,
we urge Americans to focus on the following four key strategies
(arranged in order of priority of needs):

1. Food and fuel independence and security – and other essential infrastructure
(general preparedness) - as individuals, within local veterans
organization chapters, neighborhood mutual aid societies, churches,
co-ops, farmers markets, and at the town, county and state levels). In
the aftermath of an economic collapse, food is the hardest necessity to
improvise, and food scarcity is a serious achiles heel, exploited by
oppressive regimes throughout history. To get started on food storage
and independence, follow the advice on
(you don’t need to be LDS to learn from their experience in food
storage and preparedness, or to use their canneries). Likewise, we will
need fuel, emergency medical, and resilient communication that can
function in a grid-down crisis, devoid of internet communication (or
with the internet shut down intentionally by means of a kill-switch).

2. Physical security and Independence - again as
individuals, neighborhoods, towns, counties and states, to include
forming neighborhood watches, mutual aid associations, a volunteer
sheriff’s posse (staffed by volunteers under direct command of the
sheriff), and county militias established by county ordinances but
staffed by self-supplied and self-funded volunteers (as is done in
volunteer fire departments all over this nation), and ultimately, a true
state militia capable of “repelling invasions” (using the research and
model bills of Dr. Edwin Vieira). Americans have plenty of guns, but
not enough organization. See for details.

3. Economic security and independence - as
individuals and communities, including barter networks, use of silver
and gold as real money, the development of valuable trade skills, and
sound money bills at the county and state levels (as Utah just passed
into law). The localization of community commerce is the only sure way
to counter globalization. The more independent and insulated cities and
states are from the corrupt and dysfunctional mainstream economy, the
more safe and secure they will find themselves when that economy
implodes. We must have an alternative to the fiat money system in place
to preempt such an event. See for details.

4. State sovereignty and nullification of
unconstitutional federal laws and actions. Veterans must support only
sheriffs, state legislators and governors who have the guts and
integrity to keep their oaths. To vote for an oath breaker, is to
become an oath breaker. We must defend the powers reserved to the
states and to the people by supporting state sovereignty resolutions and
nullification of unconstitutional laws. See And eventually we must kick the bums out, as GOOOH recommends. See

We will soon be publishing an upcoming series of articles that will
provide in-depth details on each of the above four key pillars of
action. While we should not turn our backs on the tactics of educating
the public, supporting constitutional legislation, voting for honest and
principled representatives, or nullifying unconstitutional laws (we
should certainly make full use of the soap box, the ballot box, and the
jury box) it is now time to dedicate ourselves to much more. The very
future of our country, our liberties, and the prosperity of the next
generation depends upon this.

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gordengeko's picture

Here's another article that matches perfectly to this one.  Good post!

CH1's picture

Perhaps of some interest that the biblical word for Separation is the same as the word for Holy: Kadosh.


Henry Chinaski's picture

We need to promote the understanding that the Constitution established a federal government that was intended to have as much influence on economic activities as it does on religious activities. 

Long-John-Silver's picture

The Constitution is dead. Chaos is in control. The Empire is collapsing.

chumbawamba's picture

Don't just stand there, WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT.

I am Chumbawamba.

Green Leader's picture

This guy Steward Rhodes turned his back on July 4 Patriot when he was framed and arrested.


DeadFred's picture

If anyone decides to actively persue this line do it with open eyes. "framed and arrested" is a real possibility.

Suggestions for strategy #1 Fuel cells are being commercialized now that run off natural gas that can keep isolated sections of the power grid energized.  Natural gas is plentiful, easy to transport and often locally produced.  Localized electrical production is hard to disrupt.  Wireless transmission can keep sections of the internet functioning even if the outside switch is pulled.

#3 There isn't enough silver and gold to serve easily as currency but local sliver and gold backed electronic currencies are possible.  Creative minds need to figure out how they would work.

