Guest Post: The Road to Madness Is Paved With $100 Bills

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Submitted by Graham Summers of Phoenix Capital Research

The Road to Madness is Paved with $100 Bills


…just as I am affected by the maniac, so I am affected by most modern thinkers. That unmistakable mood or note that I hear from Hanwell [an insane asylum], I hear also from half the chairs of science and seats of learning to-day; and most of the mad doctors are mad doctors in more senses than one. They all have exactly that combination we have noted: the combination of an expansive and exhaustive reason with a contracted common sense. They are universal only in the sense that they take one thin explanation and carry it very far. But a pattern can stretch for ever and still be a small pattern. They see a chess-board white on black, and if the universe is paved with it, it is still white on black. Like the lunatic, they cannot alter their standpoint; they cannot make a mental effort and suddenly see it black on white.
                            ~C.K. Chesterton

Ben Bernanke is insane.

I mean neither insane in a flippant sense, nor in the ordinary sense (as in plain nuts), but an even more insidious form of insanity, namely the insanity of one who cannot see the world as a place outside his own thoughts and beliefs.

I am speaking of the insanity of one who believes that all things can be reduced to a simple issue or pattern, the insanity of which Chesterton spoke in his essay The Maniac.

Indeed, all of Bernanke’s monetary policies and actions can be traced to his one core belief: that the US Federal Reserve didn’t do enough to stave off the Great Depression. Never mind that this belief is completely inaccurate (as the data clearly shows), it is the foundation of Bernanke’s entire academic and now monetary career. It is the lone road on his mental map of the world.

It doesn’t matter that the road is leading us all to disaster, for Bernanke there is simply no other course of action to take. In his mind, the Fed failed to act in the ‘30s and so he MUST act regardless of facts, data, or consequence.

Indeed, were any of us to point out to Bernanke that his claims regarding inflation (that it is contained), unemployment (that QE will help it), or economic growth (that we’re in a recovery) are all at complete odds with reality, his answer would be, “well, it would be much worse if I hadn’t acted.”

This is the hallmark of an insane argument. It is logic without common sense, reason taken to the absolute limit, unable to consider anything outside the confines of its own understanding. Bernanke will drive us all to ruin, pushing ever harder on the gas pedal and repeating, “I must act, I must act, I must act” under his breath in order drown out the cries of, “stop, you’ll kill us” from the 308+ million of us sitting in the backseat.

Indeed, the only ones whom Bernanke can hear are the Primary Dealer banks, all of whom slap him on the back and tell him he’s doing a great job. Bernanke is the nerd with a single skill the jocks currently find useful. And he’s mistaken their support for genuine admiration and camaraderie. He feels their hands slapping his back and doesn’t notice the “kick me” sign they’ve installed there.

And herein lies the great irony of Ben Bernanke and his academic theories. The Primary Dealer banks, who pull the real strings at the Fed and who are only interested in making money (not theories), will use him and his misguided beliefs to serve themselves for as long as the benefits of said theories, namely hundreds of billions in free money, outweigh the risks (public outrage), just like all capitalists do when considering an investment.

However, once Bernanke’s policies bring the US public to a true boil, the puppet masters will discard their Chairman and his misguided theories like an old, broken toy. They’ll make a human sacrifice of him, pinning the blame for the collapse of the US Dollar and the US’s descent into 3rd world status on his slouched academic shoulders right next to the “kick me” sign. For when the public wants blood, it will be Bernanke, not the banks or their bonuses, who will be sacrificed.

It’s tragic, especially for the thousands of people who are now literally starving because of Bernanke’s monetary madness, that the nerd who wanted so desperately to fit in with the big shots will find himself and his theories discarded in the dustbin.

At least he got a Time Magazine cover out of it. For the rest of history, his 15 minutes of fame will stare out at us from the archives of other discarded maniacs. Indeed, he’ll find himself in good company, surrounded by others who believed the world fit only into their own manias; men such as Hitler and Stalin.

Good Investing!

Graham Summers

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Id fight Gandhi's picture

Why did we discontinue the grover clevelands again? We need a higher bill than the 100

TruthInSunshine's picture

larry kudlow blames the fed for food riots


Sonofabitch. Kudlow and I are allies, now. Whodathunkit?

