Guest Post: Land Of The Setting Sun

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The end of the Great Keynesian Experiment is upon us. Prepare accordingly.

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They will need a lot of lipstick for this pig.

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The MSM will most certainly help with this little project.

Call Revlon stat. We're completely out of bright cherry red Kool-Aid.

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That's so perjorative and insensitive. ;-)

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The cycle is much longer, so only the beginning of the end.

They are still suffering from their 90's housing bubble. It has a half life of at least a decade, and will linger in the states, for that  long also.

With their recent disaster, still unfolding, there is absolutely no way to predict what direction down they will end up going.

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The cycles are long. Slow steady death by a hundred cuts. My guess is this disaster will accelerate the process though. When small companies are forced into bankruptcy it will work its way up the food chain. My guess is we will see the effects in a few months after the initial shock is over and people regain their senses realizing there is nothing left that is economically sound in their dying Japan.

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Where does Keynes advocate bailing out a bloated banking system? His main ideas were for the US governments to encourage fiscal public works projects to smooth out the volatility of private business cycles. If the US had followed Keynes advice we would have put people back to work by rebuilding our decrepit public infrastructure and could have had a new highway system to show for all our debt.

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The experiment was conducted first in Japan. Japanese are like lighthouse showing way to disaster.
+ mentality and tradition used/manipulated to sacrifice whole nation for bankster interests.

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The ENTIRE WORLD is a sacrificial lamb to the genocidal banksters!

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You are like out of the Godfather...which of the five families hires you as hit woman?


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haha, I love the Godfather!

At least the Mafia had some honor and humility, even if it was sometimes tinted in red bloodstains.

The bankers serve no master nor a purpose other than plight, devastation, usury, famine and war for nothing more than self-gratification at the expense of the many.

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well, I don't know about the humility but compliments are accepted.  As we like to say "party in the front, business in the back."

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They serve Lucifer and want to rule the world with him.  The whole devastation thing isn't just for shits and giggles, it is a convenient excuse to increase state power.  Even in war profiteering, the profit motive is secondary.

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Sad, very sad, but true.

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Excellent article.

The world needs to shift it's focus from growth of the balance sheet to maintenance of hard assets. The world has grown enough already in terms of physical assets. The new goal should be getting as close to 0% growth as possible and maintaining the the things we've already built. Dismantling the Federal Reserve Corporation and International Banking Cartel operations needs to be our immediate #1 goal. Seizing their assets for financial terrorism and crimes against humanity need to be dealt with harshly and swiftly. Liquidation of debt must be a priority. Debt must be declared the #1 enemy of the state.

Financial services employees can be re-purposed to cleaning streets and painting dilapidated structures.

The "Set of a New Night', or "New Dusk", or something like that can replace the current Sun Cult  imagery they're using on us today.

Moon Rise images can be used to counter the Sun Cult, bring the world back into balance, and make the cultists heads explode.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&wrapid=tljp1300811323156012&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&sa=X&ei=S86ITcy-HcTJgQfX9vS_DQ&sqi=2&ved=0CCIQsAQ&biw=1570&bih=671

They call the operation in Libya "Odyssey Dawn".  Did you know they renamed the operation in Iraq back in September operation "New Dawn"?

That "Dawn" word is explained by Jordan Maxwell, very intriguing.

Jordan Maxwell - The Dawn of a New Day (2009) 

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They have been sacrificing for U.S. interests, with no choice in the matter. We have had them by the balls for a long time.

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A) Wrong. And since u dont know why, I wont tell you.

