Guest Post: Middle East Chaos: What To Learn And What To Expect

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"meet the new boss,

same as the old boss..."

man, i'd really like to see some real change, like gold & silver based money.  that'd cut the throats of all the Banksters/puppeteers.

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The wealthy elite oligarchs are really banging the Al Qaeda scare bomb drum on the MSM to drive that oil price higher.

They are reporting Al Qaeda is backing the revolution in Libya like crazy. Where are these Al Qaeda bases located they speak of anyway? The MSM propaganda machine is going into overdrive in support bringing out former CIA agents parading them on CNN with their bull shit.

The oligarchs are pulling out all the stops to get what they want. Look at the dollar taking a nose dive too.

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Exactly. Soon to come to other parts of the world more AL Qaeda attacks. It is the god damn "red scare" again. I am labeling this one the "tan scare". Look out for those crazy middle easterners with their strange googly-eyes they all carry IED's around with them don't you know.
Fear everyone who is not you so that they can control you.

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Lindsy Williams discloses where there are 2+ trillion barrels of untapped oil on US soil; Braken, Sainsberry, Gull Island, ANWAR.

He is on right now on rebroadcast with Alex Jones. You must listen to this.

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Better still, email the Address of this article to everyone you know (please!)

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Hook me up a new revolution
Cause this one is a lie
We sat around laughing and watched the last one die
I'm looking to the sky to save me
Looking for a sign of life
Looking for something to help me burn out bright
I'm looking for a complication
Looking cause I'm tired of lying
Make my way back home when I learn to fly

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why go against a leader you already have firmly in your grasp?

They haven't. There's been no change in Egypt. The US backed military & bureaucracy still runs the show.

The people are dumb enough to think that things have changed but as long as the credit of the country continues to slide there will be trouble

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the french revolution was a good one, we still benefit from it

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You must be a Rotschild.  Your days are numbered.

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Sadly if we don't do it somebody else from the other side will.

We may not have money but we have good fighting sticks.

Not a good time to just sit in the stands behind the scenes. 

Bamm can go bow again later to smooth things over. 

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Of the 12 OPEC nations:

  • 1 is in the midst of civil war (Libya)
  • 1 is on the brink of civil war (Algeria)
  • 4 are experiencing varying degrees of civil unrest (Angola, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela)
  • 1 may very well soon be undergoing civil unrest (Saudi Arabia)
  • 12 are experiencing peak oil production
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change we can believe in was all minted 1964 and earlier


1 oz silver or 2 AK magazines?

10 oz silver or body armor?

100 oz silver or year food supply for two people?

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I second that , me thinks this sucker is really going down this time.

The excuse has arrived.

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Anybody that thinks that you can extricate yourself, let alone an indebted soveriegn nation, from the loving embrace of the Vampire Squid's tenticles is as delusional as Muammar.

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you spelled testicles wrong

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Excellent analysis and crucial food for thought.

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Nice work Mr. Bruno. Too bad it will get no significant exposure to the people who need to see it.

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Kaddafi has hired over 100000 mercenaries. How many left over for all those other despots in mid-east? If Algeria, sweet crude provider like Libya, goes belly up, the shit will really hit the European oil supply fans. Berlusconi will have to do the belly dance with Iran to replace flagging Libya. France/Spain will be pale like white sand if Algeria kick-splutters to stop. Morocco starts bubbling over... it's not an easy time to visit Marrakech. Maybe Stamboul...or Venice for the jet set. What happens to US gas prices this summer. I'm investing in a bicycle that runs on bio fuel. Have to get to work somehow.

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The uprising against Gaddafi is quite curious. Libya is not Kuwait but neither is it Yemen economically and Gaddafi, having come off the international 'bad boy' list was dining with Silvio Berlusconi and becoming a valued partner of the EU.

I wouldn't write him off just yet either. His new found respectability may get tarnished but he may still have sufficient forces to counterattack and, as we have seen demonstrated by the likes of Saddam Hussein and Hafez Assad, if you don't topple the dictator in your initial uprising, you may not live to regret it. That we are getting increased calls for outside intervention, no fly zones and the like indicate to me that the rebels do not have the power to force Gaddafi from power on their own.

