Guest Post: How To Fake An Economic Recovery

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Submitted by Giordano Bruno of Neithercorp Press

How To Fake An Economic Recovery

This may be a highly distasteful proposition, but just for a moment, I
want you to sit back, and imagine that you are a member of the
corporate banking elite. You are a walking talking disease ridden power
mad pustule who naively believes himself intellectually superior to the
vast majority of humanity and above the inherent laws of conscience,
honor, and general good taste. You are a villain in the purest sense,
in that you not only do great harm to the world, you actually SEEK to do
great harm to the world, if only to benefit yourself and your exclusive
circle of “friends”; a clan of degenerate blood thirsty sociopaths with
delusions of omnipotence that stalk the night like Armani wearing
Chupacabra exsanguinating the joy from poor unsuspecting cultures. You
are capable of anything, and sadly, you take “pride” in this fact…

You aren’t “rich” in the traditional sense. You aren’t a “Bill
Gates” or a “Donald Trump” (I’m beginning to wonder if Donald Trump is
even solvent, or if his entire fortune is a special-effect courtesy of
NBC). No, you don’t “make” money, you MAKE the money. You are a global
financier. You are a central banker. You create the fiat that the rest
of the country uses to sustain its fantasy economy. You dominate trade
through monopoly and corporate fraud. You control the flow of currency
through an economic system using fractional reserve banking,
artificially pegged interest rates, and your ever trusty printing press.
You put your substantial monetary clout behind BOTH major political
parties, and groom presidential candidates to your globalist standards.
Any politician who desires to climb the ladder of power turns to you
for assistance, not the voting public. You have a tremendous financial
stake in every corporate news provider in the country, if not own them
outright. You invite their top reporters to posh banquets, give them
unlimited access to prominent social figures and high rollers, and fly
them to private alcohol addled orgies in the middle of the California
Redwoods (I wish this was all made up). Forget responsible journalism,
they love hanging out with you, and would probably write whatever you
tell them to.

Now that you have placed yourself in the tight fitting shoes of the
“enlightened few”, I want you to imagine that you have engineered an
implosion in national credit sectors using ultra-low interest rates to
fuel mortgage and derivatives bubbles that would contract at an
unprecedented pace once it is revealed to the wider investment world
that those equities which they prized only days before are now “toxic”,
essentially worthless, due to mass debt defaults on loans which never
should have been made in the first place. Yeah, you’re a real dirtbag.

Of course, you aren’t finished yet! Your ultimate goal is
centralization, and the key to centralization is to remove all options
available to the masses but one; the option which garners you the
greatest amount of dominance. A global economic system based on a
single world currency and a single unaccountable governing body would be
ideal. What would you call this world currency? I don’t know, how
about something innocuous sounding like….Special Drawing Rights (SDR’s),
which you can then label as a mere “basket of currencies” when it is
really a parasitic financial instrument meant to absorb currencies until
it replaces them completely:

In order to begin instituting this world currency, you would first
need to remove the standing world reserve currency from its exalted
position, that currency being the U.S. dollar. This seems rather
impossible to many mainstream analysts who cannot fathom the possibility
of a breakdown in the mighty Greenback, but you have already set the
stage. You have created a progressive debt singularity so immense that
no amount of fiat, no amount of taxation, no amount of austerity could
ever satiate its hunger. You now have the perfect excuse to print the
dollar with wild abandon until its withered, corpsified remains are six
feet underground, leaving the door wide open for the tap dancing
fast-talking SDR to take its place.

The issue is, how do you convince the general public that all is well
until you are ready to unleash hyperinflation and fiscal Armageddon?
How do you make them believe with all their hearts that they are not in
the midst of a debt meltdown and the end of their financial sovereignty,
but basking in a full-on economic recovery?!

You can’t stop wealth destruction now that the avalanche has been set
in motion. You can’t stop inflation and dollar devaluation (nor would
you want to. Hey, you’re evil incarnate, remember?). The effects on
mainstreet are beyond your ability to hide, but, what you CAN
manipulate, are the statistics and indices that Americans rely on for
psychological comfort. You give everyone a blindfold and a cigarette
and you do what you do best; lie!

Here is a step by step guide to fabricating an economic recovery out of thin air….