#2 and 4  Mao incorrectly said that power comes from the barrel of a gun, power actually comes from the look of aquiescence in the eye of the person staring into the barrel of the gun.  The good guys outnumber the bad guys so the only way bad guys win is if the good guys go along with their demands.

benb's picture

“This guy Steward Rhodes..”  Stewart Rhodes is not just a good guy, he’s a great guy. It’s encouraging to see articles like this presented on ZH.

narapoiddyslexia's picture

Something the diarist failed to discuss is the US military, which you might remember has cost us several trillion dollars. There's a reason its cost so much. Its because they're the best human killers on the planet, and you, believe it or not, are human. The US Army publishes demographic data on its web site. For 2008, the last year for which complete data is available, there were 110,410 recruits into the US Army. 24,660 of them came from the states comprising the Old South. About 32% were AfricanAmericans and LatinAmericans. I think that we can assume this is a rough assessment of the whole force, at least for discussion purposes. And this is a short discussion, because if anyone secedes and the US Army decides you are, in fact, not going to secede, then it is a given that you are not, in fact, going to secede. I suggest you save everyone a lot of time, and the day before any states secedes, please dig a number of graves equal to the number of citizens of that state who will fight for it.

Bringin It's picture

I think you're Jefferson avatar is in conflict with your opinions.  Do you see the conflict?

Sudden Debt's picture

Real freedom is making every choice yourself.

I'm to lazy for that.

I just want somebody to take good decisions for me that suit all of us.


A 100% real democracy doesn't work and I don't need it.

But I do want to be taken care off in a good way when I retire, get sick and life in a society where my kids can walk outside in the dark without me having to worry.


Europe, America. It's all the same. Those 2 things are all that matters. When I was a kid, I never even heard about the kind of shit that happens these days.

Feeling safe and a helping hand when you're down and everybody would be satisfied.

And that's what we are losing this last decade. And that's what people want back.

All the rest doesn't matter. If those 2 things are met, I couldn't care less if a politician was corrupt. I WOULD ACTUALLY BE INSULTED IF HE MADE LESS MONEY THEN ME!!




Ethics Gradient's picture

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."

Sudden Debt's picture

"A free and open society is an ongoing conflict, interrupted periodically by compromises."

And as society is mostly run by "C" students, I don't expect it to be perfect.




NidStyles's picture

That stuff that you are talking about, only seemd to start happening when the Nanny State started cropping up. You seem very eager to not actually live your life. I would suggest a solution, but I think you already know what it is.

Sudden Debt's picture

? I do whatever I please.

I go whereever I please

I buy whatever I want

It does sound like freedom to me.

I don't even mind paying taxes, but I do want something in return. And that is the care when I need it. That's why I pay taxes. To get something for it in return.

And that's why I would protest.


I don't want to live in the forest, hunt chipmunks for food and kill a bear when I want to give my wife a new fur coat.


Name 1 thing that says I'm not a free man. 1 will do.

(carrying a gun so I can shoot people when I'm drunk isn't my idea of freedom by the way)

Chump's picture

"I do whatever I please."

Rofl, no you don't.

"I go whereever I please"

Rofl, no you don't.

"I buy whatever I want"

Rofl, no you don't.

"It does sound like freedom to me."

Rofl, because you define freedom as "restrictions that I don't mind putting up with."  I like you, but you're way off in a ditch here.

gordengeko's picture

Actually, I kind of liked the old west type of laws.  Everyone carrys and if someone steals your shit you shoot them in the face.  Real time karma

Cthonic's picture

"An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life."

"For me, politeness is a sine qua non of civilization."


-- Heinlein

LudwigVon's picture

People are much more considerate and do the right thing naturally for one another when we all carry

FunkyOldGeezer's picture

@ GordonGecko and his liking of wild west justice.

(sarc on) AH, you're a true romanticist! (sarc off).

Seriously, with all the firearms in the USA and people (like yourself?) who say they wouldn't be afraid of using them, it looks like the population might take a dramatic dive anytime soon, WTSHTF.

gordengeko's picture

I believe one of the problems nowadays is the fact that people hide behind words, symbols and laws.  They do dirt, rape, pillage and steal then get some euro-trained LAWyer to "get" them off knowing they are guilty.  Karma will catch up to them both, whether you are an ignorant attorney with no morals or a thief void of any human values, both are not immune to universal law just because they don't believe in anything.  I also believe one of those laws is the right to keep ones honor or take part in self defense.  It's not a macho "You disrespecting me?" type of thing, it's an impeding on ones right as a spiritual being having a human experience type thing.  If that is physically taken from me, I probably would resort to my natural fight or flight response.

goldsaver's picture

SD, I understand your attitude. You are European. After a couple of devastating wars, Europeans have adjusted their thoughts on sovereignty and freedom (a long history of servitude to royalty also helps). So, I don't blame you or criticize your point of view. A house slave always thinks he has it better than the field slave. You believe you were born a subject.

