Guest Post: The Jobs Plan We’d Get If Leading Growth Economists And Innovation Scholars Weren’t Being Volckerized — Part 2

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whatever the merits of customized education it does not need sponsorship or favors from the government. that applies to all industry. this article was all about the creation of another favored class and white elephant boondoggle....

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Besides the industry does not employ enough people and it is impossible to make programs competitively distinguishable (price wars will commoditize it quickly... imho)

Lastly, I think the barrier to greater use are entrenched and significant. The concept has been around since the mid 90's and not made more progress for a reason.

just my 2 cents


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Errr  ...  thirded.

No new subsidies please.  Cut taxes, cut spending, and most importantly, cut the debt.

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Agreed Link.  Also the fact that the article looks like it was written by a high schooler doesn't bode well for a person pushing for people to sign up for their education classes.

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i take the fifth.

end gov't subsidies for everything and CE would get the capital funding it deserves imho.

the warfare/welfare state is the heart of all the problems the author faces.

time to build a new model.

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fwiw, from the entry:

From a May 20, 2004 article in The Economist:

"There has been a huge swing to custom programmes," says Fiona van Haeringen of IESE, who attended a recent annual conference of business-education providers in America…Looking to this year, most saw growth coming mainly from customised education.

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Would all focus on rectifying problem rather than imposing personal social preferences.

Problem is diminution of current and percieved wealth.  Revert to prior crash levels, give tax credit to repair 401k, etc. balances married with significant tax cuts, lesser regulatory hurdles. 

Confidence and consumption rise, jobs created, economy grows.  Happy, happy, Joy, Joy.

Beats forced proficiency in transcendental phlebology. 

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frank ruscica, guest entry author, here.

might be nice to live in a world where the gov isn't a player...

have to play the dealt hand, though...

today, pols are for sale -- either ce entrepreneurs buy 'em or incumbents will -- en route to regulating away ce's opportunity to grow...



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More money manipulation, social ordering, collectivization and future forecasting! Now the Krugman Keynesian crowd has come up with “subsidized custom education”!  It’s just more government interference to cut off the power of the individual creative mind that energized the capitalist machinery that built the American miracle. 

"Needless to say, the business model of these banks will center on facilitating genuine wealth creation."  You bet it will, by taking more of our money to give to the banker-government-university crowd. 

The global pattern behind Keynesianism is to keep people dependent on the government and unable to fend for themselves.  The government wants the people to have to come to it for everything.  Its policy on savings points out its conspiracy against freedom and independence, against the equilibrium of supply and demand, and of price discovery.  We’ll provide the health care and the jobs, the money for you to spend, for a house, for a car, for an education…”

That way government can control the population.

That is why government policy is wiping out the ability of most Americans to save, why the Mankiws are calling for negative interest rates while at the same time price inflation of necessities soars, for fuel, housing, property taxes, meals out, services, transportation…  And, now, the government says it must raise taxes… to stimulate jobs.

Because inflation and stagnant wages and negative returns on savings deprive most people of their ability to save or keep their savings, the government is now using wealth transfer to make the down payments on designated big ticket items for various “classes." That’s the essence of spend, spend, spend Keynesianism, as is widespread unemployment.

In Obama’s Orwell world, if you want a house, a car, an education, even health care, the State will decide and may provide.

George Will, in his latest column The Dependency Agenda, writes about a District of Columbia school choice program that’s had a success record of enabling students to better themselves and go on to greater things.  And now the government has refused to fund it.

Writes Will: “Killing this small program, which currently benefits 1,300 mostly poor and minority children, is odious and indicative. It is a small piece of something large -- the Democrats' dependency agenda, which aims to multiply the ways Americans are dependent on government.

“Democrats, in their canine devotion to teachers unions, oppose empowering poor children to escape dependency on even terrible government schools.”

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frank ruscica, guest-author of this entry, here.

as you can see at, there are many good reasons to believe that the ce industry will be **entirely** markets-centered. 

i agree the d.c. episode is kinda gruesome (if the facts are as g. will indicates), but obviously that is just the politics of today...

the ce industry **loves** charter schools, vouchers, and all other kinds of market-centered reforms.




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the ce industry i anticipate, that is...

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[comment deleted (was repeat of above comment)]

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Tyler, this guy is crazy talk on stilts:

1. How do the teacher's unions fit into this scenario exactly? You know, that all-powerful union of government employees that is the backbone of the Democrat party and probably which doesn't want to see their lunch eaten by no stinkin' entrepreneurs.

2. Obama doesn't care about becoming rich, he cares about realizing a United States and world run by a group of centralized, all-powerful government decision makers that control every aspect of everyone's lives. This is the guy who killed the charter program at his kids' own DC school for Krissakes.