Don’t Count The Unemployed, Discount Them: Jobless
people are a real downer and a pesky nuisance because they represent
living breathing proof that a recovery is not taking place. By most
standards, a recovery in jobs markets can be claimed if meaningful
evidence shows a return to unemployment standards (normal unemployment)
set before the recession / depression was triggered. If you are a
global banker today, however, this will not due. Instead, you simply
change the definition of “normal unemployment”. Thus, the debilitating
jobless rate which was originally thought of as “bad”, is now thought of
as “natural”. You must then publish long-winded white papers using
more subjective statistics devoid of common sense while feigning a
logical pretense:

This only satisfies a small portion of the populace, though. Next,
you must rig the manner in which unemployment is calculated to always
overlook certain subsections of jobless. Never count those people who
have been unemployed so long that they no longer receive benefits.
Always count people who are underemployed as fully employed, even if
they are only able to scrape together ten hours a week through part time
McSlavery. After this, change the manner in which raw data on
unemployment is actually collected.

First, the Labor Department derives most of its raw data on
unemployment not through any traditional mathematical means, but through
two separate surveys which are open to wide interpretation; an
establishment survey, and a household survey. The establishment survey
is what we hear about at the beginning of every month, while the
household survey tends to float under the mainstream radar. In 2009 and
2010, the Labor Department deemed the household survey data (a phone
driven survey of 60,000 households) “more reliable” for indicating job
growth, because it was accurate in counting small business hiring and
self-employment. So, you have two separate surveys (unscientific
indicators of employment) combined together to produce a job growth rate
number, and an unemployment percentage, both of which represent, at the
most, a GUESS on the current state of jobs in this country.

While the establishment survey showed only 36,000 jobs created, the
household survey somehow showed around 600,000 new jobs created!?:

Basically, the BLS is asking you to believe that over 600,000 people
either started their own businesses, or were hired by home based
businesses in the month of January alone. I’m curious as to where all
the capital inflows are coming from to launch such a revolution in home
entrepreneurship in the middle of the greatest credit crisis in history.
Oh well, if the Labor Department says it’s true, it must be…

The juxtaposition of odd data collection methods is the reason why
the government was able to claim a drop from 9.4% to 9% in the jobless
rate while announcing only 36,000 jobs created! The household survey
has become an incredibly useful tool for generating arbitrary employment
data which can be molded to say whatever government officials and
central bankers want it to say. Anyone who controls the source data for
a calculation controls the outcome of that calculation. It’s that

What I wouldn’t want, if I was the Labor Department, is for some
outside independent citizens group to monitor my survey methods while in
progress. That would make life for a statistical huckster very
difficult indeed.

As Long As Stocks Are Green, The World Is Golden:
Near zero interest rates can be very useful if a central bank wishes to
throw a tidal wave of fiat into a particular index in order to make it
appear healthy. Certainly, the Fed has avoided admitting to any
manipulation of the stock market. QE measures are all “above the
board”, and all is well in Bernanke’s Mayberry. A question arises here
though that desperately begs to be answered; if the stock market’s
meteoric rise from near destruction to the 12,000 point mark is “real”,
and completely in tune with a legitimate recovery, then why is the Fed
still keeping interest rates at near zero after almost three years, and
why are they continuing quantitative easing measures? Could it be that
without constant liquidity injections from the Fed, the stock market
would once again collapse like a wet paper sack? We know that in 2009,
it was revealed that bailout funds which were supposed to go towards
muting the effects of toxic bank assets were actually being pumped into
the equities of healthy banks instead, meaning,the money has not been
allocated to the areas promised:

We also know that top hedge fund managers have openly stated that
stocks will remain bullish because QE funds are propping up the market:

And, frankly, if you are a global banking cartel intent on keeping
the American people in the dark, it makes perfect sense to prop up
stocks. A Dow in the green is like a mass dose of fiscal lithium; it
calms investors into a stupor. Even people who are otherwise
unconcerned about economics will keep track of the Dow as if it is a
solid indicator of their personal financial safety. A great test would
be to observe market reactions to a Federal Reserve interest rate hike
and a freezing of QE in order to counter inflation. Will the Dow stand
on its own two feet then? I seriously doubt it, but then again, I don’t
know that the Fed will ever raise interest rates again…

