Guest Post: How Goldman Dissembled In The Wall Street Journal

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'Dissemble' only something elite snob banksters can do.

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1. Conceal one's true motives, feelings, or beliefs while wearing spats.   2. Disguise or conceal (a feeling or intention) while wearing spats.
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at first i thought it said "while wearing pants."  what's wearing spats?  and of course "elites are known for a ruthless attraction to their reality" and of course Goldman never disappointed on that score!  "disassembling" is what comes when one fears the truth--not when one embraces it as GS so memorably did.  the irony of course is "no one in DC had the guts to say yes, in this instance, it is crime to make money" even "as politicians we are fully cognizant of a your very effective albeit totally criminal sales pitch."  in short a "right back atchya!"  Anywho...

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They're what Scrooge McDuck tries to pass off as footwear.

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Spats were fancy shoes in the Roaring 20s.  They were hard to keep clean.

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I have outlawed the word Elite in regards to criminals / thieves.

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Hold on - let me get this straight. Goldman isn't one of the good guys?!

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Yes, Goldman is one of the good guys. They are a repentful friend who needs to be checked, but like Catholic priests raping the markets, we cant just throw the church out in the cold?

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No, Warren Buffet is the good guy.  He propped them and all their weapons of mass destruction derivatives up.

Talk about fork-ed tongue.  A complete fraud.  First semester.

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Andrew Ross-Sorkin is the unfettered King of Apologists for the Rapacious Vampire Squid, bar none.

Andrew Ross-Sorkin; from Tabloid Journalism to The New York Times (again, Tabloid Journalism), to maybe a position at The Squid itself, one bright, sunny day?

Andrew does hope.

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A hack by any other name is still a hack.  Maybe the Times should bring back Ben Stein -- they'd make a great tag team.

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Andrew Ross-Sorking almost took Lord Blankfeind's original job offer as Blankfiend's official toilet bowl licker and ball licker, but it didn't pay any more than his current scum rag gig.

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The worst.  I heard him speak in Santa Barbara last week.  Complete jerk.  He told the auditorium this giant secret.  Some Deep Throat from the Fed called him up for meeting.  At this clandestine meeting the Deep Throat said in very hushed tones, "Andy boy, I'm only telling you this...but without the bailout, we think unemployment would've hit 25%."

WOW!  Someone from the Fed ACTUALLY TOLD YOU THAT? I can tell you're in the inner circle.  This idiot who greatly underestimates those who wish to be underestimated, then let us know he had just spent the weekend with Warren Buffet as he pranced around the stage llike a doppelganger for Gates.  He's really a moron.  Said the press, "has to decide what to ttell us dopes because we'd get all hysterical if we knew the facts."  I took issue with this when I asked him a question which he blew off because he didn't know the answer.  Typical bought off emperor, no clothes. 

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Save a country, hang a banker.

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This chart shows the Bernank will lose this round

Short Euro, closed long ES daytrade

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Don't forget your long USDCHF!

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Not in myself, but maaaaan oh man, can't wait till the big desks pile into that. Guess theyre trying to squeeze every last pip on the trip down... 95 was low, 90 was crazy, 85 was 'GO ALL IN LONG' and now its just gotten ridiculous.

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 Sell the rallies! usd/chf. I have done quite well on that trade.

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Andrew can eat a stale bag of dicks.

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i'm all for a fight for survival on this one.  we all in agreement here?  and speaking of survival..."Espana beeches!"

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Ben's talking, turn CNBC on! Gold/silver about to take off most likely.

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I'm thinking that Goldman is in the same position as Lee Oswald and poor Tim Osman, only Goldman helped plot their own take-down.

Fall guy.


The whole lot'll laugh all the way from a shut-down and dismembered bank.

Blankfein: "Who loves ya, baby?"

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The Federal Reserve is risking a second Great Depression by putting pressure on banks to raise more capital, banking analyst Dick Bove writes in a scathing note that accuses the central bank of losing “all sense of reality.”

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Read the other day an interview with one of the Rothschild's, in which he said it was noticeable that the stock price of many good companies is undervalued right now. This calmed me down as i have taken a big hit in the last month and am sitting on a lot of stock. Then i read that Paulson has also taken a hit but is used to extreme volatility and believes stock will rise up to 40% by year end. He is holding gold whereas Soros and others have sold. So now, im wondering if Paulson knows something about Goldman ... have they been shorting unduly and is that about to be exposed? Just ideas as to what is going on at the top atm.

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Nobody but Soros knows if he sold his gold position.  He could very well have sold his paper gold position and purchased physical gold, and nobody would be the wiser.

Do what's best for you and yours, and don't be a speculator.  There's no need to be when the ultimate outcome of this debacle is clear: the piper must be paid.

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short the squid at your own peril.  "that's why it has only one big eye."  two eyes "are as wasteful as they are unnecessary."  as an expert at "pissing off the planet" however i find it hard to "fathom" why in a time a war "go after the government"?  the irony is that GS "was the civic minded one."  was it all "for the wrong reasons"?  isn't there something to be gained as a GS in trying to support your government?  perhaps the "irony of Bill Gross" can provide a good example.  "if they'd stuck to their patriotism they would have made a killing"..."so to speak."

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 Rupert? Rupert? Rupert?   I guess Ben Stein is off today!

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Discrediting Matt Taibbi and ZH in a show that is involving credibility by people who have lost their credits like GS? Talked straight by WSJ but the facts are there

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When all else fails, there's always Too Cute To Fail...

Who doesn't like puppies and butterflies? 

Dave Harrison



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what does God think about this ?

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GS is innocent BY DEFINITION.

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Ya know I hate fractional banking the Fed etc. etc. but really folks! We are talking a $10 B bet on a market how big? Are we really going to say that people in these markets didn't know Goldman's stance. I am reminded of the story of the scorpion and the frog.... That is what they do. It ain't illegal, it wasn't a fraud. The best cure for a bubble is a pop.