Quixotic_Not's picture

Beware of misinformation ministers working for the enemy...sometimes they use a little truth to lull you into complacency.

RockyRacoon's picture

Kudlow blows in the wind of the latest thought fad.

Or, maybe he just does blow.  Who knows?

The 22nd Prime's picture

In the 80s some of the swinging dicks I knew carried Grovers for show.

I doubt they're carrying Kruggers now.


Thomas's picture

They want less cash not more. In fact, they want no cash so they can (1) track every transaction, and (2) charge a fee on every transaction. A cashless society will be oppressive.

As to Bernanke, we will call him Lee Harvey Bernanke.

PS-Can you throw me easier math problems? The ones I'm getting seem to demand linear lalgebra, which I long-since forgot.

Temporalist's picture

But the AAPL fans think purchasing everything via their smartphones is how the cool people do they must be right.

steveo's picture

Amazing that people don't see the danger in this.

BigJim's picture

I think fears of the cashless society are probably overblown. Middling bureaucrats love the idea, but our glorious leaders want to be able to buy and sell out of the public eye, for their own nefarious reasons.

Surly1's picture

Pretty soon every transaction will recorded via the chip embedded in your neck. Ah, the convenience.

"For everything else, there's a Verichip."

Zyroh's picture

because he didn't support the idea of a central bank.

critical_mass_soon's picture

why not just go straight to endgame and make our own 100,000,000,000,000 note like zimbabwe!

Its like albert said, "there are only two things that are infinate, the universe and man's stupidity"

the time is coming, prepare accordingly.

vinayPandey's picture

and he wasnt sure bout the first one

bigelkhorn's picture

I have bank troubles already. i walked in today, and
they kept asking why I need to take out 5k...what a Joke.

I am getting nervous that this collapse is going to come quickly.

Here is an interesting economic report for 2011. I have been following these guys for a while and they are good.

Check out their latest report here ==>

MilleniumJane's picture

Why did we discontinue the grover clevelands again? We need a higher bill than the 100

Yeah, I dig that.  Let's nominate all the modern presidents who pushed us relentlessly to Third World status...Nixon for taking us off the gold standard, Reagan for busting the unions and deregulating Wall Street, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, oh and let's not forget Slick Willy for repealing Glass-Steagall.  Lastly, I nominate Barry Obama for the $1,000,000 bill for being such a dumbass and trusting the multiple JPMChase-GS-GE alumni whose advice is so much horseshit in the rain.

Sokhmate's picture

genuine question: is the Bernank working alone, ie single handedly spelling the financial sorcery, or is his hands tied, or hips joined, with other entitties? genuine question.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

The Bernank is the front man, the people's puppet if you will, who is playing/conducting a 100 piece orchestra. He was specifically selected because he would follow this path.

BTW if The Bernank is insane, and I firmly believe he is, we are all insane.....which I also firmly believe.

New World Chaos's picture

Yes.  This insanity is what it is like to be living in a Matrix created by the collective consciousness of the oligarchy.  There is nothing truly supernatural about a collective consciousness, just as there is nothing truly supernatural about neurons creating a mind.  What I am saying is that there is at least one more larger mind, one level of reality up from us.  This mind seeks to bind the world in eternal ignorance and servitude.  America has interfered with its evil plans more than once, so it seeks to annihilate us once and for all.  That is why we are being screwed from all directions.  There are no coincidences. 

BTW, I think this hive mind is at least as old as Rome.  Rome is where it learned the first rule of being a parasite:  Don't kill the host.  A fragment of its consciousness survived in Venice and in then spread out to Europe and the rest of the world.  The wiser ancients knew of its existence.  They called it Satan.

sschu's picture

They called it Satan.

Yes, there is no other explanation, I agree.  Below is a quote I plagarized from a fellow ZHer, I think it captures the world today.