Inflation? What Inflation?: Unmitigated inflation
spells doom for any society. It’s like some monetary based animal
instinct deep down in our collective unconscious. The moment we hear
the word “inflation” or see prices rise dramatically, we revert to
survival mode and begin honing our mammoth bone battle mallets.
Governments and central banks throughout history have made it their top
priority to hide the effects of inflation from the citizenry at all

To mask inflation is nearly impossible, especially where commodities
and base goods are concerned. That’s why our government and private
central bank calculate the Consumer Price Index (CPI) without counting
food or energy. Most grains and crude oil have doubled in price over
the past year alone, and this does not reflect well on the safety of the
dollar, or the effectiveness of liquidity measures by the Fed. China,
whose inflation is but a prequel to our own, is also distancing food and
energy price surges from its CPI numbers, giving the false impression
of leveling markets:

Corporate retail chains have a tendency to absorb rising prices of
base goods to avoid alienating their customer foundation, hoping that
the increases are temporary. When retailers realize that prices are not
going to drop back down, they eventually relent, and shelf costs
skyrocket. The bottom line is clear; overall worldwide food averages
were up over 28% in 2010:

Crude oil prices continue to hover near the $90 mark even though inventories are at a 20 year high:

The World Bank is now warning of possible disasters (which they helped create) in the wake of “dangerous price levels”:

Our government’s response? Complete denial that there is any
significant threat of inflation. Denial that overprinting of the dollar
and its subsequent devaluation has anything to do with rising prices.
Scapegoating everything from weather, to speculators, to the fake
“recovery” itself for price spikes. The longer they keep the
terminology of inflation out of the mainstream, the less Americans are
likely to prepare for an onslaught of the dollar.

Create Debt To Pay Off Debt: This is pretty self
explanatory. If foreign investors want nothing to do with you, your
explosive national debt, or your depreciating currency, where is your
government going to get the money to continue spending like a drunken
trophy wife at Macy’s? If you default, the jig is up, and no one will
buy your recovery yarns. Instead, print even more fiat and use it to
purchase your own Treasury bonds! This serves two purposes; first, it
props up the federal bureaucracy which gives the impression of stability
(at least for a time), and, it furthers your goal of squeezing the
dollar like a grape.

Remove All Checks And Balances: If you plan on
decimating an economy, you can’t very well have people pointing fingers
at you while you do it. That would be inconvenient. It’s funny, but
for years, ratings agencies like Moodys helped global banks facilitate
the mortgage and derivatives crisis by categorizing worthless assets as
AAA securities. Without them, no one would have invested in such
garbage in the first place, and the banking fraud would have been
immediately exposed. Now that ratings agencies are finally doing their
job and downgrading the creditworthiness of banks and countries that
possess extreme liabilities, the SEC is moving to marginalize them:

Interesting that as the U.S. nears a possible credit downgrade, we suddenly no longer care what ratings agencies have to say.

The SEC in itself is one enormous joke, and in no way a practical
overseer of banking activity. The organization has shown itself to be
either fantastically incompetent, or deliberately indifferent to ongoing
financial fraud. I never thought I would find myself agreeing with a
cretin like Bernie Madoff, but according to the middle-weight Ponzi
artist, global banks he dealt with, like JP Morgan and HSBC, had to be
perfectly aware of the scam he was undertaking, otherwise, it could not
have been possible:

Likewise, the SEC’s complete lack of proper investigation into such
activities turned Wall Street into a globalist playground where much
bigger conmen than Madoff have nested and bred like fleas. It’s not
that the system needs more regulation, or more legal wrangling; this
would accomplish nothing, because the system is regulated by the
criminals! Therefore, new laws can be enacted in concert, and the
government can deem the system reformed and recovered, all while the
underlying corruption remains untouched. If the poison that instigated
the fall of the markets is not uprooted, treachery will continue to
reign supreme, and healthy markets a childish illusion.

The Creeping Terror

Two years ago I was in my local Borders bookstore and noticed that
they had downsized their stock selection by what looked to be nearly a
third. I made a point to ask if this was a chain wide phenomenon. Most
employees I talked with said yes. I then asked if they had begun
cutting employee hours by significant margins and specifically laying
off longtime workers that had built up substantial pay increases.
Again, the consensus was yes. Finally, and most importantly, did
Borders discuss these changes with their staff in a manner that was
informative and open, or, was there a lot of confusion amongst employees
as to what exactly was going on? The response was that they were
overwhelmingly bewildered by Borders’ lack of clear communication as to
the direction of the corporation.