3. Fantastic, enlightened teachers, customized curriculums and throwing money at schools doesn't do a damn thing. Sorry. Check out the $2bil spent on Kansas City MO schools in the late 70's and what good it did. Every fantasy edu-biz bell and whistle there was got poured into KC and it didn't move the needle one bit.

The world (and history) is filled with examples of kids who go through unimpressive looking and resource poor schools systems and manage to acquire a first rate education. What matters is parents who care and a system that doesn't force schools to cater to deadbeats and expend most of it's time on feel-good, PC fluff.

The best way to subsidize American consumers and producers of education is to let us all the hell out of the public school racket and let the marketplace compete for all those freed-up funds. Obama is not the person who is going to make that happen my friend.

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Amen X 1000! Bust the public school monopoly before it's too late...unless it already is (too late).

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Isn't there a DVD I can order RIGHT NOW to get started on my Customized Education with instructions on to how to make my own CE Website and take advantage of this stimulating offer?!

Good laugh had TD, cheers!

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yikes!! A hoot, I guess?

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well, you're passion is obvious, fwiw, some marketing advice

you're presenting a solution, and then giving back up data, which, fwiw, most folks don't care about

you need too promote the problem, if the problem is accepted, the solution is usually obvious

and the problem is not what we are doing sucks or doesn't work.........that requires changing belief systems, what educators are doing now is because they believe in it

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frank ruscica, guest entry author, here.

thx for your thoughts.

no doubt, big banks and providers of standardized education "believe" in preserving their respective status quos.

but edu consumers and taxpayers already know that each status quo is a problem...

imho, there is reason to believe ce entrepreneurs will solve these problems...

but i haven't seen this connection/prescription made elsewhere...

hopefully, the first part of the entry is a decent first step toward making the c/p obvious... :-)






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Here it is ....

Ask anybody this question....

If one had a $Billion dollars.....and wanted the value of the $Billion dollars to grow efficiently and effectively....

Which of the two parties would one give it to ?

1) The Government

2) 10 Highly proven entrepreneurs


In 1000 of 1000 responses .....Entrepreneurs would be elected....and they are right....


What if an entrepreneur had a partner....?
The partner did nothing but demand 50% of the profits of the firm.....Thus this partner who did nothing costs the firm 50% for doing nothing....and thus prices have to be increased 50% just to pay the nonperforming partner....

My friends....the nonperforming partner's name IS Government.....The performing partner has to come up with the innovation....the sales ....and production....while the govt. does nothing....


Thus...if the problem at hand is to IMPROVE economic conditions.....then what must the government do ?
That's right ....dramatically reduce itself....

What is the government currently doing ? Increasing itself....and dramatically Venezuela....Just the opposite of what it really should be doing....


Thus what would be an appropriate structure of government that would best blend in with the economy ?

1) A government whereby 60% of the population does not pay any taxes ....but yet demands the majority of its services ? And also has very little prospect of gainful and sustainable employment....

2) A government whereby all individuals pay a very small
amount relative to what they actually consume.....which would be comprised of a 15% Consumption tax only on tangible items only....

Also if 1) was employed by one population ....and 2) was employed by another popultion .....which population would have an economy 10X greater than the other in 10 years ?

Which of the two approaches would see actual tax revenues decline because of the increase in taxes ?


This cannot be made any clearer....

So what are the troubled countries waiting for ?

Or do the troubled countries ....just want to become even more troubled ? This must be the answer because of their immediate responses to date....


So what is the name for a group of leaders that insist that the population proceed in a troubling manner ?

SMFS would be too kind of a label ....

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frank ruscica, guest entry author, here.

would be nice to live in that world...

have to play the dealt hand, though...

today, pols are for sale -- either ce entrepreneurs buy 'em or incumbents will -- en route to regulating away ce's opportunity to grow...



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While I think the author makes some relevant points I believe that there shouldn't be any need to incentivize a product / service that clearly has room for growth and returns.

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Drivel. Why in God's name would ZH publish this?

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"About guest blogger Frank Ruscica:

Set out to become a comedy writer, recognized the need to develop a comic persona, settled on an approach for doing so. A byproduct of taking said approach: a business plan for establishing a popular CE market."

Thanks for the laugh Frank.

"Education? Half my education came from making mistakes and the other half came from fixing them"

-Anonymous multimillionaire high school drop out.

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The Chinese are eating our lunch. Did they learn that from CE, or did they roll up their sleeves, reverse engineer our inventions, and work with their hands to end up owning us?

American children are merely mirror reflections of their parents. One third are already obese. No ambition, no discipline. More concerned with facebook/rap musak/i-pods/trash culture than science and math. All the money in the world wont change that.

Obama couldnt find his ass with both hands, and his ass. Everyday jobs continue to be outsourced, and he is not stopping that. Those that cant do teach. Or become politicians.

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