Guest Post: Gold Swap Signals the Roadmap Ahead

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Drogo is obsessed and blinded by the possibility of an unlikely event; that rare occurrence is his raison d'etre. At thirteen she encountered the book, little did Yevgenia know that she would spend an entire life playing Giovanni Drogo in the antechamber of hope, waiting for the big event, sacrificing for it, and refusing intermediate steps, the consolation prizes.

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There was a very good article by FOFOA a while back describing the fact/possibility that the BIS is the entity organising the sale/purchase of VERY LARGE AMOUNT of PHYSICAL GOLD by central banks, completely independently of Commex/LBMA pricing & suggesting a difference in price between these 2 markets by a factor of 20.

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Nut cases on the loose!

I haven't heard of any gods controlling nearly 500 tons of gold in homes of India!

stop this nonsense and move on

This entire thread should be flagged

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Nothing to worry about, please move along! Move along, I said.

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We're "seeing" it only because the "First Seed" (TPTWAB) want us to see it:  so to know who's "seeing" it and, to reinforce (that) there's absolutely nothing we will do about it.

Trade accordingly.

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Been thinking about this a lot: The collection and disappearance of gold, the BIS, the meek shall inherit the earth, zionism and (here's where I lose ya) Enlil/YWHW and the Annunanki/Nefilim who came to earth hundreds of thousands of years ago to mine gold (for whatever reason), created man through genetic engineering, combining Homo Erectus and their own genes and became man's slavemaster and "god(s)". For full verification all you have to do is read and ascribe to Zecharia Sitchen's translations to the Sumerian records of events leading through the flood and up to the cliff notes version of the history in the bible.

If the BIS is collecting gold and is primarily run by those who have been left as caretakers of mankind (now who do we know that feel they have that responsibility), it makes sense, given the assumptions, that they are getting the gold ready for a shipment ... odd though from the Sitchin timeline, the planet Nibiru is not due for its reappearance for another millenia. Suppose he could be wrong or possibly it no longer matters what distance the planet (you know the one that Nasa found in 1983 that is 4X the size of earth) is from earth.

But consider the gods from the old records still here on earth and being the Invisible Hand of Providence that has been leaking technology into our society, not for the last several hundred years, but from the time right after the flood... but that would mean that Enki/Ptah were still here ... the provider of technology and brother to Enlil/YWHW the warrior and leading god of earth.

Not really sure if there is anything that makes any MORE sense.

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Agree, and it should be pointed out that the 2012 Olympics are in London, which is being billed as the new Zion, and we have a timeline.

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I know this all sounds like crazy talk. I can hardly believe I am replying in this subthread myself...but I have seen first hand what happens to people the first time they encounter gold in the wild...the look in their eyes as they swirl the pan over and over again.


Homo Sapiens is one enormous and fiendishly clever piece of concentration equipment...creator or no.

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I've read Sitchin as well. However, I cannot ascribe to "god appeasement payments" what can more easily be credited to thieving criminal bastards right here on planet Earth.

As for an 'invisible hand of providence', have you had a look outside today? It's more like the invisible boot stamping on the face of mankind. 

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It would not necessarily be god appeasement payments, just mining operations as usual with the collection through agents.

Have someone else do the work. Control the system through debt and influence on government. Trade fiat (nothing) for gold on some type of schedule that fits with deliveries. It could go on for a very long time, essentially unnoticed.

There are all sorts of conclusions that could be made into the conspiratorial. One thing the gods of old supposedly did for us was "decrease the burden of man on the earth", through the creation of wars. It was seen as something of a kindness and not necessarily an evil. An analogy would be increasing the hunting limit on deer so that the remaining animals would not be starved to death during the winter.

I think "why gold is needed" has been a major topic of speculation and one that we may not have the technology yet to answer.... although there is a theoretical high temperature gold superconductor... see when one discusses it as if it is normal, it almost sounds sane.

... and yeah typo on the "YHWH".

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Anyway, just for grins, notice the pyramid motif on their buildings.