My suggestion to them was to start looking for another job, because
their company was about to declare bankruptcy. They, of course, denied
this was remotely likely:

It may sound like a stretch, but the reason I bring up Borders’
impending chapter 11 is because, to me, it represents a microcosm of the
creeping nature of economic collapse, especially when that collapse is
being wielded and delegated. [TD: Borders filed for Chapter 11 this morning]

Borders has been on the verge of default for quite a while. Did they
refuse to relay this information openly to their employees because they
selfishly wanted to maintain profit margins just a little longer until
they were ready to pull the plug? Of course! Do global bankers with
aspirations of a centralized currency keep the true destabilization of
the market spectrum and the coming international dollar dump to
themselves because in the end they will benefit from our shock and awe?
Of course!

Whether a person loses everything all at once, or a piece at a time,
the end result is the same, however, there is something especially cruel
in the idea of fiscal theater; the act of inspiring false hope that a
financial environment is sound when it has, in truth, already
suffocated. Why would our modern day robber barons put so much energy
into constructing a fake recovery? There are many reasons, but first
and foremost, to create apathy. To lure us towards inaction. To
swindle us into assuming the storm will blow over, and all will return
as it was. Unfortunately, recovery without intense restructuring of our
economic system is impossible. The fundamentals do not support the
suggestion in the slightest. The question is, who will be at the helm
when the dust settles and this restructuring does eventually occur?
Will the American people take the lead, as they should, and commit to a
concrete free market rejuvenation of our financial environment? Or,
will we sit back yet again, and let the banksters set us up for the next
grand disaster?

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Turd Ferguson's picture

"I want you to sit back, and imagine that you are a member of the corporate banking elite. You are a walking talking disease ridden power mad pustule who naively believes himself intellectually superior to the vast majority of humanity and above the inherent laws of conscience, honor, and general good taste. You are a villain in the purest sense, in that you not only do great harm to the world, you actually SEEK to do great harm to the world, if only to benefit yourself and your exclusive circle of “friends”; a clan of degenerate blood thirsty sociopaths with delusions of omnipotence that stalk the night like Armani wearing Chupacabra exsanguinating the joy from poor unsuspecting cultures. You are capable of anything, and sadly, you take “pride” in this fact…"

This is all I've read so far and I love it so much I had to stop to C&P and highlight.

Great stuff. I'm going to read the rest.

HUGE_Gamma's picture

you just wanted to have the first reply on the page

Turd Ferguson's picture

Why? Is there some kind of prize involved?

tmosley's picture

That was it.

Sorry, there's a recession on, you know.  Next month, the prize will surely be a trip for four to Aruba, if President Obama's predictions about the recovery over the next two years prove true.  Surely they will, as he and his economic team have never been wrong before!

I Am The Unknown Comic's picture

tmosley dude you are so under-rated on this site IMHO.  You make me laugh so freaking hard sometimes.  I don't know what it is about your smartass humor but I find it hilarious.  Thanks and keep it up!

Cleve Meater's picture

A date with Blythe at a seedy hotel across the river in Newark... Bring the heavy-duty condoms, or better yet, a bicycle inner-tube.

Wynn's picture

OT - Matt Taibbi is on Imus right now. good stuff

Pegasus Muse's picture

This article by Harry Martin complements Bruno's article nicely:  

The Federal Reserve Bunk 

Twindrives's picture

Turd, I'd swear you were talking about that POS Barack Obama.

hambone's picture

Speaking of Big O -

Banking on growth, not cuts
In his new budget plan, President Obama is hoping that a strong economy will erase much of the deficit, but some experts say he's being too optimistic.

good stuff - MW is full of great hard hitting "journalism"

william the bastard's picture


The President should be leading now. He should be deeply involved in the spending-reform efforts the way governors are in New York, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Indiana and elsewhere. Instead his adminstration's budget is filled with dodges, scoring gimmicks and unrealistic assumptions. With economic future at risk, that's an outrage.

