Guest Post: Imagine Grand Central Station After A Flesh-Eating Virus Outbreak And You Get Guangzhou South Station

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Submitted by Tim Staermose of Sovereign Man

Guangzhou South Station: Something Out Of A Zombie Movie

When I left my hotel bound for the new Guangzhou South Station the
other day , I didn’t know much about the station– where it was, how far
from the hotel, etc. After about 25 or 30 minutes in the cab, I still
hadn’t seen any signs for the station and grew concerned that the cabbie
was just taking me for a ride.

As we eventually approached the station, I began to understand why it
was so far out of town.  Clearly, the only way they could find enough
contiguous land to build this monstrosity was to go WAY into to the
outskirts of the city.

In the end, it was a 27.82 kilometer (17.39 miles) cab ride from my
downtown hotel, and took 49 minutes to get there.  I know this because
Chinese taxis are very efficient and give you a highly detailed receipt.

Guangzhou South Station is absolutely COLOSSAL.  By comparison, it is
much bigger than any of the 3 international airport terminals in Manila
where I live… and I’d say it’s over 8 times larger than the Central
Airport Express Station in Hong Kong.

For a start, the Guangzhou South Station is built on THREE levels.  I
was dropped off at level 2.  When I entered there was an “Information”
booth straight ahead.  It was unstaffed.  In fact, the entire second
level was completely deserted.  Very spooky. It was something out of a
low-budget zombie movie.

Untitled3 225x300 Guangzhou South Station: something out of a zombie movie

I went downstairs to the ticketing area where there were a few signs
of life. Of the forty or so ticket windows, well over half were closed,
and there were only a few dozen people mulling about. To give you an
idea of density, imagine the largest football stadium you can think of
with only a few hundred people inside. Ghost town.

ticket in hand, I went up to the departures area… it defies logic that
you have to go upstairs to departures even though the trains are at the
ground level, but my guess is that the Party really wanted to build a
third level just to heighten the grandeur of the train station.

Untitled2 225x300 Guangzhou South Station: something out of a zombie movie

Now, you’d think that if they spent so much money building a station
this large, they would be expecting hundreds of trains steaming in and
out at all hours of the day. Not by long shot. There was only one train
at the platforms. Mine.

It was the same zombie movie theme– areas the size of multiple
football fields with hardly any passengers standing around.  And yet,
throughout the entire station over all three levels was expensive, high
quality marble tiles and artistic finishings, all polished to a mirrored

Guangzhou South Station is truly a monument to excess, exemplifying China’s ruinous “build it and they will come” attitude.

When I arrived to Wuhan about 4-hours later (going 300 km per hour on
the high speed bullet train), it was the same theme: acres of empty
space, hardly a soul in sight, yet all very modern and marbled with
dozens of elevators and abandoned information booths. When my train
pulled in, it was the only one at the platforms.

Frankly, the whole episode reminded me of Bangkok and Hong Kong
airports during the SARS epidemic back in 2003.  I observed this
firsthand– passenger traffic cratered because most people were scared
silly of catching the deadly virus, and major airports were practically

Similarly, it’s what you would expect Grand Central Station to look like after a flesh-eating virus outbreak.

It’s interesting to note that China’s National Audit Office (NAO)
recently published a report which says the country’s outstanding local
government debt is now equivalent to $1.7 TRILLION. That’s a huge figure
— about 27% of China’s GDP in 2010.

Because the NAO’s figure was based only on a sampling of 6,500 local
government-backed financial vehicles (out of more than 10,000 such
vehicles nationwide), the actual magnitude of local government
indebtedness is likely to be much greater.  China’s own Central Bank
estimates the number to be 30% higher than the NAO figure.

All of this certainly begs the question– how many more empty
buildings and unused train stations can they possibly build?  More
importantly, what happens to China’s economy when all this fixed asset
spending starts to subside?  I’ll explore these questions more in the
coming days… but in the meantime, I’d like to hear what you think about

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Long-John-Silver's picture

The presence of Silver kills Zombies. Considering how much Silver the Chinese are buying leads me to the conclusion they have effectively removed Zombies from all public places. Our public places would also be effected in the same way if Americans purchased physical Silver in vast quantities as well.

