Guest Post: Lies Across America

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Well done!  When I try to explain the US's craptacular financial quandary, 50% of them look at me like a puppy - head slightly tilted, with a dumb look on its face: they know NOTHING. They are literally oblivious to 100% of all that is happening.  The other 50% simply walk away; they do not want to hear what I have to say, for they know it is true.  They want to keep the slight kernel of knowledge from blossoming into full comprehension.  Thus they walk away.  It's sad.  

As the author says above "make no mistake, ignorance is a choice."

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There's a time for happiness, and there's a time to be angry:  the average american cattle/citizen is wholly sold on the psychology of happiness and its supposed self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Yeah, I understand that a self-fulfilling prophecy would play out if there were no other factors, but there are.  The entire American system is based on the supposed good faith of men and of the system to keep men honest: both have failed. 

So, these happy cattle smile while everything they know is being dismantled.  And you're right, ignorance is a choice, and it is not innocent, willful ignorance is one of the greatest poisons of any society: their ignorance is an enabler, and they bear as much guilt as the people who've fleeced this country.


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Fsck Ziggy, and Kiss-ass-inger, and the horse they both rode in on.

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distinguish between their descriptions of the world and its political processes on one hand and their policy recommendations on the other.  for instance zb's statement about the reversal of ease of control vs. killing seems true.

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And that roach Brzezinski isn't just talking.

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Ignorance is a choice. Take for instance trying to tell some veteran that they were lied to and used and their buddies died for nothing and that we should not be at war. They would rather believe the lie, than accept the ugly truth. What is more painful, the ugly truth, or catching a bullet for nothing? Which is more painful?  Believing the lies of this government or accepting the truth and waking up? They think they have pain now. They must wait, but only for a short while. Pain, they know nothing of pain. On on another note, try telling a world war 2 veteran that they fought a war that we never should have been in, and it was for nothing. Try telling them that and see what happens. America's finest generation as Tom Brokaw says, but in reality they were America's biggest chumps. FDR said we would never go to war, yet we did. On and on it goes. Generation after generation. When does it stop?  When?  I myself am a veteran. I was drafted. I did my duty. I was willing to die but I lived.  I went down to the Federal building and me and some other guys stood in a line in front of the US Army sargeant and he said strip and we stripped. So there we were, standing in a line, naked as jay birds. The next they do is say, step one foot forward and raise your right hand. Then they say bend over and spread em.  You quickly learn real fast by these things just what kind of world you are going into. This is my rifle. This is my gun. This one is for shooting. This one is for fun.

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or you can resist and not "do your duty."  makes making war harder.  however your only specific example of a war fought "for nothing", ww2, is a bold choice.

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It was fought for nothing, but you have to go back to WWI for the explanation. WWI would have ended in a more even stalemate if we hadn't gotten involved. Both sides would have gotten tired of fighting, drawn new boundaries (as they had for centuries) and quit. In that case, no war reparations from Germany, no crushing economic disaster and no perfect environment for a demagogue (Hitler) to exploit. WWII was really just an extension of WWI, with a long time out in the middle.

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I am delighted to have read your post.  Having studied WW2 in some detail I came to the same conclusions as you: the European war at least was a mere continuation of WW1.  It's amazing how long these political hangovers last, and how fucked up they are.  Both sides WERE tired of fighting WW1.

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Well and truly said, though I would go back to the Civil War for the explanation. For it was here that the Union was preserved at the expense of the principle upon which it was founded, the powers that be on the North American continent resorting to the same process of "unification, centralization, and consolidation" -- -- that the European continent was undergoing. And while those same powers conspire to complete the process in a World State, such is the nature of the beast that it cannot succeed in this endeavor and is instead coming apart at the seams, never mind the lengths to which it will go -- how much "extending and pretending" it will engage it -- to postpone the inevitable.

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All of you can go and thoroughly, carefully and completely fuck yourselves.

Your fucking heads have gotten too fucking big for your fucking skulls.

These wars you so blithely write off may have been STARTED under false premises, and that was and is unforgivable...  But, once started, involved actual predators and actual victims...  And the victims needed saving.  God Help You if you are ever in need of saving.

I have, on a shelf close by, a picture of my Grandfather standing amidst rescued Jewish prisoners who were hollow-eyed and empty.  Life had been driven out of them by actual evil people.  They watched their sons, fathers, daughters, mothers, brothers and sisters literally burned alive.  And before you start, yes, I know that there are actual evil people here and now, yes, even within our own borders.

That man who was my Grandfather was a hero.  He had faults.  He was not perfect.  But his efforts were not wasted, nor his mission in vain.  Fuck you and all the horses you ever ride in on for suggesting otherwise.

Never, for the Love of God, confuse those who START wars with those who fight them.

I, and thousands of other Zero Hedgers, expect myriad and sincere apologies from all of those here who have disparaged the memories and sacrifices of those who have followed their convictions to the very best of their abilities in defending the defenseless and holding up the weak.