-David Malpass (WSJ Opinion page 2/16/2011)

bonddude's picture

one way to fake a recovery is to have the FDIC

sweep shit under the rug especially these damn

IndyMac facts that won't die and the total 

systemic effect of rampant bank fraud.Bernie is correct insofar as there was lax, rubber stamp FDIC audits. IndyMac is a prime case and the FDIC prefer that story go away. IndyMac's failure revealed and started a domino effect in California that saw many banks fail. One fraudulent developer, Bijan Madjlessi, who was written about in a Santa Rosa Press Democrat expose' is reported to be directly responsible for the failure of several California banks in an amount estimated so far at $400 Million. He has failed developments in Cal and Nevada and many lawsuits in Sonoma County including a class action suit against him. The FDIC audits missed all of the STRAW borrowing and buying this man orchestrated. Not only that he screwed over his contractors with the help of dirty bankers thusly. Watch the whole fun series.

bonddude's picture

There are local bankers who knew poor

sub-contractors credit lines were 1.Set up based

on coersion for amounts in excess of their

knowledge and then emptied by this crook

and his "Bank". Jail is TOO GOOD !

Hello? FDIC???????

goldfish1's picture

Typical gubmint non-accountablility

and outright dereliction of duty. Yet

the paychecks, benefits and pensions

keep coming.

MachoMan's picture

Not sure if you've been associated with an FDIC audit, but the primary feet on the ground are likely kids fresh out of undergrad with an accounting degree.  If you think they are going to find anything buried halfway to China by using a garden spade, you're sorely mistaken.  However, given the mandate to find something wrong, they will undoubtedly harp on something completely immaterial...  which may or may not be enough to destroy the bank given the lack of judicial oversight/appealability of administrative issues...

It may be perfectly fair to allege rubber stamping of audits, I have no idea...  but, generally speaking, incompetence can also account for much of the issue.

orangedrinkandchips's picture


yes, it is just like a bit, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the rest of it.

I wish he were making it up. I wish he were the only one thinking this....

however, with the advent of the net and better communications, rapid-fire communications, we are all sitting back and singing..."ONE OF THESE THINGS IS NOT LIKE THE OTHER..." shit we learned in Sesame Street

The markets too, the indexes especially, show so much desperation to keep them up. So much so that they are worried about 1 down day.

2 points he made that are inexplicable.

1.) why are they still ZIRP and QE2 when "all is good"??? (shake your head and say yes!!!!)
2.) Donald Trump is broke. The author is just NOW beginning to think he is all smoke and mirrors? Living off of loans?
he is all smoke and mirrors...

great article...sad but so true.

jus_lite_reading's picture

Amazingly, most of these comments carry more validity than those fat pundits on CNBS talking up the economy.

GreenSideUp's picture


I love ZH for the comments, even with the "noise", there's a wealth of info, insight and intelligence, and best of all, the humor (!!!) from so many of the commenters here.  I've learned and laughed a LOT.  

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

I enjoyed the creativity of ".....Chupacabra exsanguinating....." just as good as an earlier post using "Chingada Madre"

hambone's picture

Fake an economic recovery???  We're faking we have an economy...period.

rosiescenario's picture

A+....and a fake and for the people (those residing in NYC engaged in finance).

velobabe's picture

like woman faking an orgasm. i have. plenty of times. but i didn't believe i was fraud, just making the man feel good about the deed†

SteveNYC's picture

F*ckin hilarious! Your heart of compassion is something to behold!



StychoKiller's picture

Your concern is appreciated, but next time, jump on top of that worm and push it all the way down to the other side of the mattress!

jus_lite_reading's picture

+$14 TRILLION and a side of M.A.D.

The Real Fake Economy's picture

as my name would suggest, yes I do agree

cougar_w's picture

I got this far:

"I want you to sit back, and imagine that you are a member of the corporate banking elite...

... and went "Do I have to?"

I did finished the article though.

GoinFawr's picture

It's an exercise in 'know your enemy' Coug. Sometimes you just have to hold your nose and wade in...

tictawk's picture

I got lost in this article.  Does not make sense, why?  DEBT is borrowing from the future.  It is wealth we DO NOT HAVE.   "wealth destruction"  happens with a DROP IN NOMINAL VALUES of an asset and "HYPERINFLATION" is a RISE in nominal values of assets because the value of the medium of exchange is destroyed.  We have hundreds of trillions in debt (money we don't have) and the Fed has printed two trillion in the last two years.  Does this result in hyperinflation?  NOT!!!

c-rev with a twist's picture

Valid points.  But what do every single deflation in history have to do with hyperinflations?  One always preceeds the other. 