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Doo, the boot stamping on the face of mankind is not even invisible anymore.

Out in the open for all except the most "blind". This is the challenge phase.

We'll do this to you, will you squeal?

Sitchin's work is impeccable but the fact is that India has even older creation mythology. SO, who really knows.

I guess only the future ever really clarifies the past.


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"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."

     -Edmund Burke (1770)

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Hey, God, waddya think?

- Ned

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"the planet Nibiru is not due for its reappearance for another millenia."

How do the folks on Nibiru stay warm when their planet's elongated orbit takes them so far from the sun that it looks like another tiny star? Extended low temp of near absolute zero. Just askin'

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blankets made out of Krugerrands?

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gold fueled furnaces

that's why they need so much

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No Clue ... never been there. We who live on the surface of earth would have to guess because we have no first hand knowledge. Is it impossible? ... Again, I do not know. But, what I do know is that scientists originally vastly underestimated the age of the earth based on the temperature of the core because they did not take into consideration the heat generating effects of radioactive decay.

So, can you tell me why the earth has both gravity and a magnetic field? How does it work and why?

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So, can you tell me why the earth has both gravity and a magnetic field? How does it work and why?

That's a pretty good answer.

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Portugal. 389 >= 374. And they're hole is about $14B deep.

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Lengthy and informative...i just wanna know how and when these criminals will hang for their treason and i can retire by selling my krugerrands at $54k a piece

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Can a sitting or squatting POTUS really, all by his lonesome, take the disUnited States off the gold standard?



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Are you asking a legal question, or a reality question?

Cuz the answers are 'no' and 'yes', respectively.

Progressives have fought clear laws and clear execution of same since the first Progressive was spawned from Satan's bowels.

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"Who is this Bank of International Settlements and who controls it?"

I always say that the BIS is the central banks central banker. The BIS is the maestro, the conductor, the center of the universe and where all power flows from and to. The players behind the BIS are the secret hands, the powers that be, the gods of our world. They will never grace the cover of Time or be mentioned in Forbes, at least not by their real names. If you know who they are, you're instantly dangerous to them.

Cue the black helicopters.

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"Therefore if the BIS was to do a gold swap of the magnitude of 349 metric tonnes, then board member Ben Bernanke would have known of it in advance and approved it. He would know exactly who the transaction was with and why..."

Uh, Privately owned, non-military helicopters can be black too, right? 


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If you mean those black helicopters owned by CSC, SAIC, Xe (Blackwater), DynCorp, Booz Allen Hamilton, CACI and so on, then YES I include them. Especially them because most of the really dirty illegal (for the government) work is now done by "private contractor", particularly those on the Fortune 500 list.

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I would think that by now the Zero Hedge community would be a group of the most faithful Christians in the world.

We can all see the book of Revelations playing right out in front of our eyes while the vast majority of Americans are most concerned about when Lindsey Lohan is getting out of jail.

Even as recently as the 1990's, could you have realistically envisioned some kind of a mark that was required to be able to make any economic transaction?  When all of this collapses, I could easily see a one-world electronic currency controlled by the BIS.

Could you have ever realistically thought of a way that there could be a one-world leader that ruled from somewhere in Europe?  With everybody having instant worlwide visual communications on their personal telephone now, it is very possible.

The great news is that God is not going to let his children who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ live through the coming hell.

When is it going to be?  Nobody knows but I would rather be 10 years early than one day late.

There are no atheists in fox holes.

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I once heard a preacher talking about a debate he had with an atheist.  They went back and forth and it finally came down to the fact that neither one of them could absolutely prove or disprove the existance of God.

The preacher said in his final statement that he could provide a list of hundreds of people he personally knew that would testify that their lives had been radically changed by Jesus Christ.  People who had literally been in the gutter, suicidal, drug addicts, alcoholics, abusers, murderers and on and on that now had lives that would be considered rich and fulfilling by all standards.  Lives with happy marriages, productive jobs, fulfilling relationships and generally full of love.  In other words, multi-decade, quantifiable results that showed the evidence of a radically changed life that all parties would agree indicated a happy, well adjusted person. 