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You can't suppress knowledge or intelligence in the age of the world wide web and Wikilieaks. What Wikileaks did was show people that there was an awful lot of lying going on, and not just by the US but by every government. When people realize they are being made for chumps, they get hostile. Feeling like a chump has nothing to do with's a feeling anyone can get and the reaction is always the same, conservative or progressive alike. They get mad and they want to end it. This is shaping up to be a titanic class struggle with the future of traditional democracy at stake. Globalization, love it or leave it, never bothered with the social considerations; the benefits were always implied. If the promised 'benefits' don't show up, people feel like chumps. Then they get mad...and we're only now just starting to get a sense of just how far this could go. Interesting times, indeed. Despite the turmoil, I'm still going long planet earth.

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I"m not sure if global revolution is good or not.I don;t think anyone can say what the effects will be.

What excites me though is the zombies of the world are waking up.

Consciousness is awakening to the oligarch shadow reality.

That may be bad in the short term but a revolutionary zombie class I believe will have have positive effects long term.

Like food for all, clothing and medicine for all that sort of thing. However, the realist in me says new boss same as old boss.

I remain optimistic but I think the outcome is too ambiguous to call.

My hope for their safety is number one right now.

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This is a superbly written article.  I was depressed the entire time reading it, but the last paragraph really picks you back up.  Thank you.

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belt tightening and having the shit scared out of us is good medicine...once in a while...but this current situation has strong won't run away.

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend should not be forgotten as the revolutions spread like butter taht was left out the overnight . The US bank elite must love the squabling going on between the "unionists" and the "tea party" as it diverts attention to the crux of the biscuit- the socialization of bank debt, and privatization of their huge bonuses and profits- so they can bribe politicians even more.

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Any revolution is better than a catatonic country playing xBox and downloading porn and ordering Dominos all day...and night...

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I resent that.

I use my XBox mainly for Netflix. I get my porn streaming. And Papa John's, not Dominos, thank you very much.

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Thought provoking indeed! Articles like this help to codify multiple lines of thinking in an age of instant news.

History repeats itself and it appears the repetiton cycle is speeding up.

Amplitude and frequency seems to be increasing exponentially, don't you think.


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My views are expressed here.  Unfortunately, there is no good news.



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The article is worthwhile if for no other quote than this one:

The argument cannot be allowed to devolve into a mindless cage match over who deserves the money, because, first, there is no money, and second, this distracts from the original cause of the distress; the corporate banking elites who instigated the disaster in the first place.

Solidarity and focus on the source of the problems will serve us well.

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"The debate here becomes two sided; do state workers deserve to have their wages or benefits cut because state governments were fiscally irresponsible[?]"

The short answer? No, but it has to happen anyway.

That being said, the pro-union protestors are eliciting zero sympathy with their whining, frothing-at-the-mouth entitlement mentality. They live in Bizarro world, where guaranteed pensions and lifetime medical benefits exist, and it is enormously difficult for you to be fired or laid off.

Meanwhile, here in Earth Prime, private sector employees have to somehow fund their own retirement with half their gross income confiscated from them, while they go halfsies with their employers on increasingly shitty health insurance that skyrockets with kids and ends the moment you are no longer needed by said employer.

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History of a time to come:

These "uprisings" were CIA engineered a long time ago. They needed a catalyst: skyrocketing food prices. The average Joe Sixpack in the arab street (let's call him Muhammad Six Kebabs) cared not about what kind of political system was in charge as long as the food was deliverable to his family. When his purchasing power is reduced from 6 kebabs to 3 kebabs and hunger sets in thanks to Bernanke father of Arab "democracy", he's ready and willing to jump on the bandwagon of "revolution".

In the resulting chaos that engulfs the arab street, huge amounts of gold/silver will be plundered from those nations. The MSM will claim the "dictators" took that all that gold.

In reality, they might have taken some, but most of the PM's will be stolen by the bankrupt developed nations.

Fast forward to a few weeks/months from now: food prices are even higher and Muhammad Six Kebabs has figured out it was duped big time. They need food, and the nearest large food depot is...yes, you guessed it: EUROPE.

They will get their food. And they will get their Eurabia caliphate.

What goes around comes around.

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nice post TD, thanks for passing this along! now, let's seek answers from here, who will pick up the story and connect some of the open-question-dots delivered at the end of this partial-exposé. a fuller exploration of cia/us led middle east unrest herding would also be most appreciated by this novice. go well. 

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Fantastic article Tyler, thanks for posting.  One of the best I've seen on ZH.

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The coup against the Shah was run by British and American intelligence

From Los Angeles Times Staff Writer: U.S. policies may have contributed to Iran revolution, study says.

A report based on declassified documents suggests that the Nixon and Ford administrations, angry with the shah for his support for raising oil prices, worked to curb his ambitions.,0,7529887.story