Guest Post: Nuclear Japan, Stock Market "Holding Up", Pictures Of 'Reactor' 3 And 4

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WOW  3 is looking really good. 

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Crazy thought, but maybe, just maybe this isn't the end of the world or even Japan

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It wasn't the end of the world in 1939 - well - it was within five years for 20+ million humans but - you get the picture...


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When you're homeless, your family, or whole town is gone  forever and on top of that there is a looming nuclear disaster, the end of the world is relative.

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It's time for real-time information isn't it?  Here is a live feed to a Japanese broadcast in English.

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0454: Radiation level unchanged despite choppers dousing reactor - Kyodo, quoting Tepco.


  1. 0401: Ceiling of Reactor 4 reduced to frame, power station station operator Tepco says - Kyoto,
  2. 0358: The US is chartering aircraft to Tokyo help Americans leave Japan - Reuters, quoting state department.
  3. 0357: US government authorises voluntary departure of family members of embassy staff - Reuters, quoting state department.
  4. 0355: Pressure is rising again at Reactor 3, the power station operator says - Reuters. That reactor includes plutonium and uranium in its fuel mix.
  5. 0352: The temperature of Reactor 5 is now a growing cause for concern, a Japanese official reports. "The level of water in the reactor is lowering and the pressure is rising," he says. 

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Yes, but what matters is the maket is "Holding Up". The Bernanke put lives on, and CNBC is happy about it.

CNBC's Kudlow on Japan Quake: "Be Grateful Human Toll Much Worse than Economic Toll" ... Now that's Class.

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THE Japanese owner of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant falsified safety data and "dishonestly" tried to cover up problems there.

Tokyo Electric Power Co injected air into the containment vessel of Fukushima reactor No 1 to artificially “lower the leak rate”. When caught, the company expressed its “sincere apologies for conducting dishonest practices”.

The misconduct came to light in 2002 after whistleblowers working for General Electric, which designed the reactor, complained to the Japanese government. Another GE employee later confessed that he had falsified records of inspections of reactor No1 in 1989 - at the request of TEPCO officials. He also admitted to falsifying other inspection reports, also on request of the client. After that incident TEPCO was forced to shut down 17 reactors, albeit temporarily.

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That MIT boy is a total fool. Don't let the affiliation deceive you.

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Concur. I was dubious after he kept emphasizing the fact that he's not a nuclear engineer the other night. Instead, he's a "nuclear expert," whatever the hell that means.

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He probably took a course on elementary nuclear physics in High School.

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So, we now have two MIT Professors and "experts" who have shredded their credibility beyond anything imaginable.

What happened to MIT? It used to have a fine reputation.

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I guess the imaginary GW scam faded away so they needed a new bandwagon to jump on.  GW made many university professors and "scientists" look like used car salesmen.  Anything for grant money.  

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It all about where the funding comes from:

"About Lincoln Laboratory
MIT Lincoln Laboratory is a federally funded research and development center chartered to apply advanced technology to problems of national security."

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"ANONYMOUS":  Gosh, you're just a ray of sunshine, with your wonderful common sense.  Of course the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the Earth hasn't been "the end of the world."  Yet.  But probably the worst thing that has ever happened was pretty bad for somebody, if not you. 

Having Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuked wasn't the end of Japan either, but I bet they don't think, in retrospect, that being nuked wasn't that bad and maybe just a little bit overblown.  Although perhaps you or your perceived financial interests weren't harmed by Fat Man and Little Boy.

Perhaps you think you see a way in which your ox might not end up being gored in this situation.

As you suggest, your thought isn't crazy.  It is cynically disingenuous, though.

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If you like that, you'll love the aerial file-photo images taken months ago of undamaged reactors 1,2,3 and 4 shown regularly as background on CNN and FOX news desk presentations.

Network broadcast of this deteriorating and possibly worldwide-spreading radiation disaster is an insult beyond discription.

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the place is already 40% cooked!  and getting worse...  this author left out the plutonium-laced mox rods in #3, which went ape-shit daze ago! 

