Guest Post: Massacre In Uranium: When The Blood Is Running In The Streets, You Buy!

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I`m hoping for the development of home nuclear reactor kits....this is definitely the time to go long uranium.

T.E.I.N. everyone.

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I don't think that's a good idea...




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No comes with a set of long glass tubes full of water that automatically detect when your home reactor fuel rods require cooling....and if you call within the next 30 minutes....they`ll send you an additional set of tubes at no extra cost (just pay separate shipping and handling).

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Hehe.. those stocks are cheap, but what kind of risk you are taking on?

Whenever I see institutionals want to dump things into retails using media I just feel sick. This is worse than the radiation in FUK-U-SHIMA.

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hold for 20 years, then when the aliens show up to help us use it your rich

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that is true, but some of those companies will go poopoo. hehe before aliens come..

And why wait 20 years? why not just follow the FED and just BTFD? Simple, right?



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remember peak oil end the wedge of hope...

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When the blood is running in the streets, we as contrarians buy, especially our convictions!

- or buy when the streets are glowing...

Not only will China not change their determination but sadly, I don't think Europe can.

What's a country like France going to do?...swap their 80% nuclear electricity generation for what?...coal? windmills? blue energy?

Between their welfare states, minimal defense spending and enviro-religion Western Europe has painted themselves into a corner energy-wise.  The can't abandon or even reduce nuclear.  No way.

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I seems if you put 50.000 hamsters in a tread wheel, they generate enough electricty to power a television.




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I'm with you.  Disclosure: Long hamsters.

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BTW-There are those who say that you buy when the blood in the streets has dried up, blown away, and been forgotten.

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Personally, I prefer the I.U.D. over the rhythm method.

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The can't abandon or even reduce nuclear

No, but we put it all in France. 2 problems solved for the price of one.


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CCJ isn't even particularly cheap yet and it's been hammered the past week

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If we are to have electric cars and electric trains in this world, there are no alternatives. China knows this.

China may make statements that they are suspending new plants, but they will say this for political purposes. They will build more nuclear power plants than anyone. and when they are done, they will rule the world.

Electricty is the gasoline of the future, and uranium is the oil.



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Last time the "U-stocks" got smoked due to a shift in the political landscape, they stayed in the bin for six years. Good luck catching the machete...

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Where do I store the physical ?

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You may be interested in renting a storage unit at a place called Yucca Mountain. No one else is using it at the moment, so rent should be cheap.

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Give me infinite warp, Scottie!!!

Aye, buts shes not gonna take it, captain!

Use the duct tape!...the good stuff, not that crap from the flea market!

Aye captain!



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And for God's sake man....don't forget to Duck & Cover!!!!!

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Pardon my asking, but is your interesting nom de plume an anagram?

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Hehe.. they are cheap, but what kind of risk you are taking on?

Whenever I see institutional want to dump things into retails using media I just feel sick. This is worse than the radiation in FUK-U-SHIMA.

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there is no doubt that this decline is due to JPM in cahoots with the Fed manipulating the price.

I'm loading up on some Uranium Eagles to crush them.  

Uranium Bitchez?

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But do you still buy if the blood is radioactive? Lol

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I don't think we'hv hit the peak of this crisis yet

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Can you ask for delivery if you buy?


Do they mint them in 1 ounce coins?



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You can't eat uranium. But yellow cake...

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Let them eat yellow-cake.

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Some of the deep values from this selloff trade on the TSX ( Toronto) or TSX Venture.


Uranium Particiaption Fund ( U on TSX ) has a NAV with $60 spot Uranium of $9.45 and if spot uranium drops to $48 then is NAV is $9.05.  Trading at $6.35


LAramide  ( LAM on TSX)  Has royalties from 3 sources takes its NAV to $.8.50 yet it trading at $1.31

 Paladin  ( PDN on TSX)  has mostly long term contracts locked in and none with Japanese. Stock has sold way off . Conference call this morning indicated they will actually benefit from this.  Very cheap at $3.25

Hope that helps.




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let me add UNR (Uranium North Resources) on the venture exchange to that list.

in addition to their uranium, they're drilling to define a new high-grade gold/silver/copper district - at it's current price it's like getting that project for free

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JBG, thanks for sharing. We've got a pretty active Uranium Ideas HUB on AGORACOM that we set up just a few days ago, so I shared your post there as well

FIS.TSXV seems to be an idea that many in our HUB are liking at these levels.


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looks interesting. wish I didn't have all my money in gold and silver.

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What about an ETF like Global X Uranium ETF (URA)? It's falling like a stone at the moment.

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Take a look at Australia, for example ASX:ERA

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Doh, liquidate some of my SLW and buy some DNN, or sit tight?  So hard to decide... 

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I do have CCJ on watch. Not going with the spec companies. 0

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I am guessing the Chinese will have underground storage rather than the water tower above reactor method. You kind of hope that would be a lesson learned...

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CNBC (Wall Street bankster's propaganda machine) just announced that Operation Extension Cord will fix all reactor problems "within hours". Unbelievable.