"Just look at us. Everything is backwards. Everything is upside-down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information, and religion destroys spirituality."---Michael Ellner


New World Chaos's picture

"And ye shall know them by their fruits"...  These are the fruits of the Prince of Lies.  Corrupting religion was a major coup, but the Catholic Church left itself wide open by having an oligarchical structure (a hierarchical, secretive religion with the blessings of the state).  Even now, look how America's Christian fundamentalists are Satan's loyal stormtroopers- fighting his wars, supporting his police state, spreading his hate, etc.  I think he likes to savour their souls as their smugness turns to horror when they realize how they have been played.

Bananamerican's picture

I like the way you think brother....

ever read "People of the Lie"?

The Profit Prophet's picture

...perhaps the most misguided statement I have ever read on this site.....

Another equally accurate phrase that could be added to Mr. Ellner's rather ingenious observations is the following:  "and the evil will see themselves as blessed, and the blessed as evil".

Perhaps you should have a long hard look in the mirror my friend and ask yourself the following question: as misguided as some of their actions may seem to be, is it really the people who pray for man's salvation and make personal sacrifices to God who are Satan's minions.....???

Wake up friend!  

MilleniumJane's picture

I grew up in a conservative Christian household but have become more of an agnostic over the years.  I believe that Satan is a personification of humanities' base desires and our struggles to contain them.  My sister and I were taught that Satan is subtle, deceitful and as the prince of this world, could cloak himself any way he wanted to.  Some of the most shocking scandals in our modern age have exposed the immorality of priests and clergy.  The sex scandals, pedophilia, theft of money, pornography...just because one is saved does not mean one is exempt from the devil's temptations.  The ultimate goal of religion and sprituality, I think, is to become conscious of these desires and their influences on ourselves and the world.


The Profit Prophet's picture

So I guess your argument is that because you have witnessed human frailty and hypocracy in organized religion, you have turned away from God.

In other words....Satan has won you!  Congratulations on making the power of your own intellect your God.

And thanks for making my point for me.

T.E.I.N. everyone! 

New World Chaos's picture

Not just fundamentalists.  All control freaks, and almost everyone in a position of power.  Those who are devout and do not seek desire power and control are on God's side.  Also have to understand that everyone serves the Devil sometimes.  The trick is identifying when, and then resisting. Like Millenium Jane said.

blindfaith's picture

the collective mind set is the evil, there is no entity "Satan" driving any actions of man...just man himself.

We create supernatural entitiesto explain what we can't reason out for happening, for being, for blaming, for celebrating.  It is and has always been MEN who create what other men perceive as "good" or "evil".  The idea of some kind of "reward" for doing the 'enity's' work or bidding, is far far more powerful than doing it for another man.  The same holds true for corporations and governments...and of course the the founding father of the power which is religion.


Now, who is the person junking all the posts on this page?  Someone from FOX, CNBC, or Goldman?

chumbawamba's picture

Not belieiving in Satan is as dumb as believing in God.

I am Chumbawamba.

HoofHearted's picture

"The greatest trick the devil ever played is convincing man he doesn't exist."

MilleniumJane's picture

Yup, someone is definitely on a junk-a-thon.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

I repeat: Bernanke's only prayer is a new ice age. If he doesn't get there, he will pull the trigger of his own Glock 40. Templar shot at an upward 33 degree angle which will blow both lobes away and leave a mess for his maid to deal with.

whatz that smell's picture

darth greenspan called it "creative destruction".

serotonindumptruck's picture

I enjoyed your post. The simile and metaphor come together well.

Your point regarding this overmind, or elevated sentience that would seek to control us all with nefarious and malicious intent intrigues me. Perhaps our perceptions of reality are narrow enough so that those same perceptions can be influenced and manipulated, imposing compliance and passivity on to the herd collective.

New World Chaos's picture

The Overmind has many more neural pathways than the average human, therefore most people's only real degrees of "freedom" are those that don't matter:  Obama or McCain?  Pepsi or Coke?  Kardashians or Dancing with the Stars?  The Matrix really coalesced quite well after all the media mega-mergers financed by Wall Street.  I bet they put quite a few conditions on rolling those loans.  Plus everyone wants to mortgage their future with non-dischargeable debt in exchange for four years of socialist brainwashing that destroys critical thinking skills in general and individualism in particular.  Yeah, I smell a Satanic plot.

serotonindumptruck's picture

The ultimate mechanism of control exists through the application of fear and the covert threat of violence.