B) You understand nothing about Asian culture & more specifically Japanese culture

C) The primary objective of all these reports is to focus on other nations' problems as a way to obfuscate US's problems. The Japanese & EU dog is allegedly uglier than yours. 200% debt to GDP & all that. Not arguing with data, but you miss what's right in front of you. Moreover, compare with the US: Japan & EU debt-to-GDP figures are ACCURATE, whereas US's do NOT include all kinds of shit that are kept off-balance sheet, under various excuses & guises. Do *THAT* math and *TRY* to get an comparitive accounting US debt-to-GDP *under* 1000%.



ps: I wonder when I'll see an analysis of US demographics, specifically Latino/Mexican [and to some extent black], the logical conclusions for US politics [at least in short term] of said demographics [vs white population]--to wit: Democrats may dominate the next 20yrs if not through power, but by pulling country & white attitudes left--and whether the result is going to be the same strong US that's simply more latino & multi-colored, or a US that just turns into Mexico [the real outcome]. But this very pertinent US demographic analysis, we'll never see--that'd be racist. Only other nations' demographics are relevant. This whole Japanese disaster has revealed to me a layer of US anti-Japanese racism that still exists, & so I'm super-sensitive about it right now.

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I could not agree with Themosmitsos more - the author of this post is completely wrong.  The Japanese citizens hold their own debt, unlike the U.S. who has borrowed largely from other nations.  The Japanese build the best products in the world.  There is no comparison between a Government Motors piece of crap and a Lexus, or a Honda, Toyota, etc.  No Comparison!!  They will move their money from their bonds to capital investments in rebuilding their country - better than before.  Look at the way they have handled this crisis  -  They have handled this crisis, the people of the country I'm talking about, they have handled this crisis FAR far better than the people of this country, the U.S. handled Katrina!  Which was not 1/30th the magnitude in terms of damage and cost.  No luting, No greed, No fraud...just people doing what they can to help others.  I'll leave it with this - there are no law suits in Japan.  Their culture doesn't consider it an honorable way to conduct oneself.  They don't have lawsuits.  Think about that.  They will build their country back and within 5 years their economy will be growing like it hasn't grown in the last 20 years.  An investment in Japan today will pay off handsomely in 5 to 10 years, and I'd wager, pay more than double the return of one in the U.S. over the same period.  My humble opinion!

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Maybe just a little looting, eh?

$500,000 vanishes from tsunami-ravaged bank 'Somebody stole the money in the midst of the chaos,' Japanese police official says

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Most likely an ex-pat American.

I am Chumbawamba.

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They will build their country back and within 5 years their economy will be growing like it hasn't grown in the last 20 years


NOBODY is gonna grow like that ever again. 


Peak Oil

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They will probably handle it much better than the U.S. would, but the U.S. economy is sputtering to a stop and that will screw Japan and the rest of the world.  Without the U.S. to buy all those Honda's who else will?  China will just copy the design and build their own.  India is also building their own cars--and cheap too.  Not just peak oil, peak well paying jobs to buy the well built Japanese exports.

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'ey holmes, that's not looting

I call that encouraging participation in early cleanup. kirin would have had to do it themselves otherwise, and probably told all the locals to help themselves.

kirin would have legally had to dispose of the product on the grounds of safety. nice try though ...


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Japan & EU debt-to-GDP figures are ACCURATE

You may be correct, but I do not know much for sure anymore when it comes to the scale of the world-wide debt issue.

Unfortunately I draw little solace from the idea that we are more screwed than them when the problem is we are all screwed.


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You'll get no argument from me re: US hatred of Japanese people.  I can't figure it out, either....I find no fault with the culture, even though my knowledge is minimal at best.

However, one minor quibble about US politics.  There's no "left" or "right" shift in the US - both parties support the State.  If by pulling the country leftward you mean increased statist control, I think you're right on.  The state only expands, it does not contract....until it implodes.

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Bluntly, it's become ... unspeakable to use this word [wellfare], it's racist now. But *bluntly* all of Obama's policies, and Democratic policies by extension over the last 20+yrs, are STRAIGHT-UP wellfare policies. This is more the direction I'd expect from Democratic initiatives, to which even Republicans are acquiescing recently [Bush too for ex]. So the US will turn into Mexico. I mean in Economic terms. First black president. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat a coincidence.