Some of us, admittedly a smaller and smaller number, are born and bread sovereigns. We (and I am been presumptuous by expanding beyond my own beliefs), believe in absolute freedom for the individual. We believe that we are free to do as we wish. Without interference from anyone. Don't confuse this with anarchy. It is not. I am held by societal norms that say I will enjoy my freedom as long as I respect yours. Your freedom to be you includes my freedom to be free from you.

I am free to create with my hands and mind and trade with deserving men for the products of their hands and minds. In this process we enrich our own lives and the lives of those we freely trade with. If we fail to do so, free men will no longer trade with us. It is social Darwinism at its best.

We also understand that with freedom comes responsibility. If you don't work, you don't eat. If you chose to put poison in your veins, you are free to do so, don't demand I take responsibility for your decisions afterwards. I wont. If you injure other free citizens, you have broken the social compact and will be punished. At the most basic level, the punishment should fit the crime, but it is up to the injured party. Here is Texas, stealing a horse is still a capital offense. Why? Because if you stole a man's horse, you stole his means of production and transportation and put his family's life at risk. It is the basic premise that if you are voluntarily bound by basic norms, everyone else will also be bound by them. I will shake your hand and do what I promise because I expect the same from you. I will respect your health and property and demand you respect mine.

We believe in charity. But charity is when I open my heart and coin purse and help my brother. Charity is not when I allow a government to pick my pocket at gunpoint and help those who the elite class find worthy.

I believe in the sanctity of innocent life. An unborn child is not responsible for his mother's stupidity. Why should he pay for it with his life?

I believe in the death penalty. If you take an innocent life (and killing those who mean to kill you is not taking an innocent life) you forfeit yours.

I know I was born free. I was not born a subject.

chumbawamba's picture

Righteous.  I could have written that myself.  Thanks for saving me the time.

I am Chumbawamba.

Anonymouse's picture

+10!.  Very well said all around.

Alcoholic Native American's picture

Fuckers who hop in their SUV just to go down to the corner store are talking about getting out of the "system".

This is pathetic to watch.



NidStyles's picture

I drive an '89 Bronco, and the corner store is a seed depot. So piss off.

BigJim's picture

And just how do you know that these authors "hop in their SUV just to go down to the corner store"?

fearsomepirate's picture

You would have thought that Adam Smith had killed off mercantilism once and for all, but it keeps rearing its ugly head, doesn't it?  Trade makes us more economically secure, not less.  Imagine for a moment that we returned to the Articles of Federation, and each state erected steep trade barriers against each other.  Indiana (to pick a random state) would be much less economically secure.  One bad drought, and the Hoosiers starve the following winter.  With trade, they can obtain food from areas that didn't have their crops ravaged by bad weather and thus survive--something Smith noticed as far back as the 18th century.  Trade doesn't reduce your options; it increases them.  Just compare what you can get in a supermarket now vs just 15 years ago (and don't listen to the locavores' made-up, fictional history), or the vast number of auto makes now vs the 1970s.

SheepDog-One's picture

Depends! 'Trade' under any circumstances makes us better? What if youre trading all your factories and jobs just for a loan? What are the conditions of the trade? See trade has to be beneficial to BOTH parties, not just 1.

Herne the Hunter's picture

That's nice, but trade of physical goods is only possible through cheap energy. I don't call a 3000-mile avocado economic security, I call it misallocation of resources.

Dreadker's picture

Physical goods trade is all that will be left as there is no cheap energy... Cheap energy is part of the problem...

I grow corn and trade it for your chicken eggs - the energy needed for that trade will be substantially less than you shipping an advocadoe from israel to sell to joe blow in his hummer H2 that just drove to the store...


Trade will all be local... If you don't live in a climate to grow things like advocadoes... you won't have any... period...

panika2008's picture

"Cheap energy is part of the problem..."