I am Mtomato2.  Junkers can go back to hell where you came from.

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"...I remember throwin' punches around and preachin' from my chair..." [Who Are You]

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Oh, I could ALWAYS get up and walk away...

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That man who was my Grandfather was a hero.  He had faults.  He was not perfect.  But his efforts were not wasted, nor his mission in vain.  Fuck you and all the horses you ever ride in on for suggesting otherwise.

Who the fuck said the effort was wasted?  Wouldn't you rather he had never had to go?  I've a relative I've never met because of WW2.  I want to not repeat the stupidity of history that results in millions of deaths.  The seeds of WW2 were sown in WW1; I am amazed that you are so stupid that you can't see that and chose rather to bitch at us for having a different, and probably more informed opinion.  Had WW1 ended differently, had the German nation not been completely destroyed by Versaille, there most likely would have been no WW2 and your grandfather could have stayed home and my lost relative would have had a life.

You are a moron.

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You agreed with those who implied that the effort was wasted.  And I never called you names, nor did I call you stupid.  You are far more dangerous than stupid.  You think you are smarter than you actually are.

Would've should've could've doesn't fly here, fuckface.  (THERE!)

Despair the honor of a true soldier at your own peril.  Pray you never need one. 

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Having studied WW2 in some detail I came to the same conclusions as you: the European war at least was a mere continuation of WW1.

Above is my statement.  Wherein does it say the effort was wasted?  Do you understand the difference between unnecessary and avoidable?  You leap to conclusions and take affront because it makes you feel good to feel something like righteous indignation.  It makes you feel you're better than the rest of us.  Your post above positively reeks of it, the same thing you accuse me of.  Yeah, I called you stupid, what of it?  You are stupid.

Would've should've could've doesn't fly here

Those who are incapable of understanding history are doomed to repeat it; the sad part is, even those who DO understand it are doomed to repeat it when they are surrounded by morons who don't.  Here's the bottom line: You can't have an endless stream of my progeny for wars that could be avoided.  WW2 could have been avoided.  It could have been avoided by the generation that was too old to fight it when it finally reared its head. So guess who suffered?  At least you know, or knew your family member.  Count yourself lucky in that regard, and don't imagine you can tell me the first fucking word about soldiers.

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Truce.  I've shot my wad.  I'm tired of fighting.  If you don't get what I'm saying, I guess I don't care.  Arguing certainly won't solve anything.  I know what I mean, And, I suppose, that's all that matters to me.

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"These wars you so blithely write off may have been STARTED under false premises, and that was and is unforgivable... But, once started, involved actual predators and actual victims... And the victims needed saving."

Yep and there's the time honored formula. Just start a war on false pretenses and then cry that it must be continued so those who fight it don't die in vain and those who are civilian victims of it are saved. Works again and again... on fools.

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For you I will withhold my fury, not that it matters.  Because I don't think you're picking up what I am putting down.  I am not questioning the criticism aimed at those who start and perpetuate war.  I am condemning those who question the true motives of the soldiers who fight them.

It may, as you say, work again and again...  But the fools are not the soldiers.  I'm not really sure who the fools are, in fact.  Humans?  Show me a world where wars are never fought.  Death, war, taxes...  Ever since the fall of man, things have been tough all over.

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Dare I wade in here with "No indeud, long before the 'fall of man' dinosaurs were all giving each other back massages and tummy rubs"?

Err, probably not; best keep it to myself...

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If that was your draft experience I would say you are lying. Been there done that.

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In the criminal law it is presumed that one intends the ordinary and probable consequences of his actions. The consequence of U.S. entry into WWII was that the Soviet Union and Stalin would win. Thus the purpose of WWII was to make the world safe for communism - that was the probable and forseeable consequence. And also, perhaps, to preserve debt based money, as Hitler began printing currency and using it to directly finance infrastructure projects for the Third Reich, bypassing the banks and without creating debt. Bad Hitler!!

It is no surprise, therefore, that WWII has become a holy war, the sanctity and goodness of which cannot be questioned.

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"On on another note, try telling a world war 2 veteran that they fought a war that we never should have been in, and it was for nothing. "

I agree they should never have been in the war, in the sense that if the US hadn't got involved in WWI, WWII wouldn't have happened. And as the US shouldn't have got involved in WWI, that also entails WWII was a war the US shouldn't have been involved in either.

However, to say "it was for nothing" is to ignore what would have happened if Hitler hadn't been stopped. The Nazis were close to making the atomic bomb... I have little doubt they would have used it even more gratuitously than we did.

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Your country is at a crucial juncture.

It is time you big thinkers, you so-called economic realists to deal with facts of 9/11.

It is time to drive the MORONS and economic ideologues off the public stage.

Are you tired of lying to yourself, Quinn?

Are you tired of being lied to by the corporate fascists that run the country?

It is time to wake up Quinn. Fascist ideologues will continue to spew 9/11 lies and more warmongering misinformation.