I said it Bitchez.

Good for the goose, good for the gander is the phrase. And yes, US more screwed is not solace LOOL!

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Re: this--

>>>But *bluntly* all of Obama's policies, and Democratic policies by extension over the last 20+yrs, are STRAIGHT-UP wellfare policies.<<<

>>>I said it Bitchez.<<<

You've said nothing...and conveniently ignored decades of Republican sponsored "Welfare for the Wealthy."

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The Bushes put their signature to the most costly welfare programs since the New Society.

The Bushes had good PR, but betrayed the conservatives on nearly all things.

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Yes, the Bushes betrayed those of us who were conservative.

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Dont mistake, we're talking about the current president. Not the previous, semi-functionally retarded one :)

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It's these old farts who still harbor ill will over that incident at the naval base in Hawaii.  Of course, they're too indoctrinated to blame FDR for knowing they were coming yet allowing the attack so that the US population would be primed to enter WWII.


I am Chumbawamba.

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Yeah, I'd say you are hypersensitive. Everyone I speak with feels horrible about the quake disaster. I am going to ascribe your bad attitude to personal issues, because if you knew anything about Quinn, you would realize he isn't one to garner enjoyment from kicking fellow humans when they are down. 

As to your emphatic statement about the US fiscal situation vs EU/Japan, trust me on this. When Kyle Bass says "you first' and puts his money where his mouth is, you better know it isn't personal - it's math. Even if everything you say about hidden debt is true, as long as the USD is still the reserve currency then they can game the outcomes re: pecking order.


themosmitsos's picture

I admitted a personal senstitivity, and I dont know Quinn, I'm commenting about the post, not the man. But this post DOES seem to be a kick'em when they're down variety, and trust me, it's NOT the only one out there, though to be fair, it's certainly not the worst one ==> hence the personal sensitivity. 

Do me a favor, tell me which FX, PM/Metals or Commodities chart to look at to confirm your reserve currency *HYPOTHESIS* please? :P

Bendromeda Strain's picture

I apologize - I don't have charts to offer at the moment. Please give this a look from last August. You will see that Bass isn't someone who invests emotionally. He is merely saying Japan will restructure, and my point is, if it was etched in stone before (I believe him), then how much more so now in light of the trillions of Yen just printed.

themosmitsos's picture

It was ironic :) ... Looked at your link. Thanks for suggestion. No offense, but ... it's idiotic. Suggest you do very basic research & put the US equivalent figures adjacent, line by line. Wear a diaper when you do this, imHo.

Anyone who comes into a situation with set position approaches like K.Bass is doing is clueless. Shorts maybe, but balls only longs, especially looking to only long US ... that's just ... beyond moronic imo. No offense, just blunt. When they have to actually work[think] for themselves, they'll be out of business. :)

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Now, the printing of 100 trillion in yen seems hyper-inflationary to me considering that Mugabe in Zimebawae printed only 60 trillion and we saw what happened there.

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It isn't racism you see. It is an attempt to undermine Japan in the minds of the rest of the world.

Japan is an example of how the neo-liberal/con paradigm is junk. It must be attacked and undermined.


Japan can issue money and wipe off the debt.


The debt is meaningful only as long as a state is willing to pretend it is meaningful.

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Oh! She's super sensitive right now!


it's true that the 666 bankster elites never secured the southern border on purpose for lots of reasons most of them harmful to the USA but since your cheerleading of the empire that destroys these other countries is strong, WTF you bitches deserve it!


themosmitsos's picture

You're a moronic troglodyte if you've walked away with a pro-US feeling from my post. In words *you'll* understand, you're a dumbass too

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Pointing out that Japan's population is aging rapidly and will lead to a 25% reduction in their population by 2050 is racist?

You need to take a pill dude.


