Guest Post: New Kitco DEM Page Lets Rumors About Germany Abandoning the Euro Fly

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Submitted by The Prudent Investor

A web page of precious metals prices provider
has sparked rumors that Germany will leave the Eurozone and reintroduce
German Marks, sending gold to a new record of $1,244 and silver to a
multi-year high of $19.64.
It is this half-ready page shown below that has created excitement as it lists precious metals in Deutschmark units.

German website had another market-sparkling comment from a forum participant who said has reintroduced a DEM option since about a week. Check it out here.

there is still more material feeding the rumour. German leftist
politician Gregor Gysi announced on TV that there may be an important
announcement  to be made on Friday. The video below is in German.

In a literal translation  Gysi did not say that Germany will
reintroduce the Mark but made a curiosity-inspiring statement, saying
that there may be some very important news that will be announced on

The hottest trail can be found at website A poster
claiming to be an employee of Deutsche Bank wrote that the bank
received a container full with new German Marks banknotes and coins
He wrote he will publish a picture of the new Marks on Thursday
morning. He also said the currency change would happen this weekend
with German chancellor Angela Merkel scheduled to give a speech to the
nation on Friday evening.
As we see the rapid destruction of
the next fiat currency - all of them have failed in the past 3
centuries - rocketing precious metals prices prove once more there is
no other safe haven when the going gets really tough.

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Apocalypse Now's picture

You have repeated this statement many times.

I am concerned that you are working on behalf of the enemy, I'll explain why.

By using an avatar that would be offensive to most women, you may be pushing out at least 50% of the population that could be interested in coming to ZeroHedge to gain valuable information.  Due to religion, many people are trained to "run from temptation" so ZeroHedge is also losing many individuals that have some character and values that believe by lusting after another woman you are already guilty of adultery in your heart. 

Others may not be offended by the picture itself, but may be concerned about sharing this website with others that are in any way professional - as your avatar could reflect poorly on all of us. 

This is an easy way to discredit the entire membership, in the same manner that the SEC is now discredited by surfing for tranny porn.  Every time we go to this site, the opposition can just say that it is a crackpot site with pornographic images - this discredits the message.  By responding first, your porn will drive many away from reading the rest of the comments.  What if the picture is of someone that is under 18?  I would rather build a bigger tent (no pun intended).

If you care about the message, I highly suggest changing your avatar and would be interested in the thoughts of Marla, TD, and the ZH faithful on this important point.  If there is moderation on the comments, there should be moderation on the avatar.

You are doing the Goldman Sachs lord's work, and there are many agents of the bankers on this site posting comments.  The most comical is JW in FL who uses a pirate like jolly roger flag while attempting to talk down gold and silver - that is a fake pirate since pirates love pieces of eight and doubloons.

lance_manion's picture

Someone junked you, but FWIW, I agree.

nope-1004's picture

Well said AN.


I agree too.  The avatar is pointless.  Almost every site that allows images (such as ebay) screens what images are uploaded.  Although my avatar is highly judgemental, and thus I am bordering on the edge of appropriateness and therefore guilty of sinning too, I think that an avatar of a naked person clouds the message he is trying to get across and overshadows anything he types.



Ataraxia's picture

Back on topic, Kitco had a Deutche Mark page until 2002, when Germany switched to the Euro. They've been online since 1995.

Although it would be nice to see them switch, my thought is it won't happen.

dnarby's picture

You beat me to it.  Hmm...  Makes you wonder why they are cranking up the rumor mill (and why ZH is participating).

Some gold blogs I follow are (naturally) getting right bubbly.  Could be a pump and dump brewing.

If so, I'm a weight buyer!  After the dump, of course.

Bring the Gold's picture

God I wish, looking to back up the truck on physical fairly soon. Need a last pullback and then I'm set and can just stack as a pastime with the core in place.

Burnbright's picture

I don't think you will see a significant pull back untill we pass 1350 and then it will only be to like where it is at now essentially or slightly higher.

Bring the Gold's picture

I'm sure you are right about this. Glad someone put on their thinking cap. That said Gold/Silver to the Oort Cloud and beyond!!!! (I expect a temporary pullback/correction starting as soon as tomorrow).

Buck Johnson's picture

I want to believe, but I can't believe it.  You couldn't hide something like this if more than two people knew.  Hell you would see massive shorting of the Euro and possibly the dollar.

chet's picture

I doubt he's working for the enemy.  Just lacks class.