You will obey.

You will comply.

Or we will kill you. 

New World Chaos's picture

Ayn Rand:

Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Paper is a check drawn by legal looters upon an account which is not theirs: upon the virtue of the victims. Watch for the day when it bounces, marked: 'Account Overdrawn.'

I think she also said something resembling "At the bottom of every stack of regulations you will find the robber's gun".

BTW, I think this hive mind has spread far beyond the elite.  Law, court precedents, bureaucratic structures, paper securities, prisons, the military-industrial complex and stupid thug cops have all been assimilated into its substrate.

serotonindumptruck's picture

"...I think this hive mind has spread far beyond the elite.  Law, court precedents, bureaucratic structures, paper securities, prisons, the military-industrial complex and stupid thug cops have all been assimilated into its substrate."

Nice to see another who has been fully awakened and is completely aware.

There seems to be many such kindred spirits here at ZH.

Quixotic_Not's picture

...have all been assimilated into its substrate.

Funny how violent tribes attract sociopaths likes flies to crap, isn't it?

New World Chaos's picture

The hive mind tills the soil for itself by creating a system that gives sociopaths their routes to power, fun, and Darwinian advantage.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Very well said NWC. All the way upthread.

Here in India, the sowing, reaping cycle of sociopathy is an open secret. The criminal underclass has the reigns of power at the local level. The elite criminal overclass has control at the national level.

They do a nice tango and the country is a mess as a result.

In the US, I think people started believing their own white-wash propaganda of greatest, cleanest nation. But in my time there, the level of apathy and socio-apathy were stunning. 

The cops were awful for the most part. Thin veneer of decency. Especially towards us Immigrantes! 

Clearly the cycle, much like abused soil, has or is fast coming to an end.

About time, about turn.


Quixotic_Not's picture

Well, India does have a nice caste system over there, how's that working for you?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Very well Quixotic. Very well thanks.

Just by the way....when were you in india last? or are you an armchair two-rist?

I suspect the latter.


New World Chaos's picture

Sorry about your treatment at the hands of America's finest.  I despise the pigs.  When the system collapses and they are paid in worthless currency, they will become the most ruthless gangsters out there.

Besides the lives they ruin directly, cops dance the sociopathic tango by letting some violent sociopaths go free so that the sheeple will support a bigger, nastier police state.  They need the crimminal underclass as much as the elites do.

WaterWings's picture

Great posts. It makes perfect sense. The concentration of great evil indicates something(one) behind the scenes. To reject the idea of its existence would be its greatest triumph. Confusion reigns, darkness intensifies.

Bananamerican's picture

"The hive mind tills the soil for itself by creating a system that gives sociopaths their routes to power"

As man created god in his image, so too, Satan. Heaven and hell are just metaphors for potential human systems with hell providing the quickest/easiest/most self-defeating and least sustainable  path to "happiness".....The idea of human "Power" itself is an illusion.....ask Mubarak...ask a banker in the year 2017 if you can find an admitted one...

Sociopaths "take" power by taking advantage. They cheat, they destroy.....Why? Because it's EASY. Fool's gold.


pazmaker's picture

Indian I appreciate many of your post and understand your dislike of a apathetic plastic culture, but believing in how one should focus on their world how they can make it better, sometimes it is better to start at home before saving the world.

How about starting here:


3 million indigenous rat-catching tribals in India suffer from poverty through use of an inefficient and hazardous traditional rat-catching method. New technology/plan is safer and more profitable.


Wynn's picture

Q:   Why is there so much suffering in the world?
M:  Selfishness is the cause of suffering. There is no other cause.


That one sentence explains every problem in the world, but most people can't/won't see it. First, the word selfish means much more than just being greedy, it describes the persuasive idea of believing you are separate from the world. Then, failure to understand the true nature of the ego causes people to miss what is real.

Two more quotes worth considering: "What you think - you become" & "The mind makes a good slave, but a terrible master".


Of course, ZH is not the proper venue for these type sentiments, but perhaps when the exising paradigm falls down, people will re-evaluate their old belief systems.