BeansBulletsBandaids's picture

I thought silver was supposed to kill werewolves?


Either way, I'm trying to procure a little more as my budget allows.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

Silver does kill werewolves.  On a more serious note, China builds some rather impressive structures, and then they start to rapidly decay.  My parents went on and on about stuff China built that just turned to crap with all the corner cutting the builders do.

Missing_Link's picture

Silver kills both zombies and werewolves but is, sadly, ineffective against zombie werewolves.

Thomas's picture

That would explain Lindsay Lohan's durabiity.

trav7777's picture

imagine GCS filled with people who are infected with ongoing flesh-eating strep and you have the condition of a lot of people in industrial cities LIKE Guangzhou.  I thought this was gonna be a pollution in China article when I read the headline lol

kujo's picture

I've heard a theory that these massive people moving operations are not for the general population but for the military. They are very afraid of their own population.

citta vritti's picture

like the U.S. interstate system modeled on WW II Germany autobahns, to ensure free movement of tanks and personnel?

KennyG09's picture

Actually, yes. Good call.

KTV Escort's picture

I've been to quite a few cities in China, Guangzhou is the absolute worst for air pollution and city-wide grime.

The only place I can recommend for a tourist detour if you happen to have a few hours to kill there...

...a ghost town the afternoon I was there, but maybe that was because of the intense heat.

MGHJFHD's picture

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schoolsout's picture

God bless excess...

TheTmfreak's picture

Who says its excess? Some people need ALOT of elbow room.

flacon's picture

"Two pyramids, two masses for the dead, are twice as good as one; but not so two railways from London to York."
~John Maynard Keynes

Monedas's picture

Pyramids were monuments to make work projects.....of course Keynes would approve ! Slaves doing make work ! It's a Keynesian ideal to stimulate the economy ! Monedas 2011 I'm very wary of those who try to put a human face on Keynes ? He was so witty, so profound ...... maybe we should take a second look at his work ! Maybe he was just too damned smart for the rest of us ?

Pladizow's picture

Short term stupidity, long term genius!

TheTmfreak's picture

Maybe. It is a gamble at best. The assumption is that they're going to be able to "grow into it." It is highly debateable whether that is reasonable.

dark pools of soros's picture

marble deteriorates slower than $$$

Oh regional Indian's picture

Given the general surprising tone of developments world over, I'd say we have NO CLUE why these empty cities and extra large everythign is being built.

None. Us plebs have only 20% operating information, enough to get by every day safely. No more.

These cities could be housing/hosting any number of soon to be displaced diaspora. 


blunderdog's picture

Bet them sneaky Chineses made a deal with the space aliens to provide housing and rail-service when they come to colonize the planet.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Hah! You mean the Ha'aaaaan from Chibixa? Or is it proxima anehou now?


blunderdog's picture

Reticulans.  They're coming for our livers.  They're having galaxy-wide hemoglobin shortages because of a market-collapse engineered by their bankers.

long-shorty's picture

in Toledo, Ohio, several of our major grid streets go on and on, like 10 miles west of town, as if Toledo were going to be Chicago. Some of these grid streets serve as excellent boundaries for cornfields. So I guess we've got long term genius here too.

Popo's picture

 More importantly, what happens to China’s economy when all this fixed asset spending starts to subside? 


... they'll ... make zombie movies?

AladdinSaneGirl's picture

Maybe i should move? The UK is terribly overcrowded. 

cougar_w's picture

Rail systems to nowhere.

And in America, we made a big deal out of one bridge to nowhere. Though that fails to appreciate the level of fail that will ensue when we no longer have fuel to put cars and trucks on our 4 million miles of asphalt.

Talk about nowhere.

trav7777's picture

In DC Metro, they are rebuilding the entire Capital Beltway at once!  Huge traffic snarls, planning for a future...that won't come.  It's the busiest roadway in the US, but they could have built a lightrail around the loop for way cheaper.   The insanity of it all is mindboggling...maybe they will all be Nissan Leafs?  There won't be more cars needing more roads because there isn't more oil to power more cars.

cougar_w's picture

If only GM had made lightrail cars instead of trucks, the future might have been so very different.