MsCreant's picture


Good discussion topic. As a female, I have really mixed emotions about the avatar. I am a strong believer in freedom of expression. I also believe that there is nothing bad or gross about my body. I wish folks would get over their hang ups. I have given birth to a child and I can tell you women are not macho because we don't have anything to prove. We are as tough as they come. My midwife and I had a great laugh about that afterwards. The vagina is a source of life and powerful. 

So there is a way I can interpret the avatar as cultural critique or desensitization and a positive thing.

Now, however, I must get real. Everything AN said is just true. Folks do freak out. I have seen a woman post asking very nicely that the avatar be changed. It is irrelevant what I think. The vagina has been fetishized and commodified. The meanings attached to not only the picture, but the act of posting the picture are twisted and threatening for most women. 

Unless that is Roubini posting. :-)

This poster probably needs to think about what you wrote. But I would want to see them make their own decision about it. 

Georgia O'Keeffe has some really great floral pics that look like vaginas...

Hulk's picture

The vagina is a source of life and powerful

especially the ones that can do 14kg deadlifts!

MsCreant's picture

Those are called Kegels you big hulking lunk. Boys can do them too for stronger, more powerful erections.

Hulk's picture

Thank you! I am learning so much these days!

Apocalypse Now's picture

I totally agree with you MsCreant, I am glad that you are enlightened and was hoping you would weigh in.  Some women could be less offended by the image itself, and more offended because of their own body image with self esteem issues in comparing themselves to this obvious youthful beauty.  I, more than most, appreciate and recognize beauty, especially expressed as the golden mean ratio of which women most closely approximate this wonderful 1:1.618 pleasing ratio.  I just believe women are special and should not be treated as a commodity for purchase as you alluded to.

I have called this site the equivalent of financial porn because it is so addicting, but did not mean it literally.  I am not advocating burqas, but some modesty - photoshop a g-string or something.   When our girlfriends look over our shoulders while surfing ZH, we shouldn't have to worry about them getting the wrong idea when all we are looking at is a financial blog.  Likewise, I would not want to see an erect penis as an avatar.

A real man has one of those in the bedroom and doesn't need to try and remind himself what a real woman looks like.  I like that this site is edgy, just concerned that it is so sharp it cuts off a large portion of the readership.  I do not think it is worth it if one individual is happy with his upskirt photo while ZH loses thousands of viewers and potential advertisers.  It is very easy to find porn on the internet, just try being more like James Bond - don't mix business with pleasure.

Gold...Bitches's picture

don't mix business with pleasure.

But, what if pleasure is my business?

desgust's picture

I flag the junk as junk.

Right, AN, right MC

Frankie Carbone's picture

The vagina is only a source of power in that it can get men to do the most self-destructive things. 

It is the source of other things I might add, including, but not limited to...




Unpleasant odors

Income (if a woman is a golddigger or a skank ho')

In short. I found your comments, well, bizarro to say the least. 


MsCreant's picture


That is how you feel about your gateway into the world? That is a lot of contempt. I made them powerful in my post, but in reality they are neutral.

John Bigboote's picture

I fully agree AN. I cringed when I saw the first comment was from the porn guy. I definitely won't be sending this heads up article to my freinds and family.

Assetman's picture

To be quite honest, I didn't know whether the avatar was a @$$ or Alfred Hitchcock's cheeks... it's all really too hard to see.

In any case, you are right to say that an avatar can obsure the message.  In this case I don't understand the message.

I do understand the Brando/Apocolypse Now reference though... very cool.

w a l k - a w a y's picture


an excellent observation, sir. You are precisely on target!

I learn much from this site. Thanks to all the insightful posters!

WaterWings's picture

AN, you stand taller than myself. This was brought up before, and I thought of it today after seeing so many less than useful comments from this character. I decided to not make noise, because, well, with the potty mouths (including myself at times; poetic license?) running loose I figured it was a half-issue not worth attempting because of the last fizzle. We have the right to freely express ourselves, and we also have the right to be free from unnecessary mischief. I think the community is going to rumble in favor of more family friendly images. Nobody reads cheeky anyway. :->

Pladizow you are on notice.

tmosley's picture

I think we just need someone with an avatar of a nice, big cock.

It would fit quite well with the Fight Club theme.

Problem Is's picture

"I think we just need someone with an avatar of a nice, big cock."

Doesn't somebody all ready have Timmay G's Aunt Lloyd and Uncle Jaime as avatars?

Big Dick avatar problem solved...

Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Meh. As a woman I can assure you, I doubt women would get that offended. We've seen it all. I enjoy Robot Trader, and surely he has posted much more offensive things than that.


Don't get excited over that. anyone that starchy to get offended won't be on ZH anyway.

Kurtieboy's picture

WTF What happened to this site? Are the PC going to take over this site also?

Blindweb's picture

It happens to the best of them.  As a site becomes more popular it moves towards the mean, by definition.  Then it's time to move on.  I was most saddened over reddit.  Every time I go back the quality seems to be degrading at an excellerating rate. 

MsCreant's picture

I think a discussion is happening. That's all I see going on. Should we censor the discussion? Maybe folks will hash it out and decide it is okay. That is the world I prefer to live in but getting from here to there takes effort. I think a vag is fine (mine is awesome, I assure you). But so many others freak out about it that I think the discussion itself is important.

Blindweb's picture

Strawman.  No one said to censor the discussion.  Nice try though.  I don't particularly like people who use language manipulation tricks.   

MsCreant's picture

I am curious, what did you think the "nice try" was?


Blindweb's picture

You subtly tried to put me on the defensive by insinuating I said something that contradicted what I had previously said. 

Yes, I know you could argue you didn't do that.  But I'm not going to get into that.

Hephasteus's picture

Plus she ate my baby once. And it was a good baby. Not a crappy baby. I was saving that baby for later. Now I got nothing.

MsCreant's picture

I mean Blindweb ZERO animosity, I clearly should have posted differently. Meanwhile, BUUURP!

WaterWings's picture

That's why we dogpile those that displease us.

THE DORK OF CORK's picture

Its a natural if not logical progression - as soon as some guys have accumulated enough PMs that now have a high paper value they start to become obsessed about pussy.

Just remember Goldbugs the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  

Problem Is's picture

"By using an avatar that would be offensive to most women..."

Pladizow's Avatar looks like a thumb and a finger holding an ugly ring...

Uh oh.
Is Pladizow's avatar a Rorschach psych ink blot test in disguise?

Did I just flunk my sanity test?

Hephasteus's picture

Take it again. But this time bite your tongue while your taking it.

Problem Is's picture

It Would Be Funny Hephasteus
Except I sat next to that little fucking kid and his toy car on a flight from SFO to Vancouver... Squirming, kicking, constant noises just like that...

A mom that would not shut up with her nasally yuppie whinning...

Then he peed his pants and smelled... but he was still smarter than his dumb ass yuppie mom...

Problem Is's picture

Double fucking post.... makes me think of that kid and his mom...SNAP

Blindweb's picture

I'm offended by your post AN...

What is it that Colonel Kurtz says about the natives being inoculated and then cutting off the children's arms....done without feeling, with clarity of thought...apparently that part went over your head.


Bring on the Puritanism....

Bring on the destruction of the hindu temples depicting sex...

Censor the site to bring more readers to openminded financial news, but then dumb them down with your tribal moral values.  That's a net loss; open their minds financially but close them morally.  They can't handle female sex organs.  More secrecy and censorship please


Offtopic = junk?

Harbourcity's picture

Blindweb, I agree and think that ZH core belief supports this.


When people care about where the message comes from they are not listening to the message.  This is not about the messanger though, it is about the reader.


Apocalypse Now's picture

You are easily offended, don't get your panties in a bunch.

I provided a well reasoned argument, and instead of addressing any of the points you responded with a non-sequitir argument relating to cutting off the arms of children?  Destruction of hindu temples depicting sex?  Perhaps you are Blind because of all your mental masturbation from looking at naked women on the Web.

I suppose you just go around naked with a full erection all day in public because you don't want to censor real life or dumb people down with tribal moral values.  You can get that all day every day on a number of other pornography sites, I can assure you they are not censored.  Do you think that Disney allows comments on their web site to go uncensored?  What do you think would happen to their brand if they purposely intermixed pornography with their products?

The point is not what I think, it is what the average reader thinks and this appears to have gone over your head. 

How do we know that girl is not 17?  If she is 17 could the authorities accuse the users of this site of looking at child pornography?  I appear to be the only one thinking with my big head here.  Trust me, the squid will stop at nothing to stop the truth.

SV's picture

Bunched panties seem to be the flava of the hour.  To sum up the whole discourse for the bunched:

Don't give them an excuse to shut you (us, ZH) down. 

Albatross's picture

I wholeheartedly

agree w/you as well.