He asked the athiest how many people he could list whose lives had been radically transformed through atheism.  The atheist said none.

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I am one!  Betcha couldn't have guessed that, eh?

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As far as religious brainwashing goes, this is quite clever, but how is it relevant to the topic?Can't you find somewhere else to do your happy-clappy stuff?

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Uh....., you mean the topic of alien peoples that came to Earth thousands of years ago and genetically engineered man so we could mine gold for them? That topic?

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I watched the video.  I found it to be quite entertaining actually, even though I am a born-again Christian.  You can cite the 'apparent' contradictions, but you can't refute my estimony.  I was once lost and now I am found.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

It says whoever shall believe in HIM, not whoever shall believe in the Bible.  The Bible is an instrument of His truth, not THE instrument.   Jesus is THE instrument.

Name another who has risen from the dead after being in the tomb for three days?

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Well, there is Lazarus ...

And then ther's this.

"You see, in Egyptian mythology it was the role of the son of God and saviour, Horus, to raise his father, Osiris, from the dead and in a sense resurrect himself, as Horus was Osiris resurrected."

and this -

Moses was way off course.  The "promised land" is Kashmir.  You have to dig a little deeper. ... or not.  Up to you.

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Interesting links.

Thanks. Share more if possible? I like to see what other off-the-wallers read.


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ORI - I have a great book titled - "Jesus Died in India".  On the back cover it has the strange words - Not for sale in North America.

The story goes that Jesus escaped Herod's henchmen by fleeing to Egypt, specifically Alexandria, where his subsequent upbringing exposed him to Egyptian beliefs and Buddhist teachings.  Alexandria was a/the main trans-shipping point between India and the Mediteranean via the Red Sea.

So many of the psalms are similar to the sutras that predated Jesus by 500 years.  Compassion modified the depiction of the firey God of the old testament.  When He returned and started teaching he lived with, hung around with the Essenes who Essenes led a strictly celebate and communal life as in a monestary. ...  And it goes on from there, leading to the conclusion that the saints shrine in Srinagar contains the body of a holy man with his hands and feet pierced.

Have you ever run across any of this?

A lot of the West behaves as if hermeticly sealed off from those unrestrained thinkers out East.  Yet one of the last Pharos -Ptolemy, father of Cleoptra was formerly a general in Alexander's army that invaded and conquered the Indus River valley, home of the Vedas.


ps. I went to your site and read a story about not taking baths which kind of put me off.  It's not so bad it I don't ever take a bath maybe, but if all the people around me don't, then that's a different kettle of fish entirely ;-)

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Who wrote the bible?  Man, not god nor jesus.  Belief in oneself is stronger than any belief in organized religion.


"I am like God and God like Me.  I am as large as God. He is as small as I. He cannot above me nor I beneath him."

- Angelus Silesius



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Well said.

Yet 9 junks so far.


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I'm with you, brother, but we're a quiet minority.

The reality is "wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it." (Matt. 7:13-14)

Guys, you can't take your money with you (what little we may have left after all the crooks & thieves!), so think about where you will spend eternity, because we all will die someday. 

And besides, this skullduggery has been going on for thousands of years in various forms and levels of complexity, all because of mankind's greedy and selfish nature.  The connected dots go back a long, long way.  Certain doom seemingly lies ahead -- but I know how it ends.  The 'good guys' win.

I will be a solid fan of ZH for a long time.  I am a Christian forever.

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Great article, 20, thanks.  "Radical" sounds like a book I should read.

The "American Deam" indeed -- it lasts only as long as you're comfortable & asleep.

And I don't expect Fawr or Furker to accept or understand...

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Not quiet enough, unfortunately.



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You know, I read somewhere that on a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.

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I have always marveled at those who scream at those with religious views, especially Christian views.

Yet when fearing the end of their life on this Earth, whether being chased by a bear, a murderous meth head or even in a passionate embrace to bring forth life they always scream one name consistently ;-)