Sathington Willougby's picture



¡Tenga cuidado con Chupacabra!




cossack55's picture

Great post.  I feel a little unsavory right now, need to go shower.  I'm pretty convinced that most amerikans will sit back and get ready to beg on their knees.  We have already fallen, the corpse just has not hit the floor yet.

Michael's picture

The filthy animals at FOX News are on notice. Their coverage of the CPAC Winner, Dr Ron Paul is documented character assassination.
This dirty trick is a new low for FOX News. This blatant attempt to smear Dr. Paul was deliberate.

1. Law .
a. defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures.
b. the act or crime of publishing it.
2. anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.

1. defamation; calumny: rumors full of slander.
2. a malicious, false, and defamatory statement or report: a slander against his good name.
3. Law . defamation by oral utterance rather than by writing, pictures, etc.
–verb (used with object)
4. to utter slander against; defame.
–verb (used without object)
5. to utter or circulate slander

FAUX should lose their broadcast license as this is a clear violation! Ron Paul is lawyering up on this one. At the very least FAUX should be forced to make a public apology to Dr. Paul, his supporters and CPAC. The individual(s) who actually pulled the trick should be exposed and fired! and then criminally charged! Bastards!

Fox News Ron Paul CPAC Lies Exposed

From the original FOX announcement of CPAC Winner, notice the same announcer from 2010 is not wearing a lanyard around his neck in the 2011 announcement.

Busted:Fox News CPAC Ron Paul Video Deception

I am not going to let those filthy animals at FOX News get away with this blatant character assignation of the good Doctor. They will pay for their libel and slander. People over there will be fired and the fines will be huge. Dr Paul may even wind up owning that network.

razorthin's picture

Saw Charles Krauthammer on O'Reilly last night.  I want to kick the snot out of him too.  I like Bill, but shame on him for agreeing that Dr. Paul cannot win. "Fair and Balanced", my ass; "The Spin Stops Here", my ass's ass.

Michael's picture

I didn't see any report on any other channel about this issue this morning. I believe they are all in it together to marginalize Ron Paul.

Rasmussen Poll was out and the cretins on FOX dismissed it as not being relevant.

SHOCK POLL: 2012 Presidential Election Match-Up

Barack Obama 42%
Ron Paul 41%

goldfish1's picture

In case you missed it, Huffpo now owned by AOL.

rosiescenario's picture the right question would be "Is it up?"

blindfaith's picture

to all the above comments, I offer one simple answer...Rube rt Murcock-of.  Do you still think the WSJ is as good as it was a short few years ago?  I don't.

Propaganda and idea/truth manipulation are hall marks of a narcissus.

Put your money where you mouth is...stop watching them.  Better still stop buying the products that sponsor the spewthey broadcast ( I haven't watched cnbc for 10 years, and if GE made postage stamps I'd be walking letters to the addressee).


Egypt, about the only country with guts and discipline.

snowball777's picture

Guts? Maybe. Discipline? Not so much.

razorthin's picture

Take it easy!  I said I like Bill.  I do like Fox generally; and I do like Beck, since he has at least a shread of libertarian sense.

yabyum's picture

Beck needs his meds adjusted.

goldfish1's picture

I said I like Bill. I do like Fox generally; and I do like Beck

Like these slimeball globalist apologists who are complicit in the stealing of our country? Fukk you.

bonddude's picture

He got his talking point from TRUMP! hahaha

Hubbs's picture

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention Trump in my tirade above. He is the cossumate bullshitter! The "Art of the Deal"? my ass! The art of the hype is more like it. Manyof those who have swallowed his bullshit have lost a few bucks over the years.

HellFish's picture

Sorry but Paul can't win.  His ideas on defense are too far from the mainstream. 

Michael's picture

Personally I would prefer a complete and total economic collapse too.

If it wasn't for Dr. Paul, the morons in this country wouldn't have any idea where to begin to understand what is wrong with the national debt and monetary system.

A Texan's picture

"you're all familiar with the broken clock that is right twice a day. ron paul is like a strange broken clock that is right 23 hours a day. then you get to some foreign policy midnight, and in stead of chiming, it barks and smears itself with poo."