The "problem" you are referring to, you idiot, is called "civilization".

And you are perfectly free to liberate yourself from this "problem". Just fucking sell your car, stop using electricity and gasoline, buy some undeveloped acreage and live the merry, merry, merry life of a neolithic brute. Why don't you already?

Grower's picture

Civilization?  So the past 2000 years, what was that?  Sure things have changed, but he's right.  The fact that we ignore our over use of a finite resource to run our way of life will be The very problem we have to work around in order maintain our "civilization".

fearsomepirate's picture

Utter nonsense.  Civilization is founded on trade.  Those who invent new ways to enhance trade will prosper.  Those who insist on remaining in some kind of medieval subsistence economy will suffer.

panika2008's picture

If you can produce the avocados locally and sell them just a cent/piece cheaper than the 3000-mile import, you are welcome to become an avocado billionaire. On the other hand, maybe the fact that you are not one already speaks something about the alleged "misallocation", huh?

Herne the Hunter's picture

On that note, watch globalization reverse as energy prices soar. High energy prices are the perfect trade barrier...

Dreadker's picture

Agreed... global trade will shut down... it can't function with high energy prices, as the goods price will become unsustainable, people will riot etc. etc. when fuel food and shelter are unaffordable (with paper money anyways)

CH1's picture

If rulers will just leave them alone, entrepreneurs will surmount almost every remaining obstacle and make trade flourish almost everywhere.

The state and its agents are THE problem; all other issues are minor in comparison.


Ricky Bobby's picture

+1 A certain percentage of humans just want a fucking pyramid built, and to be worshipped as living Gods. They seem to crop up every generation. Ave Caesar

fearsomepirate's picture

No, watch energy markets use something other than dollars, watch new sources of energy get developed in countries where politics doesn't stymie innovation, and watch new methods of transport get developed.  It's been going on for centuries, and it isn't stopping any time soon.

Mad Cow's picture

I've been waiting for this "civilized utopia" you've been talking about. Where is it and when will it start exactly?

CH1's picture

Utopia? Who promised you a freeking utopia?

I'm just talking about people doing business and not being punish for the crime of doing so.

Mad Cow's picture

Oh I wasn't replying to you, while I agree with you, I won't hold my breath.

CH1's picture

Utopia? Who promised you a freeking utopia?

I'm just talking about people doing business and not being punished for the crime of doing so.

infocyde's picture

I hate seeing comments like this. Mercantilism is alive and well and practiced by almost every country except the United States.  "bhut we have fwee twad agreemunts rite"?  Get real.  I know the current free trade agreements "free plunder for everyone" made cities like Detroit more secure.  All the municipalities whose tax revenues have dropped by something like 25% since 2008 due to ultimately the outsourcing of massive amounts of middle class jobs are feeling more secure...I know, they are all useless looters right?  The same looters that bled on the battle fields, paved the roads, took care of the sick, taught the next generations in the schools, served food, grew the food, yeah f*ck all of them.  All their options have only just wondefully expanded right? They can buy cheap crap from China so that China can build up its military, what a freaking cool deal?  And all you free traders are getting filthy rich right! Good for you, until China nationalizes all your assets to cover the US's debt default. It is all about money, and if you can move production over seas and f*ck all these guys that is just the way it is.

At one point their is going to be a big f*ck you in return, in this life or the next.

NidStyles's picture

Yeah, the US is not Mercantilistic. Nope, not by any mean's. Unless you start talking to oil bearing countries that is...


Get off you high horse, you're too short for it.

infocyde's picture

Transnational corporations do not exclusively qualify as US companies, it takes more than a flag.  And your little quip was a nice way to ignore the fact that mercantilism is practiced against the US economy by almost every other economy on earth.  Industrial espionage, reverse engineering, dumping, soft barriers to entry, happens all the time.  People like you are wilfully ignorant of this. Why? Probably because you are at the top of the pyramid scheme and benefit from it in the short term, just like US consumers did benefit from cheaper goods while 45,000+ factories each employing 500+ people disappeared, along with the wealth they generated, to the slave labor camps abroad.  It is all about competition right? Sure, that is why we are seeing CEO pay raise at such a flat many market forces pressing on that pay structure...