The scope and depth of our collective failure of the imagination will probably be lamented by subsequent generations for a thousand years.

trav7777's picture

I'm gonna be at a big family reunion this weekend and I'm sure the topic will come up at some point.  I'll hear the same shit, technology, oh "they" will just think of something.

How the fuck can you get anywhere when the people in "consensus" aren't smart enough to grasp the problem?  I struggle to come up with analogies, even at my level of intelligence, that can get the ordinary intellects to get their minds around the problem.

Consensus is the enemy of the truth.  Normal minds can only get linear growth.  That's how their lawn does it, how trees do it, how hills are shaped.  They have nothing they can compare compounding growth to and therefore it just doesn't exist and is beyond their comprehension.

They think technology will save the oil problem...look, mfers, technology is what permitted us to RAISE our extraction rate to meet the next doubling epoch.  It didn't create more oil, it pulled supply forward faster.  The technology did the opposite of what it was supposed to have done.  It just enabled faster consumption (Jevon's Paradox).

Hapte's picture

"How the fuck can you get anywhere when the people in "consensus" aren't smart enough to grasp the problem?" Well said. You're still a piece of shit though.

Max Hunter's picture

How the fuck can you get anywhere when the people in "consensus" aren't smart enough to grasp the problem?

You can't.  That's why I own 3 assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition to protect my family and procurements.

dark pools of soros's picture

since no one will attack when you are asleep or just wait you out...  they will just charge like a '90s FPS in set waves of attack that you can take breaks from

Max Hunter's picture

Well.. Aren't you the genius.. Grasp this.. Me and 2 family members with 5 full clips each shooting at mobs.. With more family refilling clips.. Now, if you were part of a mob, would you redirect yourself to someone/somewhere maybe not as well prepared or continue like a WW1 style suicide charge?

I'm not doing all of this preparing so it can be taken without a fight.. Regardless of what idiots like you think..

Infnordz's picture

The mob just need some grenades, improvised explosives, some Molotovs or tough vehicles, then it won't matter how many shells you have; you get blown up, burnt out or crushed, unless you have a tough and defendable position!


aerojet's picture

I think you just need to fucking relax about the peak oil meme, okay? 

Anglo in Abitibi's picture

Well I think you need to get your head out of your fucking ass because you don`t realize that everything you eat, drink and do is completely and wholly dependant upon oil. He can`t relax because of simpleton shits like you ignore and downplay the predicament. If everyone could at least read the exec. summary of the Hirsch report or even anything by Dmitry Orlov then I think individuals like Trav wouldn`t be so adament on how fucked we are.

dark pools of soros's picture

um, compounding growth = mold or say  rabbits

ElvisDog's picture

It's funny. My 13 year-old son gets things that my wife refuses to contemplate. Yesterday in the car he mentioned (for some reason) that medicare was going broke. She got into an argument with him insisting that medicare would always be there because otherwise old people wouldn't have any medical care. Same with peak oil. Many people assume that because there is a desire that there will be a supply.

CH1's picture

The problem is not imagination, it is the institution, which thrusts imagination out.

TheTmfreak's picture

Tysons corner is out of control, but that is nothing new. Bumper to bumper traffic at 12 am.

Now they're redoing nearly all of 66.

CH1's picture

That may be the worst road I've ever driven on... sorry it has gotten no better.

SoNH80's picture

The Beltway is the mother of all cluster f---s.  I once spent 3 1/2 hours driving from the American Legion Bridge to I-95 North.  I smoked a whole pack of cigarettes.  D.C. is the East's answer to L.A., hot, overcrowded, with insane traffic.  No surfing, though.

trav7777's picture

Icanhaz zombie apocalypse, bitchez?

Franken_Stein's picture


I joompinit, I hasit.


Ruffcut's picture

The bankers have already took alot of flesh off our collective asses.

Wish the eaters would invade some special places in the fraudstreet area.

Zombies are dead meat, but still tasty. Just like aged beef.