Guest Post: New Kitco DEM Page Lets Rumors About Germany Abandoning the Euro Fly

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Submitted by The Prudent Investor

A web page of precious metals prices provider
has sparked rumors that Germany will leave the Eurozone and reintroduce
German Marks, sending gold to a new record of $1,244 and silver to a
multi-year high of $19.64.
It is this half-ready page shown below that has created excitement as it lists precious metals in Deutschmark units.

German website had another market-sparkling comment from a forum participant who said has reintroduced a DEM option since about a week. Check it out here.

there is still more material feeding the rumour. German leftist
politician Gregor Gysi announced on TV that there may be an important
announcement  to be made on Friday. The video below is in German.

In a literal translation  Gysi did not say that Germany will
reintroduce the Mark but made a curiosity-inspiring statement, saying
that there may be some very important news that will be announced on

The hottest trail can be found at website A poster
claiming to be an employee of Deutsche Bank wrote that the bank
received a container full with new German Marks banknotes and coins
He wrote he will publish a picture of the new Marks on Thursday
morning. He also said the currency change would happen this weekend
with German chancellor Angela Merkel scheduled to give a speech to the
nation on Friday evening.
As we see the rapid destruction of
the next fiat currency - all of them have failed in the past 3
centuries - rocketing precious metals prices prove once more there is
no other safe haven when the going gets really tough.