They are power hungry murderers that you are covering for and care not for the long-term survival of your sick nation or the unborn generations that depend upon the decisions you make today.

It is time to you to see who you really are Smokey Quinn.

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Agreed. It has to be done now, whatever it is. There is no more time left to procrastinate. If not, then it will never be done. Right now we still have food supplies and water enough. One day, not so much, perhaps. Then what?  Every man for himself? I hope not.

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Most Empires don't go out with a bang.  They just slowly (or not so slowly) fade away or have chunks of them taken or broken away.


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The zionists have big plans for America and her profitable populance. It's far from over.

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"The zionists have big plans for America and her profitable populance"

Nonsense. Go away, troll. IfUTarzanJaneStupid.

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We know who the trolls are... Troll... The Zionist fingerprints are all over the crime scene..

i-dog's picture

This is not a one-act play. You need to differentiate between a Zionist role in the downfall of America, and the plans of TPTB for the aftermath.

The same people who financed the slaughter of up to 100 million Russians and Chinese also financed the holocaust. Those were practice runs.

2 cents.

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While I am not in agreement with many of your posts, or maybe your posting style, I do find this link interesting and informative.  Thank you for posting it.

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Yes, if the number was good it must be wrong. Please....people are spending plain and simple.

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It's no longer a matter of right or wrong on the numbers. At this point it is about the realization that millions are squatting in their homes, using this new found isposable income with to buy shit they don't need. Eventually the parasites will suck the host this point the real fun begins.


Edit: Nevermind the init black Fri reports are coming in at +.3%....can I has inflation deflator?

Bob's picture

Actually, it was primarily that utterly unsupported and counter-intuitive claim that I found absurd--especially since it plays such a huge part in the grandiosely moral rant that is the article. 

Spending as a whole hasn't significantly decreased?  Okay, I'll buy that.  But to assert that it's underwater homeowners extravagantly spending their extended unemployment benefits or running up their imaginary credit cards on electronic trinkets that is the cause is baldly dishonest.  Of course, this would be in keeping with the author's moral revelation. 

But show me some data that demonstrates it.  You can't (and it ain't because of Barry Obummer.) 

This meme is nothing more than self-righteous ignorance and bigotry.  But it's deeply satisfying to that particular constituency. 

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Yes, if the number was good it must be wrong. Please....people are spending plain and simple.

You'll have to define "good".  You imply that spending by people who cannot afford it is "good".

Therein lies the problem.  

The article does not say that people are not spending.  It quite clearly states that people are spending as much as they ever have.

Did you read the article -- or just assume that the "figures" are wrong?

This data clearly proves that austerity has not broken out across the land of delusion. The billions in consumer loan write-offs by the Wall Street banks that run this country have masked the fact that Americans have not cut back on their spending habits at all.

Bob's picture

To my mind, this misses the critical question: Who is still buying as much as ever?

Common sense would suggest, at least to me, that the twenty percent of the population that's making out like pigs in shit have actually increased their spending, though I doubt that it's an increased proportion of their incomes. 

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Yes, many accolytes of the church of the unreal reality.

"Click your heals three times..."

Well done Tyler; spot on.

Fidel Sarcasto - dumb puppy look, LOL!  Yes, like that.  "Where's my sports channel/sleaze reality show and six pack/cosmopolitan?"

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they know NOTHING


Duplicity is the key point. Your friends know but prefer not to expand on the causes of their choices. They know it is much better to consume now through a debt mechanics on available resources than rely on a hypothetical future consumption (savings)


They have probably fully understood what is going on. They just dont want to discuss it.

Make a difference. They simply drew different conclusions from you. What you see as a harmful opportunity, they see as a very profitable opportunity.

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90% don't want to know that the apple that Eve presented to Adam at the urging of the Serpent was labeled "FREE!". In the Kingdom of Man the need for Capital (stored real other's savings only) and Freedom are inversely proportional. It is among the immutable Human Nature laws along with Gresham's Law which posits that "bad money drives good money (pari passu).

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Now include TV, and the propagandist does not even need an educated audience to get his/her effect.

Interesting, while I don't subscribe to peak oil (not in a literal, Hubbert's Peak kind of way), it's a wall that is coming and no one wants to see it.

We are too damn inefficient.  And the Motor Car is our crowning in-efficiency.

I for one wish I could grind this industrial behemoth, so antiquarian, long in the toooth, into dust with a dose of JQesque fire and brimstone. 

It is a heartless master without a care for collateral damage (us, US, etc.).


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Pssst, I'm sitting on a holy hand grenade.

Winston Smith 2009's picture

...And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O LORD, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy." And the LORD did grin and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats and large chu... [At this point, the friar is urged by Brother Maynard to "skip a bit, brother"]... And the LORD spoke, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less. Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it." Amen

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I'm almost done with this debt based heap of idiots.  A little more planting, and a little more building, and then I'm done