Guest Post: Keeping Capital in a Depression

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Time to leave the US....we are so screwed.

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The Philippines is a good place for escape. The only requirement to stay as long as you like is maintaining $10,000 in a Bank account. It's for the use of the government to deport you if necessary. Other than that you can start a business or work with no restrictions. The people a wonderful and the cost of living is very low. The only thing to watch for are Muslims and we all know why.

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What virtually everyone here fails to comprehend is that these cycles of greed and fear, hope and despair, are not restricted to financial and economic affairs.  Here's a quick for instance.  I noticed some 20 years ago that reversals from psychologically important thousand marks in the DJIA are often associated with historical shocks:

In October 1973 when the DJIA reversed from 1K, it was associated with the Arab-Israel Yom Kippur War and OPEC oil embargo.  When the the DJIA reversed from 3K in mid-summer of 1990 it was associated with Iraq invading Kuwait and the Persian Gulf Crisis that year.  When the DJIA reversed from 10K in early-September of 2001, 9/11 followed.  Most recently, when the DJIA reversed below 12K on March 10th, it was followed by the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in Japan.

These cycles are cycles of history and all that is involved IMHO.

"Capital preservation" might prove to be a moot point if I'm right about the scale of the next major wave down:

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I indict you with 4 counts of lame.

1) nothing to do with post you replied to

2) rambling about some grand global cycle

3) linking twice to spot

4) starting with "what virtually everyone here fails to comprehend"

FAIL. be good or be good at it.


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I'll accept your critique.  However, my point is this. Those who frequent this site are fixated on Mammon for the most part, thinking that this is what life is all about (e.g., gold, silver, etc., being the final storer of "value" rather than life itself).  I dare say a dramatic upset of this perspective is what is in store for this world whether I, you or anyone else likes it or not.  That's why it's important to note how the cycles of hope and despair, which are ultimately cycles of sin and redemption IMHO, need be understood for what they truly are.

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You'd win the Oscar for best visual stutter! like the King...

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wow. massive FAIL on my part. sorry.

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LMAO! A fail so epic, it's almost a win.

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wow. massive FAIL on my part. sorry.

That was simply ridiculous.

The return key is NOT a toy. If you're going to be so wildly incapable of controlling your fingers, I would encourage you to consider voice-recognition software for posting. 


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I suggest you use a Speak & Spell.  That's more your medium.

I am Chumbawamba.

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I'll honestly declare that I'm a dumb ass....but some of the vid's wasisname linked up were intriguing (hey, in the unlikely case that you are drunker than I am..the spell checker fixed my typo of dumass)  I found a couple fo the videos intriging (not spell-checked) 

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Thats what an online stutter looks like. lol

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Not quite as easy as buying 'melt value' proof silver quarters from the US Mint, but still appreciate the link Rocky...


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I hear ya, dude, but the cycles article ran like, two weeks ago on this site and it made a little more sense than yours.  And with the "hope and dispair" and "sin and redemption" talk, you're starting to sound like Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko.

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"I swear baby, this has NEVER happened to me, I'm just nervous"

It's a sign.  Time for me to STFU for the night.