MOX fuel rods used in Japanese Nuclear Reactor present multiple dangers

either this is true or not.  several zeroH threads have gone here.  to my knowledge, it has been neither denied nor refuted. 

the problem with this type of propaganda is that it "innocently" leaves out the most dangerous  life-destroying substance in the world, now being served into a jet stream near you.

of course, this writer may not have heard of this, b/c it's a secret, but everything else which was mentioned in these same threads on zeroH just happens to be covered in this asswipe's report.

if he mentioned the plutonium and i missed it, i apologize.  there is non-critical thinking here as to boggle the tobble.

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All the grass and vegetation looks dead.

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Michael, remember the part about destroyed homes and lack of food being aggravated by "temperatures dipping to freezing" in the reports?  Spring is just around the corner and will almost certainly arrive before containment but neither is there yet.

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We are all wanting this to end well, or end at least

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What a funny day, Japna PPT, US PPT and China PPT work together to restore 'Financial Confidence around Global'.

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The fraud will continue at increasing levels until the suspicion of fraud is wiped out!

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Seem like every night the Plunger Team shows up and starts jacking up futures.

There is a slight dip in the morning, then the mo-mo monkeys start buying crap hand over fist.

But eventually the entire market craters on a huge wave of selling.

Bearish action for sure.

They are trying to paint a "double bottom" on the Nikkei futures, with a slightly higher low....

Heh, wonder if it will really work?

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Wow, you noticed that also?

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No I think they are trying to steal our jobs also they like to hear what the mouse eat for food.

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The market wants an involuntary redistribution of wealth and numbers that reflect the wealth destruction, but the holders of that wealth and power are doing everything in their power to hold on to their ill gotten gains. It de-cloaks the players in this game so you can actually see the ones who are doing it.

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What the lessons of Japan should be is if you burying a nation in government debt in order to support fake asset values, you are totally fucked when the brutal realities of life strike us without warning.

It reminds me of something I read about the Minoan civilization.  The original theory was that the society was utterly destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami, but archeologists found the damage to a lot of temples showed clear signs of being caused by humans (wood and religious icons cuts with blades, then burnt, suggesting they'd been attacked), so the theory became whether the citizens, who had maintained the religious elites, turned on them after the disaster when the realized they provided no benefit.  The expert wondered whether, post apocalypse, had demanded the same "offerings" from the impoverished farmers, who had simply snapped.

It is my belief that the way the elites share in suffering post any disaster is a key factor in whether the civilization survives.

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Not gonna end well unless somebody stops the Japanese housewives from driving the USD toward 70 yen.

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You have to remember this -

In 1971 - Yen was 20ish versus the dollar and Nikkei was around 2000. Of course, the Jap int rates were pretty good too then. So we are a long long way from mean reversion on the Yen.

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What are you talking about?

1971 began w/ $-Yen at 380 and finished at 313.  It's currently about 80.

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Every time I see a scorched, twisted, and irradiated panel from a reactor exterior painted with those happy blue and white stylized digital clouds, it makes me want to fucking cry.



Jump! You Fuckers!

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I will explain, yet again, that the "Jump! You Fuckers!" is directed solely at Lord Blankfein and his ilk. If I was junked for some other reason; "piss off, Posty"

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I went to the doctor the other day,
I said 'it hurts when I do that'
he said 'well don't do it'
-Tommy Cooper

Change your sig for a week or two?

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The looks of #3, to me, seem like they should be able to find the spent fuel rods up the hill.

At lest some of those fuckers had to get blown sky high from the explosion.

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Exactly.  From the diagrams we've seen, the spent fuel pool is at the top of the building, right?  The entire top half of that building is mangled.  It doesn't seem to me that there could be a collection of spent fuel rods sitting in a pool near the top of the building, when the top of the building isn't even there.

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they would of been better off tossing the spent rods into Mt Fuji

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Those were some big explosions too. There had to be some downward force.