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That's not what I said. Excluding demographics breakdowns from *any and all* US analyses whilst continually including them when discussing the EU & Japan however, *IS* racist [not necessarily by you-nor here, but the pattern, of which you’re a part of] ... especially since the impact of said demographics will arguably be more significant in the US:

Show me that analyis of yours, the one that's as blunt about US demographics' impact. Where you talk about the first Black president handing out trillions in welfare to his  black & latino constituent base—that’s demographics too, and of a MUCH larger size than ¥55T. Show me them balls to discuss those demographics.

Also, I notice you didnt argue my numbers, or my main point about the US’s fiscal position, comparatively. And that’s precisely the point, let’s talk about Japan or the EU. This is all just about the disaster [or the PIIGS], it’s got nothing to do with the fact Japan’s about to dump USTs. Meanwhile, in reality, aaaaall the Japanese slush *PLUS* all the EU/ECB slush is *still* not equal to TARP+bazooka.

Moreover, I didn’t see anybody talking up the demise of the US when they printed an additional $950B ~Christmastime, and that’s just ONE US program recently, ALSO bigger than either Japan’s ¥55T [whatever it is now] or the ECB’s recent €500B. You didnt ring alarm bells about that, perhaps the Japanese & Europeans should’ve been smarter & called’em tax cuts huh?

This is all Japan-bashing, because they’re about to crush the US by not only not buying USTs but dumping them—this at a moment when China’s participation is questionable at best. And instead I’m reading a long post about how Japan’s economy will be destroyed, nothing about US IR or the fact that Gold is already >$1,400 going into this situation. One little sentence in the end. Endless rambling about where Japan will find the money, ONE little sentence at the END, which is the answer, and negates … most of your previous argument. EVERYTHING you said about the economic state of Japan can be said about the US[except demographics(partly)], except that it’s WORSE for the US *especially* with regard to the sickly American now-retiring baby-boomer; Japanese aren’t an ill people, they just need pensions. Americans need pills to pee, and pills to stop peeing. In the US the demographics problem is reversed PLUS a retirement savings problem of GREATER magnitude and the aforementioned strain on Medicare/Aid. Instead, it’s Japan that’s doomed. Closed immigration policies and demographics and all that ….

I’ll tell you what, I’ll calm down when I’m dead. When you talk about “waiting to be put down” and “harakiri” and “death spirals” at a moment when >10,000 Japanese arent even found let alone buried, those arent calm words. Those are night-of-the-long-knives words. So, let’s have at it: Your great American experiment of demographics, is only NOW coming into play. You got your immigrant, black president. The other side has Vladimir Fucking Putin. I know who I’ve got my money on. Talk to me when you’re ON FIRE in NYC, or at BEST when your affirmative action, pro-immigration & positive demographics multicultural, mutliethnic, mutlireligioius, multicolored, piece of shit "American stew" policies black president bankrupts the country with handouts to all the blacks & illegal immigrants with US college “degrees” [LOOOL! x2] & turns the US into the pussfilled asscrack of GuadalajarEnya [that means Guadalajara + Kenya—I’m guessing you’re US educated]. 

Instead, we talk about Japan, or how Ireland’s gonna crack the EU—the other AngloAmerican wet dream. Nothing about how California, world’s 6th largest economy is B.A.N.K.R.U.P.T.-er than any PIIGS or Japan, mostly due to illegal immigration, and how the fact that Mexicans are about to become a voting majority in California in the near future, and turn California into Baja Norte, or how Tejas will soon go California’s route & turn into Tejasihuaha. Those are demographics too, and I’ll bet I’ll *NEVER* find *that* analysis of yours, especially using cute little words like beans, & cocaine & weed to reference Mexican stereotypes, you fucking ASSHOLE.

Another American telling me to take a pill is a big, deep, compliment. Perhaps if I was medicated, like the rest of Americans, and needed a pill to sleep, or wake, or stay calm, or make my dick work, and vote for morons like Bush & Obozo like the rest of Americans; perhaps I could see things like you & other great American analysts or the celebrated UK crowd like A.E. Pritchard who all always convenienetly forget little fun tibits like … *annual* US Defense budget [in deficit] > Japan’s ¥55T or ECBs recent slush; or that US has run a cumulative deficit JUST THE PAST THREE YEARS that exceeds the total funding needs for Japanese retirement. Let alone the next three which’ll each be >$2T/yr; or how many Americans are on “pills” like you want me to take, and a comparative analysis of it’s impact on Medicare vs it’s Japanese or EU counterparts. That’s demographics. Never seen that. Never seen an analysis by you or other Americans of the impact of illegal immigration on US Education prices. That’s demographics too. I could go on, but I’m done thinking FOR you.

The point is, you bring a type of viciousness here to this analysis which, people who put these out, never analyze the US in the same harsh terms. I wouldn’t respond this way to Gonzalo Lira for ex, he brings it, best he can, fair & square across the board. And Tyler is so prodigious, so I apologize beforehand if you have/do put that kind of thing out—I’ve missed it. But I just find myself disagreeing with you often, and what you’ve done here

IS THE ANALYSIS EQUIVALENT OF THOSE PEOPLE CHEERING IN THE MIDDLE EAST WHEN THE TOWERS WENT DOWN. Get it? And you DID say “pony needing to be put down.” FYI. You’re not the only one.

Ever since that cocksucking assfarmer Keith McCollough went on CNBC and said he was happy about the disaster because he was short the NIKKEI and Kudlow responded by talking about how the economic cost outweighed the human cost, my tolerance for this kind of bullshit is ZERO, I admit.

There’s still some people that can reason around here, and if you didn’t want to be challenged, especially when you’re wrong, go post where you can talk to yourself & the rest of the fauxgnoscenti. The problem isn’t that I need a pill, it’s that all of you are on one.

Ps: a guy like you oughtta know what an arb is. For Christ’s sake.


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"The problem isn’t that I need a pill, it’s that all of you are on one."

Instead of calling them people (beit ones in control of the planet, their minions and/or the willfully ignorant portion of the soon to be culled rest of the herd) I prefer pyschic vampire soul sucking maggot.

Good show of emotion, shows you are still in fact human. 

themosmitsos's picture

Psychic vampire soul sucking maggot LOOL! And thanks, but I'm not shooting for human. I'm shooting more for ....

;) Come find me

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I think you picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue.

Jim Quinn's picture

You don't know shit about me. I've written 150 articles over the last 2 years and 140 of them talk about how fucked the US is. So don't give me your racist bullshit about me picking on the Japanese. You are a long winded bullshit artist.

themosmitsos's picture

Please link me to a demographics & debt article of yours about the US, in similar vein to this one then

And the only bullshit here, is your "analysis" which I'd need to glue to go along with.

Also, since you're too DENSE to get it, demographics INCLUDES race dummy. I didnt start this, YOU did, dont call me the racist. So, 140 articles. SHOW ME


that discusses & analyzes the US in a similar vein, as you've done here, re: Japan.

ONE. Idiot. Prove it.

themosmitsos's picture

As a product of US education, I know you're a little slow. Link me to ONE similar analysis of the US, that includes demographics. Because I'm sure you always do re: Europe, and Japan. JUST ONE. Shouldn't be that hard. ONE that discusses for ex, JUST FOR EX., the immigration policies of the US instituted by the pied-piper of Republicans, the Gipper, allowing ~1m Mexican immigrants/yr into the US since ~1980, and the current unemployment rate. But that's MY example. Since you analyze the US on equal terms, show me ONE US analysis of yours with the same hard-hitting style that includes demographics. JUST ONE.

Then make it during 9/11

TIMES TEN. Get it? Dummy?

Link me YOUR choice, so you dont say I looked at the wrong one, like you're doing here

Jim Quinn's picture

I'm not your fucking nurse maid. Read em all and learn something you long winded dickhead.